10 signs of a successful person according to Nikolai Kozlov

The question “How to achieve success in life?” worries more than one generation of people. There are many publications on this topic and a large number of books have been published. Almost every person, at least once in their life, has tried to figure out how to become more successful.

What makes a successful person stand out from other people? After all, outwardly, he is immediately visible in the crowd by his distinctive attributes (such as an expensive watch, a prestigious car, a huge cottage, etc.)

But thanks to what personal qualities did he achieve all this? What specific characteristics does it have? Together with estet-portal com. Let's look at 8 main characteristics of successful people.

1. Determination and success go hand in hand 2. Punctuality is the politeness of kings 3. Sociability is a trait that will help you make the right contacts 4. The ability to refuse can be of great service 5. A successful person sets his own rules 6. Adequate self-esteem is the ability to respect 7. Conscious work on personal growth and development 8. High performance - compliance with the rhythm of modern life

Determination and success go hand in hand

This character trait is familiar to everyone, but few of us have really thought about the true meaning of this word. But this is not just a desire for a goal.

A successful person puts much more meaning into this concept:

1. The goal must be clearly defined. Not just a vague and figurative “I want.” And full awareness of what exactly we want to achieve. After all, only by clearly knowing our desires can we achieve a positive result.

2. Most people are scared and stopped by problems that come their way. Successful people perceive them as an opportunity to learn something new and become even stronger.

Rules, skills and goals of successful people

Let us outline four elementary rules of a successful person:

  • Solve all important and complex matters in the morning.
  • Take action during the day.
  • Before going to bed, read your favorite or professional literature.
  • Rest at night.

Follow these rules and life will begin to change for the better. And the skills of a successful person will help you with this. Among them we highlight the following:

  • Speak competently.
  • Write beautifully and legibly.
  • Think critically. Learn to soberly assess the situation.
  • Know how to sell.
  • Work in a team.
  • Know how to rest and recover.

All of the above works to achieve the goal. But what goals do successful people have? Different. Therefore, we propose to divide them into two groups:

  1. Long-term.
  2. Short term.

Punctuality is the politeness of kings

This is exactly the sign by which from the first meeting you can understand who you are dealing with. If a person has a habit of being late or even rescheduling meetings, it means that he does not value time.

Successful people always do everything on time. This happens because they feel personal responsibility and interest in the result.

Typically, such people are always able to realistically assess their capabilities and clearly stipulate deadlines for resolving issues or convenient times for meetings. Of course, force majeure circumstances happen to everyone, but if this happens, it is imperative to notify us about it.

Punctual people are always more pleasant to deal with. People are willing to make contact with them, it is easier for them to find work, and deals are concluded with them more often. This happens because you can rely on such people.

Exercises to become successful

Regular repetition of the following exercises will help lead to success:

  • When communicating, try to avoid standard verbal constructions, improvising more often and choosing synonyms. This will help develop self-confidence along with creativity.
  • When meeting people you are interested in, it would be useful to collect at least five facts about the activities or character of the potential interlocutor, since the capabilities of Internet resources allow you to do this.
  • Performing certain actions in public that distinguish you from others, but do not contradict ethical or moral standards. For example, you can make an announcement.
  • Visit news portals daily; any additional information is useful when making decisions.
  • Know how to have fun. A sense of humor allows you to effectively relieve stress.
  • Avoid judging others if their actions do not contradict ethical standards. Follow the rule of not stopping others from being happy.
  • During business meetings, try to speak in a balanced, short and to the point manner. This allows you to structure your thinking.
  • Train your ability to conduct dialogue. For example, talk about unrelated topics for at least half an hour.
  • Sharpen your visual memory, paying attention to any details regarding the appearance or behavior patterns of your interlocutor.

Sociability is a trait that will help you make the right contacts

The concept of “communication skills” does not mean the banal “talkativeness”, but the ability to find an approach to any person and make the necessary contacts.

New acquaintances are always potential connections. Being in a circle of strangers, a successful person quickly strikes up a conversation and “acquires” new, often profitable acquaintances. After all, you never know in advance what situation you may find yourself in and who you will have to turn to for help.

It is believed that in order to quickly win a person’s favor, it is necessary to talk to him as sincerely as possible, looking the interlocutor straight in the eyes, without trying to pretend or dodge. Any tricks are quickly recognized and lead to mistrust.

What is success

Success... Having heard this word, a poor student will most likely imagine himself as the son of rich parents, riding a Lamborghini, and basking in the attention of girls with model appearance. And a girl of the same age as this student, an equally poor girl, will most likely dream of regular shopping in Paris and Milan. And after some time, our heroes, being “actively searching” for a good job and personal life, will understand success as having good friends who can help with advice and put in a good word...

You can give an infinite number of such examples, considering how a variety of people imagine success, and... drown in information noise, not understanding anything. There is a better way. Simply, looking at the above examples, let’s fix two properties of success so that, starting from them, we can move on.

First, the concept of success varies from person to person. Since all people live at some distance from each other, we can say that the concept of success changes in space.

Secondly, the concept of success changes over time. After all, what seemed significant ten years ago may lose all value and meaning today. In the same way, today's values ​​may become irrelevant after some time.

Where do space and time intersect? They intersect at a point called “here and now.” This means that “here and now” there is always some chance of success. When they say that “success is having time,” they leave out one important detail. Success is not just about being on time. Success is having time to see or find your chance here and now. But this does not always work out and not for everyone. And now it’s time to talk about the qualities that allow you to see and find your chance here and now.

The ability to refuse can play a good role

Despite the need to maintain friendly relationships with people, the ability to say “no” also plays a significant role.

When a person is surrounded by many people all day long (and this is generally what happens to a successful person), he often encounters situations when he is approached with requests or for help.

Of course, you can and should help your neighbors , but sometimes these requests are absolutely not justified. That is, it is not uncommon for people to be able to complete a task themselves, but for certain reasons (be it laziness or fear, or other circumstances) they want to shift it onto someone else’s shoulders.

A person who strives for success knows that such help will be to the detriment of his own affairs, so he can refuse without hesitation.

How to set yourself up for success

Walking the path to success requires support from loved ones, even if they are not part of the final goal. Confidence will play a positive role, so you need to take care of your health: physical and mental. You need to learn to see a note of positivity in everything. Remind yourself often of how good the result will be. You can’t do everything at once; you need to be able to plan everything so that you can act in stages, without exhaustion.

Detailed planning is the key to success

Success has a number of rules and principles. It is believed that a person who has success in his career, society or other areas of life can be seen immediately by his appearance and behavior. Anyone can acquire the same skills, but everything depends only on the person himself.

A successful person sets his own rules

No matter how paradoxical it may sound, most people are always waiting for something. They wait for tasks to be announced to them, deadlines to be set, etc. Those who are accustomed to achieving success are distinguished by the fact that they always set their own responsibilities and the affairs of other people, quickly understand the details of the task, and announce the time frame.

It looks a little scary and even arrogant, but most people are satisfied with such an initiative, and they prefer to agree with it and “go with the flow.” Therefore, those who want to achieve something always need to take the initiative into their own hands and control the situation themselves, and not wait for success to come into their own hands.

Psychologist Sergei Klyuchnikov

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  1. Reputation and self-perception

It happens that a person is seen as successful , spends a lot of effort to maintain the created image, shows off, puffs out his cheeks, but in reality he is a complete bankrupt, an empty creature who has nothing but an external image.

Sooner or later, this imaginary, empty success will need to be confirmed, bills will need to be paid - such a moment always comes.

The collective opinion created about you in society, of course, has a great influence on your self-esteem and opportunities for self-disclosure, so maintaining the image of a successful person is an important task.

Human behavior largely depends on the socio-psychological expectations of society and its immediate circle of friends.

to people with a reputation for success and behave with them in accordance with their expectations - as if they were successful .

And as a result, more favorable circumstances actually develop around them, a certain field is created in which they easily solve their problems, thereby once again confirming their success .

It is true that successful people are not always loved by public opinion, especially if they are provocatively successful .

An intelligent person is unlikely to ostentatiously demonstrate his satiety in front of hungry people. This kind of people usually causes envy and irritation, attracting other people's negative emotions.

Successful people are always visible and their shortcomings become all the more noticeable. If success is bought at the cost of losing the soul, causing harm to other people, then it will be difficult for such a person to count on a good attitude towards himself.

But it is important to think not only about the external side of the issue, but to fill your image with real content that corresponds to the image of a successful person, to develop, and not engage in falsification.

The fact is that, with time and effort, you can really become different, happier, more harmonious, more successful, and find a face you like. So why do you need a mask, a mask that is so easy to tear off?

What about the fear of exposure, the danger of losing an unsupported reputation?

A bad reputation is a much more lasting thing than a good reputation.

This is the property of the human race - to pay more attention to other people's vices, shortcomings, defects than to the merits and achievements of fellow human beings; the shortcomings of successful people who are in plain sight stand out especially clearly.

A bad reputation is a certain subtle material force, a certain energy that envelops a person, lowers his capabilities, and forces him to behave in accordance with the negative expectations of other people.

It is extremely difficult for a person with a bad reputation to break out of this ring, since each of us depends to a huge extent on socio-psychological expectations, on the roles that society imposes on us.

If a person is used to playing the role of a jester, then he will look very strange in the role of a serious tragedian, and most likely he will simply not be offered such a role.

Therefore, in order to become successful, you should never demonstrate your past defeats and failures.

It is better not to advertise your problems in society too much.

Such honest confessions and revelations can only have a positive impact on people close to you who want to help you, while those far away have less reason to love you and help you get out of the swamp of failures and become successful .

They try to avoid losers, and all they can do is try to break through the walls of the prison that they have built for themselves.

  1. Internal position of a successful person

A successful person , on the one hand, does not need to create an empty image of himself, far from your inner content, on the other hand, you need to hide your failures from outsiders.

It would seem that these two theses contradict each other, but they are two sides of the same coin.

Indeed, external success , an external image, not supported by internal strength and perfection, like any education that is empty inside, will be destroyed by an aggressive environment, stronger and more successful people .

Otherwise, if we want to move towards success , we must master the territory of success, get used to the image of a successful person.

If we talk about our defeats at every corner, we create a real material force that keeps us in the circle of imperfection.

When a person is humiliated in his own eyes, it is difficult for others to treat him differently. The problem of success is largely a problem of taking the right internal position in relation to oneself and to the world.

We should neither reject this world nor merge with it completely, but take our and only our place in it, find in it the points of space that suit us most.

At the same time, it is imperative to color your actions with some higher spiritual meaning.

True success is impossible without the participation of the soul and spirit. The body, money, fame, profession and success in this area, like everything external, does not bring complete satisfaction.

If these benefits are the only thing a person strives for, then even acquiring them becomes very difficult.

It often happens that all these benefits are given to a person, and then successively taken away if he does not cease to focus only on them, not understanding the relativity of earthly things. External goals are one of the conditions for full success, but that’s not everything.

Of course, the psychology of success in modern society is such that sitting in rags next to a barrel as successful

External life must be debugged: some position in society, financial solvency, family happiness, a sense of need for society for a modern successful person are necessary. Basic needs must be met.

However, success largely depends not on the amount of money and other benefits, but on a person’s attitude towards himself.

For one hundred dollars is wealth, for another ten thousand dollars is the limit of poverty and the source of suffering, because his neighbor has a million dollars. He who has a million is jealous of a billionaire.

These are the consequences of comparisons. When a person constantly compares his success with the achievements of other people, this means that he does not have true success. True success is realized happiness, confirmed by deeds and inner sense of self. There are no comparisons there. When a person, comparing himself with others, seeks opportunities to tell himself how unhappy he is, to envy someone, this does not lead to anything good.

Completely different people come to me for consultations.

Their common quality is that, due to previous traumas and failures, they have neither knowledge of the science of successfully achieving life goals, nor an internal sense of success .

Many of them are too ambitious and do not know how to take for granted what they have outside and inside themselves.

Without the ability to accept and love even your shortcomings, and, having already pushed off from them, as if from a springboard, to move on, success is impossible.

If a person is not grateful to fate for its lessons, the person begins to blame other people for his failures, tries to throw off responsibility and loses a lot of energy.

In the classes that I conduct, I teach people the psychology of success , to enter a state of internal success and move not from bad to good, but from good to better.

A lot of success depends not on objective reality, but on our view of it. Thus, many businessmen complain that they live poorer than others.

I offer them the comparison that Buddhist masters give in such cases: compare yourself with the billions of other people who live on earth in third world countries; It turns out that your affairs are not so bad.

So why are you comparing yourself to Rockefeller? The comparison can be anything, it can be none at all, so why choose the negative?

If a person accepts his position, but wants to improve it, then he must put some effort into this, work towards his goal in order to achieve success .

As a rule, people do not so much want as they dream.

They don’t “want” so much as they “would like.” Desire and will in this case are synonymous. If the desire is not too strong, then we allow ourselves to be distracted and blame karma and circumstances for failure.

Success is a balance between satisfaction and the desire to improve something. If we have few reserves or we don’t want to work hard, then it makes sense to lower the bar of desires - sometimes this way we can solve the problem.

A master of success can extract the energy of pleasure from an insignificant circumstance and even from failure, but a greedy person cannot be satisfied, he will never become a truly successful person .

Weigh what you are ready to do for success, what you are ready to change, and sometimes overcome, yourself. Some people accept everything as it is, go with the flow of fate.

These are, of course, valuable qualities from the point of view of relieving internal conflict, but this is a completely different story; the psychology of success does not allow indifference.

When a person lives in the world, and not in a monastery, he must adapt to its requirements, occupy some place in it, give something to the world, exchange energies with it. Come to our success seminars and trainings and be successful in all aspects of life!

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Adequate self-esteem - the ability to respect yourself

The ability to adequately perceive oneself is of great importance in the life of every person . The self-esteem of a successful person should not depend on external circumstances. Such a person always knows his own worth, regardless of the opinions of other people. It is the stability of self-perception that does not allow him to “give up” after each failure. Such a person does not dwell on past mistakes, but learns from them.

Excessively high self-esteem is also bad. A person should not engage in self-deception, but be able to adequately understand his capabilities in order to strive to correct shortcomings, personal growth and work on himself.

How to develop them in yourself

To improve yourself and develop leadership qualities, you take a step that is not given right away. It is necessary to recognize the negative characteristics and understand where improvements and improvements are needed. Working on yourself, it is not always possible to eliminate weak points, but do not be upset. The great ones of this world are also imperfect. By using the positive aspects wisely, you can balance the psychological aspects that affect your level of success.

Analyzing recent events and comparing them with the above characteristics of prosperous people, negative aspects become obvious. Self-development needs to start with the little things:

  • Setting a goal and systematically moving towards it in small steps.
  • Self-study in all areas that influence the type of activity, systematic work on the general broadening of one’s horizons.
  • Strengthening discipline and self-control by giving up bad habits and regular exercise.

Even these minimal actions will show results within the first month.

To achieve the best results, keep a diary and collect in it the qualities that need to be achieved. Having compiled a list of actions and strictly observing the sequence, they move towards the intended goal.

Conscious work on personal growth and development

Despite high self-esteem, successful people are always ready to work on themselves, gain new knowledge, and reach higher heights. In the professional sphere, this is facilitated by various business trainings and seminars.

You can broaden your horizons by reading a variety of literature and communicating with interesting people. It's no secret that it's impossible to know everything, so there's no limit to perfection. By devoting at least a few hours a week to self-development, you can achieve good results and find new ways to solve problems. In addition, a literate and educated person becomes a more interesting conversationalist.

Be mediocre

Financially independent people never settle for being ordinary—they constantly push themselves to achieve new goals. Simply put, mediocrity is never acceptable to them. Successful people don't look for everyday life. They fight monotony and always try to look for fresh, interesting and new opportunities. They always make changes to their routine. This is what fundamentally shapes the behavior of a successful person.

Even small changes can get the brain moving and stimulate creativity. Successful people strive to push boundaries, and they have the flexible mindset to do so. They are willing to make tough choices and put in the hard work to go beyond the mundane and achieve their dreams.

Surrender without a fight

People who give up too quickly do not believe in themselves. Successful people know that you don't always have to be the most talented, richest, or smartest person in the room. You can be blessed with all these things but never achieve your ultimate goals.

Perseverance is important. Having it to continue to overcome challenges will help you get closer to your goal. You need to be prepared to persevere and work long hours in the face of adversity.

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