15 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You

Incredible facts

What feelings does your ex still have towards you? If you are asking such a question not out of idle curiosity, then most likely

, they themselves retained very, very warm feelings towards their ex-man.

Perhaps they are so warm that they would not mind restoring old relationships.

But how do you know if he wants the same thing? In this article we will tell you about 15 signs

, which may indicate that your ex still loves you.

He is sincerely happy when he meets you

Dean Drobot

Perhaps your ex is just a very cheerful and positive person who is always happy when he meets someone he knows. However, if you act defiantly cold

, pretending that you don’t care about his joyful emotions, but he continues to rejoice every now and then, like a child, when he sees you, which means that the love in his soul has not completely died out.

In other words, if a man, despite your coldness, literally blossoms when he sees you, becomes extremely courteous, demonstrates elements of flirtation (and, even more so, if he is sincerely happy

who sees you and doesn’t hide it at all), then the likelihood that your ex still has warm feelings for you is very high. And, apparently, he is not averse to restoring old relationships!

He reacts to you differently every time

One day your ex acts very cold towards you, showing complete aloofness. Another day he talks to you as if you were his good old friend

, with whom he has an excellent relationship. On the third day, your ex is openly annoyed when he meets you. On the fourth - he is soft, fluffy and very, very courteous.

No, this does not mean that your ex-man is not all right in his head! This only means that, most likely, not much time has passed

after the end of your relationship, and he still hasn't sorted out his feelings.


There's a good chance that your ex is feeling very bad about the breakup; It is quite possible that he would be happy to restore the old relationship, but he is tormented by doubts

. In any case, such behavior indicates that your ex still has some feelings towards you. And quite strong.

But even if this is the case, you shouldn’t delude yourself too much by giving both of you a chance to reunite again if not much time has passed since the breakup. First, you need to deal with your own emotions

; secondly, your ex definitely needs this. The best thing you can do in this situation is to give him (and yourself) time to figure it out.

When enough time has passed, your ex-man will finally decide how to deal with you on a permanent basis.

: to be cold and unfriendly or soft and courteous.

After how long and for what reason does the desire to return arise?

It is important for a woman to know whether her man misses her after a recent breakup and whether he wants to return. Time also plays an important role, because the more days pass, the more people move away from each other.

In fact, it is impossible to say clearly: the guy will return in 1 month 10 days. People are different, so a week is enough for one, while the other will come to his senses only after six months. The reasons why an ex returns are also varied:

  • loneliness;
  • disappointment in other women;
  • sense of duty to family;
  • great love for children;
  • sexual dissatisfaction with others;
  • elderly parents who do not approve of leaving the family.

There may be many reasons for returning, but you need to look at the behavior of your lover. If he really realized the mistake and wants to improve, then try to glue the bowl. Otherwise, you shouldn’t even try, because after some time the care will repeat.

He reacts too emotionally to your appearance

When he is infinitely happy about your appearance on the horizon, everything is quite clear. It's a completely different matter when your ex suddenly becomes noticeably nervous.

when he accidentally meets you. And here it’s not so important what this emotionality ultimately results in - aggression, friendliness or a depressive mood - what’s important is that you still care about him.

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This sign almost unambiguously indicates that with you and your ex-lover, as the poet said, everything can be, everything can happen... By the way, the feelings of a man

, reacting emotionally to his ex, it is not so difficult to check, making sure that it is she who causes such a noticeable reaction in him.

You can, for example, let him know that you have a new relationship. Or even arrange a meeting with your ex in such a way that another man

showing you signs of attention. An emotional person who has retained feelings in his soul will begin to be jealous instantly.

However, be prepared for the fact that the reaction may be too violent and unpredictable - even jealousy ! Or will you be more upset by indifference?

When a man leaves

A man extracts resources that a woman transforms into benefits. If you bring a mammoth, you will get borscht; if you give a spark, there will be fire. The partner is responsible for the emotional situation in tandem (warmth, comfort, calmness). Whether she can provide physical and psychological comfort depends on her sense of security (protection from enemies, shelter, food, etc.) The latter must be provided by her partner. Everything is interconnected, so we can say that both are responsible for the relationship, and two people are always to blame for a breakup.

But if we now shift the focus to the stronger sex, why do its representatives leave the couple? Psychologists identify several reasons:

  • everyday life is when a couple disappears from entertainment, spending time together outside the home... anything that gives impressions and novelty. In a house where it is always tidy and clean, there is borscht on the table, the creases on the trousers are ironed as clearly as possible, but there is no joy, an emotional swamp can form, from which you want to run away without looking back. This happens when girls focus on their housekeeping, forgetting that their loved one also needs feelings;
  • eternal dissatisfaction with a partner - over time leads to a decrease in male self-esteem and, as a result, his flight from the relationship. Behind every successful man there is a woman who provides the maximum amount of support. A man feels strong when he is made to feel important, needed, influential. To do this, he needs to be praised, motivated, believed in;
  • fading of feelings, passion, romance, which again largely depends on the young ladies. A man is a hunter, a conqueror. He is motivated to the limit for relationships during the bouquet and candy period, because the chosen one is trying very hard: she dresses beautifully, always wears makeup, she plays, seduces, arranges “romances,” etc. What happens after some time? A robe (good, if not greasy), worn out slippers, complaints. If at this moment a beautiful doe appears on his horizon, interested in him, good luck;
  • there is no love - it happens: a man confuses sexual attraction and “that same” feeling. When the hormonal levels return to normal, an emptiness remains. A woman can put on makeup, dress up, seduce, cook branded borscht and not arouse interest in her partner. You won't be nice by force.

What do we end up with? A man needs a woman who he wants to pursue and who can provide him with a sense of self-worth.

In principle, everything is simple. Although many ladies may be indignant: “Why do I owe him everything? Let him love me for who I am! Otherwise it’s not love.” But if each of them admits that she also loves her chosen one not for the bare fact of his existence, their indignation will disappear. We love each other mutually for something.

He's trying to get your attention

If your ex still has warm feelings for you in his soul, he will probably try to somehow make you understand that hope for a reunion is still alive inside him. At the very least, he will try his best to get your attention.

to your person. Including publishing certain photos too actively on social networks.

Eugenio Marongiu

For example, in these photographs your loved one can be in the company of different women, having fun with friends, and generally showing in every possible way how good and successful

develops without you. In fact, there is no point in a person behaving this way soon after a breakup.

By posting photos like this, your ex is most likely trying to make you feel jealous. Or really hopes that this will happen. However, these may be completely different photos and posts

. For example, in photographs your ex may be alone, sadly looking into the distance. He shows you that he is suffering, that he is lonely, that he is worried.

Various posts with meaningful statements from all sorts of sages about the meaning of life, or simply statuses informing everyone (but primarily you!) about his experiences. If you and your ex had a very trusting relationship

, and he has always shared his deepest thoughts and desires with you, then he will try to do this through social networks, including sending messages to you personally.

Such behavior is highly likely to indicate that your ex still has warm feelings for you. However, do not rush to rejoice, as he may act by inertia

. And it won’t show itself in any way if you suddenly make it clear that this worries you. Therefore, let time pass, which will show how long your ex will last.

About a man's feelings after a breakup

Women consider men to be thick-skinned creatures who easily endure separation without experiencing suffering. Actually this is not true. It’s just not customary for representatives of the stronger sex to demonstrate their emotions in public. In the company of friends, the guy is independent and indifferent, but at home he “drowns his grief at the bottom of a glass.”

Men are designed in such a way that they cannot stand pity. They are strong and independent, and not whiners and sufferers, so they carefully hide their experiences from friends and acquaintances after breaking up with their loved one. They drown out their pain in several ways:


How to stop thinking about a man who doesn’t need you: advice from a psychologist

  • drink often, sometimes get drunk to the point of unconsciousness;
  • strive to spend time in noisy company;
  • acquire extreme passion;
  • they open a “hunt” for girls;
  • spend their nights in the arms of different women.

If, after the end of a relationship, you meet your lover in a drunken bar in the company of girls, this does not mean that he has crossed you out of his life. Quite the contrary, he is deeply upset and very worried, he simply cannot show it.

He always talks nostalgically about the old days

Robert Kneschke

Exes sometimes meet, communicate, have lunch or dinner together - there is nothing so unusual about this. If you and your ex continued this habit

, then listen to how he speaks about the period when you were together. If your conversations never go back to the old days, that's one thing.

It's completely different if your man constantly remembers the times when you were together; fun situations come to his mind

and good moments. In such conversations, his nostalgia for past relationships is clearly visible. It looks like he really still loves you.

Does this mean recovery is possible? Take your time. Let's say he's really overwhelmed by nostalgic feelings. But at the same time, he may not think at all about restoring the old relationship.

. Perhaps he is simply pleased to remember that carefree time that has sunk into oblivion. However, it is worth trying to check your guesses by directing communication in the necessary direction.

Try to support his nostalgic conversations. If you are not ready to say something like “how nice it would be to relive all this again
together !”
, then thicken
the intensity of nostalgia
to such an extent until he himself says something similar. This will definitely happen if he still has feelings for you.

He presses for pity

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This is not about your ex catching you on the street or coming to your home to tearfully beg for forgiveness and get you back. Although such manifestations are possible! We are talking about some indirect signs

. For example, when your mutual friends meet you, they casually talk about how your ex has become haggard, lost weight, doesn’t eat anything, and is generally deeply depressed.

Your friend may tell you, for example, that she met your ex by chance the day before, and that “he had such a sad look and a pitiful look...”

Well, you can, of course, rush to your ex in order to support him
and bring him back to life, since you decide that he is suffering so much because of your breakup, while still harboring deep feelings for you.

But he can look pathetic for other reasons too! For example, after an illness. Or going through bad times

for other objective reasons that have nothing to do with you.

Consider also this: our friends are people who usually want the best for us (ideally). And often they themselves can become very upset because you are experiencing pain.

parting. They may treat both of you equally well, and therefore may try to bring you together again in this way. Or they even see something that is not really there.

KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

It’s another matter if you received information about the pitiful state of your ex, allegedly caused by separation from you, through a person who is certainly far from wanting to solve your problems

, to bring together or mislead someone. In this case, you can give your ex some time to suffer, and then you can go and try to restore the relationship.

Signs indicating love

Usually girls turn to superstitions. Folk wisdom has collected many signs indicating that a guy is in love. Specifics:

  1. You regularly run into a man in a place where such a meeting could not take place.
  2. Suddenly a feeling of light melancholy comes over you. Sometimes for no apparent reason.
  3. Hiccups are a sure sign of someone's romantic interest.
  4. The lips burned, became crimson and itched.
  5. They hit a painful elbow - the guy is sad: with the left - single, with the right - married or in a couple.
  6. Itchy breasts predict a meeting with a sweetheart. He is already mentally preparing.

To find out the name of the dreamer, you need to observe. If you pronounce it accidentally (in conversation or when addressing your namesake), you will definitely choke.

He always catches your eye

This situation is very specific, since it is difficult not to get noticed, for example, if you study or work together. It's a completely different matter if you don't work together, study together, or even live in different areas. What if your ex suddenly starts showing up to you

? For example, I started visiting the same gym where you go; began to frequent your favorite establishments, although he had never been there before; I started using a new route for jogging, which allows me to run into you as if by chance.

But who knows what could happen?

In a word, if you suddenly notice with surprise that you have begun to see your ex almost more often than before, perhaps he really really misses you and your relationship, the old days. He wants to see you more often

, and express his emotions, but he is afraid of rejection. You can try to start over, but first you should make sure that this was not some kind of accident (for example, he moved into the neighboring house purely by chance!).


Fifth – silence mode for 30 days

For a man to start missing you, you need to disappear from the radar for 30 days. This is an ironclad rule! The method excludes any contacts. You don’t write or call yourself. And you respond to his messages briefly, dryly, in a businesslike manner. You are very busy. My beloved self.

You need to adhere to the “silence regime” for at least 30 days. Then the man will have both the time and the opportunity to first feel that he misses you, then realize that you are not pursuing him, are not pining for him and, in essence, are now unavailable to him. And really get scared: “How can this be?! I lost control over her! And if by this time the man already knows about your external and internal transformation, curiosity and a desire to find out what you are doing so happy will awaken in him. And then he will definitely want to make you his again.

He went through a bad breakup too quickly

amount of time to get over a breakup that was extremely difficult, long and painful.

. The chances that in a couple of weeks you will wake up in the morning with a light soul, completely forgetting everything that happened, are almost zero.

Therefore, it’s worth thinking about if you suddenly found out that your ex suddenly began to lead an overly active life almost immediately after the breakup, as if nothing had happened. an ultra-short time he

a new passion has appeared. There is almost no doubt that he deliberately started a new relationship in order to drown out the feelings remaining from the old relationship.

A man can plunge headlong into work, starting to disappear at his workplace 24 hours a day. Why suddenly such an unprecedented ability to work, and even after a short time after he was completely exhausted and mentally exhausted?

tormented by his feelings about breaking up with you? In fact, he is simply trying to lose himself in his work, to drown out the pain.

Such behavior may indicate that your lover still has feelings for you. Perhaps he continues to love you. But it may turn out that these feelings are far from the most positive.

, so once again analyze all the circumstances of your separation before rushing into his open arms again.

JackF/Getty Images

After all, your ex may well show such activity in order not to drown out his love feelings

, but in order to quickly erase from memory everything that connected him with you!

He has no new relationships, although a lot of time has passed

No matter how difficult the breakup of your relationship is, no matter how long you worry, there is always a necessary period of time

in order for the passions to subside, the pain to dull and an irresistible desire to live on to arise. Live and start new relationships, of course.

But if more than enough time has passed, but your ex is still as lonely as immediately after your breakup, this is a reason to think about it. Perhaps he never found anyone who was better than you

? Or has he never let you go from his heart, despite the passing months or even years? This theory can only be tested experimentally!

However, you must be sure that he really did not start a new relationship after you!

Male behavior after breakup

It is commonly believed that only girls have a hard time with breakups, but this is not true. Men feel bad too, they just experience it differently. The fair sex is endowed with a well-developed emotional sphere (right hemisphere of the brain), while the opposite sex is strong in rational perception (left hemisphere of the brain). Therefore, in the event of a breakup, the former will be hysterical, cry, “depressed,” and angry, while the latter most often behave with restraint, resorting to one of the following images:

  • drown emotions in alcohol. Often in large quantities;
  • having fun with friends, attending noisy events;
  • find extreme hobbies;
  • surround themselves with a large number of women, changing them like gloves.

Whether the man left on his own or was abandoned, it doesn’t matter. In both cases, he will feel emptiness, because a significant part of his life disappears: the space that the relationship occupied turns out to be empty. And instead of mourning the loss by showing emotions (and the deprivation of something or someone is always experienced as a loss), he strives to make up for the feeling of deficiency as best he can.

He constantly calls you when he's drunk

Calling your ex while drunk is a classic of the genre, of course. However, these calls gradually fade away as time passes

. And only over the strongest feelings time has no power. Only alcohol has power, because, as you know, what is on the mind of a sober person is on the tongue of a drunken person.

Syda Productions

And if your ex, as soon as he gets drunk, constantly calls you, most likely he still loves you and misses you. And alcohol only helps him remove obstacles

who do not allow you to express your feelings in a sober manner. Perhaps the two of you should consider trying again?

The main thing is that his alcohol addictions are not the very reason why you broke up!

Esoterics: the main mechanism of clairsentience

The easiest way to feel distant intimacy is with a person who evokes an emotional response. Many people still have feelings after a breakup. That is why they perceive the thoughts of the ex. People are on the same wavelength, mentally connected.

It is more difficult to determine that someone outside is up to no good or is preparing a surprise. But this is also possible. From birth, everyone receives a whole set of talents along with their body. Clairsentience is one of them. But not everyone uses the gift correctly. And all because of disbelief. Science suggests that subconscious insight is a fiction. So we don’t listen to the inner voice, we brush it off.

Sometimes we are firmly convinced that there is a person far away who is constantly thinking about us. Don't talk yourself out of it. This is true. All that remains is to find out the direction of thoughts. What is it: passionate dreams; desire to talk or a vengeful plan?

He constantly monitors your activity on social networks

As soon as you publish any photo (especially your own!) or post on any website, your ex turns out to be one of the first among those who liked it

or commented on your activity. This means only one thing - your ex-man is closely monitoring any of your actions on social networks.

There is also a situation where your ex may not comment on your posts and photos, but constantly visit your page. Not all social networks

allow you to see guests of your page, however, in some social networks you can enable this function (sometimes for a fee).

Eugenio Marongiu

You can spend a little money and do this if you are really interested in knowing about your ex's feelings. And if it turns out that he is a frequent visitor

on your page (not to mention if he is overly “active” there), then it is possible to say with a high degree of probability that he still has feelings for you.

Someone may be quite skeptical about such “persecution”: they say, if a person had real feelings, he would find an opportunity to make it clear in real life

, and not via the Internet. However, we should not forget what century we live in! Nowadays, many take communication on social networks very seriously, without particularly separating activity in life and on the Internet.

Therefore, the actions of such people on social networks can very accurately convey their mood and reveal their character.

It keeps in touch with your family members

Situations, of course, are different, but it is not always the case that a man or woman, after a breakup, maintains good relations with their partner’s family members. And especially not everyone

will try to use any excuse to communicate with them. This looks especially strange when your ex does not and cannot have any common affairs with anyone from your family.

Robert Kneschke

However, if such communication occurs, it may well be that he does not lose hope of getting back together with you. Finding out is quite simple - you can talk to those members of your family

, with whom your ex actively communicates. Ask them to express their point of view; finally ask what your ex is talking to them about - maybe about you?

Do not rush to regard this step of your ex as a sign of remaining love for you, if your relationship

lasted so long that he simply became close friends with one of your family members.

Reasons why men get bored

Can a man love and ignore a woman - what psychology says

A man misses a woman, what does this mean? Could this indicate something serious, or are there other options? In general, girls and boys get bored for the same reasons:

  1. Interesting man. It's more fun to spend time with him. Without it, it can be boring in the truest sense of the word.
  2. A man doesn't know how to entertain himself. In this case, a girl is required to maintain the desired emotional state. Specific or any - it depends on the guy himself.
  3. The guy is in love. In this case, he wants to spend time with a certain girl that he really likes.
  4. Pleasant memories came flooding back to the guy. This is especially true for men who have recently broken up with their significant other and just wanted sex with their ex. To do this, they sometimes do this: they say that they miss you. The satisfied girl quickly arrives, after which she is used once and abandoned again. Not every man does this, but it is possible. You need to believe in people, be an optimist, but if something happens, be fully armed to prevent such an ex from invading your world and making a mess there, breaking even what worked with difficulty after the previous breakup.

The reasons are obvious, there is no point in digging too far. He either wants to be a friend, or is in love, or sees a woman solely as a sexual object.

Bored man calling a girl

Advice. It is very simple to distinguish a bored person in love from an addict. You need to look at how self-sufficient he is in other areas of life, what kind of relationship he has with his superiors, what he can do in life, and how financially secure he is. A person prone to becoming dependent has no skills (so he is forced to use others) and cannot earn money.

He will definitely congratulate you on all holidays

It’s one thing when your ex-man behaves quite actively, trying to catch your eye more often, acting through mutual friends

, or your family members, making it clear that he still cares about you.

Such restrained behavior looks completely different when your ex shows “signs of life” exclusively on holidays, but does so consistently

. New Year, your birthday and the birthdays of your loved ones, March 8, Easter - there are, in fact, many holidays in our lives.

Jacob Lund

But if your ex regularly sends you congratulatory messages these days, this may indicate that he still has warm feelings for you in his soul. One can assume, of course, that he is just a very polite person

. However, in this situation, it is recommended to take into account the circumstances under which you separated.

If the breakup was difficult, and after the breakup you made it clear that you did not want to see or hear from him, but he constantly makes himself known with congratulatory text messages, you still have a chance of getting back together

. In this situation, if you want to check whether simple politeness is his motive, it is recommended that you also start congratulating your ex on all holidays and responding to his congratulations.

A man who wants to reconnect with you will probably stop limiting himself

with just congratulatory messages, and will begin to be more active.

Angelic tips

Heavenly patrons also try to tell us about a thinking character. Full list of signs from Above:

  1. Throughout the day, your thoughts return to a certain character. You even catch yourself remembering him by accident.
  2. A surge of strength also hints at love. The enchanted young man sends out bright vibrations that you pick up.
  3. A white dove sits on the windowsill, next to it on a bench. Or you will see his snow feather on the road.
  4. Smelling your lover's cologne is a sure sign of his current thoughts.
  5. Identify yourself by mistaking a stranger for an acquaintance. Buddy, your colleague is definitely thinking about you.
  6. Someone called, but the number was wrong. Or you received an SMS intended for someone else.
  7. Unexpectedly stumbling upon a photo of a guy you know is a sign of his dreams.
  8. Hear the name of a certain individual, and fix the fact with attention. If this happens more than once a day, he is daydreaming.
  9. Spill sugar, drop a knife - he gets bored. Spill tea - offended. Spill coffee - girlfriend gets angry.

Look at the badges of the staff of the institutions you visit. If you notice a familiar name or surname, then stop doubting. The previously lost loved one cannot find a place for himself.

He is always ready to help you

There are situations in life when we are in such dire need of help that we don’t really have to choose from whom to accept this help and from whom not. And the fact that your ex readily responds to such calls

, can only indicate that a good relationship has remained between you, and it is not a burden for him to sometimes support you.

David Pereiras

However, the key points are the circumstances in which this support occurs; in that zeal

that your lover shows; how often does he do this?

You need to borrow money, you are sick, you are choosing new furniture, you are facing problems at work, you just want to vent

- your ex drops everything, rushes to you and solves all your issues. In this situation, we are hardly talking about politeness and pure altruism alone.

Most likely, he still loves you and does not give up hopes of a reunion. Once again, when you need to support it

, say something like
“what would I do without you”
“it’s so good that you are always there”
“I so appreciate your help”
. Look at his reaction, pay attention to what he says in response.

If it seems to you that he is motivated by something more than simple altruism

, then it makes sense to try to develop the relationship again.

Prophetic dream

The most accurate information is provided by midnight scenarios. The one who thinks will definitely break into the dream. In addition, the following scenes speak about the tossing and turning of the soul of a certain person:

  • a cat with kittens are villains;
  • big black dog - friendly participation;
  • pig - gossips;
  • ex from Thursday to Friday - he bites his elbows.

The dreamer will certainly try to take the initiative. It’s up to you to decide whether to reject his step or accept it.

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