What to do if everything is bad: 14 tips to return to normal life

Tears won't change anything

Remember your childhood, when you hurt your knees and cried that they hurt. What was happening at that moment? That's right, you felt pain! But what did you do? Nothing! You were just crying! How did you get rid of this pain? Act one, you were returning home. Act two, showing the wound to the parents. Act three, they smeared your knees with brilliant green.

You did something to fix the situation! Regular crying didn't help matters! So now, start solving your problems! Whining won't help matters!

Create a comfortable environment for yourself

The first stage of creating relationships that are healthy in every sense is a responsible approach to what and with whom you fill your life. Yes, the prospect of transforming toxic relationships into joyful and comfortable ones can be scary at first, especially if it concerns friendships, family, food, work, or yourself. However, it is important.

Analyze all your connections and notice how they contribute to your life and well-being.

Those who are responsible in choosing their environment are often more confident in making decisions.

People's bitterness is not your concern

When someone tries to suppress your confidence, erase your success, diminish you as a person, grit your teeth and smile! Don't let others see your fear! Show character! Don't let your ill-wishers enjoy their victory over you. Someone doesn’t like you, they don’t like your actions or thinking, but they don’t care about anyone! Always be yourself! Don't you dare let people or circumstances break you or change you! Don't listen to what you need to be like, how to communicate, how to act! This is your life! It's your problem, what will happen to you, no one else! Remain yourself despite everything!

Stop caffeine

Caffeine is a stimulant that irritates your already stressed nervous system. When you are worried, tense, or even on the verge of hysteria, another cup of coffee will cheer you up, but not for long. Instead, try other, gentler ways to wake up and recharge your batteries: exercise or meditation. If you don’t enjoy a morning without coffee, take your relationship with this drink to a slightly different level and make it as conscious as possible. Savor the aroma and enjoy the taste of the drink while sipping it from your favorite mug. After some time, it may turn out that this ritual is much more important than the coffee itself.

Let it go

A necessary action for further carefree life, without the burden of the past. Having experienced something terrible, do not lose the human qualities of kindness, love and creativity. Everything in our life is interchangeable, some circumstances take everything from us, but sooner or later this will be compensated in the future. The main thing is not to wait for manna from heaven by simply folding your hands. You need to keep moving towards your goals, no matter what.

Remember: the best rest is silence

Yes, yes, yes, not a single article about changing life is complete without mentioning meditation. Well, what can you do if it really works? Approximately 80% of visits to doctors are in one way or another related to the consequences of stress, can you imagine what a monstrous waste of time and money? Even more amazing is that we can reduce all these expenses with the help of... that's right, meditation. These practices help cope with stress, strengthen the immune system, improve sleep and feel truly happy. Just five minutes of this relaxation will make your day much more joyful. Another bonus: people who meditate regularly think rationally and experience less anxiety when life throws up new surprises.

Analysis of problems

Why do I feel bad, I don’t know how to continue to live, I’m very sad... What’s the use of these questions? Analyze your condition and understand yourself properly. Figure out why everything in your life became bad. Write down the reasons for your failures and poor condition. Write down possible ways to solve them, difficult and easier. You have nowhere to rush now, write down all your thoughts on this task. Afterwards, read what is written and begin to take those actions that, at the moment, are most convenient for implementation.

This way, you won’t take on an over-the-top task that takes years to complete and drive yourself into greater and greater depression from dissatisfaction. By doing small, simpler tasks, your mind will begin to understand that everything can be solved and you are already doing it, thereby making it easier for you to look at the current circumstances. You will understand that they are also solvable.

What to do when you feel sick and sick for no reason

Alas, it also happens that depressive states come on their own, and it happens somehow gradually, so that you don’t understand their true cause. This happens when the weather is constantly cloudy outside. During the day the sun's rays are not visible, and at night neither the moon nor the stars appear. Weather depression is treated with exactly what is currently lacking in nature - warmth and light. The British had the habit of sitting near the fireplace, looking at the live fire and warming up next to it, which is not surprising if you take into account the number of rainy days a year in Foggy Albion. In our cities it is impossible to have a stove or fireplace at home, but you can visit turbo solariums, use bright electric light, take a warm shower or bath, and also turn on electric heaters if the house is too damp or cool.

The monotony of work and everyday routine, when it all becomes hopeless and monotonous, can also lead to depression. Routine especially puts pressure on people with a creative character. Today it is fashionable to say that such a person has creativity. And if this was said about you, then you are the type for whom monotonous monotonous activity is contraindicated.

To distract yourself from it, you need to force yourself:

  • visit theaters, cinemas, excursions and museums;
  • go on quests in reality;
  • get out into nature;
  • meeting friends you haven’t seen for a long time;
  • change the canteen where you go for lunch to various cafes that are located near your work.

That is, we need to bring more variety into this routine life so that it does not seem so. Well, by the way, listening to music helps. And not only when you drive home from work, but also during your lunch break.

A state of despondency and awareness of hopelessness can visit anyone who has already tried several times to get a job, but was constantly rejected. It's difficult to give general advice for everyone, but one thing you can say to any unsuccessful job applicant: it's not your fault! If unemployment is growing in the country, then the personnel services of enterprises are not interested in recruiting a large number of candidates. Often, open vacancies in companies are simply taken and reduced, so as not to fire existing staff. Think that those guys who already work in this company also have a hard time: they are forced to work for two, three or four. These people often pay for having a job by never returning home on time, and their brains are literally boiling from mental work. After all, it is much more difficult to standardize than the work of a turner or weaver, where the result of labor is quite material.

Don't neglect your future

Many people mistakenly believe that during a difficult life situation, drinking alcohol will ease the soul... Is this really so? The first hour or two, indeed, may make you feel better, since your logic will weaken and your soul will be open to plowing. The nerve endings will be muted, and then what? Afterwards, such a wave of emotions will come that will engulf the person and cause severe depression. Alcohol and drugs will not help improve the situation, and temporarily dampening it can lead to consequences that will make an already not-the-best life many times worse. If you are not prone to alcoholism. You can allow yourself to call your loved ones, sit down like a human being at a common table, with a small amount of alcohol and have a heart-to-heart talk, open up to people in whom you are confident. Thus, drinking alcohol in the current situation can still play the role of a mental balm.

Get plenty of sleep

Our body is a mechanism. A beautiful and incredibly complex system that needs care and rest. When you leave work, you turn off your computer every day, and that’s about what your body and mind need. Research says that good sleep helps the brain flush out toxins that accumulate during the day, which is why seven to eight hours of rest is incredibly important for mental and physical health. Your goal is to gradually increase your daily sleep duration to this level. 30 minutes more rest every day - it's that simple, right?

Don't suppress negative emotions

When a person says that I have grief, but I can handle everything that has come my way. He is already dooming himself to suffering. He needs to let out all his resentment. Scream, cry, break something, have a colossal surge of adrenaline. Let me give myself as an example. When I feel very bad, my soul is crap and I don’t know what to do next…. I'm leaving for a deserted place. Where I live, such a place for me is a hill. I get to the hill, climb to the very top and start screaming at the top of my lungs as much as I can! I start kicking and hitting trees. In some cases, I buy the cheapest dishes from the Chinese and break them there. As soon as I realize that I am exhausted, it becomes much easier for me. I no longer have this burden, I have thrown it all out. I gave myself the will to open up and not keep it all in my soul. Do not under any circumstances suppress your grief, troubles and sorrows, drive the negative state away from your body.

How to let go of a situation and not think about it

Option 2.

In spite of everything, you fight, cling to life, solve problems, difficulties, questions, try, make every effort and no matter how difficult, painful and hard it is = move forward.

This is the position of truly strong individuals who are not going to give up so easily, lose to natural selection and end up in the evolutionary trash heap.

The easiest thing to do is just give up. Anyone can do this. Therefore, option 1 is weak, a loser. But getting out of the ass when everything is: It’s difficult. Badly. It sucks. Hurt. Tears. It's all butt inside. Emptiness. State of darkness. I don't want anything. Severe depression. Apathy. Weakness. Dejection. Sadness. Life is pain. Etc. bullshit. and change everything in the opposite direction = this is already a strong, active, practical position.

When you move forward and only forward = and change your life, your current situation, take concrete actions to improve everything, and don’t sit still and whine about how bad everything is, how fucked up everything is and so on or something else - you jump under trains and shit like that.

That's what the 2nd option is. This is what a strong and active position is. Male position!

Everyone decides for themselves what position to take; I just think out loud.

In the end - natural selection - and it always puts everything in its place.

But! As you understand, I personally have an unambiguous position on this question - you need to get out of your ass if you are already in it, you need to change something, your situation, correct, adjust, take action on what doesn’t suit you or what worries you, worries you, hurts you, etc.

Understand the main point: in life, anything happens, this is life.

And good, beautiful, wonderful, and incredibly beautiful-wonderful, etc. and so on.

And bad, not very good, and terrible, and regrettable, and painful/bad/sad, etc. and so on.

It doesn’t happen that you move upward like a string and everything is always fine with you. No. At least I don't know that. Life = like a wave. Draw a wave, now, with your finger in the air.

And you will understand that there is a peak (rise) and there is a decline (fall), there is no such thing that the peak is eternal...

Therefore, difficulties, problems, failures, pain, anxiety, experiences when it sucks, etc. and so on. = this is an absolutely normal process inherent in absolutely all HOMOSAPIENS on planet Earth.

Any stressful situation, stress, anxiety, worries, pain, suffering, etc. = in fact = makes you stronger and stronger each time inside, spiritually. It was not without reason that I once said that personality develops very strongly and quickly when it is bad, painful, not good, when it suffers.

Don't be shy to ask for help

This is not just about asking a loved one for help. Don’t be ashamed of life’s circumstances; no one is immune from them. One person was lucky at birth to have everything, another has to climb to happiness through a bunch of problems in his life. It’s no one’s fault, this is life and you need to accept it as it is. Therefore, if you see that you need help, seek help from friends, a psychologist, mentors, anyone, if you think that this or that person can somehow get you out of this situation. First of all, in order to get out of the current life situation, you yourself need to take a step towards getting rid of ailments. In this example, this is the step of asking for help. If you withdraw into yourself and experience everything alone, it will consume you...

Good deeds

Doing good deeds also helps relieve depression or stress. Currently, there are many charitable foundations and volunteer organizations that provide assistance to people in need. It is quite easy to join such movements.

They will be happy with any help that is offered to them. As mentioned above, everything is learned by comparison. When a person sees with his own eyes what life situations other people are in, their problems will seem funny and insignificant to him.

Try to think positively

Don't forget that thoughts are material. If you think about bad things, you will notice bad things around you, because you have concentrated all your thought processes on the bad things around you. I agree, it sounds easy in words... I use this technique: when a bad thought gets into my head, I spit it over my left shoulder, knock on the head (thinking bad head, what are you thinking about) and then knock on wood, driving the thought into the tree. Having done this action, I begin to repeat that I am happy, everything is fine with me, that I am building my life the way I want it. Start thinking positively, form in your head what you want to have and surround yourself with positive thoughts, even if everything is bad now. Avoid people who think negatively and constantly look at everything with contempt and condemnation; at the moment, you will not get anything good from communicating with them.

Professional environment

How to behave if a dark streak has come in life? What to do when everything is bad in the professional sphere? If we talk about conflict situations that occur at work, then here you should adhere to the following rule: you should not take them to heart. Everything that happens in the work team should be left there. We need to look for solutions, and not delve into the conflict and the situation itself. You should not strive to please everyone in the work team.

People come there to make money. Therefore, communication with colleagues should be built in a businesslike manner. Of course, there are friendly teams that move to a closer level of communication. But it will still be better if relations with employees remain neutral.


Don't neglect beauty. No matter how hard it is for you now, you must force yourself to move. There is no desire, it’s hard, everything is bad enough, so, at least not in the name of yourself, but in the name of loved ones whom you love, respect and appreciate. Finally, do something nice for them, in return you will receive their gratitude, which is likely to alleviate your condition. This action will help you understand that there is still good in the world, there are sincere feelings and gratitude. You should always maintain love in and for yourself, thereby attracting environmental kindness into your life.

If you have your own advice on how to survive a difficult period in life. Share them in the comments.

Option 1.

A lot of people, when in reality everything is very bad, shitty, painful, terrible, difficult, etc. and so on. they commit suicide, that is, they hang themselves, jump from bridges, throw themselves under trains, drown themselves in alcohol, become addicted to drugs, kill themselves, etc. and so on. This is the position when a person gives up.

The position when a person loses under the conditions of natural selection. All. His battle is over.

Why battle? Because if you haven’t understood yet, in order to survive in this world, you need to fight. If you don't fight = you will lose/die out = hence the expression: the battle is over.

Learn new things

The process of acquiring new knowledge makes us happy, that's a fact. It also helps to prolong our lives and make it more interesting and rich, and also eliminates unnecessary prejudices. If you want to start small, learn how to knit, for example. The Internet is full of training videos, so you can master this simple task without even getting out of bed. If you are attracted to big goals, take a three-month web design course. Whatever you decide to do, your brain will be deeply grateful to you.


It's time to forget about your figure for a while and allow yourself some “unhealthy” but so delicious food! Order pizza, buy a delicious cake, have a little feast for the soul! Scientists have long proven that when we are full, our body produces a “happiness hormone,” which gives the body strength and energy for future life. Get your dose of endorphin, eat whatever you want! Do not deny yourself such a small but pleasant joy! Don’t think about diets, the best diet is when it’s tasty and nutritious!!!

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