What to do if your personal life is not working out - 3 best methods for solving the problem from a specialist

Hello everyone, Oksana Manoilo is with you and a common problem of my clients is what to do if your personal life is not working out? In this article I want to answer this question. And I’ll tell you how to arrange your personal life.

I’ll tell you in a simple, accessible way about methods that work wonders and take relationships to a new level. I will approach the issue of relationships from an unusual angle, this will make it even more interesting.

Esoterics and personal life

In this article you will learn:

Relationships, personal life - different people associate these words with different things. For some, it warms the heart with pleasant memories. But for some it only causes sadness and melancholy.

Interpersonal relationships have always been hard work for both parties. Especially after the first time of falling in love has passed. For many people, this becomes a common cause of breakup. There are many subtleties in this matter, and I will talk about the most unobvious of them in the article.

Esoterics is a very multifaceted science, so to speak. With the help of various esoteric techniques and practices, you can influence almost any area of ​​life and activity.

Personal life is no exception, be it problems with your significant other, or any other part of it.

It has been said many times that life is not only the material and physical components, but the intangible part as well. Spiritual, emotional, energetic. By giving preference to one part and completely ignoring the other, it will be very difficult for you to achieve harmony, and, therefore, happiness.

Therefore, along with physical actions aimed at maintaining good relationships or improving well-being, try to perform certain practices that will improve the metaphysical component of your personal life. I will talk about some of them below, and you can find some on my website here.


“Don’t drink water off your face” - we’ve all heard and agreed with this old wisdom. However, when choosing a life partner, many of us are primarily guided by the appearance of the future chosen one, which often leads to disappointment and another break in the relationship. Hairstyle, sense of style, piercings, tattoos - none of these things fully reveal the inner world of a man.

If you're just looking for someone to have a good time with, this is one thing. But if you want to live happily ever after with him for the rest of your life, you should know that not every beautiful face comes with a beautiful soul. Plus, the more you love someone, the more attractive they become.

How do chakras affect sexuality?

What to do if your personal life is not working out? Do you know what chakras are? These are energy channels. Every person has them. And the state in which they are depends on all aspects of life. Including personal life and of course sexual energy.

In particular, the Zarod chakra, as it is called in Slavic, is responsible for harmonious relationships and pleasure in life. For satisfaction with your sex life. For the ability to attract the opposite sex.

When a person is completely closed, then there is no personal life at all. And the search for an answer to the question arises: what to do if your personal life does not work out. If orange energy somehow flows through it, and this is its color, then there is at least some kind of relationship. And as soon as its performance is fully increased, then relationships in the real world, with real partners, improve.

She is also responsible for the ability to conceive and bear a child, for procreation. Often having restored the normal functionality of the Zarod chakra, both partners finally have children in the family. I work with this regularly and there are many positive stories from clients.

You can find out the state of the chakras right now.

Partner requirements

Many of those who have problems in their personal lives are true idealists. They want their partner to be ideal and fit all the parameters. But does this happen? Does it make sense to write a list of qualities of an ideal partner? Yes, perhaps a few people out of 7.5 billion will fit your requirements, but is it likely that you will meet them? Parents often help compile such a list. Mom worries why her son’s personal life is not working out, but at the same time she doesn’t like each of his chosen ones. She sees a lot of shortcomings in them and immediately reports them to her beloved son. But perhaps these will be advantages for him?

Of course, it’s good that a person “doesn’t jump at the first bone,” but being too demanding of the opposite sex is not right. Try not to analyze people from head to toe. Allow them to reveal themselves in a relationship, and then you will see that a lot of advantages can be hidden behind small shortcomings.

You definitely need to know how to restore chakras

Chakras are a very important and significant part of the human energy body. They are connected with almost all areas of people’s lives, from physical health and interpersonal relationships, to material well-being and connections with the spiritual world.

Unfortunately, at the moment, when almost all light knowledge is forgotten by the majority, few people pay attention to the state of their energy channels. And they fall into a deplorable state under the influence of many external and internal factors.

And this, in turn, negatively affects the part of life for which the diseased chakra is responsible. Problems begin that, in fact, are symptoms of deteriorating energy circulation. But a person tries to solve them without exerting any influence directly on the chakra system.

It turns out something similar to the operating principle of most of the currently popular medications: the body signals a problem, and we shut it down without solving the problem itself.

The method is ineffective and short-lived. After all, sooner or later the symptoms will appear again, because the problem has not gone away.

The conclusion from all this can be drawn as follows: if you have difficulties in any area of ​​your life, what to do if your personal life is not working out? Along with direct work to eliminate them, pay attention to the chakra that is responsible for this area. Techniques for working with chakras, as well as their purpose and role in a person’s life, can be found in the corresponding article on the website.

Fear of love

Sometimes two completely different feelings fight within a person. On the one hand, he wants to start a family, but on the other, he is afraid. Fear of love is usually associated with the fear of losing freedom, as well as the fact that the partner will bring pain and disappointment. Many people close their hearts from everyone, but at the same time they wonder why their personal life is not working out.

A girl’s fear can be associated both with her own bitter experience and with the stories of acquaintances and friends. But men suffer the most from this problem. They are very afraid of losing their freedom. As soon as the relationship becomes serious, and it’s time to propose, the man flees.

How do thoughts affect your personal life?

Human thoughts are a huge power that ninety percent of the Earth's population uses completely incorrectly. What do you think thoughts are? Just an inner voice with which you communicate with yourself? I assure you this is not true. With this voice you communicate not only with yourself, but also with the Universe.

With your thoughts, namely your attention, you literally illuminate, like a spotlight, the sector of life that you want to see in your world. It doesn’t matter at all whether you know about it or not. Is this thing pleasant to you, or does it only cause negativity?

By dwelling on something that greatly oppresses or irritates you, you only make the situation worse. After all, what controls your thoughts will be in your world. I ask you to pay attention to this fact! And don’t neglect it if your question is what to do if your personal life isn’t working out.

What to do if your personal life is not working out? - positive vector!

With its help, you can either find happiness and harmony or cast yourself into the abyss of despair. In fact, the power that our thoughts have is truly amazing. With their help, you can build yourself any world you want.

Money, love, family happiness, travel, home, career - it doesn’t matter to the Universe what exactly you ask of it. She just gives you what you show her.

You constantly think that you are unlucky with your partner in a relationship , that you don’t have enough money. At work, the bosses blew their minds, my relatives got me, my neighbors are bastards. And not life at all, but a continuous series of failures? Well, this is exactly what the Universe will see and increase, because it doesn’t know any other way.

Instead, try to think about how you would like to live. Direct your attention not to problems, but to the desired result. Think about the beautiful soulmate with whom you live in perfect harmony. You travel the world, have a wonderful home and an excellent income that allows you not to deny yourself anything.

And in general everything is fine with you. And the Universe will see it. And you will have all this, don’t even doubt it. The main thing is to remind her more often, otherwise you are not alone with her.

Why do you want to howl when life is good?

It is not by chance that human success, as a standard of a happy life, is elevated to a superlative degree today. This is how the powers that be form us into a redneck society of consumers. Why fly to Mars, there is nothing there. Is this a familiar phrase? It’s not just a slightly bow-legged heroine from a commercial talking to you. Take it higher. This, according to the architects of the future, is the best example of a “happy tomorrow for humanity.”

We also noticed that the rich don’t just cry either. They love to do it publicly and sobbingly. “Pearls are small,” and crocodile tears poured from the TV screen. They are lonely and bored in their stagnant and stinking swamp of success. I want freshness, newness. The soul asks for attention, compassion. And more money, money, money. Just take pity on the orphan. And the technology of how to monetize this into new money has long been worked out by our successful and rich people.

At the same time, Qatar believes, “they try to throw off their experiences, which they thoughtlessly grabbed onto, onto others... You are given false problems that you have nothing to do with. And from their decision, you are neither cold nor hot.”

Therefore, in order not to suffer in vain and not produce losers in life, learn to clearly separate problems into yours and those of others. Take control of your emotions. Especially those imposed on you by television and other media. Just drive them away from your home and consciousness. This way you will significantly minimize the number of virtual experiences and real failures of your own. The relationship between them is obvious to me.

Techniques and practices when you are unlucky in your personal life

There are a great many subtleties in establishing a personal life, including in esotericism. Each problem has its own effective practice or ritual. On the site you can find a huge amount of material on many topics.

For more effective and productive work with subtle energies and chakras, I recommend that you take my esoteric training course. Subscribe in the form below and receive a practice video - FREE.

What to do if your personal life is not working out - now you know what to do. Good luck to you in your development and personal life! And esotericism will help you.


People around you, friends, colleagues and relatives may criticize the large age difference between two people in love. Well, we have all faced the pressure of public opinion. However, you are doing a great foolish thing if you pay attention to this. Is your chosen one 10 years younger than you? This is wonderful, thanks to his youth you will also become younger, more active and more fun. Is he 20 years older than you? This is not a reason to be upset. The trend for a healthy lifestyle, which is gaining momentum, can significantly rejuvenate the body of any 60-year-old man, and you can help him with this.

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