TOP 10 advice from great people on how to achieve success in life

Where to find the truth?

Few people know how to properly organize their lives in order to become happy and harmonious individuals. Those who know these secrets step by step move towards the goal that they clearly imagine in detail. And, as a rule, they manage to build their life exactly the way they dream of.

The majority of the population needs advice and tips from ancient sages. These are mainly representatives of Eastern culture. As a rule, their formulations in a slightly modified form are passed on by humanity from generation to generation. And they remain more than relevant today.

Wise advice for all occasions

Wise advice for all occasions - the best selection of useful tips on how to stop being nervous and start living happily.

1. Don’t whine or complain about your villainous fate. Silently get up, go and do whatever needs to be done.

2. Stop trying and trying. Do it or don't do it. Dot. Try to go to the toilet. Happened?

3. Travel! Twice a year, go somewhere you've never been. Traveling will help you find yourself.

4. Allow yourself to make mistakes.

If you missed something, don’t miss the lesson from it. A mistake is a great opportunity for development.

5. Develop individuality.

You are who you are. You are not competing with anyone but yourself.

6. Make your own decisions. Don't cook according to other people's recipes.

7. Treat the Higher Powers with respect.

Don't just mention Them.

8. Don't be intrusive.

The world is huge - there is definitely someone in it who will be happy receiving your look and smile.

9. Meditate every day. Learn to relax and concentrate.

10. Smile if something doesn't work out as you planned. Remember, not getting what you want is sometimes luck.

11. Learn to say “NO.” Don't be afraid to refuse! – Would you like to make a courtesy call? No? - No!

Let go of people and situations.

Don't scroll through possible events. It happened as it happened. When it's hard to let go, ask two questions:

“Will this be important to me in 5 years?”

“Tonight I’m flying to Buenos Aires (any place you really want to visit), will I take this problem with me?”

13. Evaluate every word you speak for truthfulness, usefulness and kindness. Speak to the point, nothing superfluous. NO to gossip, lies and complaints! It's better to remain silent if you have nothing to say.

14. Think.

Before making a decision, evaluate its cost.

15. If you happen to get very angry with someone, wait 24 hours before responding.

16. Be independent and self-sufficient.

Your happiness depends only on you, and not on how other people think and act.

Respect yourself and others.

A person chooses for himself. Don't interfere in matters that don't concern you. Don’t look into someone else’s life with thoughts and words - don’t lose sight of Your choice!

18. Act exclusively within your own sphere of influence.

Don't worry about what you can't control.

19. Be outdoors every day. Regardless of the weather and mood.

20. Believe in dreams and ideas.

Time is not linear. They have already come true!

21. Develop talents.

Remember, God has given you everything you need for growth and development. Yes, yes, you have talents! Just open your eyes.


Life tips for renovation and construction

Do-it-yourself repair or construction is a labor-intensive process. Useful recommendations will help make it easier.

  • After wallpapering, do not ventilate the room for 2-3 days.
    Otherwise, bubbles will appear on the wallpaper and the repair will need to be done again.
  • Dip nails in sunflower oil before driving them into the wall.

Oil is a good helper in repairs

  • Dilute alabaster with milk.
    This advice will make it quicker and easier to repair walls during repairs.

Little tricks help a lot in repairs

  • When covering walls, use light-colored wallpaper
    . Visually they make the room larger.

Light things around improve your mood

  • Add sugar to cement if you want to make the bond stronger and more durable
    . This trick is used by many experienced builders.

Sugar is a good building material

  • Before painting, dip the brush in boiling vinegar solution for 1-2 minutes
    . Vinegar will soften the bristles of the brush and make painting easier.

There are more than 100 ways to use vinegar around the house

  • When working with construction tiles, wet them with water
    . This material will be easier to cut or break.

Where physical efforts don’t help, you need to use your brain

  • Remove paint odor with vanilla extract
    . It is enough to add a few drops of the product to the jar to get rid of the unpleasant odor in the room.

Paint odors can and should be eliminated

  • Glue washable wallpaper in those rooms and areas where direct sunlight does not penetrate
    . When heated, they can release harmful fumes.

Washable wallpaper is the best option for the kitchen and rooms where there are small children

  • Do construction and repair work in a good mood. There is a higher chance that everything will work out as planned.

Things go well for those who start them in a good mood

Little tricks and tips for cleaning a room

During cleaning, many housewives encounter problems with cleaning surfaces. We bring to your attention useful tips that will make life easier for housewives and everyone who looks after their home.

Clean mirrors and glass with a cloth pre-soaked in alcohol or acetic acid.

y. This tip will help you avoid streaks and stains on the surface.

Dust is always visible on dark furniture.
Wipe tiles with a vinegar solution mixed with water in a ratio of 1:5.

It is better to treat the seams between the tiles with chlorine-containing products, for example those used to clean the toilet.

Chlorine is not only an element of the periodic table, it is a good helper in the household.
When washing the carpet, use a saline solution.

It will make the product brighter.

Salt can be used instead of carpet shampoos - the effect will be better
Wash floors with a solution of water and glycerin

. This tip will help you add shine to your flooring. The most important thing is that the water used is not hot, otherwise the linoleum or laminate will quickly discolor.

Every housewife strives to learn as many tricks as possible.
Remove scale from a washing machine using acetic acid.

The machine must be set to washing mode at 80 degrees.

The main cause of washing machine breakdowns is scale and rust.
Remove carbon deposits from dishes using soda.

. To do this, pour water into a container and add 1 tsp. soda and then boil.

Baking soda is a substitute for Pemolux and other cleaning products.
Clean things up a little bit every day.

. Thanks to this advice, you will not need to spend the whole weekend doing business, but you can spend time on the joys of life.

It’s better to clean for 10 minutes every day than to clean all weekend.
Wash the floors only after vacuuming.

m. If you do not follow this rule, then the chaos in the house will only increase.

A washing vacuum cleaner will forever allow you to forget about wet rags and crawling on your knees.
Use a toothbrush to get to hard-to-reach areas of the house: grooves in plumbing fixtures, containers.

There are many uses for a toothbrush.

An excursion into history: the views of philosophers of Ancient Greece.

PHILOSOPHICAL CONSCIOUSNESS is an effective alternative to ordinary consciousness.

In order to understand what the philosophical approach to life is , it is necessary to return to the past, to the origins of philosophy.

The ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, who invented the term "philosophy " was a mystic and ascetic. He began teaching his students mathematics only after they had not eaten anything for 40 days.

Pythagoras divided all creatures living in space into 3 classes:

  • Higher creatures (immortal Gods), who possess all the fullness of knowledge about the world;
  • Lower creatures (Fools) who lack the need to seek the truth;
  • Philosophers are an intermediate and evolutionary type of person who understands the limitations of human nature, because man is mortal. But he strives to get closer to the world of the Gods through the love of wisdom and the search for truth. Strives to modify and transform its nature.

Pythagoras and Plato believed that Man could become God. Man has every opportunity for this, since he contains an immortal soul.

Plato believed that before entering the human body, every immortal soul resided in the Valley of Truth, in the world of the Gods, where it directly contemplated the truth. But then she lost her original knowledge and now the task of the philosopher is precisely to remember it .

Plato's main thesis is anamnesis (Greek, recollection). He believed that true knowledge is the recollection of the knowledge that the human soul possessed in the divine world. Therefore, a philosopher is a person who is in constant transformation or transformation.

The theme of Christian transformation echoes Plato's theory. Therefore he is called a Christian before Christianity.

The Greeks believed that a person could achieve apotheosis (deification) in different ways:

  • Through heroic over-effort, like Hercules, Alexander the Great,
  • Through constant reflection, love for wisdom, like philosophers.

This is the key to understanding the philosophical attitude towards life, as an alternative to the everyday perception of life. The philosopher of Ancient Greece is a person who, through the comprehension of the highest truth, sought to establish an alternative to the ordinary type of perception of reality. If ordinary consciousness is built on stereotype and dogma, then philosophical consciousness is built on skepticism (doubt), irony and speculation.

What is success

We often hear “success”, “success” and all that kind of stuff. But how do you know whether a person is successful or not? Success in psychology is defined as a positive result of a person’s actions, the achievement of his goals, recognition of the public or a group significant to the individual. A little abstruse, but I'll explain it in practice.

A person who has achieved success in life is not only rich or a champion. If your goal is to help children with cancer, and you have organized assistance for 10 children, you can already be considered successful. If you set a goal to build a house and built it, you have already achieved success. If you defended your dissertation, you are respected - you are already successful. As you can see, this concept is multifaceted.

All people want to be successful and achieve something. But not everyone succeeds, unfortunately. And why? Because they give up quickly. Everything cannot go “like clockwork”; sometimes you have to encounter difficulties. But you can always change your life for the better!

Obstacles on the path to success:

  • giving up the goal after the first failure;
  • painful perception of criticism;
  • fear of taking the first step;
  • procrastination – putting off everything “for later”.

No wonder they say: “Living life is not crossing a field.” Everyone faces difficulties, but some get up and move on, while others lose heart and stop halfway.

I want this article to help you feel successful, and if not, motivate you to set goals and achieve them.

People who have achieved success in life

More than a dozen people know where to start their successful life and how to overcome obstacles. Many of them are ready to share their opinions on what success is and how to achieve it.

Let's look at the bright stories of former “losers”. By the way, “loser” is a cliché of people who do not see the whole picture of an individual’s life; in fact, there are many more successful people than we can imagine. It all depends on what goals a person sets for himself and what kind of close circle he has.

Terry Crews

This famous actor was actively involved in American football until he was 29 years old. World fame came to him at the age of 37, when he brilliantly played a role in the TV series “Everybody Hates Chris.” He later became famous in some other films.

Ronald Reagan

This name on the lips of several generations around the world still remains relevant. This is the 40th President of the United States. For most of his life, Reagan was engaged in activities completely unrelated to politics. He was an actor and radio announcer. But at 56 he was elected governor of California, and at 69 he became the fortieth president. And, by the way, very respected.

Bryan Cranston

One can safely say about this actor, director and screenwriter “From rags to riches.” His life path began as a loader, and at the end of his life he became a very famous and respected person.

Nick Vujicic

A man with a capital letter. The Australian has a heart that can embrace the whole world, although he has no limbs. A young guy with a congenital disability was planning suicide, but at one point his life began to change for the better. Now he is a world-famous speaker, motivator and businessman. He motivates people who feel like failures in this life by saying that God has a plan for them.

Motivator Nick Vujicic

Suze Orman

Until the age of thirty, Susie worked as an ordinary waitress. There were losses and disappointments along the way when she lost a significant amount of money through a bad investment. But after a certain time (very little) she rose to the rank of vice president of a financial company, “turning” into a writer, the host of her own show, and a millionaire.

Ray Kroc

Well, there are already legends about this “McDonald's dad”. Until the age of 50, the American was a realtor, a pianist, and changed other professions. But at the age of 50, he visited the McDonald brothers and was impressed by the fast service and concept of the restaurant. He bought the rights to his business, which led to the opening of his own restaurant. Now even children know what McDonald's is.

Nikolay Kobelkov

Nikolay - a Russian person - confirms that people with disabilities can achieve success in life! He was born without arms and almost without legs. But he was clever and mentally strong. Thanks to this, he became a famous circus actor who amazed first Russia, then all of Europe and America. It took place not only in professional activities, but also in family life.

Olesya Vladykina

This is a Russian athlete who, after losing her left arm in a car accident, achieved amazing results. In 2008, with one arm, the girl became a Paralympic swimming champion in the 100 m breaststroke.

Ben Carson

I really like his story! And I am amazed at the strength of his mother. The boy Ben was an underachieving student, he could not do his homework, there was practically no studying, and his mother could not help him, since she herself was illiterate. But she always taught me to achieve goals and think independently, reason. When Ben grew up, he became a world-famous neurosurgeon who was the first to separate the brains of Siamese twins!

We see that success can be achieved in business, sports, and other activities that are central to a person. And even people with disabilities did not give up and did not say what is the point of achieving success in life if you die anyway. They set a goal and sometimes achieved success with the help of superhuman efforts.

Ben Carson

Useful tips for the kitchen

Housewives will benefit from advice related to such areas of life as cooking. There are 20 little tricks for preparing healthy and tasty food.

Remove seeds from cucumbers or seeds using an ice cream scoop

. Using the pointed edge of the device, you can remove all the seeds from vegetables. This spoon can be used to decorate salads and other dishes.

Vegetable salads will taste better if all the seeds are removed from the vegetables. Remove
excess fat in soups or hot dishes with ice and paper towels.

. Wrap the ice in a napkin and place it in the dish. Ice attracts fat like a magnet and traps it on the napkin.

A good housewife knows how to cook delicious soups.
Store cling film in the refrigerator.

. Celebrity chefs use this advice. The fact is that cold material in all cases tears and stretches less.

You can store things in the refrigerator that you didn't know about.
Before peeling an orange, place the fruit in the microwave for 20 minutes.

. The peel will come away from the fruit on its own and removing it will not be a problem. The same life advice can be used when boiling eggs. You need to add a little vinegar to boiling water so that the shells are processed faster and easier.

If you don’t like peeling oranges, take a note of useful tips
Place soft cheese in the freezer before grating

. The product will stick less to the metal and be more crumbly.

To produce 1 kg of cheese, 10 liters of milk are required
Place the onions in the freezer before slicing

. The cold will tire out fumes that cause watery eyes. True, such life advice for housewives will not be useful in all cases, but only if you plan to cook or fry onions. You should not add frozen product to salads.

There are many ways to avoid crying onions.
Always place a wooden spoon on top of the cooking pasta.

. Wood absorbs moisture well and will not allow the foam formed in the pan to leak onto the gas stove.

It's not always possible to cook pasta without it sticking together.
Always place the bird breast-first near the heat in the oven.

This part contains more meat and will cook better this way.

In order for the bird to cook deliciously, you need to put it in the oven correctly.
When preparing baked goods, use parchment paper.

. It will not only save the dish from burning, but will also give it an unusual shape.

Parchment paper is a faithful assistant for those who love to bake
When heating baked goods, always place a glass of water in the microwave or oven

. Moisture will prevent the baked goods from drying out.

And old baked goods can be made fresh and tasty.
Separate the yolk from the white with a plastic bottle.

To do this, you need to bring the neck of the container to the yolk and lightly press on it to create a vacuum effect. The yolk will quickly fall into the bottle, from where it can be poured into another container

Baked goods will taste better if you separate the whites from the yolks.
Beat the meat in cling film.

. This life tip is useful for when you need to cook chops without splattering all over your work surface.

Meat will cook faster and be softer if it is pre-pounded.
Clean the meat grinder using raw potatoes.

. To do this, after processing the meat, roll one chopped tuber.

An indicator of a good housewife is a clean kitchen.
Reanimate wine using a blender.

A. It is enough to lower a running immersion blender into it for a few minutes. The device will allow you to reveal the entire flavor range of the drink.

Even the most sour and nasty wine can be given a pleasant taste.
Use potatoes to remove excess salt from dishes.

. The advice is relevant in life situations when the hostess has over-salted the soup, but it does not work in all cases, because the main courses cannot be revived in this way.

Under-salted on the table, over-salted on the back
Store salt in a salt shaker along with rice

. The product will not allow the salt to clump.

Due to moisture, salt clumps and becomes unsuitable for further use.
When cooking vegetables, place them in boiling water.


When cooking, stir the soup only with slow circular movements.

Learn how to cook vegetables deliciously and you will fall in love with healthy eating.

Remove bitterness from onions using boiling water.

It is enough to scald the chopped pieces in a colander.

Onions can be very tasty and healthy.
Boil beets with sugar and 1 tbsp. apple cider vinegar

so that the vegetable does not lose color.

Anyone who eats beets 2 times a week does not suffer from vascular pathologies

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