How to understand that a guy is excited if a man says he wants you as a woman

Every person is interested in having his personal life in order, but not everyone achieves this result. The point is that some people are embarrassed to admit their feelings, while others cannot understand who really likes them. To make it easier for the fair sex to solve this problem, we must learn to understand and notice that a man wants a woman, the signs of which can be different and not always obvious at first glance .

Physical arousal reactions

Many girls are interested in how to understand that a guy is excited. There are actually a lot of signs. The main one is a pronounced erection. If you notice her, you can be sure that this young man is only thinking about you at the moment.

In addition to an erection, there are other signs of male arousal:

  1. Rapid breathing and heart rate are the main signs of arousal. If you notice that these symptoms began to appear in a guy after a conversation with you, he wants you.
  2. Enlarged pupils and parted lips are signs that the young man wants to hide his sexual intentions. He disguises this as interest in a conversation with you, but in reality his thoughts are working in a completely different direction.
  3. An increase in body temperature and slight redness of the cheeks indicates that the blood in the body has begun to circulate faster. If these symptoms occur during a conversation with you, most likely the young man is showing sexual interest in you.
  4. When a guy is excited, he constantly touches his face while talking to a girl. Moreover, he does this unconsciously. Psychologists believe that with such movements he is trying to hide his nervousness.
  5. A man may say something incomprehensible and behave inappropriately. At the same time, it will seem to him that everything is in order, and he behaves quite normally. This behavior indicates that the blood is not going to the brain, but to another part of the man’s body. Because of this, he betrays his excitement with his inappropriate behavior.
  6. After hidden signals, more obvious ones appear. For example, a man may suddenly make a joke or turn your conversation to a sexual topic. Moreover, it will seem quite adequate to him. When all a man’s thoughts are only about sex, and he is not embarrassed to voice this to you, it means that he is already mentally undressing you.


When a man is only interested in sex, he does not spend money on a girl . He views her as a disposable partner, so he sees no point in taking the girl to restaurants and cafes or giving gifts.

A man with serious intentions will not skimp on a trip to the cinema or a nice present. He will try to do everything to interest the girl and build a long-term relationship with her.

Greedy guy

Nonverbal cues

Every girl at least once in her life wondered how to understand that a man is aroused. Signs of such a wonderful state as arousal can be recognized by a man’s non-verbal language. For those who don’t know, this is posture and all body movements. It is by these that many girls are able to determine a man’s sexual arousal.

During a conversation with the object of his sympathy, the guy begins to unconsciously approach him. He stands next to the girl and the distance between them becomes minimal. After this there may be light touching of the feet and hands. Of course, this is not such an obvious sign, but from it you can understand that the guy wants you.

When a girl is next to a guy, he tries to touch her. For example, pat a girl on the shoulder or try to hug her. If a man doesn't have the opportunity to touch a girl, he won't know where to put his hands. Most likely, he will fidget with his tie, unbutton his collar and touch his clothes in every possible way.

The most common nonverbal sign is socially appropriate touching of a girl. For example, help when taking off a coat, holding an elbow or touching the waist when you need to move a girl out of the aisle. An interested young man can also wait for a response from the girl or lean almost close to her, as if he did not hear what she wanted to say.

When a guy wants a girl, he will in any case try to get close to her as quickly as possible. If a guy is decisive, he asks a girl out on a date, hugs and kisses her, but otherwise there are subtle signs that sometimes look very ridiculous.

Many people are interested in when a man wants a woman, what signs of interest can give him away. Everything is not very simple here, because often guys try to hide their excitement.

If a guy is excited, but does not admit it and tries in every possible way to hide any non-verbal signs, his hand movements can give him away. When some object falls into the hands of an excited guy, he begins to stroke it, twirl it and fidget with it in every possible way. This is some kind of defensive reaction that helps him hide his neurosis and excitement. On the surface it looks quite harmless, but in reality it means that the guy wants you.

When a guy wants a girl, he straightens his body in her presence. He assumes the pose of a confident man:

  1. Shoulders straightened.
  2. Chest wheel.
  3. Look ahead.
  4. Smile.

With such a gesture, he subconsciously tells the girl that he supposedly has something to offer her.


A guy who only wants sex from a girl is not afraid to touch her. He can take her hand, hug her around the waist, accidentally touch her with his hand, or sit next to her. In addition, he can take a special pose: turn his torso towards the girl, spread his legs and hug his chosen one. The woman will feel his readiness to pounce on her in a second.

A guy with serious intentions will not allow himself to behave like this

He, like a real gentleman, will be polite and gallant, and will not skimp on compliments and attentions. With him, the girl feels comfort and security.

Clear signs

If a guy is decisive, he won't beat around the bush and will immediately ask the girl out on a date. And already there he will show her his intentions.

Everything will start with innocent touches:

  1. Handshake or hug when meeting.
  2. Pat on the shoulder.
  3. Holding your elbow or waist while crossing the road.
  4. Any accidental touching.

Then there will be more obvious touching, but still not yet having a direct sexual hint:

  1. Long hugs.
  2. Kisses on the cheek.
  3. Stroking.
  4. Contact with knees or shoulders.

If a young man is assertive and self-confident, he can move on to more active actions:

  1. Touching the shoulders, neck, chest and stomach.
  2. Kisses on the lips, neck and ears.
  3. Stroking the knees and inner thighs.

With these touches the young man clearly shows his intentions. He expects reciprocity from you in order to enter into intimate intimacy with you in the future.

In addition to intentional touching, a guy can show his desire in other ways:

  1. Present.
  2. Courtship.
  3. Warm words to the girl.


Sexual contact is a real lottery, the outcome of which no one knows

A man cannot predict a woman’s behavior in advance, so he begins to get nervous . He tries not to show his feelings, and he succeeds. The young man puts on a mask of indifference so that the girl does not see his nervousness.

This is not a good sign - a man tries to embellish reality , hiding his true experiences.

Nervousness of a man

Psychologists' opinion

In order to most accurately understand what a young man’s intentions are, you should find out the opinion of psychologists. When a guy is excited, he can have a lot of symptoms. However, you need to pay attention to how he behaves during the dialogue.

Psychologists say that every man, when communicating with a girl, subconsciously turns over in his head the thought of whether he would sleep with her or not. As a rule, if a man is not interested in a girl, he either does not communicate with her at all, or only on business - very dryly.

There is no need to judge men for this, because the function of selecting sexual partners is inherent in their nature. For women, everything happens the same way. In the first 20 seconds of the dialogue, each of its participants realizes whether he wants sex with his interlocutor.

If during a conversation a man looks into your eyes, smiles and tells interesting stories, then he has a reason for this. Most likely, he is interested in you as a sexual object. Of course, due to some fears and social complexes, he may not show this, but his gaze and attempts to seem like a cheerful person speak for themselves. If you show reciprocity right now, most likely this man will ask you out on a date.

You should not take any gesture of politeness on the part of a man as a sign of sexual interest. It is very important to look at his body language. If a guy stands up so that his body is turned towards you, most likely he is attracted to you. Attempts to close the distance between you indicate sexual attraction on his part.

Many girls don't understand what to do if a guy says he wants you. Psychology can give a very simple answer to this question. Men are simpler creatures than women. They do not like to complicate anything and, instead of hints, would prefer to tell the truth straight out. So, if a man directly tells you about his sexual desires, so be it.

Evening or night meetings

In a serious relationship, partners try to spend all their free time together. In the case where meetings occur only on weekends or holidays at a later time, it is worth considering. Most often, an obsessed man tries to hide his relationship with a girl from others, so he schedules such inopportune meetings.

Sexual attraction is common to every man. However, a woman must understand when her partner only wants sex and when she wants a serious relationship. This will help you find a worthy partner with whom you can build a strong family.

You can learn more about how to tell if a guy only wants sex by watching the video :

A little check

With the advent of the Internet in people's lives, guys began to develop a fear of approaching girls. That is, if 30 years ago men could easily meet girls and build relationships with them, now not everyone can just chat. This is due to the fact that almost all communication has moved to social networks, and not every guy can start a real dialogue with a girl.

Because of this, not all guys can show girls their sexual interest. Very often this does not go beyond hidden signals that only psychologists can recognize. However, don’t be upset, because every girl can check a guy’s intentions.

It's very easy to do. The point is that guys would love to be bold, take action, and show girls their sexual desires. However, something always stops them. Not everyone can take the first step. And the second and subsequent steps are much easier for men.

Therefore, if you need to understand whether a man wants you, show him your interest. If he becomes more active and starts communicating with you more and asking you out on a date, he definitely wants you. And if this does not happen, most likely, he simply doesn’t like you.

By the way, while talking with a guy, you can flirt with him a little. If after this he is more friendly and nice to you, then he is interested in you. Continue flirting with him until he takes the initiative.

Is love and attraction at the same time real?

“I love and want the man I love, and he loves and wants me!” - the ideal that most girls strive for. But there are often cases when men experience sexual desire for some women, and love for others. When you meet a new partner and are increasingly thinking “I want to tell my man that I love him!”, first make sure you are serious with the help of the tips above.

Do you want to better understand yourself and male psychology? Try taking the online course “Secrets of Women’s Happiness.” The lessons are structured so that each participant reveals her strengths and weaknesses in communicating with the opposite sex, strengthens her femininity, and learns to choose worthy gentlemen.

Tell me, have you ever doubted the sincerity of your boyfriend’s feelings? How did you verify his intentions?

How to behave

Here you need to be guided by your attitude towards this man. If you like him and feel that you are also aroused when you look at him, you can take the first step yourself. However, you should think about this carefully. The man must take the first step, and if he is afraid of this, then something is wrong with him. Perhaps if your relationship hits hard times, he may not be able to take responsibility and solve problems.

Every girl wants men to be more decisive. This is very easy to achieve. If you like a young man, reciprocate his feelings. The point is that men behave based on the behavior of women. That is, when he receives feedback from you in the form of signs of sympathy, he will become more decisive.

The main thing is to be careful. Even if you really like this guy, you shouldn't give in to him right away. If intimacy happens too quickly, nothing good will come of it. Guys very quickly lose interest in women who give themselves to them in the very first days of their acquaintance. So , show the guy your inaccessibility so that he appreciates you, and his desire to have sex with you increases . And then you can build a strong and happy relationship with him.

And if you do not have mutual feelings for this man, there is no need to give him false hopes. Tell him directly that he is not your type, or come up with another reason for refusal. This way, you will save time and nerves for yourself and the young man who has shown interest in you.

Body language and facial expression are a reflection of the soul. It is by this that you can determine whether a man wants you or not. Either way, if you like him, look him in the eyes and smile. If you see that he enjoyed flirting with you, then he cares about you.

Men's perception of relationships with women

Males and females differ not only physiologically, but also psychologically. Therefore, understanding each other is not an easy task. At least not for everyone.

It’s not for nothing that they say that a man is from Mars and a woman is from Venus. Two identical, but at the same time, different creatures.

Basic moments

The perceptions of relationships between men and women are radically different.

To truly get close to a girl, a member of the opposite sex needs to go through five stages:

- the need to be the only one;

In the first stage, the young man experiences a feeling of attraction to his partner. It all starts with the girl's appearance. This is what a man looks at first.

But a guy cannot be attracted by looks alone, even though many girls say that men only want sex. For a young man, a girl’s intelligence, her manner of speech, character, etc. are also important.

That is, representatives of the stronger sex also have high feelings. At the second stage, a man can move away from his chosen one in order to decide whether he needs this relationship and what it brings to his life.

During this period, a girl should not disturb a young man, try to sort things out with him, create quarrels, but leave him alone with himself.

As a rule, after a short period, the young man becomes even closer to the lady. Thus, the young man is approaching the third stage, when he not only begins to pay more attention to his chosen one, but also demands the same attitude towards himself.

He becomes more jealous. Every man is a potential rival for him. At this moment, quarrels and showdowns in raised voices are not uncommon.

To avoid this, a girl only needs to share her warmth with a man more often and tell him that he is the best for her.

The lovers approach the fourth stage as one unit. They have no secrets from each other, they share their most secret problems without hesitation, they know all their shortcomings, but despite this, they maintain love.

At the engagement stage, a man begins to think, is this the person with whom he would like to spend the rest of his life?

It is during this period that many couples break up, because for one, personal freedom may be more important than the feelings of the other.

Keys to Understanding the Opposite Sex

Not every woman is able to understand her man, because representatives of the opposite sex often hide their emotions. But it also depends on the young man’s temperament.

Some people openly show their feelings, while others need a lot of time to get used to their partner and open up to him.

You can understand how a man feels by the following signs:

1. Fear of losing a woman. This is precisely the main sign of high feelings for your chosen one. But these signs of a man’s love for a woman can also be ordinary selfishness, fear of loneliness.

2. He has a need to care for and feel sorry for his girlfriend. Each representative of the strong half of humanity has an inherent desire to care for and protect his beloved, who is physically weaker than him. If he tries in every possible way to please a woman, and does not demand any benefits in return, this speaks of his love for his chosen one.

3. Admiration for the lady. A man openly admires the beauty, intelligence and even shortcomings of a girl. For him, everything about her is perfect. People often say about such people that they “put on rose-colored glasses.”

Approach from behind9

The ancestors of men were hunters, and tracking the prey, and then suddenly lunging at the victim, gave them considerable pleasure. Little has changed since ancient times. The woman is also perceived as a kind of prey, which, as before, needs to be pounced on from behind. In the modern world, of course, everything is somewhat different, but the moment has not lost its essence and poignancy.

So, if a colleague or acquaintance comes up from behind and begins to explain something at ear level, this is a direct indicator of intimate interest. He would have mastered it here and now, but, alas, these are not the times. And there are too many people in the office. Another sign is to scare a girl from behind and almost naturally hug her at the same time.

In general, everything connected with the position “from the back” is very exciting for the stronger sex, and if he constantly does different things from behind, this says something. This should not be confused with an angry boss who immediately reprimands his subordinate, who is standing with her back to him. In this case, it doesn't even smell like sex.

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