There is no energy and strength in the body - what to do when you are tired of everything?

I warn you, this is going to be quite a long introduction. If you want to jump straight to specific tips on how to increase your body’s energy, you can scroll below. However, I advise you to take your time and read on. Understanding how to treat your body correctly is very important.

Every person knows about the basics of a healthy lifestyle; this information is not secret and is publicly available. But why then doesn’t everyone adhere to a healthy lifestyle? Oddly enough, the reason may be in relation to oneself

. We are not used to taking care of our body and psyche.

Let's look at a clear example

with a car.
Every car owner knows that in order for his car to start and move away, it needs to be refueled
. Moreover, the better the gasoline, the better it will drive. And if the carburetor or engine is acting up, then it needs to be taken to a service station for repairs, otherwise the car may no longer start at all.

All this is clear to a person in relation to his car, so we regularly refuel with good gasoline, eliminate breakdowns and take care of our vehicle. But when it comes to ourselves, for some reason we believe that we can drive somewhere with an “empty tank”


In this regard, the human body is no different from a machine. We are biorobots. And our body also needs fuel

to function.
You shouldn’t expect a good mood, vigor, or determination if you don’t eat well, don’t get enough sleep, and rest ineffectively. When we see a low battery indicator on our smartphone, we go to charge it. The same thing
should be done with the human body . To have energy, it needs to be replenished.

This article will not contain secret and instant ways to “recharge” here and now. I won’t tell you about pills that will allow you to work 24 hours straight without fatigue. There will be no magical folk recipes and all that. This article is about restoring and maintaining your energy and strength not just once, but on an ongoing basis.

About increasing the overall standard of living
energy levels

This is a marathon. The first results can be felt after a week

, but a qualitatively new feeling of yourself can be expected
in 21-30 days
. It's different for everyone. I tested everything on myself and it worked for me. Hope it works for you too. Go!

What is life energy

Some people equate replenishing vital energy with esoteric practices and do not believe that it is possible to maintain it at a high level. But in fact, energy is what is in every person, what all living things are woven from. The energy of life and strength of spirit are things that are not related to mysticism.

Lack of strength also affects a person’s physical health, causes illness and significantly worsens the quality of life. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that you always have enough energy and learn to understand what led to its decrease.

Preventing weakness

To prevent loss of strength, follow these recommendations:

  • Avoid hypothermia;
  • Eat well, giving preference to foods enriched with vitamins and microelements;
  • Keep track of the expiration dates of the products you consume;
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water per day;
  • Maintain a work/rest/sleep schedule, get enough sleep;
  • Remove irritating factors or change your attitude towards them;
  • Observe the rules of personal hygiene;
  • Ventilate the room in which you spend a large amount of time, and also do not allow it to become dirty - do wet cleaning, do not forget to clean the air conditioner;
  • Move more;

How to understand that your vital energy level has decreased

If you are a positive and cheerful person, then life seems easy and interesting. But at a certain moment, for no apparent reason, you suddenly feel bad, your mood deteriorates, and it takes more energy to complete basic tasks than before. This indicates that your vitality and energy are decreasing.

Another sign of deterioration is fatigue. A person who lacks energy constantly feels that he does not have the strength to do ordinary things that were previously easy.

Productivity at work and at home decreases. Responsibilities that seemed simple just a couple of days ago suddenly begin to take more time and effort. But the result of the work done leaves much to be desired. Reduced productivity means that you have no energy and strength in your body. But this can manifest itself not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional one. Communication with loved ones ceases to bring joy. Friends who try to help and support only cause irritation and negativity. To protect yourself, prevent quarrels, decreased productivity and fatigue, you need to understand the reasons for the lack of vitality.

Tip two

Don't give in to impulsive impulses. The main reason why we do not have the strength to work is the desire to suppress difficult to bear experiences. And the simplest method is impulsive behavior, which does not always remain without consequences. But, unfortunately, even the most impulsive actions do not help get rid of stress; moreover, they have no effect on solving the problems that have arisen, and more often they even worsen the situation. We all sometimes want to hide so that people will leave us alone, so we may say too much, buy alcohol or take medicine. But you shouldn’t do this, wait, calm down, and start acting only when you understand that emotions do not interfere with sane thinking.

Why is there no strength and energy?

A person’s activity can be reduced due to his own fault or due to the negative influence of people around him, work, relationships. There are the most common causes of energy loss that anyone who wants to protect themselves from losing this important resource should know.

A job that doesn't bring you joy will slowly but surely make you unhappy. Where can you get strength and energy for life if you spend most of it where you don’t like? A person who does every day what is required of him, and not what he wants, will certainly be exhausted.

Unhealthy relationships, in which one partner takes away the strength and joy of the other through manipulation or aggression, is another reason why a person's activity and strength decrease. Losses become more noticeable when strength is stolen by the person closest to you, for whom you have sincere feelings.

Negative emotions accumulate when they have no outlet. Resentment and anger, hidden somewhere deep in the soul, slowly eat away the energy of life and strength. If you constantly sidestep conflicts rather than resolve them, unsaid words become a huge problem for your sanity and strength.

When a person is interested in someone else's life more than his own, he is doomed to experience a constant lack of energy. If you strive to improve other people's relationships, help a friend with work and make other people happy, you can be called a kind person, but this cannot make you more active and stronger, since your energy is spent on strangers. The same goes for caring about your past, striving to correct what has already been done. There will be no energy when a person wastes his strength on changing what is beyond his control.

A few more tips

There are a couple more simple rules that increase productivity that every person should know. No strength to work? Think about how you spend your time. It is very important not to go to bed tired. Just falling exhausted on the bed and hoping that the strength will be restored on its own is illogical. In this state, you are likely to drive yourself into a vicious circle of fatigue and burnout. It’s very easy to cope with this - sports, walks before bed or a banal contrast shower. Second and very important - ventilate the room where you sleep. Our brain needs fresh air, so you shouldn’t fall asleep in stuffy and musty rooms, as this reduces the quality of rest.

It is also advisable to exclude all information resources a few hours before bedtime. This means not watching TV, not exploring interesting Internet resources, and not conducting active correspondence on social networks. The brain receives a lot of information, and instead of resting and restoring energy resources, it will analyze and assimilate the received data. And it doesn’t matter whether you watched a news report or a TV series - this will harm normal, full replenishment of strength. And lastly, try to wake up on schedule, at the same time. This will reduce stress and become a healthy habit in life.

How not to lose energy

To maintain strength, you need to know what actions lead to its loss. Here are tips to follow to prevent energy depletion:

  • Don't lie yourself and don't let others drag you into conversations full of lies.
  • Beware of unfinished business and promises that you will not be able to fulfill.
  • Don't try to defend your rightness where it is not necessary.
  • Don’t stress yourself out by dwelling on the uncertainty of your successes and achievements.
  • Talk about what is important without wasting energy on empty talk and gossip about others.
  • Do not hold a grudge, as it will only torment you, and not the person responsible for what happened.
  • Don't waste your energy on sex with people you don't have feelings for.
  • Train yourself not to be afraid of the future. When it comes, then there will be a reason for joy or concern, otherwise worries will only waste energy and spoil the mood.
  • Don't think too much about money, especially when your financial situation doesn't depend on your efforts.

Now that you've learned about the most common causes of exhaustion, it's time to learn how to bring strength and energy back into your life.

Chew some gum

Not the most obvious solution, but worth a try. Chewing gum reduces stress blood flow to the brain, which helps you concentrate and better remember incoming information. Chewing gum can also defeat Study claims chewing gum can reduce daytime tiredness, drowsiness and even improve your mood.

It is better to chew it after eating: it stimulates Chewing Gum salivation, and saliva washes away food debris, protecting tooth enamel from damage. To be sure to perk up, choose chewing gum with a mint flavor and without sugar.

Communication with others

It is very important to have only positive people around you who inspire you. Purposeful, sociable friends are able to share their energy with you, and you can respond to them in the same way. This way your relationship will be harmonious and healthy. But people who constantly complain about life, try to involve you in their apathy and shift problems will have a negative impact on your own mood. If you don’t know where to get strength and energy, start by communicating with active and ambitious interlocutors. Learn new things from your friends, get inspired and just enjoy the company, where there is no place for apathy and negativity.

Healthy lifestyle

The human body is a tool that he uses throughout his life. It is necessary to maintain it in good condition in order to preserve strength and energy for all the most important things.

Proper nutrition is the key to health. It's no secret that a person needs food to maintain life. But you can't just consume everything indiscriminately, otherwise you will be full but not happy. Adjust your diet. Eat only wholesome, healthy foods and follow a daily routine. Learn to eat to live, not the other way around. Overeating will have a bad effect not only on your figure, but also on the internal energy, strength and health of the body as a whole.

To feel cheerful and energetic, a person needs to rest. Violation of the daily routine leads to deterioration of health, nervousness and constant fatigue. The body does not have the energy to function normally, and the person feels unhappy due to decreased productivity and bad mood. No matter how busy your schedule is, find time to relax. Instead of watching TV at night, try going to bed early, and you will soon notice how your energy returns, you will feel cheerful and energized.

Everyone knows that a healthy mind lives in a healthy human body. Don't neglect this golden rule if you want to be stronger both physically and mentally. Exercising helps you relax and relieve stress. During training, you will feel how your body becomes healthier and your head is freed from bad thoughts. Sport also helps develop willpower, which has a great effect on a person’s character. It is not necessary to immediately start long training and go to competitions. It is enough to find time for exercise or a regular active walk.

Have a snack

No, a candy bar and cookies from the office kitchen will not do.
Even if sweets help, it won’t be for long. The energy 'diet': they will quickly raise your blood sugar level, but the energy boost will soon run out, and you will want to sleep even more. It's better to take time for a full lunch with dishes that are rich in protein and complex carbohydrates. For example, chicken breast with brown rice and vegetables is a great option. By the way, it’s better to eat less, but more often. The optimal regimen is breakfast, lunch and dinner, to which you can add Self-help tips to fight tiredness light snacks every three to four hours. If you don’t have time to be distracted by food, keep a supply of nuts or fruits on hand, and when you want something sweet, eat a banana or a couple of pieces of dark chocolate.

To avoid nodding off during the day, be sure to eat breakfast. In the morning, you can refuel with porridge with water or low-fat milk (to make it tastier, add fruits and berries), omelette or boiled eggs. Also add iron-rich foods to your diet. Anemia can be a cause of constant fatigue, and 15 Ways to Combat Tiredness can help combat the fatigue with legumes, meats and whole grains.


Everyone knows that if they are tired, they should rest. Then the person goes to sleep or relaxes, lying on the sofa. But when it comes to loss of internal energy and fatigue from emotions, rest should be appropriate. In such a situation, sleep or even a vacation in warm countries will not help. If you don't have energy, you need to take a break from the hustle and bustle and just stop. Don’t run around trying to do everything, but just let go of the situation and enjoy moments of peace.

You can sit on the shore of the sea or other body of water, watch the sunset, listen to the birds singing. If you feel like you don't have enough energy to work, but you need to get everything done, take a couple of minutes and remain in silence. This will not take much of your time, but will help you quickly get rid of accumulated stress and prepare yourself for proper rest.

Symptoms of weakness

Loss of strength may be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Weakness and elevated body temperature most often indicate infection of the body (viruses, bacteria, fungi), poisoning, pathological conditions (heat or sunstroke).
  • Weakness and nausea (if there is no temperature) – poisoning, pregnancy;
  • Weakness in the legs and arms - a sedentary lifestyle, low blood pressure, lack of proper rest, anemia (anemia), spinal diseases (osteochondrosis, scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis - in which innervation and normal blood supply to the extremities are often disrupted), increased stress on the arms and legs when performing any physical work;
  • Weakness and dizziness - malnutrition (lack of vitamins, microelements, carbohydrates), dehydration, nervous system disorders, spinal diseases, anemia;
  • Severe weakness - severe poisoning, infectious diseases (peritonitis, sepsis, acute respiratory infections), prolonged physical and mental stress without proper rest (for example, when a person does not have days off from work for a long time).

Other symptoms of weakness:

  • Increased irritability;
  • Exhaustion, weight loss;
  • Hyperesthesia;
  • Sleep problems (insomnia, shallow sleep, difficulty falling asleep).

Enjoying life

Contrary to popular belief, you can enjoy life without having a huge income or having a lot of free time. Enjoying life means taking from it what you already have and using it here and now. If a new coffee shop opens near your house, don't wait until your busy friends are free to go there with you. Just go and enjoy your coffee whenever you want. Visit exhibitions, go to the cinema, enjoy small pleasures.

Wear nice clothes, even if there is no reason for it. Wear your favorite outfit for a walk or meeting with friends without waiting for the right moment, because it never comes. Get all you can get right now and don't let others tell you what to do. There is no vitality and energy in those people who are not able to seek pleasure in everything and enjoy the little things, being in a constant pursuit of something big, which certainly eludes them.

Completed tasks and responsibilities

Sometimes a person makes big plans for life and is ready to be active and energetic to implement them. But then a decline in motivation forces him to be distracted by other, more mundane matters, and the tasks begun in a fit of cheerfulness remain unfulfilled. Unfinished business can take away a person’s energy, return to him over and over again in the form of self-doubt and hold him back, preventing him from developing.

Make a list of all the things you wanted to do but never got around to doing. Highlight those tasks that you have not started and those that have not been completed. Start with small unfinished tasks and gradually move towards big plans. This way you will stay motivated and not lose all your strength at once. Freed from unfinished business, a person will feel lighter and freer.

A change of scenery

Monotony is our worst enemy. Sometimes we need a change of scenery like a breath of fresh air.

Rearrange the furniture in your office. Just sort it out in the workplace. Move the glass with stationery to another corner of the table, throw away the boring flower, change the screensaver on your desktop, put a frame with a family photo in a prominent place, create coziness.

If you work at home, move to another room. Or even try to complete your accumulated tasks outside the home - sit with your laptop in the park, in a cafe. The main thing is that the atmosphere around you is light and pleasant, and does not put pressure on you. It is important to remove all unnecessary things from the workplace after finishing work. Create order on your desk, collect all the papers and put them in folders and cabinets. It’s unlikely that anyone wants to return to yesterday’s mess in the morning. But coming to a clean place is very pleasant.

Love and family

Communication with loved ones can lift your spirits, inspire and fill a person with vital energy. But love has an even greater impact, causing you to experience strong emotions. Feelings towards your soulmate bring meaning to a person’s life and motivation to work on oneself.

If you are in a relationship with someone who constantly drags you down, shifts his problems and tries to manipulate, you need to seriously think about whether it is worth continuing. A person in love becomes more vulnerable to the object of his affection and absorbs all the negativity. Share your energy only with those who give it to you in return.

Communicate with your family, go to your relatives on holidays. Spending time with your family will make you happier and remind you of the carefree days when you were an energetic, carefree child.

Causes of stress

We are overstimulated and bombarded with information every day. Mobile phones, televisions, radio, Internet, print media have forever changed human life. And most importantly, we constantly need to make decisions and choices. And this has a very bad effect on willpower. We don't have enough security because life is completely unpredictable. Recently, such fundamental concepts of society as freedom, work, family, intimate life and even patriotism have changed a lot.

A serious crisis has emerged in the search for the meaning of life. Our ancestors always knew where to find it. For example, religion, party and so on. Now we have too much choice, what to believe in and what rules to live by, but there is no understanding of what strict adherence to these canons will give a person. Our brains and attitudes to the real world have been shaped over millennia, as have our reactions to stressful situations. And while people are still young, they do not notice how such a rhythm affects the psyche and health. But the older we get, the more clearly the side aspects of this haste are expressed and logical questions arise: we don’t have the strength to work, what to do in this situation?

New experience

By trying something new, a person not only gains invaluable experience, but also feels an increase in vital energy. Go somewhere you haven't been before, explore this place, and get all the positive emotions out of your trip. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a trip or buy new, expensive things. You can try an interesting recipe for a dish or change your image. This will not require you to spend a lot of money, but fresh emotions will fill you and give you energy and strength for new achievements.

Take care of your skin

It's simple: happy skin means happy you. Of course, consolidating this habit is no different from others; it also takes time. The well-known rule of three weeks is not even so important here - consistency, regularity and understanding of why you are doing this are much more useful than crossing out days on the calendar. The notorious concealer will hide signs of fatigue in no time, but real changes in the condition of the skin always come from within, slowly but surely. Choose something that will not only improve your complexion, but also bring real benefits to the body, be it cosmetics or food. Just repeat all the necessary procedures morning and evening - after a while you will notice that your skin glows with health and your mood is no longer so gloomy. It’s banal, but humanity has not yet come up with anything better.

Creativity and art

Remember your childhood, when you did what you liked and did not think about the result. Try to remember a hobby you abandoned long ago and take up it again. If you have ever written a book, return to this activity and finish your work. If you had an interesting idea for a picture, which you did not dare to bring to life due to a lack of skills, you can try to draw it. The end result may not be what you expected, but it's not that important compared to the process itself. Creativity will help you replenish your energy and relax by doing something that interests you.

If you feel unhappy or have negative emotions, let them out. Express your feelings on canvas, describe them in poetry or song. Creativity can help tell your story and give you peace of mind.

Visit exhibitions more often, watch theatrical performances. Art inspires and helps you learn something new. If you are not a creative person, just reach out for beauty, look for beauty around you.

Take a walk through the forest, observing the whimsical shapes of the trees, watch the snowfall, or enjoy the sunrise. Nature contains a lot of beauty and helps a person to be alone with himself, to escape from problems and the bustle of the city.

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