Daily Habits of Successful People for Breakthroughs in Life and Business


Let a person’s actions always speak louder than his words, and let life speak about itself. Don't make noise in life, let your success do it.

When a person reaches certain heights, his success, as a rule, also creates a lot of noise, because they talk about him, write about him and spread rumors.

However, the process of achieving success itself is much quieter and more imperceptible. But in fact, it is what happens seemingly unnoticed that ultimately turns out to be what moves our lives forward.

So, below we will talk about 12 rituals

which at first glance seem trivial, but are actually extremely important, and which all the most successful people practice:

Secrets of success of great people

1. Having a clear morning routine.

Most authors of success books treat their readers as robots because they forget how powerful our emotions are.

The less negativity we start the day with, the less negativity there will be throughout the day.

After all, when our everyday life begins in a calm and balanced state, it is much easier for us to concentrate on the necessary things.

But what can we do if as soon as we manage to open our eyes, stress immediately falls on us: the alarm clock rings, the phone rings, SMS notifications about received letters arrive, and even the car alarm goes off?

If this sounds familiar to you, then your entire day is spent under the auspices of “reacting to problems.”

rather than creating something new.

On the express train of your life, you will be, at best, in the passenger seat, and you will certainly not be able to set your own priorities, as you will be busy solving problems thrown up by life that are not really that important.

Try to ensure that the first hours after waking up are no different from each other.

A thoughtful, clear schedule will help you realize that you are truly in control of your life. Thanks to a balanced schedule, you can greatly reduce the amount of stress and anxiety, and you will become much more competent and collected.

Bottom line: how you start your day is how it will go.


Even the busiest and busiest millionaires find time to play sports - they have learned the rule “a healthy mind in a healthy body” perfectly. In addition, they love and respect themselves too much to leave their body to decrepit, vegetating without load.

Vogue magazine editor-in-chief Anna Wintour plays tennis at least an hour a day. Apple CEO Tim Cook goes to the gym every morning. Twitter creator Jack Dorsey goes hiking.

How to become a successful person

2. Doing strictly those things that are needed.

Each of us has probably asked ourselves the question more than once: “Why don’t I get anything done?” The answer to this is very simple, because it lies on the surface: most of our working time we are busy doing things that we don’t need to do.

Research has shown that the secret to being productive isn't working long hours, especially when one grabs the first thing that comes along. In fact, it is necessary to set priorities correctly and strictly adhere to a pre-established daily routine.

Therefore, if you have plans to become more successful, or at least reduce your stress level, then before you think about the need to increase your productivity, ask yourself the question: “Do I really need everything that I am going to do? »

Just because you can do something does not mean that it is necessary or worth doing.

The main problem of many manuals on proper time management is this: the authors tell you how to do everything faster, but the problem is that people are trying to do faster what they don’t need to do.

If you think carefully about this situation, it becomes clear how much irony there is in it: we regularly complain that we don’t have enough time for anything, and at the same time we fill the day with unnecessary things, as if the day is endless.

Bottom line: focus on the really important things, forget about all the little things that take up a lot of time.

Share with the world

Most rich and successful people are not stingy, as is commonly believed. A fairly impressive portion of their income goes to charity. In the quest to help others and make the world a better place, there is a healthy dose of selfishness. Guardianship and patronage are the best way to feel strong and influential.

Because of her generosity, Harry Potter's "mum" JK Rowling lost her billionaire status after spending £160 million on charity. Now her fortune does not exceed 900 million.

Advice from successful people

3. Do what needs to be done right now. Don't put it off until tomorrow.

While others get together and discuss what needs to be done, the most successful ones take it and do it.

It has been said more than once that you can be the smartest person with a PhD, but you will not be able to influence the world around you or change anything if you sit with your hands folded


There is a huge gap between theoretical knowledge and the implementation of this knowledge in practice.

Knowledge that is not translated into experience is worth nothing. There's no way to change this.

A successful person knows very well that a good plan, which began to be implemented today, is much better than an ideal plan that could be implemented in the future.

A successful person does not wait for the right time, the right day, or even fantastic - suitable circumstances, because he knows that there is only one reason for such expectations - fear.

If a successful person needs to act, then he acts today, because this is the only way he has a chance to make progress.

4. A successful person tries to turn any obstacle in life to his advantage.

Often the best novels, heart-warming songs and newest inventions are inspired by great heartache and heartbreak.

Therefore, in everything bad that happens to us, there is almost always something good, because adversity can be a great catalyst for creating something incredibly majestic.

A new direction has recently appeared in psychology: “post-traumatic growth.” This means that most people, when faced with difficulties, problems and traumas in life, can use them to increase their creativity and grow intellectually.

More specifically, mental trauma can help a person to endure failures, be grateful for what he has, find hidden reserves in himself and improve interpersonal communication skills.

When the world created in our minds, so safe and cozy, is destroyed, we begin to rethink a lot. We are given a chance to step out of our comfort zone and look around.

This is what helps us grow as individuals and achieve true success.

5. A successful person knows how to give 100 percent and even more.

What's the easiest way to learn something new? Leave your comfort zone and give it your all.

Of course, routine can be very pleasant. How sometimes some people want to swim without thinking along a familiar and familiar stream. But is it possible, living such a life, to learn some new things? No.

Sometimes we need to find ourselves in a situation where there is nothing familiar or familiar. You will most likely feel heavy and uncomfortable.

But the brain will only benefit from this. We learn something only when we find ourselves in uncomfortable conditions.

When a person struggles with something, he becomes smarter and stronger. The more he does it, the better he gets. It is much more beneficial for the human brain to spend ten minutes in uncomfortable, extreme conditions than several hours doing routine things.

If a successful person decides to practice something, then he will do it to the point of exhaustion, to the limit and even more. He will make mistakes, stumble, get back up and give it his all again.

To not give up

Most great people have seen everything on their path to success. At the same time, failures did not force them to give up, but only spurred them to try again and again.

Perseverance and self-confidence are the companions of all rich and successful people. The next time you want to give up and tell everything to hell, remember these two invaluable qualities - will you really give them up so easily?

“If you want to succeed, believe in yourself even when no one around you does” (Abraham Lincoln).

Rules of a successful person

6. When making a difficult decision, a successful person trusts his intuition.

Don't ignore what your intuition tells you, because it really exists. Its origins are located in our subconscious, and it itself is the life experience we have accumulated.

If everyone around you agrees with something, but your heart tells you otherwise, most often it happens for a reason.

When you are faced with a difficult choice, you should get all the available information, calculate all the options and trust your instincts.

A successful person knows that a trusting relationship with intuition is, first of all, a trusting relationship with oneself.

The more you trust yourself, the more power you have to make your goals and dreams come true.

7. A successful person knows how to be positive under any circumstances.

Shawn Achor, in his book The Happiness Benefit, writes that recent research has shown the difference between doctors who have a positive and negative attitude.

The former are much more attentive during diagnosis than the latter, so they make an accurate diagnosis 20 percent faster.

The same study showed that sales from positive salespeople are 50 percent higher than from sad ones. Plus, the grades of students who came to the exam in a good mood are also higher.

We can conclude that our brain is at its peak efficiency only when we are optimistic,

and not at all when our state is neutral or we are in a bad mood.

This does not mean that a successful person never loses his temper and is never sad, but it is simply much easier to achieve his goal by trying to get rid of negativity as quickly


Therefore, think less about problems, more about pleasant things. More positive!

8. A successful person gives himself visual reminders of his long-term goals.

For example, you decide to lose weight, but when you crawl home tired, it is extremely easy for you to convince yourself that you will go on a diet and start exercising, but not today


You dream of creating your own profitable business, but you are so bogged down in the daily routine that it is much easier for you to do something familiar every day than to try to change something.

You realize that it’s time to put things in order in your personal relationships, but this will require so much effort that it’s better to work with a new client.

Achieving something truly worthwhile is very difficult, so when we find ourselves in a situation in which we need to work hard to achieve something “worthwhile,” we often take every opportunity not to do it.

Even if by doing this, we will not get closer to our goal, but will move away from it.

To resist this temptation, in reality, a successful person comes up with different ways to return to, albeit difficult, but urgent matters, breaking out of the captivity of sweet dreams.

Tape a photo of you slimmer than you are to the refrigerator so you can close your mouth in time, or keep a printout of your bank card in sight at all times if you have debts, or fill your desktop with photos of your family if you are a workaholic.

Remember those situations when you succumbed to momentary impulses that moved you away from your dreams and ultimate goal. After that, create some kind of visible reminder of your goal so that this doesn't happen again.

What thoughts hinder growth?

"I must". No one owes anyone anything - everything a person does, he does for himself and of his own free will, even if in order to achieve a goal he has to limit himself in something or give up something.

"I can not do it". It’s always worth trying; if it doesn’t work right away, you can collect information, learn, ask for advice, etc. The second or third attempt will be successful.

"I do not want anything". The absence of positive desires and goals is a path to nowhere. Wishing and striving are the first steps to achieving success.

"Everything as usual; nothing new". Life changes every moment, even against our wishes. Why not try to change it on your own?

Habits of successful people

9. A successful person keeps his own diary, or at least a notebook.

Successful people always try to monitor their progress towards their goals. In their diaries, they write about their goals, analyze the mistakes they made, and then learn from them.

If you intend to achieve an important life goal, then you cannot do without a map, which can be a notebook. You can write down everything you managed to do today, what you wanted to do, what mistakes you made, etc.

This will help you understand yourself better, as it will help you capture your most important thoughts. With its help, you will understand where you are going and where you have already been. This simplest but most effective tool is very often underestimated.

10. Every successful person has a mentor whom he consults and observes.

Whatever goal you have, you are unlikely to be able to achieve it alone. Not everything and not always can be learned only from books, but on the Internet it is extremely difficult to separate truth from fiction.

You need someone who can show you and tell you the what, how and why.

Yes, in fact, ten thousand hours of practice will make you an expert in your field, but are you really sure that you can devote that much time to the same activity?

A good mentor will help you with this.

Studying the biographies of truly successful people (actors, musicians, business people, athletes, etc.), it becomes obvious that those who achieved the best results in their business had great mentors and coaches, role models.

They are the ones who are able to make monotonous and boring practice quite tolerable and, at times, interesting. And sometimes just observing a mentor can work wonders.

When a person watches someone from whom he wants to learn something and knows exactly what he wants to achieve, then motivation of unprecedented strength is created.

We are social creatures, so when we really want to join some elite group, we are sometimes ready for almost heroic deeds. “He could do it, so I can too!”

Although this line of thinking may seem too simple, in reality, time spent studying the truly great and worthwhile people will not be wasted.

Read books

Read books to become smarter, read books to become better - whatever your goal, a book will help you achieve it. You just need to choose literature carefully so as not to turn reading into a waste of time.

Business and successful people prefer books on self-development, business literature, classics of fiction and biographies of famous people. I suggest taking an example from them.

“Of course, I will buy a computer for my children. But first they will get books” (Bill Gates).

Beyoncé Knowles: Don't Tell the World About Your Goals

Sometimes it’s difficult to restrain yourself: you just want to tell everyone you meet about your goals. After all, once your plans are laid out, they have to be followed, right?

No. Talking too much can hurt your chances of success.

Business Insider journalist Daniel Welsey described the problem this way: "Talking about goals tricks your brain into thinking you've already achieved them." So, the more you tell others about your plans, the less motivation you have to actually take action.

It’s probably worth listening to Beyoncé: following her principle, she unexpectedly released a new album in 2021. The singer did not sit idly by. First she finished the work, and only then enjoyed the fruits of commercial success and laudatory praises.

Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg and Richard Branson: Write down all the important things

What do Bill Gates, Sheryl Sandberg and Richard Branson have in common?

Of course, they are all outstanding entrepreneurs. Besides? When it comes to achieving their goals, they all prefer to take notes. Gates, Sandberg and Branson always have a laptop and pen with them.

When a good idea comes to mind, Gates and Branson can jot it down in a notebook. Sandberg, meanwhile, prefers to use a laptop. By following a schedule and writing down their thoughts, these people became successful and accomplished their goals.

Sundar Pichai: Follow morning rituals

The Google CEO sets himself up for success early in the morning: Pichai cooks an omelet, drinks tea and reads the news. Nothing special - but it works. “I’m not a morning person, so I need some quiet time to calm down—a cup of tea and a fresh newspaper help me with that,” Pichai told Recode.

Take care of yourself first thing in the morning. Do whatever you need to do to make the most of the rest of your day - go for a run, drink coffee, or just think about life.

Taking some time for yourself will help you set yourself up to effectively achieve your goals throughout the day.

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JK Rowling: Finish what you start and don't look back at anyone

Once you have decided on your dream, don't give up.

Just look at JK Rowling. In April, she retweeted writer Melanie Dion in which she encouraged people to pursue their creative projects - even if they are not sure anyone will care about the result. “Someone should have conveyed this message to me back in the early 90s,” Rowling writes.

It's no secret that the author of the incredibly popular Harry Potter books was in dire need of money before her success came. Rowling received mountains of rejection letters from publishers, but continued to work and eventually joined the ranks of the richest people on the planet.

“Every project is worth finishing if it's driven by passion and drive,” writes Allison Hirschlag on the career development website Ladders.

Rowling understood that to achieve a goal, you need to believe in it and not give up in the face of failure.

Mark Zuckerberg: Simplify your choices

Every day we are forced to make countless decisions. It's tiring. The New York Times even admits that decision fatigue is a real problem: “It’s impossible to make one decision after another without paying the price with your health.”

That's why the Facebook CEO, whose decisions directly impact the fortunes of the $480 billion company, avoids making unnecessary choices in his life. Every morning, Zuckerberg puts on his own “uniform”: jeans, sneakers and a gray T-shirt.

Comfortable clothing frees the manager from the need to rummage through the wardrobe - and therefore from making unnecessary decisions, which can ultimately lead to impulsiveness and indecisiveness.

Rid yourself of such little things during the day - this will give you the strength to make really important decisions that will determine the achievement of your goals.

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