16 inspiring stories of people who proved that it is never too late to succeed in life (17 photos)

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17 February 2021 13:14

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When you try to search for motivational stories online, most often you come across stories of famous people about their success. Yes, such stories are very inspiring, but there are others - these are the stories of ordinary people that you may have never heard, but which are no less impressive for that. 16 people from this list are absolutely ordinary people like you!



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“This idea took off and spread like wildfire.”


Some of your childhood's best summer memories likely involve trampolines, a great activity for kids. However, Rick Platt saw even greater potential in this entertainment: in 2004, he patented “a sports court of trampolines surrounded by walls and the sports played on this court.” Rick called his invention “Sky Zone” - he presented it to the public as a platform on which a person could fly. The playground became so popular that its use went beyond sports purposes: it was accidentally discovered that activities on the playground have a positive effect on autistic children.

Stanislav Burakov - lifted the barbell and gave up on problems

When Stanislav's spine was broken by a bike, he did not fall into depression. I just said to myself: “Dude, let’s get out!” A healthy lifestyle and sports became the springboard to improving his life. Stanislav is involved in weightlifting, athletics and paraworking. Raising his beautiful body over the crossbar (along with the stroller), he charges people to lift life from their knees.

The life of any person - no matter whether he is healthy or in a wheelchair - is overcoming. Make an effort, overcome yourself. Every new victory - no matter how small - is a step from the couch to the life you deserve!

Interview with Stanislav →

“Age is just a number that gives most people the opportunity to be lazy and do nothing.”


Meet Sam Bryant Jr. Sam is a bodybuilder and is 70 years old. Yes, you read that right, and your eyes are not deceiving you! What's even more amazing is that he started training at age 44. Then Bryant was getting divorced, and he needed a break from the harsh reality - this is what brought him to the gym. 26 years later he looks younger than the year he started!

Irek Zaripov - got on skis without legs and became No. 1

neinvalid.ru Seventeen-year-old Irek’s motorcycle flew under a nine-ton MAZ. The guy lost both legs, but found strength for sports. Irek Zaripov became a four-time Paralympic champion. In Vancouver, he won more medals than the entire Olympic ski team.

I proved to myself and everyone, even those who didn’t believe, that I could be number one!

Interview with Irek →

“Go to a therapist or get a dog”


Carol Gardner was 52; She had neither a job nor an income, but she still had a lot of debts from her previous marriage. She also suffered from depression, and her friend advised her: “Go to a therapist or get a dog.” Gardner chose the latter and named the dog Zelda. Feeding a 4-month-old English bulldog wasn't cheap, so when Gardner discovered a photo contest with dog food as a prize, she was quick to enter. The photo won the competition, Gardner sent it to a postcard printing company, they accepted it and asked for new photos. Now Gardner (and Zelda, of course!) has her own business selling photo postcards.

"You can't be too old"


Betty Kalman is 87 years old and teaches yoga. She gives 11 lessons a week, and at her age this seems incredible. Since the age of 15, Betty wanted to do yoga, but she constantly did not have time due to study and work. When she got married and she and her husband opened their own hotel, she started doing yoga. “The body is an amazing instrument. It can stretch and stretch and get better over the years. Forget about age."

Maxim Kotin. “Chichvarkin E...genius. If out of 100 times you are sent 99"

Evgeny Chichvarkin from an ordinary seller at the Luzhniki market turned into the creator of one of the largest retail companies in Russia. Once again it is shown that you need to be active and active in order to achieve something, and also find an incentive for progress in competition.

Bonuses: the book is written with humor, many quotes from the outrageous Chichvarkin.

Quote from the book: “What was a typical day like for a typical student? An ordinary student woke up with difficulty at about half past eleven, went to the last class at the institute, then wandered around with nothing to do, and in the evening had fun at a party where drinks were bought with friends’ money, because they had long since run out of their own. What was a typical day like for Chichvarkin? Chichvarkin got up at five in the morning, took the first subway train with bales to Luzhniki, sold all the goods in less than an hour, went to the institute and fifteen minutes late arrived for the first class, cheerful and red-cheeked. In the evening he served drinks to friends whose scholarships had long since expired.”

“One thing I wanted to do was feel a little like a child.”


Liverpool's Alistair Humphreys has always been a bit strange. His red hair makes him stand out from the rest, but it's his wanderlust that makes him a truly unique character. He set himself the goal of visiting every country in the world - and he did it on a bicycle! It took him four years, but he definitely saw more of the world than any other person on Earth.

“I felt that now I would find her”


If the dictionary entry for the word "hero" were illustrated with photographs, it would definitely include a photo of Temar Boggs. When a five-year-old girl disappeared in his area, Temar and his friends volunteered to look for her in parallel with the police search. The day was approaching evening, and the team began to fear that they would not have time to find the girl before dark. Around 6:30 p.m., Temar noticed an unfamiliar car in the area and his intuition began to fly like a bird in a cage. He chased the car for 15 minutes until the car spun and the girl was thrown out of it. Temar is a hero, and his example proves that you should listen to your intuition.

Success stories of Elon Musk

Elon Reeve Musk was born on June 28, 1971 in Pretoria (South Africa). The thirst for new knowledge was largely laid down by his father, who was a pilot and engineer. At the age of 10, his father gave Ilan a computer, and at the age of 12 the boy mastered programming. Even then, a young boy created his first game Blastar and sold it for $500. At the age of 17, he moved to Canada, where he earned his living through hard labor in agricultural work and a sawmill. At 21, Elon Musk enters Stanford University. This is where his entrepreneurial activity begins. He seriously studied physics and simultaneously attended business school. The scale of his ambitions exceeded the standard knowledge of the university. He voraciously absorbed all information about new technologies and read a lot. While studying physics, Musk said: “I want to know. how the universe works." While studying economics he added: “and I want to know how to make a lot out of it.”

Elon Musk's first serious projects

Large-scale ambitions, acquired knowledge and first entrepreneurial experience became the basis for the creation of the first large projects. At the age of 24, together with his brother Elon, he created the company ZIP 2 to develop software for online publications. Subsequently, the company was sold for $301 million. Funds, of course. were invested in the next idea.


The next big idea was the first online bank. The company was named X.com. Now it is known as Pay Pal. But complete mutual understanding was not achieved between the co-founders. In 2002, it was sold to eBay for $1.5 billion.

Elon Musk and Space X

By this time, Ilan was no longer driven by money, but by some irrepressible energy of global innovative solutions. He formulated his life goal as follows: “to take actions that will extend the life of civilization and reduce the possibility of returning to the “dark ages.” The object of his study was space. This is how the company Spase X appeared. Elon Musk invested $100 million in it. The main idea was to reduce the costs of spacecraft launches. This was achieved by developing reusable rockets. The global goal is the colonization of Mars. And it's not a joke.

Tesla is the trend of the future

Another famous project of the innovator is Tesla motors. The company could not reach its planned targets for a long time. But with the support of the US Department of Energy and investments from the sale of other assets, Elon Musk was able to develop the company and set a trend in the car manufacturer market. All leading brands. such as BMW, Mercedes, etc. were forced to start developing, if not pure electric cars, then at least hybrid cars.

New ideas of Elon Musk

But his rapid innovative activity did not stop there, continuing the success stories. Now Elon and his team are actively developing projects such as a high-speed tunnel train, reaching speeds of up to 1200 km/h. His SolarCity project involves building a plant three times the size of the largest plants in America. And another project for the benefit of humanity—a device for curing brain diseases, Neuralink.

This is certainly an inspiring story of the life of a successful man, which, by the way, he would like to end on Mars.

Journalist Ashley Vance managed to get first-hand information about the unique path of this brilliant man. His book “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Road to the Future” is a bestseller and is extremely popular.

“Finally I reached the slaughterhouse and decided to try my luck there.”


Wang Yan was a successful Chinese businessman. When he came home, he was greeted by his faithful friend, his beloved dog. When the dog disappeared, Yan searched everything until a friend suggested that his last resort was to check the knacker. The 29-year-old businessman never found the dog, but the conditions he saw at the slaughterhouse seemed so pathetic to him that he bought it and turned it into a shelter for 2,000 dogs.

Richard Branson

Stories of successful people, including the story of Richard Branson, add strength and inspire. Richard Branson is the founder of the Virgin brand, one of the most successful entrepreneurs, whose fortune is estimated at more than four and a half billion dollars.

In one of his new books, Sir Richard Branson talks about his principles and rules of life. It’s called “My Rules.”

All that Branson had at the beginning of his journey was his ambition, determination and desire to overcome obstacles. He did very poorly at school and never graduated. He did not like to read and was poorly versed in the exact sciences, which is, in principle, unacceptable for a successful businessman. His first attempt at becoming successful was publishing a student magazine, but an accidental carelessness almost landed him in prison. In one issue of the magazine, Branson placed an advertisement that talked about a remedy against sexually transmitted diseases.

This did not stop the young entrepreneur, and he opens a chain of Virgin stores in which he sells export records, which is why he gets arrested. To resolve this problem, Richard settles all issues with English customs and pays duties and fines from the money received from the sale of the family home. Richard is an extreme sportsman and adventurer by nature. He managed to overcome all the obstacles in his path and found the huge Virgin empire, which brought him success and wealth.

“At first the villagers laughed at me.”


Dashrath Manjhi worked all his life to alleviate the lot of all the sick of his village, in contrast to the lot that befell his wife. Dashrath Manjha's wife died without receiving timely medical care, since the road from their village to the nearest city where this help could be provided bypassed an extensive mountain formation and was more than 70 km long. Not wanting anyone else to share his wife's fate, Dashrath single-handedly cut a 110 m long passage through the rock formation, working every day for 22 years (from 1960 to 1982), reducing the road between the areas to one kilometer.

Nando Parrado survived the plane crash and waited 72 days for help

The survivors of the disaster drank the melting snow and slept side by side to avoid freezing. There was so little food that everyone did everything to find at least some living creatures for the common dinner. On the 60th day after the accident, Nando and his two friends decided to walk through the icy desert for help. After the plane crash, Nando lost half of his family, and in the time after the disaster he lost more than 40 kg of weight. He is currently engaged in lecturing on the power of motivation in life to achieve goals.

“I wanted to read the Holy Scriptures myself.”


At 84, Kenyan Kimani Maruge's main desire was to start attending school - something his family could not afford as a child. He began his studies in first grade, much to the surprise of his teachers and mentors. It took time to get used to, but over time the school got used to the idea of ​​being the oldest primary school student. The story of Maruge was made into a film in 2011.

Steve Jobs

The path to success of Steve Jobs was thorny and very difficult. Soon after his birth, his parents abandoned him, and the Jobs couple became his adoptive parents, who, in fact, gave him his name. At the age of 12, Jobs plucked up the impudence and called the president of Hewlett-Packard himself to ask him for spare parts to assemble a frequency indicator for school.

As a result of this call, the boy not only received everything he needed, but also an offer to work for the company during the holidays. It was there that Jobs met Stephen Wozniak, with whom he later began the work of his life.

The success stories of Apple Corporation begin with a garage and a wooden machine, which were given to Jobs for full use by his adoptive father. Soon, Stephen and his company received an order for 50 computers, but they did not have the funds to purchase parts to assemble that many machines. Jobs found a way out of the situation and took out a loan for a month. The order was completed within 10 days. The guys worked day and night.

They soon had those who believed in the ideas and outside investments, which allowed them to expand beyond the garage and expand production. The number of orders grew every day and reached thousands. Hard work, determination and faith in success helped Steve Jobs become a great inventor and successful businessman.

Statements by Steve Jobs, full of wisdom and wit, are an indispensable attribute of the speeches of many modern lecturers. They fill the book “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson, which is based on conversations with Steve himself.

“Work hard, believe in yourself, never give up, and even at 70 you can achieve your goal.”


Sometimes life does not go exactly as usual, but in a somewhat chaotic order. Usually people finish school first, then get married, build a family and a career. For this man named Thap Van Kieu, things happened differently: at the age of 70, he graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in the company of people old enough to be his grandchildren. It's never too late!

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