What to do if a man is selfish in a relationship, how to behave

An egoist husband is a predetermined model of family relationships, and a woman can learn about this state of affairs both in advance (then the continuation of an uncomfortable relationship is her conscious choice, dictated by the fear of loneliness or the hope of re-education), and she can face selfish manifestations after the wedding (the importance of partner, the conqueror's instinct is satisfied and there is no longer a need to pretend to be kind and generous).

A secret revealed or attention not paid to the first signs of selfishness in a partner’s behavior lead a woman to the question of what to do if her husband is an egoist. There are a lot of options and the first thing that comes to mind is the severance of all kinds of relationships, which, in essence, will get rid of this particular egoist, but the problem of choosing such a partner and the tendency to build unequal interactions may be much deeper and cannot be solved by divorce. In fact, not only the husband is lazy and selfish, but all men tend to display these traits and by breaking off a relationship with one, you can get the same scenario with another partner.

Before taking such a drastic step, it is worth assessing the degree of criticality, reconsidering your own requirements and expectations (if they are too high, and you are used to being treated like an ancient Chinese vase, then a relationship with a mature person can really show selfishness on his part, although more your own egoism is relevant). Pay attention to the differences in gender psychology and distinctive features of perception, and the fact that the function of telepathy is not yet provided built-in for any of the representatives. Therefore, the option of establishing contact and trying to talk about one’s own desires and expectations can work, turning the selfish and the most caring spouse.

What is selfishness

The desire for self-development, attempts to make life better, to achieve a goal by any means and at the same time putting individual interests above the feelings of other people - this is how selfish individuals are characterized. What is the male ego? This is a focus solely on personal needs, feelings and experiences. Egoists want to have all the benefits that others have, their inner male ego is insatiable and makes them constantly think that a person is deprived of something, he feels a lack of unknown something. Quite often, selfish men are lonely, cannot build a normal relationship with a woman, they are completely self-absorbed, in marriage they try on the role of a tyrant and are endlessly unhappy if their chosen one does not want to devote her life entirely to fulfilling the whims of her lover.

Set a goal

Psychology says that selfishness is instilled in a person from childhood, as a rule, in families where there is one, long-awaited, beloved and cared for child. It is almost impossible to re-educate an adult, but you can create conditions under which he will be forced to change.

The main thing is to understand why you need it.

Suppose, before the wedding, you failed to see that your future husband is lazy and selfish, but you still love him and want to save the family. But many women strive to re-educate their spouses only so that they do everything they want.

In this case, it is worth understanding more carefully who is really an egoist

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