7 Harsh Lessons We Learn Throughout Life

As a rule, we learn the most important lessons in life through our own mistakes. We do most of them unconsciously, but they give us truly valuable experience. However, it seems to me that it is much better to learn from the mistakes of others. To be able to avoid various problems and failures in advance. These are some of the life lessons that every person needs to know.

The easiest path ends up being the slipperiest

Perhaps this is the very first life lesson we learn.

When something seems too good to be true, it usually isn't. Free cheese really can only be found in a mousetrap.

The path may seem easy because possible difficulties cannot always be seen at first glance. We often choose it over others simply because we were hasty and careless in our choice. Sometimes it happens by accident, sometimes it happens on purpose, despite all the stop lights and red flags we couldn't help but notice.

But the result is always the same. In reality, the easy path often turns out to be much more difficult for us than the right one, but not as attractive if we had followed it from the very beginning.

Live while playing

Life seems to be a very serious thing, but in fact there is a lot of comedy in it. Yes, you yourself can probably cite a lot of funny stories that happen to you at every step, comical twists in your life’s plot, funny situations that you manage to find yourself in. Experienced people advise not to attach special importance to anything, not to get hung up on anything, but to perceive life as a game. And you know, it really helps to feel not the heaviness of existence, but the wonderful lightness of being.

A love roller coaster needs good brakes.

Do you know examples of relationships that developed at a speed of thousands of kilometers per hour? When did couples spend 24 hours a day together and couldn’t get enough of each other? Have you talked to your partner about marriage after just three months of dating?

Such relationships are full of passion and fire. But usually they are the first to fall apart. And they break into pieces.

Yes, love is like a roller coaster. This is probably how it should be. But one of the hardest lessons we need to learn is that we need to slow down.

You need to understand when it’s worth speeding up, and when it’s better to move slower, when to jump into the pool headlong, and when to hold your horses.

Because without brakes, you will speed up more and more and miss the opportunity to learn things about each other that are important to know. And accept each other for who you are. By the time you realize it, it may be too late.

Forget about age

It’s hard to get rid of the thought that over the years we are not getting younger and every day brings us closer to... No, let’s not say out loud this terrible word “old age”. Some numbers have a simply paralyzing effect on us women. In this sense, it’s still easier for men - they don’t seem to be afraid of the number 50 or 60... It’s amazing what kind of power some squiggle icons can acquire over us. What to do about it? Understand once and for all that age is a relative concept, stop counting your years, just feel young and enjoy life.

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It’s better to do a little, but regularly, than to occasionally give yourself a rush

Some people believe that one day everything will work out for them on its own. What kind of day is this, I wonder? How do you imagine it? Do you think you'll one day wake up in a luxurious mansion with two Ferraris parked outside the door? Where should all this come from, from a magical portal?

One fine day is today. You need to start being happy with your life right now. Something needs to change now. There won't be a better moment.

A big breakthrough can only be achieved through gradual small steps. You won't be able to press rewind like the character in the movie Click. Whatever you want to become, make every effort to achieve this right now.

Be kinder to others

Compassion is free and there is not enough of it in the world. That's why it's important to take the time to simply be kind to those around you, no matter who they are. This is something many people don't learn until they're old and gray - so start now!

There is something valuable and beautiful in kindness that is more important to give than to receive. Do good willingly without expecting anything in return. Look for opportunities to be kind, such as:

Smile at people as you pass them. Give a gift to someone you care about. Compliment someone with respect. Offer to pay for food for someone who is having a bad day. It's very easy to read bad news and start thinking that the whole world is cruel and oppressive. Doing good deeds for others is a great way to make a difference in the world and improve your positive thinking. After all, kindness begets kindness.

Knowing yourself is much more important than personal achievements

This difficult lesson is that achievements should not determine your satisfaction with yourself. It’s quite easy to tell from a person what exactly gives him self-confidence. Confidence based only on personal achievements is unstable, it is more associated with selfishness and does not lead to inner harmony.

This does not mean that you should not set goals and try to achieve them. It is important to understand where the feeling of satisfaction comes from.

If you only chase achievements, you will never achieve complete satisfaction. True satisfaction is determined only by freedom of creativity, the desire to better understand yourself and your craft. Achievements quickly lose their importance.

You will climb the mountain, trying your best to overcome the steep climb, biting into the stones to reach the top. But you won’t have time to reach it and enjoy the view when you notice the next higher mountain. And then you will think that it seems that you have achieved nothing, and now you have a new ascent ahead of you. As you can see, the approach is a dead end.

Time is money

We joke a lot about procrastination, but did you know that this bad habit can ruin your chances of a better future? Is it really that easy to sit back and use last-minute panic motivation to get your work done? Of course not!

This causes you to create less productive work. You don't give your best - you give your minimum. And if you think what you create when you procrastinate is good enough, imagine what you can do with a little more time and effort!

Time is money, so you must know how to manage it correctly and positively. This will give you much more control over your life. You will be amazed at how much more you can do and the quality you can get if you stop putting things off!

You are a reflection of the people you spend most of your time with.

Tell me who your friend is and I will tell you who you are. The people around you serve as your mirror. In them you can see yourself, your own features. If you spend most of your time with people who have the same fears, insecurities or negative qualities, you will become accustomed to these characteristics in yourself. They will only become stronger, and you will think that it is just part of your nature.

Conversely, if you interact more with people who challenge your fears, self-doubt and other weak points, you will inevitably begin to change. You will absorb and adopt positive traits that you may be lacking.

Consciously choosing your environment will help you make yourself exactly the person you want to be. Are you lacking confidence? Communicate with confident people. Want to learn a new skill? Move more around people who already have it well developed.

There is another side to this. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to know when to leave. Sometimes people appear in our lives at the right moment when we need to learn something from them, and they need to learn something from us. Then a friendship begins to form. But any relationship is part of your journey. And sometimes it’s very difficult to know when it’s time for your paths to diverge. To do this, you need to constantly pay great attention to how you spend your time and with whom you spend it.

Gratitude is the key

It's important to appreciate what you have. Many people make the mistake of focusing on what they lack.

But there is always something to be grateful for! Whether it's joy that you read something that could help you later, gratitude for a good meal, or something "minor" in your life, there is no shortage of ways to be grateful. Here are some ideas of areas you can be grateful for.

A job that pays your bills. People who care about you. Your strong character that overcomes adversity. Your bed, water, heating, electricity and other small luxuries. Your health is good. The good memories you have. Lessons you learned from mistakes.

Such positive thinking is not just for show. It can actually make you happier and even allow you to have better success rates. Making this a daily practice can be difficult, but start small. End your day by naming three things you are grateful for.

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You can't help but change, and trying to stay the same sometimes only brings harm

Most people strive for security and stability. This is fine.

It is important to understand the value of change. Change cannot be avoided. It's usually scary. We fear change because it involves uncertainty. And we would like to keep our lives under control.

To get rid of this fear, you need, on the contrary, to strive for change. Self-development in general can be compared to regular training. If you go to the gym and do the same exercises day after day, eventually your body gets used to the same load and these exercises cease to be difficult for it. Then the plateau effect begins to take effect. You become comfortable, but at a certain point this comfort begins to work against you. To move forward, changes are needed.

Don't expect them to come by themselves. Change yourself. When you start to feel the slightest signs that you are stuck in a rut, begin to consciously make changes in your life. Give warning strikes, be one step ahead of yourself. Force your brain and body to work, try something new and unknown.

Children don't belong to us

They are given from above so that we can raise and educate them, cherish and groom them, guide and prepare them for adult life, experience the strongest love for them and die of fear for them... And then, when they grow up, calmly retreat into the shadows and give them the opportunity to live your own life. Children are like a precious vessel, beautiful and fragile, which needs to be filled with the right content. Like a delicate plant that needs to be cared for so that it grows, blooms and bears fruit.

The period when a child cannot live a single day without you, when you are the center of the whole world for him, is, unfortunately, short-lived. Remember this when you want to watch TV or chat with a friend on the phone, and your baby asks to play with him, or read, or take a walk. Seize these moments while he needs you, enjoy them, because they are so fleeting. About a decade and a half will pass, and he will not invite you for a walk in the park, or bring you a book to bed to read before bed.

Know yourself

This will help develop your strengths and strengthen your weaknesses. Try to understand how you give and receive love to increase intimacy and attraction. You need to learn how to establish connections with other people and communicate. Correct understanding of the situation creates healthy personal and work relationships. To study your character and behavior, take psychological tests.

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Happiness takes hard work

Many people seem to expect happiness to come to them naturally. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. The people you see around you who seem so happy and carefree have been through hard work. They worked on themselves and improved until they found happiness.

Happiness is, for the most part, a choice. You have to want it and be willing to do it to achieve it. You may have to let go of your pride or your ego, and there are many lessons you may have to learn along the way.

Set the right goals and be able to achieve them

As popular wisdom says, you can’t even pull a fish out of a pond without difficulty. Modern realities are highly competitive. This applies to absolutely all aspects. Due to labor automation and the introduction of new technologies, the number of jobs is decreasing every year. Therefore, in order to get a normal job and achieve a lot in life, children must be able to tune in to fruitful work and use their potential as productively as possible. They must learn that they should take every opportunity that life provides so as not to miss a single chance.

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