What to do if you are tired of life - causes and solution to the problem

If the phrase “tired of life” constantly spins in your head, then you must assume that you are not tired of joyful emotions. Most often, people get tired of the fact that there are too many problems, but, on the contrary, too few positive emotions. AND tired of life comes when this proportion becomes unbearable: problems keep increasing, but light and joy are still not visible...

Let's try to understand: what does fatigue from life mean, what internal processes are characterized by this feeling, and what can be done when a person is tired of life.

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  • Where does energy come from if a person is tired of life?

Tired of living: monologue in the kitchen

It would seem, live and be happy, there are still so many years ahead... I haven’t even started living yet! And I'm already tired of it. No strength, no desire to live. Like a robot, I mechanically perform the necessary actions. Who needs them? Why am I doing this? Who decided that this is exactly what I need? Is it really the meaning of life to perform useless actions day after day: go to work, run to the store, spend the money you earn on food, eat, sleep, wake up and repeat the well-trodden route again - home, work, store, home?

Everything is through strength. Even what is commonly called pleasure is done through force in the hope of a cure. Does not help. It seems that I was already born with this fatigue. I'm sleeping and can't get enough sleep.

For some reason I started reading the advice of psychologists... Nonsense. It's complete nonsense all around. Friends say: “Find a guy. Have a baby. Finally, get a cat!” What's the point? “You need to think positively.” Come on! How much more positive? We will all die someday, and this is the only thought that keeps me hopeful. And the constant prophecies about the end of the world are also encouraging.

I'm trying to come to an agreement with myself. Look at it like this - there's nothing to complain about. After all, there are people who are much worse off, who have truly serious problems, hopeless situations. But what do I care about them? I'm tired of all this! And from people! And from life! And from myself!

No, I’m not at all thinking about how to kill myself easily, I’m not looking for ways to die quickly without pain or anything like that. I feel that there is some special meaning to my existence. It even seems that I am the chosen one and that someone is about to appear, open a secret door for me, and I will finally wake up in my real life. Otherwise there is no point in living...

“I’m tired of life” or 4 reasons for emotional burnout

Let's take a closer look at the main causes of burnout syndrome. Perhaps you can identify them in yourself and eliminate them in time so that they do not lead you to such a complex psychological illness. So, what causes emotional burnout syndrome (EBS):

  1. Stressful situations.

    People find themselves in them every day. This is especially true for the female half of the world's population, because they have to perform a lot of responsibilities during the day. It often turns out that on women’s shoulders they take care of the house, children, work, and some everyday tasks. Women constantly balance between career and family, and it is quite difficult to withstand this for a long time.

  2. What is stress?

  3. Failures at work or in relationships.

    If a person constantly faces difficulties and does not see any positive changes in life for a long time, he begins to fall into depression, which leads to emotional burnout.

  4. Specifics of the profession.

    People who work under constant stress get tired very quickly. Therefore, they need to rest as best and as long as possible after a working day. Otherwise, the strength will only go away, and the body will not recover.

  5. Peculiarities of a person’s worldview and character:
    • People with a negative perception of the world - they reproach themselves for any mistake and the people around them, as a result, they become angry and irritable.
    • Victim people who constantly lose heart if they find themselves in an unfavorable situation for themselves.

  6. People who are romantics, parasites and consumers often create emotional burnout for themselves.

Only people with a creator's attitude in life will never find themselves in such a predicament, because they know exactly what they want from life, they create and do not give up in the face of problems.

Apathy, boredom, depression: highlight what is necessary

Have you heard your friends complain about unbearable fatigue? Or maybe they themselves are tired of such a life. Sometimes it’s just fatigue and nothing more. True, it also does not arise out of nowhere. After all, when a person does what he loves, communicates with loved ones, life is a joy, and fatigue only enhances the pleasure of subsequent rest. It’s such a pleasure to literally melt into bed after a busy day.

What's wrong? Let's figure out why we find ourselves in a situation where we feel tired of life, and what to do if we're tired of everything.

There can be many reasons to say “I’m tired of life.” Most of them can be combined into three groups, which we will discuss in detail later:

  • Yearning
  • Apathy
  • Depression

Many people, when they say “I’m tired of living,” mean that they are not satisfied with their current life situation. But the owners of the sound vector, for example, asking questions about the meaning of life, often decide that there is no meaning at all, and begin to be burdened by the very fact of a “meaningless” life. Until we one hundred percent distinguish one condition from another, none of the numerous tips will be of any use. At best, we guess by chance and hope that it will work next time. At worst, we will make the situation even worse.

For example, if you try to bring a person with a sound vector out of depression with noisy fun, the matter may end in an even more serious condition, at least a headache. But those with a visual vector are likely to feel better in a noisy company.

A change of scenery

You need to not just go for a walk, but perhaps go somewhere to gain new positive impressions. The best way to overcome prolonged depression and the inability to solve a specific situation is a change of environment. If you have nowhere to go or finances do not allow it, do not despair. Just try to change your usual rhythm of life, and you will definitely feel better.

When you have the opportunity to travel, don't hesitate. Feel free to go buy tickets and leave everything behind. Now it is much more important for you to maintain peace of mind and a sense of satisfaction. You must not allow negative thoughts to control your state and drive you into depression. Constantly spinning in your head: “I’m tired of everything”? Allow yourself a well-deserved vacation at least once a year!

MEANING: don't wait for love - love yourself

Melancholy is a friend of those with a visual vector. Any of them feels the flow of life only in the changing of emotions, colors, and moods. At the highest point of emotions is euphoria or love. On the bottom - melancholy or sadness. It happens that you don’t manage to be filled with vivid impressions even occasionally, but you don’t have the skill or opportunity to give your emotions to others, to sympathize. “Nobody loves me” is a faithful companion to melancholy and the feeling of fatigue “from all this.”

If we imagine a conventional scale of development of the properties of the visual vector, we will see at the very beginning complete concentration on ourselves, on our own experiences and fears. And the further development goes, the more attention is paid to others. And if at the very beginning - “I want love, love me!” - as the vector develops, more and more - “I love!”. You need to understand that the development of the properties of a particular vector is not a sentence or a “bad assessment”. This is not directly related to what is considered to be the development of the personality as a whole. In addition, development occurs only until puberty, so we cannot control this process on our own. But we can implement properties to the extent available. It is interesting that in a state of super stress we can “lose” all signs of the development of properties.

So, about longing. When we, the owners of the visual vector, cannot realize our need to change emotions and there is no one nearby with whom we can sympathize, satisfying the pain of another person with love, we fall into melancholy. Or, when everything is not too bad, unbearable boredom and fatigue from life arises. What we mean here is from this way of life, from the lack of a sense of the flow of life, the change of impressions.

The most common cause of sadness is a severance of emotional connection due to separation or death of a loved one. In this case, any advice will be inappropriate: until the person himself understands the real reason for the serious condition, the world will not be kind. At the training “System-vector psychology” by Yuri Burlan, these topics are discussed in detail. When awareness of one’s own desires and innate properties occurs, the heaviest melancholy turns into light sadness - pleasant memories of happy moments associated with the departed. This opens the way for new relationships without the fear of loss.

“I began to feel like a living person. My day just explodes with emotions. Now I sing at the top of my lungs, now I roar, out of breath, now I neigh like a wild horse. I am alive, I exist! I slowly began to gain the strength to live. Live and do. Started to sort things out. Uff, how many of them have accumulated!”

Olga, Ekaterinburg Read full text of the result

“I understood what it means to live excitedly! When I read about this in other reviews, I always tried to imagine how it could be for me, but for me it turned out to be completely different than I imagined. Indeed, at the end of the day, most often I only worry about the fact that I didn’t have time to do everything I wanted, and why there are so few hours in the day. I go to bed in joyful anticipation of the next day and wake up full of enthusiasm, because I know why and what I will do. And all this despite the fact that outwardly nothing much has changed..."

Anastasia, Moscow Read full text of the result

Form of expression

How does universal fatigue manifest itself? What are its distinctive features? First of all, this is the lack of desires and intentions to change anything in life, despite the obvious severity of the problem. This may seem absurd, but the brighter the difficulty, the less strength a person feels to overcome it. That’s when destructive thoughts like the following appear: “I’m tired of everything, I don’t want to live.” Of course, this is an extreme degree of dissatisfaction with oneself, but it also occurs if no attempts are made to correct or change the situation.

The person begins to feel very tired. Work seems like an unbearable burden, a burden that is placed on fragile shoulders and forced to be carried. I don’t want to go anywhere or see anyone. Weekends and evenings are spent at home watching TV. A person only has enough time to switch channels by inertia. Some individuals, being in this state, sincerely ask: “I’m tired of everything, what should I do?” To solve a problem, you need to learn to look in depth.

APATHY: It’s impossible to live like this, but how can it be possible - there’s no way to live

Apathy accompanies completely different processes and can occur in different vectors, with very few exceptions. Accordingly, the reasons for fatigue from life with apathy are completely different. This is where the question arises: what to do when you’re tired of everything. The difficulty is that only the person himself can answer.

When the properties of vectors are not realized, desires are constantly not fulfilled - hands give up, and the psyche reacts mercifully - it extinguishes desires. So much so that it is no longer possible to understand what you want. All that comes to mind is that such a life does not suit you! I don't want to live like this anymore! How do I want it? Don't know. This is often called emotional burnout. But it is not always emotions that “burn out.”

We are largely guided by the understanding of the “correct” lifestyle that we see on TV or on the Internet. Every now and then we are shown “rich loafers” enjoying life on their yachts or villas, hanging out in expensive clubs and restaurants... But we always have problems - either with money or with time. Either the child has snot, or the grandmother has high blood pressure. Either the husband is a slacker and an alcoholic, or there is no husband at all - and no one knows which is worse. Each of us has more than enough of such adventures. We run without stopping, dragging bags, saving pennies, worrying endlessly. And there is no one to shift responsibility to. We can hardly remember when we managed to get enough sleep.

Thanks to system-vector psychology, we understand that each of us is endowed with our own set of unique qualities from birth. Each vector has its own desires, its own potential talents and mental properties that are ideal for their implementation. Moreover, nature intended that we get the highest pleasure from life when we realize our qualities in society.

We by nature cannot want what we cannot realize. What makes you live a life that is not yours? It’s not at all “external conditions” to which one so wants to shift responsibility. The reason, again, is a lack of understanding of oneself. Sometimes, intuitively, we find ways to bring ourselves into balance. The condition is improving a little, and we can continue to live. Soon fatigue returns again, and there is no longer any energy or time for your favorite activities.

Timely rest

Some people fiercely drive themselves into certain limits, from which they themselves sometimes cannot escape for a long time. Even if you are very busy, at least sometimes you need to allow yourself to rest. If you run your own business, it is clear that you have little free time, so try to use and plan it as wisely as possible. If you feel that you are pretty tired and have accumulated irritability, take some time for yourself and have an unforgettable vacation. Then the thought “I'm tired of everything” will not bother you so often. Do not neglect physical exercise, it not only charges you with the necessary energy, but also improves your mood.

You don't need to be strong, you need to be needed

Realization of an adult is always an exchange of properties for values. Moreover, each vector has its own values. It seems to us that only radical changes in life will save the situation, while the solution may not be so difficult at all. Not all of us really want a villa and a yacht; perhaps it is quite enough to hear words of love and gratitude from our husband. The very understanding of what exactly you really want to get eliminates most of the problems, even if objectively there is every reason to be tired of life.

For example: a woman with an anal vector is potentially an ideal housewife, but it is vital for her to be respected by other family members and expressed gratitude. What if she gives all of herself to her family, but doesn’t even hear “thank you” in return for the cooked dinner? Nobody needs her efforts? Resentment arises and then a feeling of fatigue from this overwhelming burden. And if at work it’s not possible to have a measured pace that is comfortable for the anal vector, they constantly pull you and don’t let you finish what you started?

Failure to realize given properties or trying to live “someone else’s” life is a huge stress for the psyche. When we don't get what we want for too long, frustration first arises and we experience irritation. But we are not aware of our desires! Therefore, it is not a specific situation that is annoying - everything is annoying. To protect us from chronic painful experiences, to reduce the intensity of experiences, apathy gradually comes. And then the person sadly wanders through life for the allotted time.

Even if external conditions seem to be an absolute dead end, the system-vector psychology of Yuri Burlan helps to get rid of apathy and again feel the pleasure of life. And it all starts with understanding yourself. The effectiveness of this technique has been proven by numerous repeatable results.

“I came out of this state of vacuum, from the state of nothing, from not wanting anything. There are no more thoughts - I’m tired, I’m tired of everything, I don’t want anything. I don't let myself get stuck in my thoughts. The tension, the feeling of powerlessness and emptiness are gone. There is no more this causeless anger and irritation. It was as if I had come out of a long coma. It became easier to climb..."

Svetlana, Moscow Read full text of the result

“Literally after a month of training, my apathy towards life went away. I became very interested in life. People interested me. It became easy for me to be among them. I still don’t understand them completely, but I no longer shy away from them as I did before the training...”

Alina, Omsk Read full text of the result


This point will probably be of most interest to people with creative thinking. Creativity is a wonderful trait that needs to be developed. Everyone has their own talents, but not everyone develops them. The abilities bestowed by nature need to be known and promoted for their better implementation. When you are overcome by doubts about your own inferiority, it is extremely important to be able to do what gives you the most pleasure and allows you to express your individuality.

Everyone wants to feel the necessary strength in themselves in order to fully move forward and demonstrate their own abilities. In life I want to be wealthy and independent. In many ways, creative impulses and ideas contribute to this goal.

DEPRESSION: know yourself - you will find the meaning of life

The reason for our heroine’s fatigue, like many other owners of a sound vector, is a lack of meaning. Without understanding the meaning, it is impossible to perform a single action, and the feeling of the meaninglessness of life as such kills. There seems to be no point in living.

Abstract intelligence needs silence, concentration and tension of the mind. This is the only way to answer the philosophical questions of existence. This is how poetry and music come. This is how ideas come. But there is an important condition: the focus should be outside - on people, on solving external problems. For those who do not have a sound vector, this clarification will seem strange. Nevertheless, for sound engineers the likelihood of falling into the abyss of their own worlds is too great. Alas, inside your head you cannot find an answer to the sound query “what is the meaning of life,” no matter in what form it is formulated.

Only owners of the sound vector want to get to the bottom of the root cause and clothe this search in all sorts of forms. Not understanding their real desires, they often look for altered states of consciousness in the hope of discerning Something that is hidden beyond this reality. Some people choose simpler paths - meditation, drugs. Someone studies foreign languages ​​or engages in programming in the hope of finding the answer there. Someone directs his gaze to distant Universes, believing that they are the ones who keep the memory of the root cause. Some live “ordinary” lives, not realizing their desires at all - they have the most difficult time.

Vector is desire. Like a compass needle that always points north. Can you change its direction? Can. But nothing useful will come of this except overstraining the system. In our case - mental overstrain and, if we are talking about the owners of the sound vector, subsequent depression. And these are no longer abstract things, but real suffering.

Nature has a special demand from the owners of the sound vector - with our awareness of Meanings, we determine the life of all humanity. How this happens is explained in detail at Yuri Burlan’s training “System-vector psychology”. And first of all, we must know ourselves through differences from others. Then put together for yourself the entire system of the world order, where each element fits perfectly into the overall plan.

“I was on antidepressants for a year and a half, I turned into a vegetable, I stopped feeling life, but there was no relief, I was just a vegetable... I came to the training, realizing that if I didn’t do something else, then I would simply turn into the scum of society if If I don’t jump out of a window, take pills, or cut out my heart, I’ll definitely go crazy or end up in a garbage dump... After several classes, I caught myself thinking that for some time now I just haven’t thought about death... Somewhere from the middle of the training I felt a great desire to open the window and look at people... I NOTICED SUMMER! I suddenly saw that I was walking down the street, and it was summer! Warmth and lilac. I stopped and smelled the lilac))) How is this possible? How did I live without SVP?..."

Oksana, Tomsk Read full text of the result

“Relief came immediately - I realized that I was not crazy. That there are a huge number of people like me, asking themselves the same questions. I immediately no longer wanted to die or escape from this world to a monastery.”

Victoria, St. Petersburg Read full text of the result

Treating chronic fatigue with healing sleep

Daytime sleepiness, headache, fatigue, lack of attention may indicate poor rest at night.

Fatigue throughout the day can be eliminated by purchasing a new mattress. The spine bends excessively on a mattress that does not provide orthopedic support, breathing becomes shallow, the brain receives less oxygen and the nervous system becomes agitated. In the morning, a person suffers from an excess of stress hormones and adrenaline: irritability, cravings for sweets, apathy.

The right orthopedic mattress, selected according to the person’s age, height and weight, taking into account posture and health problems, will force the skeletal muscles to work and relax the large back muscles, which are usually compressed and overloaded. Blood will flow freely through the arteries and veins, the lower back will take a neutral position, and the pain will go away.

  • For people with back pain, it is important to choose an anatomical mattress, but with good orthopedic support for the spine.
  • Physically active people with a large body weight should not use a harder mattress in order to preserve the functioning of the spine.
  • If you are slouched, you need to choose a medium-hard mattress with anatomical filling.
  • A soft mattress is recommended for pain in the joints and muscles, and intervertebral hernias.


The first question is “With whom?” The clear answer is with a positive person who knows how to value friendship and relationships. Optimists have a wonderful trait - they themselves are always at the peak of a good mood, and they pull others along with them. Perhaps a new acquaintance will help you discover something new in yourself or the world around you. Sometimes a stranger gives one piece of advice, but it is more valuable than all the recommendations from loved ones. If making new friends on the street is scary, here are some great places to meet:

  • courses, clubs that bring together like-minded people;
  • pet parks, if available;
  • dating sites, social networks;
  • speed dating - quick dates;
  • discussion clubs;
  • group therapy with a psychotherapist;
  • bookstores, galleries, other places of cultural education.

Visit a specialist's office.

It's simple. Therapist - if fatigue is expressed in chronic physical ailment. Psychologist - if you have something to say, something to cry about. Psychotherapist - if the situation has become so twisted that there is no way out in sight. The fear of going to the doctor is so deeply ingrained in the mind that it seems as if it has reached the genetic level and is inherited. However, it is unfounded. Doctors are people who want to help others. For other reasons, it is simply impossible to serve 5-9 years at lecture desks. These professionals offer help, and sometimes it is desperately needed.

Take the brain hemisphere test

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