How not to waste time and not be lazy? Working tips

In this article we will look at how not to waste time, and also understand what the expression “wasted time” means.

How much time do you waste on useless activities?

Remember how many times over the past few days you have said: “I just don’t have enough time .

You know what? You will never have enough time. You will never achieve everything you want. This is impossible.

However, there are sacrifices you can make to achieve greater results. You may not realize it, but you are wasting a lot of time . Below we will explain why?

“Sometimes you just want to have a good time. But you won’t pass the time.”

How to become more productive - the most important thing

  • Fight laziness , otherwise it will not lead to anything good. It will only make you degrade and move away from your plans, and then regret the missed opportunities. Try not to be lazy and devote as much time as possible to your business or your dream. If you do something you need every day, it will become a habit and laziness will gradually go away.
  • Plan! Without clear and proper planning, there is little chance of success. In addition, without a drawn up plan, a significant part of the resources will be wasted, including the most valuable thing - your time. Limit your dream to a time frame, plan the path to achieve it, because a goal without a set deadline is just a dream. Be realistic.
  • Rest. Most likely, you won’t be able to engage in self-development, business, your favorite hobby, and so on, for days on end. You don't want to go crazy, do you? The fact is that the brain should receive various pleasures/highs from life. Therefore, periodically pamper yourself, but in moderation (without going overboard). For example, after completing a daily task (which you planned for yourself before), treat yourself to something pleasant. What you enjoy. This could be watching your favorite TV series, playing a video game, going to the movies, or hanging out with friends. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you will be sucked into the abyss of pleasure and laziness. And don’t forget about spending , it should be moderate, because the funds may be useful to you to achieve your goals.

If you want to wean yourself from laziness, become more productive and not waste such a precious resource as time, then it’s worth understanding the problem in more detail. It’s easier to learn the rules for working on yourself by dividing them into small parts . It’s like with a goal - to achieve your global goal, set yourself several small ones - for a day, for a week, for a month and go towards your dream gradually, step by step. You also need to get rid of procrastination and become more efficient. Constantly wasting your energy all day long on nonsense rather than on useful work can lead to dire consequences.


Above we cited inanimate chronophages. There are also animate ones - people.

An annoying friend who calls you and chats incessantly about uninteresting things. You can’t interrupt her, you’re embarrassed - and she eats up your emotions and time.

An unloved husband with whom you live just to be. And you give him your years, your time.

Gossips at work - instead of doing business and career, you spend time on unnecessary chatter. The list can be endless.

Solution: cut off communication with people who do not bring you any benefit or joy. They vampirize your strength, capabilities, life!

Remember: no one will return your lost time. Control your chronophages, because the main one among them is you. We waste our time on nonsense, 'So why don't we become masters of our time and lives?

Wasted Time: Why do we waste it?

Laziness is not a disease, but it can often be a sign of depression . It is possible that earlier laziness was considered a disease as well as “it was better before.” Yes, yes, it was once considered a disease, but in the end everyone came to the conclusion that it was a feature of the human brain. Since memories are dominated by positive moments about the past, the effect of rose-colored glasses, so to speak. That’s why you so often hear “it was better before,” but in fact, most often, it wasn’t better. With human laziness, not everything is so simple either, and there are many reasons for this. Starting from the body saving energy to lack of motivation to do anything. Spending most of your time on things that are useless and/or not beneficial to your business.


These include TV, computer, mobile phone. We spend a lot of time watching TV shows, social networks, news feeds, and advertising.

Think about how many hours a day you spend checking email and surfing the Internet. Surely the number will terrify you. Especially if you realize that the amount of useful information compared to the time spent is negligible.

Solution: limit “communication” with chronophages. Set aside a certain amount of time a day for this - and stick to this rule. Then you won’t have that nasty feeling that the day has passed and you haven’t accomplished anything.

How not to be lazy and waste time: 6 useful tips

Often a person realizes that he is wasting his time. He is aware of his inaction, but at the same time he is not getting closer to his goal. And he continues to watch the next episode of the series, play games, constantly meet with friends, mess around with them, etc. In order to move yourself from this point and become productive, you need motivation, a charge of positive emotions or awareness of a sad future life if you continue to waste time. Unfortunately or fortunately, everything is individual, it is possible that you only need to think about it once to change your life for the better. Or it may require much more effort. People are different, which means their approaches will be individual. However, there are effective ways to help understand and solve the problem of the lazy state.

Find the root cause of laziness

Think about what could be stopping you? Maybe this is not a favorite job with a terrible team, irresponsible management and an inconvenient schedule. Or an uncomfortable apartment (if it is rented), which can be changed without a significant overpayment. All these are signals for rest or changes in life. There can be a lot of different situations, try to understand the reasons and solve them . It is possible that motivation and strength will appear even when solving at least one problem.

Finding out the reasons for laziness can help you make life changes that will positively impact your productivity. The reasons may be:

  • Exhaustion of the body (both physical and emotional).
  • Wasting time on unwanted things.
  • Feeling of a task being useless.
  • Lack of a clear plan.
  • Desire for frequent rest.
  • Lack of preparation for tasks.

Find your passion

If you are wasting time, then most likely you do not have a favorite hobby. Which you would treat with special trepidation and a constant desire to refine and improve it. It’s ideal when your favorite activity also brings money, or will bring it in the future . Then you will “kill two birds with one stone”, will do what you love and earn from it the joy of life.

If you already have a favorite activity, but you are lazy and reluctant to do it, then reconsider your plans for your occupation. For example, several years ago you felt a passion for some kind of activity, you were actively involved in it, but over time the passion went away, and in its place was reluctance and even disgust. Think about why you started this, is it relevant at the moment? Answer your questions without self-hypnosis. The fact is that years have passed and you have changed during this time. And therefore, most likely, the views on life in general have changed, not to mention the little things. Maybe you just need to remember the good aspects of your line of work and you will no longer think about how not to be lazy and waste time.

Plan your schedule

People work more efficiently when they have enough time to rest. Working in short, focused bursts is much more effective than trying to complete a large task at once . Not only will you be happy with the final product, but you will also feel better and more energized after completing the process. And for this you need a clear and competent plan, preferably written down in a diary or electronic document (there are a lot of applications and programs for managing tasks). Place it in the most visible place and follow the plan. When you feel that you are starting to “go off the track,” then deprive yourself of some everyday (and not only) pleasure. Yes, it’s not easy to deprive yourself of something, but discipline is needed here. Otherwise, the results will be at least more modest (including earnings).

Ask for help or support

Some people just need the help of comrades, colleagues, and loved ones. There is no shame in asking a more motivated colleague, friend or family member for help. This is a useful way to get you off the couch and moving forward. After all, they will help and motivate you to complete tasks. A look from the outside will reveal shortcomings that you do not pay attention to. This is especially helpful if it is supervised by someone who has no problem with laziness and wasting time. And of course, there’s no need to get irritated and freak out at such comments.

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