Bad habits: list. How to get rid of bad habits

Bad habits are something that almost every average person can find in themselves! And many people prefer not to see this as a problem and simply do not notice their own harmful addictions. You can often hear the excuse: “I have everything under control, this is not a bad habit at all, but a momentary weakness.” In fact, a person often doesn’t even realize how much negativity bad habits bring into his life and how good it will be if he gets rid of them. In this article, let's look at the most common types of bad habits and try to figure out what can be done to get rid of them.


Another bad habit that has a detrimental effect on human health (lung disease). Smoking is common among a huge number of people : men, women of different ages, teenagers and even children. To combat this bad habit, the state is promoting a healthy lifestyle, because it is important for people to know what consequences bad habits have for people (for example, smoking and alcohol). Measures are being taken to limit the sale of alcohol and cigarettes.

Smoking primarily has a detrimental effect on the respiratory system.

Sexual promiscuity

Do you consider yourself a real macho, so you change girls like gloves? A series of blondes, brunettes and red-haired young ladies pass through your bed, and you are not even able to remember their names... Or maybe you just don’t care who you sleep with?

Promiscuous sex life is a fairly common problem of our time. It would seem that there is nothing wrong with this, because sex is good for health! So what is the problem with such illegibility? In fact, there may be much more problems than pleasures:

  • high risk of sexually transmitted diseases;
  • inability to arrange a normal personal life;
  • lack of attachment as such;
  • devaluation of sex as part of a relationship.

Think about it, maybe this is how you’re trying to overcome your complexes, because it’s much more difficult to hook up with the same woman every evening than different ones? Try to break away from your own pattern - and you will understand what the real thrill of a stable and long-term relationship is.


A person has bad habits that irritate people around or harm a person’s health, but it is drug addiction that more often leads to death than alcoholism or smoking. This habit causes severe forms of drug addiction. A person becomes inadequate, this leads to disastrous consequences (death from an overdose, incurable diseases, personality degradation, criminal acts). The government of the Russian Federation is actively fighting drug trafficking. There is criminal liability for drug distribution. So, if you are looking for an answer to the question, “What are the worst habits a person has?”, then now you know the answer: alcoholism, smoking and drug addiction.

Alcoholism, obvious and not so obvious

Do you consider alcoholics only those who wait every morning with shaking hands for the store to open or run to the pharmacy for hawthorn tincture? In vain! This is the final stage of alcoholism, but the disease begins much earlier. At that moment, when a couple of glasses of beer on the weekend turned into something more intoxicating, and everyday dinner began to be regularly supplemented with a glass of alcohol.

The concept of alcohol addiction has long ceased to be just a bad habit. This is a disease from which more than 700 people die every year in Russia - the population of an average town. Some drink to drown their sorrows, others celebrate holidays or another day off, others relieve stress... There can be a million reasons, but only one result.

Under the influence of ethyl alcohol, the entire body is destroyed, but the first blow falls on the nervous system, brain and heart. Therefore, the next time you decide to raise a glass, immediately imagine how your brain gradually blocks one function after another, depriving you of will and common sense, how your intellect slowly fades away, your blood thickens, blocking blood vessels and causing impotence. Not so fun anymore, right?

Important! For the average man weighing about 70 kg, 300 grams of pure alcohol (about 750 ml of vodka, whiskey and other forty-proof drinks) consumed within 5 hours is a lethal dose. In this case, the brain can begin to suppress all vital functions, including heartbeat and breathing.

gambling addiction

This is a special form of mental addiction, which consists of a pathological passion for computer games . Gambling addiction is a bad habit or addiction that develops in people who experience dissatisfaction with their life, place in society, and inadequacy. Going into the world of games, they try to realize themselves there. This is addictive, and subsequently it becomes difficult for a person to leave the created virtual world.

A type of gambling addiction is gambling addiction - a psychological addiction to gambling.

Just a few years ago, in all the cities of Russia there were many gaming clubs with slot machines, in which people “squandered” a huge amount of money. But, fortunately, measures were taken and casino slot machines were banned.

Types of bad habits

Reading the above bad habits, you can track certain signs by which addictions can be divided into types.

In modern psychology there are:

  • physical addictions;
  • psychological habits;
  • psychophysiological habits;
  • psycho-emotional addictions.

For example, the habit of chewing a pencil or pen can be attributed to the physical manifestations of habituation to a pattern of actions. But the craving for smoking cigarettes, hookah, and vaping refers to psychophysiological pathological needs.

There are age-related habits, for example, children's ones: the sucking reflex, attachment to parents, the habit of falling asleep while hugging a toy. Senile addictions: a craving for discussing other people's lives, a habit of grumbling, an addiction to going to the market, to the clinic, to the store without any apparent need. There are variations of preferences that are specific to a particular gender. For example, the habit of dieting and lamenting extra pounds is more typical for women. But addiction to card or other gambling, the habit of not following the speed limit while driving a car, is more common among men.

Bad habits can also be divided into relatively harmless options and dangerous ones. For example, if a person bites his nails, he runs the risk of becoming infected with parasites and infections, which is unpleasant, but not as dangerous as the risk of developing alcoholism or drug addiction. Liars and gossips are not liked in society, but being such a person is relatively harmless. But incorrect eating habits can cause irreparable harm to health.

What to do? Prevention of bad addictions

It is known that all negativity must be fought! What to do with bad habits? After all, it is clear that even the most harmless variation of addiction can take very frightening and repulsive forms. The main thing is to understand and admit the presence of addictions. Only then will it be possible to deal with it. In some cases, getting rid of such a problem (smoking, alcoholism, gambling addiction) can only be done with the help of a specialist. People who have a strong will and are seriously focused on results often find the strength to overcome unnecessary, negative character traits. Before you can eradicate negative attachments in yourself, you need to know yourself, recognize your shortcomings and find the right path to eliminate them. It is important to understand that the path to cleansing yourself from bad habits may not be easy. However, with due persistence, after some time the desired results will be achieved.

How to overcome addictions with yoga

By choosing yoga and embarking on the path of self-improvement, self-development, self-healing, a person automatically takes a course towards getting rid of harmful addictions. Naturally, first you have to realize what exactly is superfluous and why it is so attractive. You should understand the nature of the emergence of certain attachments and habits.

Yogis believe that most habits are based on a desire to receive a kind of “doping” in the form of a special surge of positive energy. However, it is important to understand that when smoking a cigarette, drinking a can of beer, or eating another donut, a person only receives a “deception” in the form of momentary pleasure. This pleasure does not give strength, does not improve mood, and does not have a positive impact on a person’s life. On the contrary, over time, retribution comes for an immoderate harmful hobby: health goes away, psychological comfort is undermined, the bearer of harmful addictions increasingly faces failures in life.

With the help of hatha yoga practices you can get a real charge of positive energy. Exercise will help you cleanse yourself spiritually and heal your body. Over time, a person will find complete liberation from harmful cravings. At a certain stage of yoga practice, you can learn to receive the necessary charge in the right quantity and when it is needed. Vedic practices are aimed at self-regulation of energy flows and conscious rejection of everything unnecessary that pollutes the spirit and forms karma.


Oniomania or shopaholism is an addiction to shopping.

It manifests itself as a need to buy at any cost, even if it is not necessary. More common in women.

Shopaholism is associated with insecurity, lack of attention and loneliness. Women begin to excitedly spend more and more money on completely unnecessary things. They have to lie to family and friends about the amount of money spent. Situations with the appearance of loans and debts are also possible.

How the virtual world is displacing the real one

In the era of computerization, it is difficult to understand what is considered an Internet addiction. Many people work online, quite successfully, and it’s difficult to find a more convenient option for communication. But when very little of reality remains, and most of life is transferred to the Internet, it’s time to sound the alarm. Think about it, when was the last time you met with friends not in a chat, but in a cafe? When did you prefer an hour of playing with the notorious tanks to a walk? Maybe it’s time to plunge into reality, otherwise life will just pass in front of the monitor.

Binge eating

Overeating is a mental disorder associated with uncontrolled eating . Which leads to severe problems with excess weight. Overeating often occurs after experiencing shock or constant stress. More often, people who are already overweight face this problem. In a difficult life situation, there is only one joy left for them - food.

Overeating is a common bad habit nowadays.

When treatment stops being helpful

Rare people do not go to doctors, and this is normal. But if you have settled in a local clinic without adequate reasons, and at the first symptoms of a cold you buy the entire assortment of the pharmacy, please stop. It is believed that women are more likely to suffer from uncontrolled medication use, but men also sometimes experience hypochondria and, as a result, an uncontrollable craving for treatment. If the doctors say everything is fine, then it is. Make time for an active lifestyle, find a hobby or fill your time with something more useful, and you won’t even notice how you will feel healthier.

Snapping fingers

You will find people who like to snap their fingers anywhere. This habit begins in childhood. And over the years, it has a detrimental effect on the joints of the fingers (constant injury and loss of mobility occurs). This habit can lead to arthrosis , even at a young age.

Technomania - the habit of acquiring new gadgets

Getting pleasure from simple things

In most cases, the habit of smoking or alcoholism develops when a person desires to get pleasure from using cigarettes or alcoholic beverages. Accordingly, as a preventative measure, you should learn to enjoy the things that you encounter every day, receiving emotional satisfaction from it. With the right attitude, you can get pleasure from the simplest events: • success in school or at work; • doing handicrafts; • household chores if properly organized; • listening to your favorite music; • pet care; • watching good films; • communication with friends and relatives. The more things in a person's life that bring him pleasure, the less likely he is to use tobacco or alcohol as a way to improve his own mood or achieve other goals.

Thinking that your psychological problems are a sign of weakness

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If, God forbid, you break your arm, will you think that your weakness is flawed? Of course not. So does mental health. If you think you have problems that are affecting your daily life, you may want to see a specialist.

Take out your irritation or fatigue on your loved ones

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Of course, they are the most convenient targets to discharge the accumulation. They will forgive. But they are unlikely to forget the pain caused. Respect and appreciate their feelings of devotion and love for you and look for other ways to deal with your aggression and negativity.

Constantly compare yourself to others

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Like running after your shadow. Neither catch up nor be happy. Because there is always someone ahead. Who is given more in this life in terms of material opportunities. Remember: not everything can be measured. Especially fate. Everyone has their own


Working on yourself requires incredible strength and will. It is very difficult to give up your usual lifestyle without a suitable alternative. Therefore, it is important to find a satisfying and useful replacement. For example, invigorating coffee in the morning can be replaced with equally invigorating mate tea. It is also effective in the fight against addiction to set short-term goals rather than long-term ones, since it is more difficult to set yourself up to last a day without cigarettes than a year. Thus, the body will gradually begin to wean itself off the harmful effects, and psychologically it will be easier to adjust to a longer period.

Substitute habits:

  • playing sports;
  • meditation and yoga;
  • walks in the open air;
  • reading;
  • drawing, painting by numbers;
  • proper nutrition;
  • drinking clean water in the morning and throughout the day;
  • hobby;
  • studying of foreign language;
  • helping other people;
  • personal care.

The list of useful alternatives is endless, it is important to think and choose the habit that suits a particular person. For example, one Belarusian blogger and model Olga Shatyko used a cocktail straw in her fight against nicotine. The straw was always in Olga’s purse, and in moments of strong tension and desire to smoke, Olga imitated smoking with the help of a straw. Thus, habitual actions calmed the brain.

Living with the TV on

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There is nothing wrong with watching TV in the evening. But making a radio out of a TV that creates background noise means loading your nervous system beyond the limit. Noise torture is one of the worst. Stop, listen to the silence. You can get much more done when there are no distractions.

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