The most important achievements that every mature person should have in life

One fine day you realized that you have become more calm and restrained, your emotions do not run ahead of your reactions, but are subordinate to them, you are not in a hurry, even if you are pressed for time, you do not lie to yourself, you calmly talk even about the most terrible things in the world and you always try to see the essence of the problem, look at the root, despising superficial judgments.

Congratulations - you have become a mature person!

And even if many things don’t work out yet, for example, you haven’t started a family yet, it doesn’t matter. If you work on yourself every day, being strict with yourself, realizing where your “bottlenecks” are that need to be worked out and brought to perfection, then everything will work out.

Check yourself again, are you mature enough? These major achievements should be present in the life of everyone who considers himself such.


Take the trip you've always dreamed of and explore this place thoroughly. At the same time, you pay for everything yourself. This way you will determine whether you can meet your social need to understand the world.

The beautiful Charlene becomes the princess of outrageousness: why, they argue in the media

Outfit changes like gloves: every Wednesday a woman takes out the trash in an evening dress

We decided not to postpone the wedding, but to get married using modern technology

What are achievements on a resume?

All successes and achievements in the professional and personal sphere can be listed in this resume block. They characterize you as a person who achieves your goals in your professional activities and can benefit the company. Therefore, personnel officers and management can pay attention to this point.

Achievements cannot be uniform for all types of professions. Each of them has its own specifics. An applicant for a vacant position does not need to describe all his merits, but only those that will be relevant to a specific type of activity.


You have reached the age when you understand that admitting your mistake is not shameful or “uncool”. This is wonderful. Recognize, understand, realize and don’t do it again. This is your third achievement in our maturity test.

Under point four - knowledge of the world. You find and enjoy reading a book (or books) that change your worldview, philosophy, and life. You read books meaningfully, and not “diagonally.” You try to understand the essence of things, do not leave the process of acquiring knowledge “for later,” but immediately fill in the gaps in your horizons. You become inquisitive.

For example, you are happy to open a search engine and look for what bakpfeifengesicht (a person asking for rudeness) or gintauan (when a newcomer comes to the team and you have to work 2 times more efficiently so as not to lose yourself in the eyes of your superiors and “bring up” this new employee) is. , help).

Career Achievements

Professional achievements reflect the result of successful work aimed at solving specific problems and actually implemented. This is an individual contribution to the work process for the benefit of the team. When determining career success, you need to clearly understand what the work involved and how professional help helped.

Hence the phrases in your resume should sound like:

  • concluded 10% more deals;
  • introduced automation of accounting calculations, which made it possible to reduce the staff of economists by 5 people.

Love and friendship

The sixth, seventh and eighth points of defining our maturity belong to the concepts of love and friendship. You calmly tell a person that you love them, whether they love you or not. You don't need obligatory feelings in return. You just love and that's all. And don’t be shy about talking about it.

It took the monarch 2 seconds to ban Harry from wearing a wreath on Remembrance Day

Fragrant cookies with dates and honey: 15 minutes to prepare, 15 minutes in the oven

Savory pie made from onions, minced meat, phyllo dough and milk sauce: very juicy

You also know how to be sincerely happy for your friend or loved one when he has achieved something and achieved something. Don’t force a smile, secretly suppressing the raging fire of jealousy (why was he able to do it, but I couldn’t???), but are happy for him, and talk about it sincerely. And believe me, the fact that you are not playing will be very noticeable!

But you also know how to be strict. You can look a person in the eye and refuse him. And if this is justified, then you will not be embarrassed and blush.

Responsibilities or achievements?

A distinction must be made between achievements and responsibilities. Often the end result is good performance of job functions. Can solving problems with placing outdoor advertising or concluding a contract be called an achievement? This is only high-quality performance of a task within the scope of job responsibilities.

Another thing can be said about the fact of cutting company costs or completing work ahead of schedule. If this happened at some stage with direct participation, then it can be characterized as an achievement.

Therefore, the prompt execution of orders should not be considered an achievement; this is a normal working moment. And a 30% reduction in the company's expenses on stationery without loss of quality will already be some kind of achievement.

Say NO to obstacles

The main rule of how to achieve success, regardless of the sphere of a person’s life, is the ability to overcome obstacles and difficulties that will arise at different stages of life. These include the fear that you won’t be able to implement your plans, that you won’t have enough experience and perseverance. It is important to learn to reduce such doubts and self-doubt to a minimum.

A powerful tool that will allow you to achieve success is motivating yourself. A person must understand what he strives for and why he overcomes difficulties. Without self-confidence it is impossible to achieve heights.

It would seem that all these rules and principles of a successful, rich and happy life have been known for a long time. Unfortunately, very few people use them in practice, so psychologists strongly recommend that everyone reconsider their behavior, attitude towards themselves, their loved ones and others, work, money, and develop the habit of following these rules.

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How to achieve your goal faster

The more energy you have, the faster you achieve your goal. But a special kind of energy is required - mental. This is the energy that allows you to think, experience emotions and generally build your reality (you know that thoughts are material, right?). The problem for the average person is that the mental sphere is very polluted. How? Various negative emotions (fears, hatred, resentment, jealousy, anxiety, etc.), psychological complexes, limiting beliefs, emotional trauma and other mental rubbish. And this rubbish gives rise to internal conflicts and contradictions that interfere with achieving the goal.

By getting rid of mental trash, you get rid of subconscious contradictions and increase the power of thought. At the same time, the purity of thinking increases, which definitely accelerates the realization of the goal. Freeing yourself from such a burden makes life happier and easier, which in itself is the main value for any person. The fastest tool for clearing mental space is the Turbo-Suslik system. The advantage of this system is that it uses subconscious resources that are usually idle. Those. Your subconscious mind does most of the work in the background while you go about your business. And you only need to read the ready-made instructions. Simple, fast and, as practice shows (most importantly), effective. .

Why may life goals not be achieved?!

Are all goals really important to you? Goals in which you are not interested are usually not achieved.

Are your goals realistic? It happens that people set goals that are almost impossible to achieve, and then are surprised at their failure.

Was enough effort and attention invested in achieving the goals? Quite achievable goals may not be realized due to the fact that enough effort was not made to overcome obstacles.

Are your goals still relevant? New circumstances may make some of your goals obsolete.

Have others been sufficiently involved in achieving a goal? Without help and support, many projects are doomed to failure. Establishing relationships with others early in your work helps you move forward.

Are you trying to give up too soon? In many cases, people admit defeat too early, when perseverance could lead to success.

Top 100 main goals in a person's life

As an example, we can cite the following goals in life, from the list of which every person will find what he wants:

Personal goals

  1. Find your place and purpose in the world.
  2. Achieve some success in your activities.
  3. Stop drinking alcohol; smoke cigarettes.
  4. Expand your circle of acquaintances around the world; make friends.
  5. Master several foreign languages ​​perfectly.
  6. Stop eating meat and meat products. Read about the dangers of meat in our article
  7. Wake up at 6 am every day.
  8. Read at least one book a month.
  9. Go on a trip around the world.
  10. To write a book.

Family goals

  1. Create a family.
  2. Make your soulmate happy.
  3. Have children and raise them properly.
  4. Provide children with a good education.
  5. Celebrate your copper, silver and gold wedding with your spouse.
  6. See grandchildren.
  7. Organize holidays for the whole family.

Material goals

  1. Do not borrow money; on credit.
  2. Provide passive income.
  3. Open a bank deposit.
  4. Increase your savings annually.
  5. Put your savings into a piggy bank.
  6. Provide children with a substantial inheritance.
  7. Do charity work. Read where to start here.
  8. To buy a car.
  9. Build your dream home.

Sports goals

  1. Take up a certain sport.
  2. Visit the gym.
  3. Take part in a marathon.
  4. Do the splits.
  5. Jump with a parachute.
  6. Conquer the top of the mountain.
  7. Learn to ride a horse.

Spiritual Goals

  1. Work on strengthening your will.
  2. Study books on world literature.
  3. Study books on personal development.
  4. Take a psychology course.
  5. Volunteer.
  6. Enjoy every day you live.
  7. Express sincere gratitude.
  8. Realize all your goals.
  9. Strengthen your faith.
  10. Help others for free.

Creative goals

  1. Learn to play the guitar.
  2. Publish a book.
  3. Draw a picture.
  4. Keep a blog or personal diary.
  5. Create something with your own hands.
  6. Open the site.
  7. Overcome stage and audience fear. How to cry out in public - more details here.
  8. Learn to dance.
  9. Take cooking courses.

Other goals

  1. Organize a trip for parents abroad.
  2. Meet your idol in person.
  3. Seize the day.
  4. Organize a flash mob.
  5. Get additional education.
  6. Forgive everyone for any offense ever caused.
  7. Visit sacred land.
  8. Expand your circle of friends.
  9. Give up the Internet for a month.
  10. See the northern lights.
  11. Conquer your fear.
  12. Instill new healthy habits in yourself.

It doesn’t matter at all whether you choose goals from those already proposed or come up with your own. The main thing is to act and not retreat from anything. As the famous German poet I.V. said. Goethe:

“Give a man a purpose to live for, and he can survive in any situation.”


We have prepared additional examples of resume achievements for you that you can use as a template.

Office administrator

From 2021 to 2021, I saved more than 520 thousand rubles on office supplies, receiving personal discounts after negotiations with the supplier.

Sales Manager

During its tenure, the customer retention rate was 45% higher than the company average. Implemented a customer service process that reduced the number of return requests by 32% and direct labor costs by RUB 2.5 million. Trained 3 junior employees to the level of sales managers.

General practitioner

Received 95% positive feedback in post-visit patient surveys.

Project manager

Implemented a CRM with remote reporting capabilities, reducing project costs by 30% per quarter. Personally interviewed and hired eight office assistants, leading the team to a 22% annual increase in new contracts.


Created a mobile note-taking app that has been downloaded over 8,000 times.

Primary school teacher

She received the Teacher of the Year award in 2010 based on student performance.


My article “Problems of intercultural communication in third world countries” was published in the scientific journal “Knowledge”.

To see all the achievements in different professions, go to resume examples.

Developing self-discipline

A complex goal differs from a simple one in the number of steps required and whether you have the necessary abilities. If there are no abilities, the goal is supplemented with steps to develop them.

How is the goal of becoming a programmer different from the goal of becoming a barista? To become a programmer, you need to read 5 books and practice for six months. To become a barista, you need to take a course and brew coffee for a week. The difference is in the strength of self-discipline and patience in pursuing the intended goal.

To begin with, I recommend choosing 1-2 goals from the example, modifying them to suit yourself and achieving them. Without a habit, it’s hard to move on 3-5 goals every day at once - it’s better to take 3 steps over six months than 5 steps over a week and give up.

Rules for writing achievements

The principle of filling out a resume paragraph about personal success can be subject to several rules:

  1. Provide specific indicators.

If your achievements helped increase profits, reduce costs, speed up work, then they should be supported by numbers. Express them in units or percentages. This will make it clearer that your work has brought benefits, expressed by specific indicators.

Numbers catch the recruiter's eye, so such a resume has a better chance of attracting his attention. Try to use digital metrics whenever possible.

  1. Always compare your achievements to the vacant position you are applying for.

You don't need to list all your successes in life. Select the most significant ones and compare them with the position for which the resume was compiled. An employer may be interested only in those achievements that will help make the company's work better if you work for it in this position.

  1. Describe your achievements in your last place of work.

In order to correctly highlight the most significant successes, consider your last 2-3 places of work and indicate the results achieved there.

  1. Lots of responsibilities? Follow the 50% to 50% rule.

It lies in the proportional relationship between the number of responsibilities and the results of success. If you include a list of more than 8 responsibilities in your resume, you will have to prepare the same amount for results. Since the latter is quite difficult to do, you will need to reduce the first indicator. This rule will prevent your resume from being inflated onto many sheets.

  1. Use words that indicate exactly the success achieved.

Talk about your achievements as if they were a completed task, for example, “carried out”, “implemented”, “concluded”.

How to set a goal correctly

Every person faces difficulties in achieving their goals based on inaccurate formulation. What goals in a person’s life can be cited as an example?

  • Have an apartment, a house, a dacha.
  • Lose weight.
  • Relax by the sea.
  • Start a family.
  • Provide parents with a good old age.

All of the above goals, to a greater extent, one way or another, are a person’s dream. He wants this, perhaps with all his heart. But the question arises: when are his goals realized and what does he do for this?

In order to achieve the desired result, you need to set yourself a clear and precise task. It should fit into one phrase. A clear example of the correct setting of goals in a person’s life are the following formulations:

  • Have an apartment (house, dacha) at the age of 30.
  • Lose 10 kg by September.
  • Go to the sea in the first month of summer.
  • Create a happy and strong family.
  • Take your parents into your home and provide them with a good old age.

From the above goals we can conclude that almost all of them have a certain time period. Based on this, a person can plan his time to implement his plans; develop a daily action plan. And then he will see the full picture of what needs to be done and undertaken in order for the goal in life to be achieved.

Examples of personal achievements for a resume

Each profession has its own list of achievements. We have selected typical phrases for resumes of several main positions.

  1. Sales consultant:
  • developed a loyalty program for large customers, which made it possible to attract 10 regional partner companies;
  • expanded the customer base by 15% by introducing brand advertising through the Internet and social networks;
  • organized 25 promotions over 2 years of work, thanks to which there were 180 more regular customers.
  1. Manager:
  • developed a wholesale channel for product sales, which increased sales volumes by 40%;
  • reduced the percentage of accounts receivable (by 40%) based on the results of successful negotiations with clients;
  • increased the number of regular customers by 20%.
  1. Lawyer:
  • developed standard forms of contracts for the company, thereby optimizing labor costs associated with the preparation of documents;
  • won 8 processes to collect debt in full for goods supplied;
  • concluded 10 agreements with foreign companies for the supply and installation of production equipment.
  1. Engineer:
  • implemented load balancing methods and equipment scheduling, which improved productivity by 25%;
  • commissioned modern equipment, the operation of which made it possible to increase the productivity of the production process and have a positive impact on the safety of working conditions.
  1. Accountant:
  • successfully passed 5 tax and insurance audits;
  • introduced a new method of automating accounting calculations, which made it possible to reduce the staff of economists;
  • made the transition to more modern and convenient accounting software.
  1. Teachers:
  • developed and implemented his own methodology for conducting classes, where children receive information in a playful form, understandable and accessible, the material is easier to assimilate;
  • I use modern methods of conducting extracurricular activities and study groups;
  • I develop professional competence by participating in conferences on pedagogy and psychology of communication with children.
  1. Doctor:
  • performed more than 30 successful operations (specify in which area);
  • improved the quality of patient care, which increased the number of regular visitors to the clinic;
  • mastered working with medical equipment and technology (specify which one).
  1. Head:
  • introduced new standards for the methods of selling goods, which ensured an increase in turnover by 15%;
  • for 5 years he successfully led a team of more than 50 people;
  • initiated and led the project to implement an automated order generation system.
  1. Bank employee:
  • conducted 25 presentations of a new corporate product, which resulted in more than 10 contracts for servicing large clients;
  • introduced new methods of conducting inspections and audits, which reduced the number of violations;
  • trained 5 new employees in customer service principles.
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