10 ways to spend time at home with benefit and pleasure

What to do in spring? If the desire to fill every day with something special is your thing, then be sure to take a look at our calendar of creativity and comfort, where changing dates brings new exciting tasks. And today we will offer 10 more ideas for those who prefer to spend time at home - and do it fun, creatively, for the benefit of the soul and business. Join us and share your options in the comments!

Get out into the fresh air.

Staying in a poorly ventilated room provokes the development of depression and health problems. Fresh air, on the contrary, improves blood circulation, stimulates brain function, increases concentration and self-esteem.

Oxygen, uncontaminated by machine exhausts and factory waste, is the best option to regain your spirits, activate your imagination, and strengthen your immune system. That is why fresh air means nature, and not stuffy, cramped streets. What can you do in such places?

  1. Workout. Jogging and warming up on playgrounds are suitable for the warm, dry season. In winter, it would be nice to organize leisurely walks, brisk walking, and skiing.
  2. In the summer, go rollerblading, in the winter, ice skating.
  3. Walk the dog. If you don’t have your own pet, you can ask friends or relatives.
  4. On warm days, swim in the river or sea, create a mermaid out of sand, on cold days, go sledding, build a snowman.
  5. Walk through the forest, collecting leaves and cones. Look for squirrels, woodpeckers, hares.
  6. Visit all the parks in the city, find the most noticeable differences in them, and determine the best one for yourself.
  7. Feed ducks, geese, swans, fish in the pond.
  8. Build a route for morning jogging, find areas where you can warm up. Or simply explore an unfamiliar area.
  9. Find a place where birds flock. Hang the feeder.
  10. Ride a horse or pony. In some circuses, special zoos, and farms, for a small fee you can ride more exotic animals - camels, elephants, ostriches.

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Find something to do at home.

Sometimes you don’t want to leave your cozy and warm apartment. Frosty weather, colds, fatigue or laziness force you to look for activities at home. How to get rid of laziness and what kind of entertainment can you cheer yourself up at home?

  1. Start cleaning. This activity itself is not particularly fun, but it can be organized as a quest with rewards. Or create a detailed list of responsibilities, and then cross off items as you complete them. Checkmarks or crossed out lines are a form of completion that our brain loves very much. The reward is a good mood and pride in oneself.
  2. Start reading a book that has a film adaptation. Comparing the power of words and the power of acting is always interesting.
  3. Sort out the necessary things and trash. This could be a niche, a cosmetic bag, a wardrobe, old collections, things like “someday it will come in handy”, even the capacity of a refrigerator.
  4. Arrange rearrangement of furniture and other interior items.
  5. Create decorative decorations for your home from scrap materials. The Internet is replete with video tutorials and articles on this topic.
  6. Paint the windows, and at the same time wash them before that.
  7. Look through photo albums, find photos on your computer, laptop or phone that you want to print.
  8. Prepare a new or unusual dish. If any ingredients are missing, they can be ordered online and delivered to your home.
  9. Sing a song, dance. Simple TV channels, recordings on disks or cassettes, videos from YouTube are good options. But a more original leisure activity would be karaoke. And again the Internet comes to the rescue.
  10. Do some handicrafts. If knitting and embroidery seem too banal, you can try weaving with beads, ribbons, and laces. Wood carving, modeling from clay or even children's plasticine will also dispel the melancholy. As a last resort, the art of origami is suitable.

Eighth method: cultural and entertainment

Visit a museum without leaving home? Yes Easy! Now many institutions around the world have a collection of open video materials, or, simply put, virtual excursions. Thus, just recently a five-hour film-walk through the Hermitage was released: inspiring footage takes the viewer to the luxurious halls of the Winter Palace and introduces impressive works of art. View >

Relax your soul and body.

Sometimes boredom signals obvious overwork. Ignoring this condition will aggravate the situation. Isn’t it easier to immediately take charge of yourself, give your nerves and body a good rest?

  1. Take a bath with sea salt, fluffy foam, and scented candles.
  2. Sign up for a session or a whole course of relaxing massage.
  3. Visit a sauna, bathhouse or swimming pool.
  4. Go to your favorite place, order delicious food.
  5. Meditate with lit incense sticks.
  6. Sleep. Moreover, it is advisable to fall asleep to calm music. It is important to make sure that nothing interrupts restorative sleep - turn off the phone, turn off the stove, close the door, or a through window.
  7. Go to yoga, learn relaxation techniques and proper breathing.
  8. Do light, gentle stretching while listening to quiet music. This will speed up the blood and give you a surge of energy.
  9. Dream about the future. Why not about the past? What has already happened cannot be changed, and this fact causes sadness.
  10. Do what you love - ride a bike, play the guitar, dance, watch a comedy.

Gather a nice company.

If there are cheerful, cheerful people around, then why is there still boredom nearby, and not them? Friendly communication, like nothing else, lifts your mood and relieves boredom. So don’t have a hundred rubles, but have 100 friends who will chip in a dollar.

  1. Go on a picnic - with relatives, couples, pets, friends. The more people (or creatures) there are in a group, the greater the chance that there will be a joke person in the company. Who gets bored when he starts remembering his jokes?
  2. Play cards, board, word, logic or physical games.
  3. Buy the same accessories for all your friends or your significant other - paired pendants, bracelets, rings. If you have the opportunity to purchase entire outfits, great.
  4. Throw a party - themed, non-alcoholic, outside the city, in the fresh air.
  5. Go to a cafe or club with karaoke and a dance floor.
  6. Create and implement a cunning plan to bring a couple together.
  7. Take out the bottle and finally kiss the handsome guy/beauty from the next door. Same-sex kissing is welcome.
  8. Organize a camping trip with tents.
  9. Organize competitions with prizes - relay races, tournaments, competitions.
  10. Make a joint surprise for a friend whose birthday is coming up.

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Income-generating hobby

Some of the profitable ways to entertain yourself include:

  • fishing;
  • knitting wardrobe items;
  • seasonal cultivation of vegetable and garden crops in the country;
  • writing test papers for college and technical school students;
  • copywriting;
  • walking pets;
  • Providing childcare services for neighboring children who did not receive a place in kindergarten.

The only condition that you should pay attention to when choosing a type of activity for money is that it should bring pleasure, otherwise it will turn into a second poorly paid job.

Learn something new.

If the opportunity to study ended with university couples, the world would be full of academics living with their mothers. Cramming lectures and multi-volume textbooks is good, but practical skills cannot be learned from these books. Boredom is the first signal that the stock of knowledge and skills at this stage is too small and requires development. What can you do in this case?

  1. Learn to play a musical instrument.
  2. Master a martial art or spiritual practice.
  3. Try extreme sports or overcome your fear.
  4. Develop your hobby to such a level that you can make a profit from it, albeit a small one.
  5. Take up the study of a foreign language, culture, history, traditions.
  6. Develop a sense of style, learn more about interior design, and design in general.
  7. Learn something useful for everyday life - the basics of communication, cooking, repairs.
  8. Take a dance course, master a new type of paired or solo expression of art.
  9. You can get additional education remotely.
  10. Imagine yourself as a magician, try to do a couple of tricks.

Get to know yourself better.

You can know your favorite flowers, dishes, songs of your soul mate, best friend, relative and not even know about your own preferences. And in vain, because ignorance of personal tastes and goals causes boredom. How can you know yourself?

  1. Take psychological personality tests.
  2. Watch several different films to determine the best genre for you.
  3. Try the cuisine in different cafes, find out which dish turned out to be your favorite.
  4. Ask your loved ones to tell you how they see your loved one.
  5. Start a diary, write down all your emotional experiences, important events, and other significant things.
  6. Go see a psychotherapist.
  7. Chat with the baby. Children are straightforward, their attitude to life is striking in its spontaneity. They help you find the child within you and understand what you really want at the moment.
  8. Play association games. As a rule, such a game opens the subconscious.
  9. Analyze your dreams. Sometimes dreams carry mysterious symbols of the future, and sometimes they indicate repressed desires.
  10. Find questions on the Internet that will help you get to know yourself better. Try to answer them honestly.

Why is boredom dangerous?

The danger of boredom is that the emptiness is usually filled with simple ideas. There may be a feeling of one’s own uselessness, a false lack of friends, self-esteem will gradually decrease, and as a result the person will be completely consumed by laziness. If you can’t figure out how to entertain yourself on your own when you’re bored at home, you can always call your friends and discuss the past day over a cup of tea.

Attention! Bad thoughts creep into an empty head. Where there is no strength for thought and idea, the work of the old woman Shapoklyak will always live.

The most common result of frequent boredom is complete absorption in laziness. It is extremely difficult to get out of this state. Apathy, pathological fatigue, drowsiness develop, which causes the heart to work worse, blood pressure decreases, tinnitus appears every time you get up from the couch, all this is accompanied by constant dizziness.

The most difficult and at the same time simple thing for everyone is not to succumb to boredom and not allow laziness to take over the body, instead, come up with a useful hobby and really get sick of it. This will be an excellent salvation from early aging, sclerosis and various age-related diseases of the nervous system. A person creates his own life, organizes work and leisure. The main thing in this matter is not to be lazy and get the most out of life.

Create gifts with your own hands.

Giving gifts to friends is always a pleasure. What good things can you create with your own hands?

  1. Postcard with paper applications.
  2. Collage of joint photos.
  3. Home decoration.
  4. Picture frame.
  5. Bouquet of paper flowers and sweets.
  6. Dream Catcher.
  7. Jewelry - bracelet, chain, choker, hair tie.
  8. A beautifully designed set with sweets, stationery or hygiene products.
  9. Poster with funny pictures and notes.
  10. A painted jar with applications containing notes with wishes, compliments, and short pleasant memories.

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Sixth method: educational

Don't get bored - study! Moreover, at the Masters Fair there are many opportunities for this:

  • see photo and video lessons on interesting topics here >
  • sign up for upcoming webinars at the Academy of the Masters Fair to participate online. Schedule >
  • work at your own pace: purchase recordings of past classes or watch lessons from a selection of free webinars >

Pick up the camera.

A digital camera or a good one can relieve boredom. What interesting things can you shoot?

  1. Happy birthday video greeting.
  2. Warm words for those who are now far away on work or other matters.
  3. Reminders for yourself. For example, where to put the set, how to knit correctly with five needles, how much cinnamon to add to donuts.
  4. Pranks, jokes.
  5. Beautiful areas of nature, so that after a hard day you can relax and watch them.
  6. Ideas or entire episodes for a video blog.
  7. Holidays, important moments in the lives of loved ones - graduations, weddings, the first steps of a child.
  8. Performances by street artists - musicians, dancers, skaters, roller skaters.
  9. Your own thoughts, opinions, in order to develop them later, not to forget where you stopped.
  10. Yourself while reading your favorite poems.

Fifth method: cinematographic

Everything here is even simpler than with music: watch a good movie! Or TV series. Or spring films from our selection. Or make movies and cartoons yourself, with the whole family. We even have a master class on shooting an animated film. How to make a cartoon yourself at home >


It seems something incredible. However, just a few minutes can be the start of big changes. How to influence your life?

  1. Put an end to relationships with people who drag you to the bottom.
  2. Change haircut, hair color.
  3. Update your wardrobe, change your style.
  4. Try something unusual. For more details, see the “Learn something new” section.
  5. Think about moving to another street or even to another city or country.
  6. Buy a lottery ticket. But what if?
  7. Change the route of jogging, going to work or to some establishment.
  8. To meet new people.
  9. Go on a healthy diet and start leading a healthy lifestyle.
  10. Play sports or change the type of sports.

What is the difference between a hobby and leisure time?

How to find yourself and your purpose in life: what does it mean and where to start

A hobby is something that one wants to occupy oneself with in one’s free time at home, something that a person strives for, and is used to having fun with. He knows everything about his hobby; there are no nuances that would not interest him.

Leisure is a one-time activity, a random choice made in order to have fun. Some informal meeting, a trip on an excursion, or a walk in the park can be chosen as leisure activities. Sometimes leisure time occupies a person, captivates him and turns into a hobby.

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