Reading your interlocutor - 8 signs of a cold-blooded person

«And you are as cold as an iceberg in the ocean..."

Cold people? Who are they? Soul like an ice floe? No, not those with a cold heart, but those who are literally cold.

It’s cold outside, and people are cold, naturally and understandably. But how can you tell when it’s hot outside, and some people are bundled up and can’t keep warm?

There are many reasons and they are all purely medical, and sometimes they can only be identified by undergoing an examination.

Cold people, there is a health problem that needs to be found.

Cold-blooded man

Attachment to a cold-blooded person can bring pain and suffering to someone who is not ready for emotional distance. People with cold hearts have special habits that help determine whether you really are someone you shouldn't get attached to.

They don't ask anything about you

Most often, indifferent people do not show interest in their interlocutor and do not hide it. Regardless of whether you are in a platonic relationship with such a person or a romantic one, they will not be interested in how your day went or how you are feeling.

If such a person still tries to find out some information from you, this means that he needs it purely for personal purposes.

They are far away

These people may be far from you not only physically, but also emotionally. Often, when talking with such a person, you get the impression that in his thoughts he is very far away, although in fact he is standing in front of you.

They are very restrained in showing emotions. Cold-blooded people rarely reveal secrets and allow themselves to show their vulnerabilities. They just prefer to keep their distance.

Solving the problem, “to keep you warm”

Is it possible for a cold person to warm up on his own? Of course you can, if you want! But first of all, the problems of “permafrost” must be treated. And to “warm up”, use the tips.

  • Chicken broth and hot tea help with thermoregulation
  • Must be included in the diet: oatmeal, dried apricots, pomegranates, raisins
  • Water helps improve blood flow, so you need to drink at least 2 liters of clean water per day.
  • You don’t need to put on heavy clothes and wrap yourself up, but you need to keep your feet warm
  • If your health allows, you should visit the bathhouse and sauna more often.
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Eliminate alcohol and strong coffee from your diet
  • As soon as you start to feel cold, start doing gymnastics and warm up until you are completely warm.
  • A contrast shower helps a lot with chilliness.

How to become cold-blooded

They are great at manipulating people

Those with a cool heart love to manipulate. The thing is that they very weakly, and often do not feel any pity or compassion towards others.

They can learn useful information about their “victims” and then use it against them. If you notice that there is a cold-blooded person in your environment, know that he definitely has a couple of skeletons in his closet and a list of those who were not lucky enough to catch his eye.

Look Down
on People “Cool-blooded people have a constant need to talk about themselves in the most flattering way possible and often remind others of their enviable, superior qualities,” says Professor Preston Nee.

You should constantly monitor how they treat people whom they consider “below” them. For example, to service industry workers or the homeless. People with cold hearts have too little empathy to be treated as people worthy of respect.

Regulation of heat in the body

From anatomy lessons we know that the human body temperature is almost

always constant in both cold and heat, and all thanks to the body’s ability to regulate temperature. Life processes. The processes occurring in the body are capable of generating heat and releasing it into the environment. All organs under the guidance of the hypothalamus, heart and liver participate in the process of thermoregulation of heat exchange.

“The hypothalamus (Latin word Hypothalamus) or hypothalamus is a section of the diencephalon located below the thalamus, or “visual thalamus”

The liver, thanks to biochemical reactions in the body, heats the blood, the heart pumps it and it goes through the vessels, like pipes, to all organs and parts of the body. The “heating” process can be disrupted due to various types of diseases. Merzlyaks are usually called cold people.

Cold heart

Something is always missing

It is difficult to find a common language with people who have a cold heart. When they are around or interact with you, there may be an uneasy feeling that something is missing in your relationship.

Regardless of whether your relationship is platonic, romantic, or even family, you will have many difficulties with such people because they have no attachments. The most common missing link is emotional connection.

Where did this temperament come from?

Character from a person’s handwriting - is it possible to determine its types?

Experts in the field of psychology have concluded that people with a Nordic character are associated with the Nordic race. It is common in Scandinavian countries:

  • Denmark;
  • Norway;
  • Sweden.

Sometimes they include Iceland and Finland, which equates Scandinavia with the concept of Northern Europe.

The term “Nordic race” or “Northern race” appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. This group included tall and thin people with blond hair. They were distinguished by pale skin and delicate features. This description of the northern race was given by anthropologist Joseph Deniker, who was born in France, but is also engaged in scientific activities in Russia.

Scandinavian appearance

There was even a pseudoscientific theory of Nordism, based on the superiority of the northern race over the others. It was believed that civilization owes its development to representatives of this group of people. It was not confirmed, but served as a prerequisite for the development of racism.


They are self-obsessed

Me, me, me. People with a cold heart are almost always selfish and focused only on what concerns them in one way or another.

“Subconsciously, such people view others only as complements to themselves and as helpers to satisfy their needs. They always put their own needs above everything else...” says Dr. Seltzer.

They are incredibly self-centered. If you did something better than them, they will still claim that in fact it is not so.

They don't have close friends

“For emotionally unavailable people, relationships and connecting with others are just a way to keep themselves busy until something more interesting comes into their lives,” says author and relationship expert Sarah R. Kline.

They often speak very unflatteringly about their former partners. A number of failed relationships can be found in their past. One gets the impression that they are simply not able to get along with one person for a long time.

Cold-blooded people are also quite emotionally distant even from their family. They find it difficult to find a common language with people, but at the same time they easily part and let go without regret.

What is Nordic character

Nordic character is a personality trait that consists of restraint and external calm. The definition allows us to highlight the following qualities and behavioral characteristics:

  • It is impossible to make a person angry, to notice emotions of sadness or joy on his face;
  • He is always calm, has strong views, which cannot be forced to give up;
  • He is confident that he is right and relies solely on his own opinion. Additional information is needed only to improve your knowledge and get to the root of the problem. He wants to know everything and is not going to stop at obstacles along the way;
  • There are no limits to his self-control. Not a single muscle moves on the face in moments of triumph or sorrow. Only the eyes reveal emotions.

Note! A person with a Nordic character inspires confidence in others. His calmness, poise and steadfastness allow him to become a leader.

Distinctive features

How to become a strong personality and develop character

Distinctive features of the Nordic character include integrity:

  • A person cannot come to terms with rules and opinions different from his own;
  • He has deeply held beliefs and follows them in everything.

He is demanding not only of himself, but also of those around him. Nordic people constantly work on themselves. They not only strive to gain new knowledge, but also monitor their physical fitness. They are always on alert and ready to withstand any test. Especially considering that Nordic people are thin, physical training is extremely necessary for them.

Physical exercise

Note! An innate sense of justice gives character toughness. They say about such people that they are ready to go over their heads in order to achieve their goal. Sometimes because of this they are considered ruthless. They do not see frames and boundaries, they always get to the core of the problem or issue.

A Nordic or cold character makes a person straightforward and honest, he:

  • does not use hints;
  • does not avoid answering;
  • does not throw words to the wind, thinks about what is said, calculating the reaction of the interlocutor.

A person with a northern character never tries to offend his interlocutor, so he chooses his words. It is he who first thinks and then speaks. The gaze is always direct and open. This means that there is no reason to doubt his words.

Nordic character in a woman

Nordic women, like men, are constancy in everything. They are faithful companions for their husbands, they support and help. You can easily rely on such a representative of the fair sex; she will not forget or betray. At work, she is efficient and purposeful, distinguished by punctuality, and commands the respect of others. Never participates in the spread of rumors that can defame colleagues; they prefer to use only reliable information.

A woman with a northern character is stingy with emotions, but this does not mean that she does not experience them. Feelings are of great importance to her, but she lives them alone with herself. Focus and determination allow her to pursue a career without being distracted by empty worries. Women with a Nordic character easily become leaders. They are strict bosses, for whom it is useless to “pressure on pity”. But they will always listen to their colleagues, tactfully point out mistakes and guide them along the right path.

The woman is the boss

Necessary therapy

Treatment, of course, will be selected based on what disease caused the problem. “In treatment, they use vasoactive drugs that improve blood circulation, physiotherapy, massage, normalize hormonal levels, and select a therapeutic diet,” says the phlebologist.

In a situation where all measures are taken on time and the problem is not ignored, there is every chance to get rid of the unpleasant symptom and constantly enjoy the feeling of warm, not icy hands.

There are contraindications, you should consult your doctor

An emotionally cold man, how to find an approach?

You should find your own approach to any person - be it a woman or a man. But there are difficult cases, and despite this there is a soul mate for any individual. A truly loving person is always ready to go to the end to find common ground with his other half and make their relationship happy. When a man is emotionally cold due to a psychological component, then you can find an approach to such a person.

This will require patience and effort:

  • You should love a man for who he is . The advice sounds too simple, but for emotionally cold men it is important to know that there is an understanding girl next to him. He needs a trusting relationship; constant quarrels and scandals will not lead to anything good. Thanks to them, the partner will only become a victim of emotional burnout and nothing more. Men with a syndrome such as alexithymia are not able to understand emotions, he will be calm as always. And the relationship may collapse not through his fault, but through the fault of his partner. Therefore, it is better for a girl to immediately prepare herself for the fact that quarrels in their relationship are completely useless efforts. Relationships can only be improved through understanding.
  • Watch for positive manifestations of his attitude towards himself and in his behavior. Over time, you will understand how he shows his concern for you, what actions he takes for this. Perhaps he will hug you more often, react more softly to your caresses. Repeat that you really like it. This will make him more sensitive.
  • Realize that there is still a man with you. And even ordinary men are not capable of strong emotions, and here the person also has a psychological disorder in addition. It is more valuable not to have promises that he will give you a star from the sky, but to have confidence in a strong family. This is exactly what your man will strive for. To have somewhere to spend your emotions, it might be better to get a pet, or start doing yoga, or growing indoor plants.

How to deal with an emotionally cold person?
And finally, if the problem is too acute in your family, then try going to a good psychologist. Thanks to his experience, your relationship will change for the better. And you will look at each other differently. Find understanding and peace in your family.

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Other reasons: cold extremities, as a sign of non-vascular diseases

  • Age-related changes. As you know, the immune system weakens after 50 years. In addition to hormonal changes, a person is faced with a decrease in muscle mass, impaired blood circulation and heat exchange, a slowdown in metabolism, etc. The body's ability to perform habitual self-regulation is significantly reduced.
  • Hypothyroidism. Or a decrease in the performance of the thyroid gland. In this condition, all metabolic processes in the body, including heat exchange, begin to slow down. Associated symptoms include problems with memory and perception, a constant feeling of cold, extreme fatigue, pallor, hair loss and brittle nails.
  • Atopic dermatitis. If this disease was suffered in childhood, then allergic manifestations will be constant companions along with autonomic dysfunctions.
  • Acute allergy. In particular, Quincke's edema or urticaria.
  • Candidiasis. In this case, fungal growth can cause vascular spasms. The mechanism itself is similar to an allergic reaction.
  • Heart failure. It is often accompanied by coldness of the extremities and even blue discoloration.
  • Worms and other parasites. When these parasites release toxins, vasospasm occurs, as a result of which coldness in the extremities can be observed.
  • Diseases of the peripheral nerves (lower back, sciatic nerve, etc.) occur with a feeling of numbness and chilliness in the arms and legs.

They love to be in charge at all times and in everything.

Such people believe that the world belongs only to them, and everything that stands in their way is just a temporary obstacle. Although they may have heard the word “no” before, they still probably know how to turn a “no” into a “yes”!

They feel that they are too special to live like everyone else and will do whatever it takes to get what they think they deserve. This means that callous people are ready to do anything, including deception and manipulation, to sabotage the work of others. These individuals are champions who use others and will do whatever it takes to move forward.

They are exposed to dangerous risks

Risk is an integral part of our lives, and taking adequate risks helps us move forward and achieve success. However, such danger for an insensitive person is something else.

The taste of vegetables and fruits depends on a person’s mood: study

Turkey and cheesecake. Signature holiday recipes from Natalia Podolskaya

No matter how much you cook for the New Year, there will still be food left: how long to store dishes

They happily take on all the risks and are unable to stop. No matter how dangerous or reckless it is, these people will go all the way and pull others along with them. In such situations, they do not think about the feelings of others. These people are simply doing what is good for them and what they feel will help them move forward.

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