13 Signs You're Living Aimlessly Without Realizing It

I have always been amazed by the existence of half-humans, half-plants who lead an absolutely worthless lifestyle.

They follow the lead of primitive instincts: to eat, sleep, drink, are content with little and, it seems, have no life purpose at all.

They do not strive for anything, they do not want to develop themselves.

Sometimes I even wonder: why do they even live?

A purposeless life is just terrible.

This is not even life in the full meaning of the word.

This is a primitive existence, unworthy of a reasonable person!

Aimless life kills

Japanese scientists conducted a large-scale study. Employees of the Medical University of Japan observed 43 thousand people aged 40 to 79 years. The observation was carried out for 7 years. Approximately 59% of those observed stated that they had clear life goals and led an active lifestyle. 5% answered that they do not have clear life goals.

Over the 7 years of the study, about 3 thousand people from the observed group died. As follows from the analysis of statistical data, people who do not have a goal in life are one and a half times more likely to die than their purposeful fellow tribesmen. At the same time, the risk of dying from a cerebral stroke among aimless people was twice as high as

Doctors and psychologists agree that a purposeless life

kills people, if not physically, then spiritually. The lack of goals leads to the fact that people begin to waste their lives - go to nightclubs, have unprotected sex with prostitutes, constantly play online games, suffer from alcohol and the use of all kinds of illegal substances.

Why do people lead aimless lives?

Do you know what unites people who do not live, but exist?

They don’t even realize the primitiveness of their existence.

If I decided to talk to my aunt’s neighbors and tell them that they have a purposeless life , they would be surprised, offended, but they wouldn’t believe it.

The main reasons for this human behavior are:

  1. Failure to understand that a person is given one life, and he simply has no right to waste it.

    There will be no rehearsals!

    There will be no spare lives, like in computer games!

    Therefore, you need to live in such a way as to have time to enjoy this world, see as much as possible, and learn different things.

    You need to live in such a way as not to lament your departure to another world and the heap of wasted opportunities.

  2. Cowardice.

    It takes courage to make even the simplest life decisions. The bigger the choice, the more courageous you must be.

    Cowards do not want to take responsibility even for their own life, let alone someone else’s, and therefore resemble a hermit crab that never comes out of its shell into the light of day.

    He seems to be living, but the only thing he does in his life is cowardly hide in the house, because he is afraid of failures, pain, criticism, yes - everything in the world.

  3. Complexes and low self-esteem.

    If a person has been instilled with the idea since childhood that he is a nonentity and cannot achieve anything, then sooner or later he will definitely believe it and grow up to be a worthless philistine who drags out a miserable, aimless life .

  4. Lack of life qualities important for the winner.

    Yes, not everyone is born great scientists, generals, politicians, writers, etc.

    There are many boys and girls who find it quite difficult to study.

    But if they and their parents made more efforts, set goals for themselves and worked with all their might to achieve them, then there would be much fewer losers on our planet.

    Behind any success there is 10% of personal qualities given by nature, 10% of luck and 80% of colossal work, perseverance and desire to self-develop.

  5. Inability to set life goals and achieve their implementation.

    In order to comprehend this skill, read as much psychological literature as possible, recommendations of successful people.

Root causes of lack of purpose in life

1. Few people know that having a clear plan and clear goals affects the fate of entire organizations. Companies with clear plans achieve more. This follows from the research of M. Mescon (book Fundamentals of Management). It's the same with people. A person who can clearly see a goal and make plans to achieve it will achieve success faster and more likely than a person who goes with the flow. But most people don’t know how to set goals and sometimes don’t even know that this should be done in principle. In schools and universities we are taught to carry out other people's orders and tasks, but they are not taught how to set goals.

2. Dmitry Potapenko, a famous Russian entrepreneur, sometimes jokingly says that “Thinking is painful.” And there is some truth in the joke. People are afraid to set clear goals because they are afraid of failure. Fear of defeat suppresses ambition and the desire to act. Psychologists agree that the fear of making a mistake can cause more damage than any other negative emotion. Because of fear, people are even afraid to think about what they are actually capable of in real life! From the same series - the fear of receiving criticism towards oneself. Here I must tell you that your own opinion should be more important to you than what others think. An article on our website will help you get rid of your fears.

3. Another reason for an aimless life may be the fact that neither in your family nor in your environment it is simply not customary to set goals and strive for them. However, setting goals is very important. Know that if you write down your goals in a diary at the beginning of each year, then you are already different from those who constantly start a new life on Monday.

4. Another reason why people lead aimless lives and suffer from a lack of purpose is low self-esteem and fear of success, which is also called impostor syndrome. All these problems are closely intertwined and lead to poor results.

5. Freedom implies responsibility for our steps. Many people prefer an aimless existence at a job for 15 thousand rubles without prospects and light. This is simpler and clearer for them than, for example, opening their own business. They can be understood. There are no risks, it’s more familiar and reliable. But few people think about the risk of letting real life pass them by.

6. All normal people want a good life. enough effort for this . As the famous Russian entrepreneur Oleg Tinkov says, the secret of success is simple - work, work, work. And people prefer to drink beer with friends on Friday night rather than launch a new business project with them. So it turns out that at the age of 30 they have beer bellies, and their life prospects can be described as an aimless life


The aimless life of my aunt's neighbors

My aunt lives in the private sector.

To the right of her live comrades who love to drink, but to the left there is a seemingly normal, at first glance, average family: a couple in their 60s and their adult unmarried son.

They live, like many others, they don’t create any special problems, like the same alcoholics on the right, they seem to be quiet, but here they are - the brightest illustration of the material “ aimless life ”, this is just a classic example.

The three of them live in two rooms; for 30 years, none of the neighbors have seen them do any repair work; they still haven’t even installed water in the house.

Their 40-year-old son never got married, moreover, no one even saw him accompanied by a girl.

They don’t read books, there’s nothing to talk to them about, but they watch TV: mostly stupidly humorous series that are very educational and good for the brain, like “The Bukins.”

What am I living for or why am I living?

Sometimes it seems to me that they are not people at all.

So, robots created by someone by mistake that are burdened by their existence.

Yes, even the drunkards who live to the right of the aunt have some goals in life: find money, get drunk, beat each other's faces in the face.

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