How to properly store money in your wallet and at home so that it multiplies

Money... For some it is the meaning of life, but for others it is only a means to ensure a decent life. Many curse this “despicable metal”, which is always in short supply. However, whatever one may say, money is an integral part of human relationships.

Of course, everyone strives for financial security and a comfortable existence. As fantastic as it may sound, there are certain ways to maintain your wealth and even increase it. How to properly store money in your wallet and at home so that it is never transferred? People asked this question several centuries ago. Let's try to find the answer to it.

Respect is the key to successful interaction

Let's start with how to properly store money. Respect is what these “pieces of paper” demand. Don’t throw them around, don’t scatter them around the house, don’t store them crumpled in your jacket or jeans pocket, don’t just put them in your wallet...

According to the rules, paper bills must be placed in a wallet in a straightened form, in ascending order and exclusively with the front side facing the owner. If we are talking about coins (where would we be without them), then their placement in a wallet is not so demanding, but it is still better to store them in a special compartment, and not mixed with others, and certainly not in your pocket (or as often happens with women right in the bag).

The respect shown towards paper bills can be trampled by inattention to small coins and you will not be able to accumulate the desired amount, or you will not be able to increase your fortune. The following rules on how to put money in your wallet so that you have money, note that you begin to make only meaningful purchases and, without increasing your income, learn to save at least a little.

All to the house

Receiving a salary is a joyful event. The whole family is looking forward to this holiday, but very often, having picked up a hard-earned amount, a person feels such euphoria that he begins to spend money thoughtlessly. Flowers for the wife, sweets or toys for the children, a gift for the mother-in-law...and half the amount is gone!

But it's not just these hasty expenses. The remaining money will consider such behavior unreasonable and will not want to stay with such an owner.

To keep money in your wallet, you need to remember once and for all - when you receive it, bring it home and don’t buy anything along the way. It doesn’t matter at all what amount we are talking about. This could be a monthly salary or a small debt returned to acquaintances. The received banknotes are simply obliged to spend the night in the same house with the owner, and if there are at least small savings in the house, then such an overnight stay should take place together with them.

Signs that protect against poverty

It is forbidden:

  • Throw out trash after sunset.
  • Whistling in the house.
  • Keep keys and empty containers on the table.
  • Wash the floor in the evening.
  • Standing on the threshold for a long time.
  • Debt must be repaid after 18.00.
  • Give in debt on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, in the evening and on the waning moon.
  • Take money directly into your hands. They carry negative energy.
  • Take it in the evening. If it turns out that you should give it away during this period, put it on the table, but do not give it to your hands.

Feng Shui rules:

“Crassula” or money tree can attract finance. Place it in the south corner of the room. Hide large banknotes under the pot.

Place the Chinese three-legged toad with a coin in its mouth towards the room, you can hang 3 or 7 coins on a scarlet ribbon.

Shake your bedding for 9 days to increase deposits.

The turtle, a talisman of prosperity, will help resolve financial issues. Place it in the northern part of the room.

Try it, maybe it will help

There is such a belief. The best talisman that ensures the safety and increase of money is a banknote, the last digits of which correspond to the year of birth of the owner. Yes, it’s quite difficult to find such money, but if you come across such money, you need to treasure it like the apple of your eye.

The greatest power is possessed by a bill whose last four digits are the same, but an option where only half the similarity is noted also has a right to exist. This bill should be carried in your wallet to carry money, but under no circumstances should it be spent.

Note!!! A ruble, hryvnia, dollar or euro of any denomination can become a talisman for its owner. The main thing is that the last digits of the number match.

How to properly store money at home according to Feng Shui

The Chinese are a smart nation and quite developed in all respects, so their respected way of life according to Feng Shui (the doctrine of the beneficial interaction of the forces of nature and man) is worthy of the attention of each of us. Let’s not talk about distant topics, let’s talk about how to properly store money at home according to Feng Shui.

Every reader will agree that we all depend on the surrounding space. If your home (or work) is constantly in disarray, you shouldn't expect the situation to be any different in other areas of your life. Debris of papers, useless rags, remnants of thread, newspapers and magazines from the past ten years clutter up the space, preventing personality development and the functioning of monetary energy.

No matter how precious these little things are, you need to gather your strength and throw them away (or give them to those in need). It will be hard, but literally in a day life will begin to change and this will manifest itself not only psychologically, but also materially.

General cleaning should end with symbolic cleansing. It can be carried out using fumigation with special herbs, as well as through magical or religious rituals (we will discuss how to do this in more detail in the following materials).

Note!!! Those who have savings in cash should know that they need to store money in bundles with an even number of bills. It is very important. Otherwise, they will quarrel among themselves.

Storage at home: choosing a place and arranging it

What should you pay attention to?

  1. Exists . According to the teachings of Feng Shui, it is located in the southeast.
  2. The place where funds are stored cannot be a toilet or bathroom. The kitchen is also not the best option, but acceptable. But a work office or a place for family conversations is an excellent choice. You should not store money in the living room for the simple reason that guests can intercept the cash flow, and the funds will leave your home.
  3. The place for money should not be located opposite the door, otherwise all the energy will leave the house along with finances.

Now let's touch on the topic of arranging the zone. Some useful tips:

  1. Recommended colors for this zone are green, lilac, gold and violet. The interior should be decorated in exactly these colors.
  2. The predominant material is wood. It will be great if there are wooden pieces of furniture or other parts made of wood in the place where funds are stored.
  3. The place must be well lit, otherwise the energy will simply “get lost.”
  4. Since money loves the wind, it is advisable that the place be well ventilated, otherwise the energy will not be able to work for you.

What should not be in the storage area? If you want Feng Shui to work correctly for your money, remove the following items:

  1. Fridge. It will literally freeze positive energy and prevent you from thriving financially. If it is not possible to move this household appliance, then be sure to keep it clean. There should be no rotten food or blocks of ice inside. Order is important!
  2. Bin. Such an object is dangerous because it forms a kind of energy vacuum around itself, into which everything good and necessary can be sucked. If the money is kept next to the bucket, it will not stay in your house for a long time.
  3. Fireplace. Fire at the energetic level will burn your savings, which can lead to collapse and bankruptcy. Don't take risks.
  4. Old or used items. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, good luck can be attracted. But for this you need to use some bait. And if old things play such a role, then luck will simply turn away from you and will look for a place with more attractive content. So remove everything old from the wealth zone. And it’s better to throw it all out completely, such things repel any good energy, not just money.
  5. Broken appliances. They are surrounded by an aura of failure, so they will repel positive energy, being its most ardent enemies. An ordinary broken VCR can emit an aura of failure and create a dead and empty atmosphere around itself. All this will definitely not attract finances, correct the situation immediately!
  6. Antiques. Here we should say the same thing as about old and used things.
  7. Withered or dried flowers and other plants are similar in energy to broken appliances. Throw it all away!

Wealth Zone

Money has its own energy. If we perceive them as a separate being, then it is necessary to create certain conditions for their existence and multiplication. They love money, green and purple colors in the interior, and also respect those who use gold and silver.

According to Feng Shui, the fat plant is a magnet for money. People call it that - the money tree. There are some features that you need to pay attention to when purchasing, replanting, choosing a location and other equally important points, but we, like the most proven cleansing rituals, will also consider them next time.

This is interesting!!! Many people believe that goldfish are a kind of magnet for money and a proven means of making wishes come true. An aquarium with eight yellow and one black specimens from this breed can become the center of wealth and well-being for a family. Don't be alarmed if one of the fish dies. She simply took the “blow.” Buy another one and continue to believe in the power of the aquarium inhabitants.

Bank deposit

This is a classic tool for saving money with minimal profitability.

The interest that the bank offers depends on the key rate of the Central Bank - for example, it has now been lowered to 4.5%, which means that in the near future banks will also reduce their deposit offers. The deposit helps to make a profit within the limits of inflation, that is, to remain at the same level. If you were planning to earn money, then most likely it will not be possible to do this through a deposit.

The deposit is called an instrument with minimal risk. This is true, but only partially. If the bank goes bankrupt, the depositor will fall under the insurance program (Federal Law of December 23, 2003 No. 177-FZ) - the state will return a maximum of 1.4 million rubles. on a general basis. The rest of the money will be lost. Since 2004, the deposit insurance agency has recorded more than 500 cases where depositors had to return their money.

As of October 1, 2021, there have been some changes to the deposit insurance law. The amount of insurance compensation for an individual depositor increased to 10 million rubles. (including compensation in the amount of 1.4 million rubles, paid on a general basis), but subject to the presence of temporarily high balances on his accounts that formed due to special life circumstances. Such circumstances include:

  • receiving an inheritance;
  • Property For Sale;
  • social payments;
  • subsidies;
  • payments for compulsory types of insurance;
  • payments by court decision.

To receive an increased amount of insurance compensation, you must provide documents confirming the receipt of funds in non-cash form due to special circumstances.

It is also worth recalling that from January 1, 2021, a law will come into force that will oblige depositors to pay tax on the amount of interest on all deposits, but only on that part of it that exceeds income from 1 million rubles. In fact, the innovation will affect interest that will be paid starting January 1, 2021.

If you decide to use a bank deposit to save, then follow these tips:

  • Place no more than 1.4 million rubles in one bank.
  • Check whether the bank is included in the list of insured persons on the agency's website.
  • Choose a bank with a long history and an average interest rate. If the offer is significantly higher than the market average, you should be careful.
  • Check how interest is calculated. Most often, on the best offers, interest is paid at the end of the term. Decide to withdraw early and you will lose all your income.

Rules for storing money

They received their salary, brought the money home and...Where did they put it? Hidden in bed linen? Did you put it in a jar of cereal? There are a lot of options, but almost all of them are fundamentally wrong.

Remember above we talked about respect and how to properly put money in your wallet? There are also rules for storing money at home. One of the best ways is a special box or banknote holder.

A lot depends on the type of this “place of residence”. Precious stones and even cheap, but visually attractive decorative ornaments are not out of place for such boxes. You love decorating your home, right? That's money too. It’s one thing to be lying around in your pocket, and quite another to be lovingly placed in a beautiful box. You won't want to leave such a house.

Money wallet material

Pay attention to the product you are purchasing.
You can store your huge earnings with dignity in a product that is decorative and comfortable, made from natural materials. Many people prefer high-quality leather. These models look decent and are able to attract positive energy . However, some believe that the skin stores the energy of a killed animal, which will hinder income growth. This is definitely prejudice.

One of the most acceptable materials is also textiles.

Do you want to save money?

Saving money is not an easy task. Many of us fail to save up for a long-awaited purchase, even if we make every possible effort to do so. Is this a familiar problem? Feng Shui will help!!!

Prepare identical paper envelopes and decorate them with positive inscriptions, such as “my favorite car”, “for a gift for the baby”, etc. Such paper storage is much more effective than even the most secure safe deposit box. Do you want to take at least one piece of paper out of the envelope? But what about the inscription “the future of children”??? Knowing how to properly store money in a wallet according to Feng Shui and how to save for purchases correctly, you can save quite a good amount.

It is important!!! Having decided to create such “storages”, avoid the inscriptions “for a rainy day”, “for a funeral”, etc. This will only attract negative energy.

What should a wallet be like to carry money?

A self-assembled tablecloth is the dream of any modern person. Surprisingly, such a miracle can be created with your own hands. Or rather, purchase it following certain rules. We're talking about a wallet. What should it be like for money to want to return there? First, you need to pay attention to quality. Suede, leather and other expensive materials are best suited for storage purposes.

Even if you don’t wear such an expensive accessory all the time, following all the tips on how to store money in your wallet so that it becomes more, this will bring the desired result. Convenience matters a lot when it comes to money. Banknotes should not be bent, twisted, etc.

Note!!! Remember, the wallet is intended exclusively for money (bank cards are also taken into account). Receipts from stores, business cards, lists, etc. should not be here. They interfere with money, knock down their energy.

The color of the wallet should be red or brown with gold accents, but if the owner has any special wishes, you can rely on them. In principle, the color of the wallet is an important feature, but not the most important.

Let's resort to magic

With the desire to gain wealth and material independence, a person is ready to go to great lengths. Work, work and work - this is understandable, but how great it would be to be able to receive ringing coins and crisp bills without doing practically anything.

Know what prayer needs to be read so that there is money in your wallet, what conspiracies can be used for this purpose, what rituals to perform. You may be surprised, but these methods exist and even sometimes work.

For example, a conspiracy for the growing moon. Exactly at midnight, you need to put a few bills on the windowsill, where the moonlight easily falls. Addressing the moon, in any form, you should ask that they increase in the same way as it grows, and then leave the room for half an hour. The money used for the conspiracy cannot be spent for a month, and after that it is better to give it to someone (for example, give alms).

The method with prayer is also popular. Place three slices of bread on the table and say:

«God, as you fed all the hungry and needy during your lifetime, so help all members of my family so that they always feel full. Bring good luck to me and take away grief. May the long road of happiness, satiety and joy come to my home and never end. I swear to spend every penny wisely and help everyone who needs it. Amen »

The words of the prayer cannot be interchanged.

It is important!!! Using the first method is more like entertainment and will not cause harm, but the second method requires a responsible approach from the person. You can resort to this option only if you find yourself in extreme poverty and really have no other options for receiving money.

“Money is evil” and “happiness does not come from wealth” are phrases that are familiar to everyone, but they are used only by losers. Confident, wealthy people know how to handle money, how to protect it and increase it. Do you want to forget about material problems? Use our recommendations on how to properly store money in your wallet, how to handle it, and how to make the most suitable place to live. Good luck and wealth to you!


Quote from angreal

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How to keep money in a wallet so that there is more and more of it
Einstein was asked why he had a horseshoe on his door if he did not believe in omens. “The fact is that omens come true whether I believe in them or not.”

I think most people know what I wrote about money. But this doesn’t always work, because we don’t follow the rules, and we do it right) For example, I lend money when asked, and don’t tell the person: “Wait, wait, I’ll figure it out right now, is today the right day to lend... Uh... no... today is Tuesday. I'm not giving it. Come back another day." But there are things that work) it’s not clear how, but they work... So I want to share them. This only applies to cash, because the money on the card has its own turnover.

Rule one. If you receive money, take the entire amount home. Don't waste any of them along the way. If you are going to make purchases, take the required amount from home or use a card. The new money should spend the night at home with your other money where you usually keep it. Rule two. The money in the wallet should be facing you in descending order of monetary value, so that when you open the wallet, the larger ones are closer to the body, facing you. And don't put bills upside down. It's unpleasant for you if you're upside down. So it’s unpleasant for them. A couple of years ago, when I learned this rule, I immediately oriented all the bills to face me. according to my own understanding)) and... the money disappeared altogether. For some reason, projects completed long ago were not paid for, and all the debtors hid. After accidentally chatting with chipaz16 in the comments, I found out that facial is like this.

I made a reorientation, and surprisingly, suddenly everyone immediately found the money to repay me. And I also learned a little secret from her) And it works for everyone with whom I shared it) Each person has their own lucky dollar! And the ruble too. The last two digits of the bill number must match the last two digits of your year of birth. Three is even better. And ideally, all four. But it's not easy to find. This bill is your priceless personal money talisman. It is not wasted or given to anyone. But there is a condition. She must come to you herself. You cannot exchange with friends and search specifically (if you are a cashier)! So she came to me the very next day, and with three numbers at once. And she came to my friend almost a year later and with only two numbers. And one last thing. Money cannot be kept in bundles with an odd number of bills. They will quarrel and go their separate ways. Everyone should have a pair. 50 is also not allowed: “Five tens is a disadvantage.” Our grandfathers knew about this. In any case, Mr. Tretyakov’s treasurer knew his job well. Pavel Mikhailovich Tretyakov was noticeably nervous. Of course, I would like to buy that painting and this one, and I have to help the artists. Perov lives almost in poverty, Kramskoy’s wife is sick, Vasilyev’s is consumption. Where can I get money for everyone?! Tretyakov is not a millionaire. He saves on everything - he sits on accounting reports until nightfall, counting the proceeds from the shops until dark. It's already dark now. The chief accountant, old man Semipyatov, grumbles something in his nook. Finally he can’t stand it anymore and approaches the owner. “I’ll tell you straight out, Pavel Ivanovich - stop these nightly calculations! I have been in accounting for forty years and know money business. They don't like nightly counting money. In the morning you need to count them, especially cash. Old accountants say that banknotes, like people, need a morning promenade. Money is a curious creature. They want to see the world and show themselves. What will you see at night? And Tretyakov, unexpectedly for himself, agreed: really, what prevents him from getting up early in the morning? The next day, the cashier from Tretyakov’s shop inquired: should he bring the money in the evening, as always? And Tretyakov replied: “No, let’s start in the morning!” And the next morning I accepted the money - the proceeds were more than usual. So much for the “morning promenade”! And Tretyakov went to the old accountant, maybe he could teach him something else? Semipyatov blossomed: “I tried to tell your priest, but he didn’t listen! I'll tell you. You cannot keep money in bundles with an odd number of bills: they will quarrel among themselves and disperse. And you can’t keep fifty bills in a bundle - it’s not without reason that they say: “Five tens is a disadvantage.” It is best to keep money in packs of 20, 80 or 100 bills. And don’t keep the same banknotes for a long time: you put new ones in and spent the old ones. The cash flow must flow freely, otherwise it will dry up!” Pavel Tretyakov smiled as he listened to the old accountant. Of course, my father didn’t believe in this advice, but he didn’t accumulate much capital either. Is it really difficult to separate money into 20 banknotes in a pack? Yes, if it helps him find money for good causes, he’s ready to spend the entire morning laying it out. It would be possible... And it was found! Proof of this is the world-famous gallery, created at the expense of Pavel Tretyakov and his brother Sergei. (c) “Secrets of Russian merchants” PS It was said that the picture is the “Money Bumblebee”, a money lure) So if someone steals it, drag him too )) just to be sure))) and this is a repetition about the magic of money The magic of money Money, like people, has not only a physical body, but also an energetic, emotional and mental one. The physical body is paper bills and coins. Money loves to be kept neatly in a beautiful, convenient wallet. Money does not recognize any pockets; it hates being wrinkled and torn. With their emotional body, money feels our attitude towards it and is drawn to those who respect it, love it, know its value and count, to those who count it with pleasure, for them it’s like stroking it for us)) With the help of the mental body, money knows what we think about them. And if suddenly there is a thought in the subconscious that big money is evil, trouble and hassle, it will go to those who do not think so. Raise your money bar Money comes to money. They will not come to those who treat them badly, disrespectfully or with contempt. “Money doesn’t buy happiness” is a very harmful saying for those who want to get rich. But for many it sits in the subcortex. The fear of big money prevents you from getting it - this is an axiom. We must stop being afraid of them. In ordinary life, a person carries with him the money that he considers small, and keeps the rest at home. But for one it is 50 rubles, and for another it is 50 thousand. And in order to overcome the subconscious fear of big money, you need to constantly have with you the amount of money that you currently consider large. Nature abhors a vacuum, and since you have such an amount for pocket expenses, then a much larger amount should appear in a safe place (in a nightstand, safe, in the attic). Try to avoid getting anything for free. You will still have to pay for what you received later, in another place and with interest. Money doesn't go to freeloaders. Why does he need them, since he still lives at someone else’s expense. You can only dine at someone else's expense if you later reciprocate in kind. Don't go to visit empty-handed. If it’s really tight, bring at least some small change for tea. They will understand you, and the owner will be pleased with your attention. Don't count other people's money. Higher powers may think that you like this activity and you will forever be a cashier with other people’s money, without having your own. Do not scold the rich and successful, do not envy. You cannot become “your own among strangers.” Who will let you into a circle that you hate) Higher powers will try to distance you as far as possible from what is unpleasant for you. Money in your wallet. A wallet is a house for money and it should always be in order. Rubles and dollars are not put together, only in different sections. Paper coins are not placed together with coins. Do not put crumpled bills in your wallet, sort the money in your wallet by denomination, with the front side facing you, straighten the corners. Never leave your wallet empty, let it contain at least one coin, preferably a lucky one, the first one you earned, received from a good person, a successful transaction, or from earnings that brought you joy. This coin cannot be spent; it is a lucky talisman of prosperity. It’s even better if it’s a large denomination bill in green, the color of wealth. And in the smallest compartment, keep a one dollar bill folded into a triangle (I have a two dollar bill). It’s even better to save any large bill for a year, which, charged with your energy, will attract money to you. Another money bait is the so-called “wallet extender.” It's any cute little thing you can attach to a lock. The idea is to have the extension cord on the outside of the wallet. It changes the size of any wallet to a favorable one, with such an extension the wallet has favorable proportions that will attract money and protect against losses and thefts. How to spend Don't pass money from hand to hand. When you make purchases, always put money on a stand near the cash register, it is there not only for convenience) Money can transmit negative energy and a bad mood to you. Sellers are often guilty of irritation with the buyer. Well, if you took it from hand to hand, when you come home, pass the bills through a “wooden filter”: let them lie on a wooden board for half an hour or an hour. Wood extinguishes negativity well. Do not hold out unfolded bills, as you will miss the energy of money. They need to be folded in half and given with the folded end first. Money won or found must be spent immediately. Buy gifts for your loved ones and give your tithe to those in need. If you accidentally drop coins, pick them up. But don’t touch strangers. They are not yours. When picking up your coins, leave one and think to yourself: “I leave one, I get the rest!” If someone picks up this coin in front of you, count on receiving cash. And don’t spend all your money to the last, leave at least a little, otherwise there will be nothing for new money to come to. Money also does not come to those who simply hoard it, it must circulate. You can only save for something specific and buy it immediately when you have enough. You can’t put it off “for a rainy day.” Otherwise it will definitely come. Save for something nice. Money-product-money Previously, all sellers knew this rule: when they bought something from you “on an initiative”, you need to immediately swipe the product with this money in order to speed up the “money-product-money” process. Therefore, they never bargained with the first buyer and gave him what he asked for. By fanning the product with the buyer’s money, the seller transfers to him the monetary energy of the buyer, satisfied with the bargain, increasing his own monetary energy. So he equates the energy of money with the energy of goods (money = goods) and the goods are sold faster. Talking about money. Don't complain that there is no money! Otherwise it will be so. The thought is material. This will attract the vibrations of people who don't really have them to you. Don’t brag about your income, don’t flaunt your high salary, and especially don’t exaggerate your earnings. Don’t brag to your girlfriends that your loved one gave you an expensive fur coat or earrings. By doing so, you destroy your monetary energy. It is no coincidence that in the West no one knows about the earnings of friends, relatives, and sometimes even parents and children. How to borrow and lend In the evening, debts are neither repaid nor borrowed. Money is sleeping at this time. Like all nature, they wake up at dawn and fall asleep at sunset. Hence, “He who gets up early, God gives to him.” It is better not to refuse to others and to lend, if possible, if asked, and to lend as little as possible yourself. When you lend, you seem to expect them back, and when you return, you transfer energy. You can only lend an amount that you can forget about, or at least that you are willing to part with forever. It happens that debts are not always repaid. Rules for money Don't lend money on Sunday. Don't borrow money on Monday, don't borrow on Tuesday, and don't pay back on Friday. Borrow money with your left hand and give back with your right. When returning, say: “So that you and I always have more.” Borrowed money is paid back in smaller denominations than borrowed. They borrow money for the new month and return it for the old month. They ask for a salary increase on Wednesday afternoon. To give or not to give? That is the question! Previously, in Russia it was customary to give tithes to the church. The tithe went not only for the construction and maintenance of churches, but also for social welfare: the maintenance of schools, hospitals, shelters for orphans and beggars. Russian nobles and merchants understood that charity is not only a payment for wealth (it is better to give something away deliberately than to lose it when you don’t expect it), but also an increase in monetary energy (the more you give, the more you receive). So do charity work whenever possible. Donate at least a little money to an orphanage, buy toys, take things there and be sure to make sure that your help reaches the recipient. Now the number of street beggars is prohibitive and you can’t always understand who is who. Listen to yourself. If you feel like you need help, help. And don't regret it. Because if you wanted to help and didn’t help, you will definitely lose somewhere else. Help those who do not ask, but earn money on the street and in the passages. After all, street musicians so often create a good mood for us. Get rid of unnecessary things Sort out your old things, give them to the poor or simply take them to the trash cans. Even your most “unusual” things will always be useful to a certain category of people. They will be quickly sorted out, and you will have more space to open cash flows and purchase new things. There is an old Chinese proverb: “If you are missing something, give three items from your home to a passerby.” We restore order wherever possible. Every thing has its place. If it’s a shame to throw it away, give it to a church, a shelter, or a friend. But don’t take unnecessary things to the dacha. The dacha is also yours. Money energy cannot tolerate deposits of things with necrotic information. An item that has not been used for more than a year begins to die, emitting negativity. “Soft” things die quickly, “hard” things live longer. Diamonds are practically immortal. Dishes made of silver and cupronickel last for decades, and can be easily revived by holding them under running water. Glass and crystal die faster, but they can be renewed by regular cleaning. But the T-shirt, which has not been worn for more than a year, is hopelessly dead. To lure into the house the energy that brings monetary luck is attracted by good lighting and order. Get rid of unnecessary things and hidden rubble immediately. “The house should only have what is beautiful and what is needed. The rest is trash! There is no better place to lure money than the hallway and kitchen. If the kitchen is dirty and messy, the same will happen in financial matters. All equipment must be clean and in good working order. And if something is broken in the house, and especially in the kitchen, there will be financial problems. It’s good to put a pot in the hallway and throw a couple of coins into it every day. "Money attracts money." The more money is in the piggy bank, even in pennies, the more money egregor they will create in the house. We meet at the door. Place small denomination coins under the doormat in the hallway with the eagle facing up. Every time you return home and cross the threshold, say to yourself: “I’m going into the house, and the money is with me.” It is ideal for the color to include red. We buy a new rug and glue five 10-ruble coins on the back side: four in the corners, the fifth in the center. If semicircular: two - in the corners, three inside in a semicircle along an arc. After a year, I throw away the mat along with the coins and replace it with a new one. There should only be one broom in the house and it should be placed with the handle down. Place a banknote in the pockets of your clothes put away for the season. Plant a crassula money tree. Its leaves are shaped like coins; according to Feng Shui, it is considered a symbol of prosperity. I wish everyone SO! So that they would interfere with us, interfere with us, not allow us to post on LiveJournal, climb under our arms, obscure the letters on the keyboard, want to play with us. Here! There is also this fun game to raise money. Making home money magnets To create the device you will need: - Personal wallet - 1 pc. — Magnet — 1 pc. (anything from refrigerators and magnetic boards will do) - small coins (pennies, they are lighter. Your magnet is small, it will be difficult for it) Task: train a magnet for money, teach it to attract it. A magnet is like a dog, he just needs to know what money smells like and what waves it operates on. Any small coins are suitable for training. Once you've trained your magnets, simply place them in your wallet or safe and let them work. If you think that the magnet has lost its sense of smell, carry out the training again. You can train at least every day. Just take it out of your wallet at the end of the day and place it in your cash pile. PS Remove plastic cards from your wallet. After all, a magnet attracts real money, not electronic money. In short, they can demagnetize. Plastic cards can also be charged and trained. We take a plastic card, rub it on our hair and attract paper money to it, like pretending to be an airplane with a banknote as wings. And so how many times. Until he gets used to it. And more fun, more fun) don’t be so serious) For the game to work, you don’t have to believe in it) You have to play it!


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