If intuition is silent: how to understand that a man is in love

Hello girls. Does anyone know how to understand that a man is in love with you if he hides his feelings? And I’ll tell you all this now, stop hiding for them already.

Unlike women, men are straightforward. They are rarely tactful until they are in love. Men are hidden in their feelings and do not like to talk about them.

Psychology of a man in love

Manifestation of love in men can be of 3 types:

  1. During the period of falling in love, a person makes every effort to win the girl he likes. He compliments her, surprises her, asks her out on dates, and tries to impress her in any other way.
  2. A man gets lost in the presence of the woman he likes. His thoughts are confused, he is nervous, and feels insecure. Such a person may remain silent because of his shyness or say something different from what he thinks.
  3. Young people who do not talk about their feelings and try not to show their emotions in any way, they hide all their experiences behind a mask of calm. You can often find out about their feelings only from the man himself.

If the guy is much younger or older

Such relationships have their pros and cons. Let's look at them in more detail.

Pros and cons if the guy is older

Both boys and girls see benefits in such relationships. Many men like to feel like they are leading in a relationship, to be a mentor and patron for their chosen one, and it is easier to achieve this in a relationship with a partner who is much younger. Young girls also often strive for relationships with older guys - as a rule, such chosen ones are much more successful than the girl’s peers, can share life experience, stand confidently on their feet and are able to provide financial support.

The disadvantages of such relationships often stem from their advantages. As she grows older, the girl no longer needs the advice and support of a man, and she begins to be annoyed by his guardianship and authoritarianism.

Pros and cons if the guy is younger

Recently, more and more often there are couples in which the girl is much older than her partner. Disillusioned with their peers, tired of their busy careers and pragmatism, girls begin to look for romance, and often lovers who turn out to be younger than them can provide them with such feelings. Guys see their advantages in such a relationship - they like that their partner is more experienced and in many ways seems more interesting to them than their peers - while the chosen one, most often, looks no worse than them, and in some ways is superior.

The disadvantage for a woman can be a feeling of self-doubt. It begins to seem to her that the guy will soon get tired of such a romance, and he will turn his attention to younger girls.

How to distinguish love from sympathy?

A man’s behavior when showing sympathy and falling in love is often similar. Both feelings cause pleasant experiences, positive emotions. But there are also some differences in them. When a man likes him, it will be pleasant to spend time with a woman and communicate with her, however, if she is not around, the lover’s thoughts will not constantly return to the object of sympathy.

If a man is in love, he will constantly want to see the woman, be near her all the time, and have physical contact with her. Thoughts will be limited only to the girl. When communicating with her, his mood improves.

It is important to remember that both friendship and male love develop on the basis of sympathy. It is important not to confuse these 2 feelings, since a mistake can lead to disappointment.

Words and actions

Thinking about how a man understands that he is in love, girls subconsciously expect compliments, beautiful words and gentle chirps. When expectations are not met, doubts and worries become a woman’s constant companions. But men claim that such experiences are completely in vain, since they prefer to express their love through actions. Showing emotions and putting feelings on display is a serious challenge for many men. Therefore, you should not torture either yourself or your loved one, you just need to enjoy communication and appreciate the actions of a man, not his words.

Signs that a man is in love with you

Men can show the first signs of falling in love hidden. However, gradually the man’s feelings will become stronger, and it will be possible to understand that he is in love based on some important signs.

Physiological signs of falling in love in men

It is impossible to fake this type of signs, they are difficult to control, so they should be given the greatest attention. Symptoms of falling in love are as follows:

  1. Dilated pupils. They increase due to the release of hormones.
  2. Palms sweat. This is easy to notice when shaking hands.
  3. Feeling hot. If a young man becomes hot in the presence of a woman, this indicates his sympathy for her.
  4. A blush appears. This symptom occurs in some men due to physiological characteristics.
  5. The voice changes. He becomes lower.

Behavioral signs

A man's falling in love is indicated by a change in his behavior:

  1. He tries to be the center of attention. The funny stories a young man tells are often intended for the girl he wants to impress.
  2. Active gestures are also an attempt to attract attention.
  3. Agreement. If a man supports a woman in everything, approves of all her steps, this is evidence of his concern for her.
  4. Pickiness. This is a sign of a boss in love: he makes comments to an employee he likes in order to call her to his office for a conversation.
  5. Helpfulness. A woman can only briefly mention her difficulties, and a man will immediately offer her help.
  6. Talks a lot about himself. In an effort to show his best side, the young man will constantly talk about his successes and merits.
  7. Listens carefully to the girl. Questioning indicates the interest of a person trying to determine whether a girl is suitable for him.
  8. Is active on social networks. Leaves comments, writes messages, likes.

External signs

The state of falling in love in women and men is accompanied by the manifestation of external signs. They are as follows:

  1. A man begins to take more care of his appearance: shave regularly, actively use perfume, etc.
  2. Lovers often change their clothing style and begin to follow fashion trends.
  3. Shoes and clothing are the object of constant attention. The man becomes more careful.

Nonverbal signs

A woman’s non-verbal signs are easily picked up on an intuitive level. Most often they manifest themselves in the following:

  1. When he sees the object of his sympathy, the young man takes a winning pose: straightens his back, draws in his stomach, folds his arms on his chest, and spreads his legs wide.
  2. The look of a man in love at a woman can tell her a lot. It's easy to recognize his interest.
  3. A young man tries to touch a girl. He may give her his hand, hold her by the waist when entering the elevator, or accidentally touch her hand.
  4. A raised eyebrow also indicates that a man cares.
  5. By placing his hands in the genital area, for example, in his trouser pockets or behind his belt, a man makes it clear to a woman that he is interested in her as more than a friend.

Brings more romance into communication5

His character changes in a positive direction in the presence of someone he likes. He becomes softer, sweeter, more tolerant and more attentive. Even if it seemed that a person was rude and ill-mannered, then love turns everything upside down and he becomes his absolute opposite.

In the presence of a girl, he tries to use less foul language, does not raise his voice, and generally tries to be the best version of himself. And the most interesting thing is that with everyone except her, he will behave as he is used to. And only with a girl will his romantic nature be revealed. He will literally melt from the warm feelings overwhelming him.

Only those who are truly in love can allow such “licentiousness” in character. This feeling allows you to be more attentive to your beloved’s requests, memory works better, and intuition too. Due to this, he can pleasantly surprise, remembering everything that the girl says and at a moment when she is sad, spontaneously come and give her favorite flowers and sweets. Just to make her feel a lot better.

He will also be the most caring. He will always be interested in whether everything is fine, whether it is comfortable and ask about many other little things, as long as his passion is happy with everything. If there is such a gentleman next to you, then keep in mind that all this is not in vain.

Manifestations of love depending on age

A person in love behaves differently at different ages.

Young people are more emotional in expressing their feelings. They strive to show the girl their strength, courage, and dexterity. This can lead to rash actions. Men over 35 years old try to demonstrate to a woman their care and attentiveness, they try to support her or help her in a difficult situation, to make her life easier.

The signs of a man in love after 45 years are restraint. Often this is due to his negative experience in the field of love relationships. They approach the object of their affection with caution and spend a long time testing their feelings. In such cases, the development of relationships largely depends on the woman’s initiative.

A young person's behavior can be influenced by many aspects, incl. the zodiac sign under which he was born.

Trivia and hobbies

When assessing the signs of falling in love, do not forget that men rarely pay attention to the little things. They are more interested in the image as a whole. They may not notice the woman's earrings or new hairstyle, but the feeling that their beloved is beautiful and well-groomed will certainly remain. But the husband will certainly appreciate it if delicious food is prepared and the house is sparkling clean. Many men understand love at the everyday level as caring.

You should not be offended by a man if he devotes more attention and free time to his hobby than to a woman. This doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings. He’s just a fan of football or his “swallow”, but he loves a woman. For men these are completely different concepts.

Manifestations of love in men according to zodiac signs

Temperamental representatives of the fire element find it difficult to hide their feelings, so their sympathy is immediately visible. Men of earth signs are best at hiding their feelings. It is easy to guess the thoughts of the representatives of the air constellations. Those who were born under the control of the element of Water often hide their love from themselves.

Aries do not like to court for a long time; they admit their feelings immediately. If the girl does not reciprocate their feelings, they will prefer to look for another object of sympathy. If their love is received favorably, they will surround their beloved with care and attention.

Taurus people are distinguished by their calm character, but falling in love changes them beyond recognition. They begin to get nervous, become active, gesticulate, etc. In addition, they begin to carefully monitor their appearance.

Geminis are generous fans. They begin to give gifts to their beloved. Men of this sign are always emotional, trying by any means to surround the girl they like with attention and care.

Cancers show persistence, sometimes bordering on obsession. They will write messages, call often, meet or see you off. They persevere. They love to give surprises.

Showing their sympathy, Leos try to please the woman they like, but they are in no hurry to reveal their feelings. They may disappear for a few days and then return with some kind of gift. They are ready to fulfill any girl's whim.

Virgo is shy and somewhat reserved. They will look at a woman with a passionate gaze, but at the same time they can be rude in conversation. A guy in love with this zodiac sign is distinguished by the fact that he takes a long time to look closely at the object of sympathy and is in no hurry to take steps towards developing a relationship.

Libra strives to spend as much time as possible with the woman they love. They first transform the relationship into friendship, check whether the girl is right for them, and only then decide to confess.

Scorpio is stingy. However, during the period of falling in love, he begins to demonstrate generosity. In addition, he will constantly look for a reason to meet, inviting the girl for a walk or a noisy party.

Sagittarius seeks spiritual intimacy with a woman. They are trying to find out her hobbies, determine her views on certain subjects, identify her circle of friends, etc. Gifts from Sagittarius indicate that he wants to take a more important place in the girl’s life.

Capricorns are timid in love. They may ask a girl out on a date and appear withdrawn and taciturn. Gradually they will become bolder, which will be a sign of strengthening their feelings. The manifestation of reciprocity will turn a man of this sign into a good interlocutor.

Aquarians show strong jealousy. Even a friendly conversation between a woman and another man can make Aquarius lose his temper. They are ready to become everything for the object of sympathy, they can make any sacrifices in order to bring joy to the girl.

Pisces are romantic natures, so they can do unusual things, for example, sing a song, buy a lot of flowers, write an inscription under the window, etc.

Unrequited love

Many women face unrequited feelings, but if you put in some effort, you can overcome it. Spend time with your friends more often, meet new people, occupy your days with interesting activities, and you will have less and less opportunity and desire to indulge in thoughts about a failed relationship.

A change of environment can also help you. Go on an exciting journey - you will probably come back with completely different thoughts.

The most important thing is not to get hung up on a person who is not interested in you. Stop following his life and don't try to get in touch with him if he doesn't want to. Also, stop stalking or calling him intrusively. The best thing you can do for yourself now is to completely erase him from your life. Otherwise, you risk being depressed for a long time.

How to understand that a woman is in love with a man?

A woman's love is different from the manifestations of a man's love. You can understand that a girl is not indifferent to a young man by the following signs:

  1. A woman in love has a special look. She can look tenderly at the person she likes, but when she tries to catch her gaze, she will try to look away, downcast. Passionate natures, without looking away, look at the object of sympathy. Sometimes a demonstrative aversion of eyes can indicate love.
  2. An embarrassed smile is also often an indicator of a girl’s concern. If a woman laughs wildly at a man's jokes, this indicates her deep sympathy for him.
  3. By the girl's voice you can determine what emotions she experiences in relation to the object of sympathy. If during a conversation the timbre of the voice becomes lower, the words sound gentle, then this indicates falling in love. An indication of it may be a woman’s desire to talk about topics that may be of interest to the object of her attention.

If a girl, in the absence of a man, constantly mentions his name in conversations and tries to start a conversation about him, this indicates that she is not indifferent to this man.

Jealousy will begin to appear10

Everyone is capable of jealousy. And even more so, men, if they feel competition, will become incredibly jealous individuals. You won’t notice, but he will watch you, or rather your social circle, and look for possible rivals in order to understand what his intentions are for you.

Even if he doesn’t want it, his owner’s instincts will do everything for him. He will try with all his might to protect you from the attention of other representatives of the stronger sex and will do everything to ensure that no one gets in the way of his path to your heart. We examine in detail the question of why a man is jealous in our article.

Even if his feelings are a terrible secret, then jealousy will leak out anyway. You will definitely understand that he is not indifferent to you when stories about your boyfriends and friends make him angry and pissed off. It will be very easy to notice such a change in mood.

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