How to prepare for war. Pro Tips

Despite the fact that in the event of a full-scale war with the use of nuclear weapons, nothing may be needed, it is still better to start preparing. After all, war can also be waged with conventional weapons. We have prepared a list of necessary activities. However, it has nothing to do with the information that is on the Internet. In particular, many of the tips described there can slow down movement, or even kill a person. The main task is to create the most rational reserves, as well as to develop tactics for getting out of a dangerous place, taking into account several days of travel. Most likely you will have to leave the city. So, how to prepare for war in order to survive.

What will change if war breaks out?

Let's be honest. If war starts, your whole life will change. The usual problems will be replaced by complete uncertainty and anxiety for the future. Most stores will cease to operate, and those that remain will have a very meager assortment. But it will not be enough due to the unexpectedly high hype. Thus, buyers will literally sweep away everything from the shelves. At the same time, fantastic inflation will begin, which will become even more noticeable, given that you most likely will no longer have your usual salary. However, like work. After all, your profession will probably be unnecessary in a war. Transport will stop working. And even if it runs along the usual routes, it will be rare. It will become difficult to leave anywhere and documents will be required everywhere. At the same time, this is still the most optimistic scenario of what could happen in the event of a war.

Preparing a Civilian for War

The most important things you can do are prepare an emergency backpack and have an extra supply of cash and a car on hand. There are many resources online that describe how to prepare a panic bag. Search, read, learn.


Cash is important because you will not be able to withdraw money. Whatever you have on hand will remain. You won't be able to use the Internet to get money even if you get to a safe haven, the government will likely shut down the banking systems in the conflict area.

Even if you hate loans. Take yourself a credit card - keep it there just in case. There is a small fee for maintaining a card.

And in case of war, the loan may not be repaid. For example, I took a loan from a bank in Ukraine and went to Russia. I removed everything from the cards already in Russia, received a residence permit and can improve my life.

Take out enough that you feel safe, and then break that amount into several parts. Store in different places in your bags. It's important to look like you have nothing to take from you.


The collective wisdom of Chamber 151 (section of the survivalist forum on the website determined that for a survivalist (civilian, not striving for exploits in war), evacuation is in second place after family and money. Evacuation to those places where peaceful, measured life flows.

The main thing is to get out of the city center. You won't be very safe outside the city, but you will be less likely to die from bombs, or from fighting in the city. Drive towards the nearest safe region or towards the nearest border.

This is interesting: Types of fires and their purpose: drawings with names

Most borders will be closed and you will need to cross them, so learn how to travel and get documents for all family members.

For mobilization during a total world war, a first-line reservist joins the ranks on the 1-2 day of mobilization according to the standards of military registration and enlistment offices, therefore, during evacuation, every hour before the introduction of martial law is important.


The government doesn't teach you what to do about war for several reasons. First, preparing a society for evacuation or even occupation by an enemy presupposes losing. A country cannot prepare for war or prepare its society for war with a losing mentality.

Secondly, there are the costs of the educational program. Currently, most countries are struggling to finance their current education systems.

Third, the government is already busy preparing and training the people who are most important to a country at war - its armed forces.

Fourth, and perhaps most notably, they DO NOT WANT the responsibility of telling you what to do in the event of war.

This is because they DO NOT WANT responsibility (financially, morally). They don't want people looking to them for directions.

Civilian casualties are regrettable but inevitable, this is life and war.

There are countries that have prepared their citizens for war. Israel, Switzerland, Finland. Historically, look at Vietnam or even Afghanistan. Every citizen becomes a combatant.

How to prepare for war: list of necessary equipment

Preparing a large supply of food, things and other material resources in advance is a great idea. However, the main task is to prepare a set of property to take with you. That is, these are very small supplies, designed for 72 hours, while you get to the local authorities (if necessary).

Urban backpack

Any variety of the classic alarm case is not suitable. It must be something different, both in meaning and content. Choose a purely civilian backpack. The kind that people wear on the subway, but strong and with good straps. A volume of 20-30 liters will be enough. And it shouldn't be filled to the top. Anything that catches your eye can provoke you to commit a crime. So, under certain circumstances, your reserves may simply be taken away from you, which is unacceptable. This is why a bulky travel backpack will not work.

Food supplies

Contrary to popular belief, you should not prepare huge supplies of food. If war breaks out, you will most likely have to leave your place of residence. At the very least, you need to be prepared for this. However, having a large number of products will not allow you to do this. Therefore, you need to clearly divide the products into regular ones that will stay at home and those that you will take with you. List of products you will take with you:

  • Stew. Choose the best stew, and even better, test it in advance to be sure of the quality of the product. The main task is for the stew to have a lot of meat. Recently, Belarusian stew has proven itself well.
  • High calorie chocolate. For example, Snickers or Mars.
  • Instant soup in a bag (not Doshirak, just soup).
  • Water in a plastic bottle.
  • Tea bags or coffee.
First aid kit
  • Bandages 2-4 pcs.
  • Medical patch
  • Antipyretic
  • Iodine
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Activated carbon
  • Harness - 2 pcs.

Avoid and even be afraid of any military-style clothing. You should look like an ordinary person, not a mercenary. If you do not follow this rule, then sooner or later you will be killed, confused with the enemy. And in the best case, they will arrest you in order to understand in more detail where you got part of the army uniform from. For clothing you will need a warm jacket, jeans, and a good woolen sweater. Also, bring a change of clothes and plenty of pairs of socks. Including insulated ones. You will need a large rain jacket as well as gloves.


Buying good shoes in advance is one of the most basic tasks. She definitely has to be athletic. Buy shoes only with high soles so that you can overcome broken slate and splinters. Its material may include synthetics, but the upper of the shoe must be leather and have laces.


Considering that the situation can take you by surprise, you should always have a good folding knife with you. Get over yourself and carry it with you every day. However, if troubled times begin, be prepared that it may be taken away from you. This is also why it is better to have a folding version, as it is less noticeable. A knife with a liner lock is probably best. It opens quickly and locks well. Completely abandon the idea of ​​buying a hunting knife that looks like a cleaver, like in the movie “Rambo”. If they find such a knife on you, you won’t think it’s enough. A utility knife is also possible, but always in a case. In any case, the knife should always be in your backpack, among other small things. So, if checked, you will avoid many problems.

Prepare basic documents in waterproof bags

In the first days of the war, your documents will be checked everywhere. Therefore, prepare them. However, taking into account the slowness of relatives, who may not be at all ready for such events, also prepare photocopies of their documents. All documents must be in good, waterproof covers. This is very important, since in war conditions you will not be able to replace lost or damaged documents. At the very least, such procedures will become very complicated due to the fact that they will be looking for saboteurs and deserters everywhere.

Keys to all your property

To prepare for war, you should always have the keys to your apartment, dacha and all other real estate with you. After all, as soon as the war starts, all transport will stop working as usual. And you may need to immediately go to the dacha without stopping at home. Therefore, you should always have your keys with you.

Lighter, alcohol tablets for starting a fire, mug

The mug should be metal so that tea can be heated in it if necessary. In addition, the idea is that you can cook soup in it. This way you will be absolutely sure that you will be able to eat hot food for several days. In addition, it is good if you have an alternative source of starting a fire - a tinderbox.


Despite the fact that if war breaks out, unprecedented inflation will begin, the money will still be useful to you. These must be cash bills of different denominations. A regular wallet is required. Any options for fashionable clips for a couple of cards and several bills will not work, since the money must be kept safe.


If you have a car, don't be sad. If war breaks out, it will definitely be taken away from you. And even if they don’t make it in time, they will be destroyed during hostilities or hijacked. In addition, during the war there will definitely be no gasoline. And if you find it, it will only be at exorbitant prices. And there will probably be nowhere to go. Therefore, prepare for war a little differently: buy a bicycle. Yes, it may be dangerous to drive. However, if you manage to use it, you will become mobile. Please note that it should be the simplest one. Moreover, it’s good if you can fix it yourself. Also think about its reliable protection, because when troubled times come, they will definitely try to steal it.

How to best prepare for possible military action?

Today, no one is immune from war and hostilities on the territory of the Russian Federation. Nowadays, hardly anyone will dispute this aspect. Personally, I would give it a couple of years and we’ll have to fight. And I would like to believe that this will not be World War 3. But how ready are we today for real combat operations? Are you specifically? A very small part of people have a clear idea of ​​how to behave in the army. But some people simply did not even hold weapons in their hands. It’s not like charging it or servicing it.

We are not talking about how to fight, how to behave in battle, etc. These people of military age will be cannon fodder. Since their training during mobilization will be allocated from 3 to 6 months maximum. This means that they have little to learn.

While there is time, you need to be mentally and physically and even practically prepared for possible military action. Today we will not talk about private things, we will talk about what in reality will add to your chances of surviving during the war.

— Get a weapons license. There they will at least teach you how to handle weapons, they will give you at least basic practice in handling weapons. They will provide basic skills in aiming and maintaining weapons.

— Buy ​​a gun for hunting. Start hunting. This trains you in perseverance, patience, and practical shooting. You will begin to understand the types of cartridges and clothing for hunting. Get your first skills in tracking game and recognizing it on the ground. This will definitely come in handy.

— Play airsoft or paintball more often. Don't think this is stupid. From personal experience I will say that after a year of periodic games, it becomes clearer how to behave in battle, how to move alone and in pairs, how to fire at the enemy, from what positions it is best to shoot in a particular situation. This develops orientation on the terrain, the eye becomes trained on ambushes and places where it is possible to best fire. In other words, this is field practice.

— Be interested in equipment, types of weapons, and the foreign policy situation. In other words, be aware of what is happening in the country and the world and try to understand what you need on the battlefield.

- Go on hikes and picnics. Try to get used to the fact that you have everything you need to deal with possible complications during the hike.

— Collect at least basic equipment. In the army you are unlikely to be given the latest information during total mobilization. And your life may well depend on necessary and familiar things. And from clothes that fit and full equipment... you understand.

Something like that. If you want to be at least somewhat prepared, then start with this.

How to prepare for war: what else can you do?

  • Visit your dentist and other doctors . As soon as the war begins, such simple procedures as visiting the dentist in normal times will become impossible. At the same time, toothache does not go away for long. Therefore, cure all your teeth and visit other doctors you need, so that you don’t get sick later at the most inopportune moment.
  • Get some physical training . This could be running, or even regular walking. But you must be sure that everything is fine with your health, since it will largely depend on your physical condition whether you can survive in the new conditions. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to torture yourself with heavy loads in the gym in order to be like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Which place will be the most dangerous if war breaks out?

This is undoubtedly a city, as one of the possible centers for coordinating the country’s actions, adjacent territories to military installations, as well as any infrastructure used by the military. Industrial centers will also become dangerous. However, the situation can always turn out a little differently. Thus, it is believed that small cities will not initially be attacked by their relationship to defense infrastructure. In any case, you will need to immediately figure out whether you are in a dangerous place, having in hand the initial data of the conflict that has begun. In any case, leaving your home is dangerous, because you are losing your usual home, going virtually into the unknown.

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