Effective techniques for achieving a happy, rich life

How to live beautifully and happily, and how are these two concepts related to each other? For many people, beauty and happiness are moments that have little connection with each other, they are not even interdependent. However, there is another category of people who simply physically cannot exist in an environment where there is no aesthetics and beauty that matches their ideas of beauty, and this deprives them of happiness.

What does a happy, rich life consist of?i

Besides money, there are essential components that rich people possess. According to most successful individuals, the main components are:

  • Wish

Every person has a powerful force, he can achieve absolutely anything he wants. A set goal, a step-by-step action plan, a sincere great desire to achieve what you want, and then the environment will accompany an increase in wealth. But often people themselves do not want to live a beautiful and rich life. In order to become successful, you must leave your comfort zone, do something you have never done, and go towards your goal no matter what. And for this you need a real desire for change.

  • Believe in yourself

The actions that a person takes to achieve goals, develop a business, have a successful marriage, anything that can help achieve a happy, rich life are not accompanied by the belief that this is possible. Therefore, you need to believe that it is possible to achieve success. You will definitely become who you want and definitely achieve what you want.

  • Attitude to money

Poor people are contemptuous of the rich, they hide behind statements that money does not matter in life, the main thing is completely different (children, work). They agree to any job to earn the minimum wage for food and basic necessities. That is, despite the fact that there is a complete depreciation of money, for these small amounts, people sell their health, time and energy.

Here you need to accept money, its value in life, learn to perceive it positively and joyfully, aim to improve your health, your life and help others. Money will definitely like this attitude, and it will strive to make your life happy and rich.

  • The best investment is knowledge

This is the most common statement of modern psychologists, trainers and motivators. To become successful and rich, you must first invest in your knowledge. How it works? A person learns a system of earning money, strategies, he masters skills that can lead him to earning money. If his business fails, he retains his knowledge and adds experience. Then he will get down to business with double strength and become rich faster. If you invest all your money in material things, then over time they will become outdated and simply become unnecessary.

“The philosophy of the rich differs from the philosophy of the poor in this way: the rich invests his money and spends what is left; the poor spend their money and invest what is left.” (Jeff Bezos)

  • Give yourself permission to live beautifully

Every person can choose the best in all areas of their life. To do this, you need to introduce rules for a happy and rich life and strictly follow them.

Realize what this life means for you. Psychologists say that all people are divided into two groups according to their beliefs about what constitutes a happy and rich life:

  • A person like one of the richest people in the world, Mark Zuckerberg, is surrounded by all the blessings that exist on earth: expensive yachts, villas, islands, the most luxurious cars, diamonds, millions of dollars in his pockets.
  • A rich person is forced to achieve something all the time and work very hard. This assumption leads to the following: a person understands that he will not become a millionaire in the near future, there is nothing to be happy about, so he needs to be serious and unhappy. In order for your happy, rich life to begin, you need to allow yourself to do so.

How to enjoy life

The best way to learn to enjoy life is to develop your creativity. Our whole life is creativity. Creativity gives us new knowledge, benefits, achievements, aesthetic and moral pleasure.

Creativity consists of inspiration and work, and only 1% is allocated to the first element. You can create in 3 directions:

  • create spiritual and material values;
  • create or discover something new;
  • express yourself and develop yourself.

Creating yourself, transforming the world around you is also creativity. Creativity is something between work and rest. On the one hand, this is relaxation from the process itself, but on the other hand, it is targeted effort. Creativity makes us burn, rejoice, and open up. If you perceive your whole life as a continuous field for creativity, then the feeling of flight and joy will permeate it “from” to “to”.

The modern world allows everyone to express themselves. How? Of course, via the Internet. You can create a page on a social network, a group, a website and publish your own drawings, comics, articles, videos, poems there. Moreover, I am sure that every creator will find his audience.

But this is not even the only option. Associations with artists, singers, and poets are becoming a thing of the past. Today, the term "creativity" has a much broader meaning. But it is important to remember the 2 main risks of a creative person:

  • Dependencies. It is no secret that many geniuses were accompanied by drug, alcohol or cigarette addiction. These substances provide that state of happiness that is impossible at the time of creative crisis. But our body cannot calmly accept these substitutes. Many famous people had to die early or end their careers because of this.
  • Workaholism. Another extreme of receiving endorphins (hormones of happiness). With active mental activity, the body produces natural hormones, they are not harmful, unlike synthetic ones (alcohol, drugs, cigarettes), they are not dangerous due to “swings” and prolonged depression, but mental work for wear and tear devastates mitochondria - glucose storage facilities, cell batteries. When they are depleted and the level of endorphins is high, the blood begins to circulate faster, intracranial pressure increases, which can cause cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, death at the table during active mental activity is not a fiction. For example, such a fate befell I. M. Tronsky, a Russian philologist and an avid workaholic.

From everything mentioned above, the conclusion suggests itself: you cannot build happiness on one thing, you need to create your own multi-component formula. This is important in order to regularly maintain a state of joy, satisfaction, expectation, inspiration, but not to overstrain any system of the body. The golden mean and moderation are good in everything. You should not put happiness on one card; it is important to always have many options for insurance and safety.

Determine your goals and desires4

Many people mistake other people's desires for their own. For example, a common desire is to run in the morning. A person plans to start with a new month, but somehow it doesn’t work out. Here you need to think about whether this is your desire. If it brought you true pleasure at this stage of your life, your goal would be to improve your physical health or run a marathon. You would not think about this desire, but fulfill it. Write a list of all your desires, weigh each one. Why haven’t you started implementing it yet? Perhaps it’s not yours.

Expand horizons 5

If you notice traits of embarrassment and feelings in yourself that you are not worthy of the best. Only some special celestials live happily and richly. Therefore, you need to give yourself permission to want the impossible. Write down the most daring desires that arise in you. This could be buying an island, having dinner with Brad Pitt, conquering Everest. Every time a thought comes to your mind, write it down.

How to live long and be healthy. What to do to live long: 8 habits for longevity

Do you want to maximize your youth and improve your health? And who doesn’t want to! We have already told you what to eat to avoid aging. And today we’ll tell you what else you need to do to extend your life!

We all know that bad habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol and junk food, do not lead to anything good. It is because of a careless attitude towards our own body and organism that we get sick, look bad and age faster. Therefore, the sooner you reconsider your attitude towards your lifestyle and change it for the better, the greater the likelihood of living to 90 years old with excellent health.

Let’s remember what good habits you need to develop for longevity!

No. 1 Walking

A day you need to walk at least 4 km in fresh air at a speed of about 100 steps per minute. Walking along the corridors of the office does not count; the lack of oxygen during such walking provokes an excess of harmful D-lactic acid. Make it a habit to get off the minibus or metro a couple of stops earlier after work and walk that distance home. By the way, the benefits for your figure and digestion are also noticeable.

No. 2 Charging

Doctors recommend doing exercises in the fresh air, but since not everyone has this opportunity, here's a plan. You wake up in the morning, open the windows wide open (at any temperature) and go brush your teeth. Come, close the windows and study for 15-20 minutes in a room full of fresh air. If getting out of bed is completely unbearable, at least do lazy exercises.

#3 Exercise

A lot of what the doctors say contradicts one another. For example, to lose weight, you need to train almost to the limit of your capabilities. On the other hand, in order to live long, you cannot overwork yourself physically. The production of D-lactic acid (krepatura) is harmful to the body. Therefore, if your figure is not an issue for you, make sure that during training your heart rate does not rise above 140 beats per minute.

No. 4 Meal schedule

Train yourself to eat 4-6 times a day, instead of 2-3. This schedule maintains stable glucose levels in the body and smooth functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. If you eat rarely, but a lot, this causes sharp jumps in insulin in the blood, and it destroys blood vessels.

No. 5 Diet

Eat simple food: cereals, vegetables, meat. Try to avoid store-bought sauces, mixtures, cakes, and semi-finished products. Your diet should consist of 75% plant foods, incl. porridge, and 25% protein (meat, eggs, dairy products). It’s not at all necessary to pay for some expensive fruits and vegetables; pay attention to ordinary beets and celery. Not only are these products very healthy, but you can also use them to prepare a lot of non-standard and very tasty dishes.

No. 6 Nutritional features

Consume peptides and pectins. These substances improve biochemical processes in the body and help eliminate toxins. The first rich in seaweed, chicken and dairy products. The second ones are apples, bananas and persimmons. Every day - two glasses of kefir or yogurt. These drinks reduce self-poisoning by metabolic products, preventing fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract and normalizing the intestinal microflora.

#7 Peace of mind

The most destructive effect on the body is not even alcohol and cigarettes, but stress. When you are often and very nervous, the work of the brain is depleted and the activity of the autonomic nervous system, which regulates the functions of the entire body, is disrupted. If you feel like you can't cope with stress, make an appointment with your doctor and start taking a sedative. This will help you avoid becoming nervous and depressed.

No. 8 Dream

We are not even talking about getting enough sleep (although this is certainly important), but about the time when you go to bed. For stable functioning of the body, you need to fall asleep no later than 24.00, and preferably earlier. This way, your body will be able to produce melatonin, a hormone that regulates the functioning of the brain, immune and other systems, works as an antioxidant and slows down the aging process of cells.

Do you know what is the most important factor in longevity? Happiness and positive attitude towards life. After all, you can live up to 100 years, complaining about fate and the people around you, but such longevity will be of no use.

You need to try at every moment of your life to act in such a way that at 95, holding your great-grandchildren on your lap, you can look back and say: “What a wonderful life I have lived!” . We wish you this with all our hearts!

Come up with a motto for life6

A person lives according to established rules, starting from childhood he absorbs the environment, the thinking of other people, the way of behavior and thinks that this is the norm. But the fact that thoughts are material is no longer a secret to anyone, and what you think about yourself, about your life becomes reality. For example, if you believe that all people are unfair and selfish, these are the people you will meet. Therefore, define new rules for your life, new beliefs so that they contribute to creating a rich and happy life.

Give love to receive love in return

To make your life more beautiful, you need love - it is what fills everything with meaning. But many simply expect that they will start receiving it themselves and only then will they be able to give some of it to the world. This is the wrong approach, start loving the world yourself, let this be the central idea of ​​your existence and everyday communication with people. Everyone needs love in their life, whether from a partner, friend, family or strangers. Make your beautiful life more meaningful by sharing your love with everyone you meet - through kindness, understanding, tolerance, generosity and the ability to accept everyone as they are.

Soul without age7

This is the most important obstacle that accompanies a person throughout his life. Just think about it: when a child is small, he dreams of growing up quickly. In adolescence, faced with many problems, he strives to become independent and reach adulthood. Then he waits until he graduates, and then real life begins.

But looking for a job, gaining experience, and now the time is approaching to start a family. Understand what age you were not at if at this stage you truly want to become rich and live happily. You can achieve it, but you just have to strive. The concept of late and good age does not exist. Forget about the numbers in your passport!

Find a mentor8

In every area of ​​your life, find people who will inspire you and push you to make a breakthrough. Psychologists have long argued that the environment influences 50% of a person’s success, therefore, if you use the tips of a person who has achieved success and wealth, then the chances of repeating his story will become incredibly high. Therefore, strive to get to know each other, follow the lives of people you admire and start admiring people because they did something that you are still afraid of.

Decide to fill your life with love, joy, kindness, and smart thoughts. Follow your goals to achieve a rich and happy life. Every day you will become more confident and successful.

But you can find out how to become a happy woman in our article further on the link.

Trip around the world

Such trips give a feeling of freedom and broaden one’s horizons. There are a thousand ways to see the world without blowing a huge hole in your budget. Don't forget: student exchange still exists. It allows you to save on accommodation. “Advanced” students who manage to write smart term papers and diplomas, engage in scientific work, have a chance to win some student competition, and at the same time the right to free study abroad from a month to a whole year.

If you don't have any special knowledge, try to get a summer job abroad. Even if you have to weed strawberries in the fields of Belgium or Holland, the money you earn will be enough to see these countries, breathe the air of Europe, see what people are wearing there this summer, and maybe even buy some of the hottest fashionable things there it's much cheaper; meet local youth and at the same time improve, for example, your English. As another way to find yourself abroad, I can recommend going to a travel agency and buying a last-minute ticket.

Usually they are quite cheap, but at the same time they do not particularly guarantee you any particular comfort either on the road or in the hotel. But in the end, you are real students and can adapt to any conditions. But when you return, you will have something to tell your friends.

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