If a guy is in love, then how does he behave, what are the main signs, behavioral features, and gestures of a lover?

How does a man in love behave?
This question worries any girl who is trying to understand how a young man treats her, and whether their acquaintance will develop into something more serious. Male behavior can give signals that a flirting couple has a chance of becoming a real family. And although representatives of the stronger sex try to carefully hide their emotions, the signs of falling in love can be recognized. From this article you will learn:

  • How does a man in love behave at the stage of the emergence of feelings?
  • What is important to know so as not to be deceived in a man’s love
  • What should a girl do if a man acts like he's in love?

How do guys fall in love?

Men behave more rationally than women. The need to think ahead also applies to matters of the heart. Even the emergence of love has its own algorithm:

  1. Appearance assessment. The stronger sex loves with its eyes: a girl’s appearance and the way she behaves provide initial data about her inclinations, striking character traits and help decide whether it is worth seeking the lady’s favor.
  2. The next stage is the guy’s first signs of attention and the first signs of falling in love. The man is interested, but he is only testing the waters, assessing the girl’s prospects and reactions.
  3. The candy-bouquet period, when both sides demonstrate their strengths. Only after this stage will a man fall in love if a woman suits him according to all the criteria.

Manifestations of falling in love depending on age

It turns out that in men of different ages, verbal and non-verbal signs of falling in love manifest themselves differently. Young men tend to show their feelings. It is not always possible to detect the love of a more mature man by external signs: he is more experienced and therefore cautious and secretive.

Fact! You can tell that a man is in love by watching how he changes his appearance. If experiments with a hairstyle, a beard, a mustache, or a new style of clothing occur simultaneously with the start of classes in the gym, without a doubt, he has fallen into the net of some beauty. Close attention to body hygiene, perfume, wardrobe, accessories - all this is typical for men of any age who want to make a pleasant impression on the opposite sex.

Signs of a young man in love

The signs of a guy in love are laid down at the genetic level, are universal and in many ways are instincts that cannot be controlled.

Falling in love is a strong feeling that requires release. It manifests itself both in conscious actions and in unconscious impulses.

10 signs that a guy is in love:

  1. The man shows no interest in other women.
  2. In the presence of a girl he likes, he behaves softly and watches his speech.
  3. The guy straightens up and straightens his shoulders, making himself more impressive.
  4. The lover behaves jealously; all nearby men are perceived as rivals.
  5. Hides shortcomings, inability to do anything and illnesses.
  6. He begins to think about starting a family.
  7. A lover lowers the timbre of his voice when talking to a girl.
  8. Specific gestures appear.
  9. He constantly looks at the girl.
  10. Actions are aimed at caring for your loved one.

Signs that a guy is in love with a girl can be both obvious and subtle. However, the look, gestures and actions will definitely show sympathy.


The hunter's instinct demands not to lose sight of the target. Therefore, the gaze of a guy in love always follows the girl. Dilated pupils also indicate interest.

By the way a guy behaves in a group, it’s easy to determine who he’s in love with: it’s worth making a joke, and people, laughing, instinctively glance at the person they like the most.


The gestures of a guy in love are not controlled by consciousness.
There are several types of nonverbal signals:

  1. Expressions of interest aimed at establishing contact:
      tilting the body in the direction of the girl;
  2. copying a pose;
  3. touch.
  4. Showing confidence:
      legs wide apart (sitting and standing);
  5. palms or fists lie on the sides, elbows spread wide;
  6. hands in the front pockets of the trousers, thumbs on the belt;
  7. The thumbs pull the waistband or trouser belt down.
  8. Indicating nervousness and excitement:
      sorting through objects;
  9. tugging at clothes;
  10. straightening your hair;
  11. erasing invisible dirt.


The behavior of a guy in love is characterized by a desire to get to know and protect the girl, to introduce her into his life:

  1. A man finds himself in places where a girl is, and he develops similar interests: the desire to be close is due to a sense of possessiveness and the inability to win a lady while being far away from her.
  2. Fulfills requests immediately and even to his own detriment: the lover behaves selflessly, and the girl always has free time.
  3. Gives sudden gifts: falling in love is accompanied by a desire to do something nice, to show generosity.
  4. He tries to get to know his chosen one better: this is necessary in order to understand whether the girl is suitable for the role of a permanent partner.
  5. Introduces friends: winning a girl is considered an achievement. The lover feels proud that the girl is nearby and strives to introduce her to more people.

Behavior of an adult man

Uncontrolled emotions and reckless actions in the past. He realizes that every rash action can have undesirable consequences. This is especially true for a married man in love. The “not free” status forces him to behave with restraint. Neither embarrassment nor suddenly reddened cheeks will give him away. He's been through all this before. He will try to surround the object of his secret passion with attention and care, enter into a circle of trust, and become her friend. He will act more actively only if he catches her response.

The bachelor has many more trump cards in his hands. He does not need to play a double game, hide from his wife, relatives, and acquaintances. He may not limit himself to signals and hints, and express his sympathy verbally:

  • One of the most effective flirting tools is compliments: her sweet smile, gentle look, luxurious head of hair, broad outlook, intelligence, energy, hard work. A separate section is compliments to business skills and abilities.
  • An offer to give you a ride home, which usually ends with an agreement on a date, is the next stage of courtship. A romantic meeting brings them both a lot of positive emotions; he jokes a lot, shows generosity and care. Endorphins “saturate” his brain, providing the man with a great mood.
  • Subsequent dates contribute to further establishing contact and establishing mutual understanding. The man is increasingly convinced that he is very lucky to have met her - charming, charming, the only one, ideal.
  • Physical attraction increases with each meeting. Signs that an adult man is in love may include loss of appetite and problems sleeping. The hormones dopamine and norepinephrine increase desire and dependence on the object of passion. If the feelings are mutual, the relationship moves to a new stage, and the man finally tastes the forbidden fruit.
  • When the level of physical intimacy is passed, emotional attachment arises. Now the lover sees before him not an angel descended from heaven, but a real person with his own flaws and shortcomings. His further behavior and actions will be determined by whether he accepts his beloved for who she is, or whether he goes further in search of a new ideal.

It is impossible to build harmonious relationships without the ability to manage your negative emotions: anger, annoyance, disappointment. Control them, look for reasonable ways of expression.

How does a timid, shy guy behave?

Not all men openly express their interest. For guys who are insecure, any refusal is such a strong blow to their pride that it’s easier not to take the initiative at all.
The way a timid guy behaves when he is in love is precisely due to the fear of being rejected. The behavior of a shy guy in love is distinguished by:

  • secrecy;
  • alienation and severity;
  • nervousness;
  • in a conversation with a girl, he either talks too much about himself or listens too much.

You can recognize the real feelings of a shy man through his gaze, gestures and facial expressions. Often a girl has to be the first to take a step towards, behave affectionately, encourage with smiles and approving phrases.

Will try to become better9

For example, he will decide to do something that he couldn’t do before you. This could be giving up smoking, alcohol, or anything else that was ruining his life and health. And surprisingly, he will be happy and glad that he finally gave up on this and will be eternally grateful to you, since your appearance in his life pushed him to take such a step. This ease is due to the fact that at the moment he will be filled with a feeling of love for you and for your sake he will want to completely change, just to become better in your eyes.

In addition, your interests will be above all for him and you should appreciate such a manifestation of feelings, since not every young man is capable of such sacrifices.

And one more thing that will betray his feelings is a change of image. He will begin to take a more detailed approach to the choice of clothes, will always try to dress differently, will start wearing perfume, and change his hairstyle. He will also begin to monitor his speech and it is quite possible that he will begin to read and somehow develop if he realizes that your level is higher.

All these changes are for your sake, or rather, in order to attract your attention and make an impression. Not everyone will decide to take such steps and changes in their usual life for the sake of one girl. Therefore, if they did something similar for your sake, then with such a partner you will definitely not be lost.

Psychology of falling in love

The psychology of a guy in love is focused on the successful spread of genetic material. Initially, a man sends signals to several potential partners at once. Further development of the relationship occurs with the girl who gave the largest number of response signals.

The behavior of a lover is designed to:

  • protect the girl from the attention of rivals;
  • prove that he is better than others;
  • evaluate the girl according to the maximum number of criteria.

Since the assessment of a potential partner is based on non-verbal signs, a man cannot always say exactly what attracted him to a girl and why she is better than others.

Wants to talk about his life7

Remember, are you ready to share your life story with every person you meet or unfamiliar with? Men are especially not used to laying out all their cards at once, unless, of course, it concerns a person he likes. He wants to tell everything about himself in order to break down barriers and awkwardness from the very beginning. He will definitely share with you his interests, hobbies and many other things that accompany him on his life’s path.

He will expect the same from you, but, of course, he will not demand it. But if a man you don’t know well starts talking about his life, and if you feel sympathy for him, then why not talk about yourself? And do not forget to show interest in his stories, as this will inspire him even more, and he will understand that he shared all this not in vain, since he was able to find support in your person.

Also, watch how often he jokes. Usually, if a man feels attracted, he will try to make you laugh and tell various funny stories from his, and not only, life. In general, we will do our best to lift your spirits and relax you.

How to recognize his feelings?

Every girl once thinks about how to recognize a guy in love, because there is a risk of being deceived by wishful thinking. In addition, men have a harder time talking about love than women.

You can recognize feelings if you pay attention to how a guy in love behaves. It is not necessary that all the characteristics considered will manifest themselves to the same extent in a man. But some of these signs will definitely be present.

How does a guy feel in love?

Gestures and their meaning

If you want to understand whether a man is in love with you, pay attention to his body language. Sometimes he can say much more than words, since gestures are almost impossible to control.

  • When communicating, he often touches his lips and chin. This unconscious gesture can mean both embarrassment and a desire to kiss you.
  • His gaze often shifts to your lips. Let's continue the theme with kisses.
  • He constantly tries to touch you. Hold the elbow, squeeze the shoulder, remove a strand of hair that has fallen out of the hairstyle. This already speaks of sexual attraction.
  • When talking, he may look slightly from under his brows, while his torso or head will be slightly tilted in your direction. Another sign of his caring attitude.

A test to check if you're in love?

How to check if a guy is in love with you? Here the girl will be helped by tests that evaluate how a young man behaves from a psychological point of view.

“Is a guy in love with you” test:

  1. Does your boyfriend take care of you when you're sick?
      a) Never;
  2. b) Sometimes, if I really insist;
  3. c) Always cares.
  4. How does a guy behave when it comes to meeting his friends?
      a) Categorically refuses;
  5. b) Postpones acquaintance indefinitely;
  6. c) I introduced you a long time ago.
  7. Does he know your tastes?
      a) Doesn't know;
  8. b) Remembers some things;
  9. c) He knows what I like.
  10. Something is broken at your home. How does a guy behave in such a situation?
      a) Ignores;
  11. b) Asks routine questions and forgets;
  12. c) Solves your problem.
  13. How does he behave when you are around?
      a) Ignores you, looks at other girls, behaves rudely;
  14. b) Behaves in the same way as with other people;
  15. c) Often touches, looks into eyes.
  16. Does the guy try to look good around you?
      a) No, he doesn’t care;
  17. b) Sometimes when I remind him of this;
  18. c) Yes. Carefully chooses clothes, monitors posture.
  19. Does he often give gifts?
      a) Never;
  20. b) Only if you ask;
  21. c) Takes every opportunity to do something nice and behaves generously.
  22. It's the end of the workday, it's raining, and you don't have an umbrella. How is the guy behaving?
      a) He won’t even call;
  23. b) Advise to find an umbrella;
  24. c) He will come for you with an umbrella.
  25. How often do you see each other?
      a) Rarely;
  26. b) Periodically;
  27. c) Regularly.
  28. If he takes you on a date, then on whose initiative?
      a) You are always the initiator;
  29. b) Sometimes he suggests going out somewhere;
  30. c) Often takes initiative.

Option “a” – 0 points, “b” – 5, “c” – 10.

  • 70–100 points – the man is very much in love;
  • 30–70 – his feelings are weak;
  • 0–30 – he doesn’t care about you.

Makes joint plans with your participation3

Even if it seems to you that he is joking like that when talking about your wedding, children and home, then be careful. These may not be just words, but his real thoughts, which he hides and presents to you as a joke. No matter how the representatives of the stronger sex make excuses, they also dream of children and a strong family, but this is only with the one who is really interesting and attractive to him.

In their thoughts, they also play an imaginary wedding, build a house and much more. In a word, they simply dream about how you will get along well together and create a strong and happy unit of society.

A real loving man will do his best to introduce you to your parents. This already says a lot! It is unlikely that he would take the first person he met or someone for whom he did not have big plans to meet his family. In general, if you are the one, then he will want to meet you and his friends, family and loved ones. He will want you to make friends and be able to find a common language, so that they, in turn, understand why he loves you so much.

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