How he treats me? 25 ways to understand how a man feels about you

How does a man feel when he falls in love with YOU?

The main thing is to set a goal and stick to it, like a blind man sticks to a guide.

In the theater of war, the best solution is always to become an actor and play your best role at the moment. Whatever it takes...

I want to take you into the male world of falling in love, so that you can feel the song of an idiot in love.

This will be more of a philosophical article with a deep foundation on which to build your worldview. Productive worldview...

To describe the process of falling in love as effectively as possible, you need to let this feeling pass through yourself, sit down, “remember,” awaken, crucify, dishevel and push the love in your mortal body.

To make it more interesting and understandable for you to read and absorb this reading, I will describe to you the state of a man in love on myself. From the first person!


So how do men really fall in love?

Love or passing infatuation?

If the relationship continues for a long time, and the man does not look at long-legged beauties, we can talk about love. When an enthusiastic conversation, touching and exchanging glances with his passion is much more important for him, it means that this is not just a passing hobby.

Probably one of the signs of how a man understands that he is in love is an irresistible desire to see his beloved. He begins to arrange meetings: he buys groceries in the store where the girl happens to be, gets off at her stop, or attends training sessions with her. Such accidents are far from accidental and a woman can be sure that she is very attractive to a man.

How to get hooked on a person? How to fall in love?

Many people asked me about this, but I rarely answered anyone, but now I will reveal a little secret.

To fall in love with another person, you need to play the idiot in love. Pretend and pretend to fall in love.

It’s difficult to feel this feeling for a person you’ve known for a long time, and especially for someone you’ve been tired of for a long time. You can't get hooked on a homeless person, no matter how hard you try. You need a person who will, at a minimum, attract others.

To get hooked on a person, I repeat, you need a game!

You need to taste this feeling. Remember all the companions of falling in love, take them with you and use them skillfully. Juggling love companions, making them work for your ass.

OK! Now, let’s imagine that now I want to get hooked on a girl. My goal is to fall in love. Just take it and fall in love.

How to do it? What will be the actions? What exactly will I do?

Love and sex

Men are designed in such a way that the concepts of “sex” and “love” are inseparable for them. Intimate relationships are necessary and very important for them. But women are often offended by this position; they want romance and tenderness. Therefore, they have a “headache,” which, in turn, repels the man. This vicious circle can only be broken if we accept each other and talk frankly. If you do not reach an agreement, a man may go in search of someone who can offer both love and sex.

How men fall in love. A look from the inside

I choose the one with whom I want to fall in love, for whom I will leave an island in my heart. I need to see her, feel her, feel her look, smell, her energy.

I make an appointment with her.

But I don’t just go to meet her as if nothing had happened. I stress myself out, I start to deliberately worry and worry. I'M GETTING READY!

Think, think - what will I look like, what will I say, scroll through this meeting several times in my brain, imagine the scenario of this greatest event - a meeting with the one I want to fall in love with. To loosen the mechanics of the heart, increase the power of heartbeats and connect them with this person.

And I meet her.

A tense excitement plays in your temples, and your heavy gaze begins to look down, trying to avoid direct gaze into your eyes. Only an idiot in love does this, he always lowers his eyes. He secretly looks at his lips, quickly hiding his eyes...

And here is the object in front of you, your goal, your little world, which you will make your own. Here she looks into my eyes, talks to me, listens to me, I listen to her.

Turn all sensors on full blast.

My eyes lock onto her lips. If you look at the lips, the desire increases; a glance at the lips always indicates that the guy is not indifferent to the girl...

I imperceptibly touch every feature of her face with my gaze, penetrating the color of her hair.

The gaze scans her figure, eagerly tears off her clothes and imagines, imagines, imagines!

My ears absorb every sound of her voice, every phrase, every subtext of her message.

My animal-level sense of smell remembers her smell, I just feel her smell and tell myself - remember it! I absorb it so that it settles for several days or even weeks, so that the residue of this smell tickles my soul with memories.

The receptors of my fingertips trace over her face. A man who doesn’t give a damn about a girl first of all touches not her ass, not her chest, not her shoulders, not her waist, but her face.

My energy opens and accepts her energy, we exchange states, we turn into a single energy.

I don't just look at her. I say to myself: “I love you, how beautiful you are, how beautiful you are, I want to be with you, I want you to give birth to my child, I want you to be my wife, I will do everything for you, for the sake of I’m ready for anything, absolutely anything!”

I don't just listen to her. I want to hear compliments, I'm waiting for them, I want to hear the changes in her voice when she looks at me, I'm waiting for them.

I don't just smell it. At some cellular level, I make this smell part of myself...

I'm not just touching her. I don't just touch her. I merge with her with these touches...

You need to be imbued with these feelings, dive into them headlong.

So she says something... no matter what. I answer something... no matter what.

And I myself think about how much I love this person, how dear he is to me, how bad I will feel after a period of time when our backs begin to move away in opposite directions...

Changes in thinking

When you become imbued with these feelings, your behavior and thoughts begin to change. The state changes, certain parts of the brain wake up and are activated. You begin to behave carefully, weigh every word before saying something, and be very sensitive to her words.

You begin to be deliberately afraid of ruining everything, and you create an image of a good person. Whenever we get hooked, we always start behaving idiotically well. If you want to get hooked, behave idiotically well with the person, be afraid of appearing bad.

And then...

And then you wake up and BANG! This man sits in his head and doesn’t want to shake himself out of there, no matter how much you shake his head - it’s useless! You start thinking about something else, something abstract. But thoughts with a wild rattle turn towards the vision of this man.

His smell, his touch, his voice, his words, phrases, glance, hair - all this turns into a small sharp neuron in the brain, which, with lightning speed, rushes through hot veins to the heart, and with a powerful push it returns thoughts about this person and gives out warmth and pain for this person.

And you understand.


I fell in love…

And all this energy, from all the receptors and sensors in the head, includes only one vital question. How to make her fall in love with you?

This is how you can fall in love with a person if you set yourself a goal and clearly and with feeling play this role to the end.

Now let's move on to the most delicious part.

Candy-bouquet period

All women love romance and tender courtship, so during the candy-bouquet period they feel desired. After its end, the female half of society often begins to doubt that a man’s feelings are still strong. When emotions subside a little and passion subsides, the desire to surprise and delight every minute gradually decreases. This does not mean that the man’s love has passed, it just took on a new form, calmer and more stable.

Many young people do not quite understand the female desire for the constant development of relationships. They just feel good today and don’t want to change anything. Men often note that love is not a wedding, love is “when I am comfortable and happy.”

How much time to spend together is another reason for quarrels. Women dream of being close to their loved one around the clock and doing everything together, without ever being separated. For men, this position is not only incomprehensible, but also burdensome. They vitally need personal space and time to realize their own ideas. Men need freedom, and women must accept this fact if they want to save their relationship.

How does a man feel when he is in love?

Surely, you would like to know how a man feels when he falls in love. How do men even fall in love?

For what?

Firstly, in order to be able to determine this with pinpoint accuracy.

Secondly, to better understand men, so that later we can easily select the keys to their hearts).

And thirdly, this is so interesting to your curious nature, isn’t it?

On my own behalf, I would like to add that it often happens that you do everything beautifully and correctly, and the guy falls in love with you. But you look, but you don’t see. You listen, but you don't hear.

You don’t understand, it doesn’t dawn on you, you don’t realize that a guy just got hooked on you. And this is shit, I tell you!

If you sensitively understand this state of a man, then you will feel more confident and will be able to control a man!

OK! Where does a man's love begin?

Breaking his self-confidence.

If a man falls in love, then no matter how iron-clad his self-confidence is, it is undermined by the mine of love and bursts at all the seams.

All the self-discipline accumulated over the years can be destroyed in an instant.

Especially if you remain cold, then a man’s self-esteem decreases, whether he wants it or not. If you see that his mood is falling, he seems bored, then give him warmth, and if he changes, cheers up, talks, then he is in love with you!

Awakening Interest

A man in love awakens interest in your life. To the little things in your life.

A man wants to control the female he is hooked on, and so he begins to be interested in something from your life.

He will write - what are you doing? He will ask about your hobbies.

One day I realized that a girl was hooked on me. She began to ask about things that could not possibly interest her. And she went deeper, questioned, and was interested in this. Why does she need this, I thought...

But the answer turned out to be obvious. She wanted to know as much as possible about me, falling in love provokes interest in THINGS. Remember - falling in love provokes interest in the little things of the object of desire.

If he asks you about some nonsense, then maybe he does it for a reason?

Adjustment to YOUR values.

Let's say I like you. Yes Yes! It’s you who is reading all this now.

Let's say that I like brave girls who can be a little crazy. I have communicated with such people, I know how to communicate with them. Or I like virginal and immaculate girls who will be kind to me, and that’s how girls have always liked me...

I will provoke you to do this, you know, push you, drive you into a framework so that you can be mine! To make it easier to seduce you, I will begin to push you towards the type of girls with whom it is easiest for me to communicate.

Then I will adjust YOU to what I want YOU to be.

I will start saying that I like such girls, I will give an example from life, I will support you if you do what brave girls do.

As well as vice versa.

I will say that it is “ugh” to be squeezed! I don’t like people like that, I had one like that, so we broke up.

He will focus on what you should be and what you should not be. He will use condemnation, praise, indifference and interest, both towards you and third parties or some other objects.

If you open your ears, you will hear a lot...

Adjustment to YOUR values.

This is expressed in frequent head nodding. Like a fool, I will agree with you on a lot of things, even with what I don't agree with.

Then I will challenge everything and impose my point of view. And now in many ways I will agree with you.

This is easy to check.

Start talking light nonsense, or something with which he most likely will not agree. Just don't overdo it! Don't shout that you are “FOR” same-sex marriage!

And evaluate. How is he? Does he agree or constantly argue with you?

Attempts, constant monitoring. CONSTANT!

Always, everywhere. He will be reading your Facebook in the cold, typing messages with frozen fingers. At a traffic light, look through your mail.

He will be online when he doesn’t have to be there.

He will call at a time when it is not at all necessary to do so.

He will just appear unexpectedly (unexpectedly?) in front of you... By chance. Apparently by accident. Accidents are not accidental…

The girl is an idea - a virus.

A young man who is hooked on you will fall asleep dreaming about you and wake up with a solution to the problem.

Therefore, often in the morning, with a fresh head, a man’s perception of you changes, his plan matures.

This means that if he comes up with something new every day, it’s for a reason.

Yesterday he invited you to the bar.

Today he has to pick you up at work to give you a ride home.

Tomorrow he will hint that you invite him to your place.

That is, you are sitting like a virus, it constantly changes actions, comes up with moves. This is easy to notice by his sudden diversity of thinking!

The academic break is a game.

When I'm hooked, my fingers want to quickly dial her number or write a message. Or my lips want to get closer to hers.

But I understand that you need to take pauses so as not to seem in love, but to seem like a confident man.

That's why I'm taking an academic break. I'm stalling for time. I feel bad, but I do it knowing it's effective. You can’t rush with girls - that’s what many guys understand.

The weaker the player, or the more hooked he is, or the cooler you are, the more painful the pauses are for him. He breaks down, writes, calls, kisses, confesses!

Conclusion - if he doesn't call, it doesn't mean he doesn't care.

Trust in foreign flesh.

Many men treat their soul in love this way.

When sweet pain pierces the heart with a love spear, the first thing a man does is to urgently look for someone who will urgently patch up this wound and lick it with her love.

Starts to get excited about other girls!

I'm searching, I'm searching, I'm looking for someone who will eclipse the one I fell in love with. I choose the best.

But not that!

  • The hair is not the same.
  • The look is not like that.
  • The voice is not the same.
  • The behavior is not the same.

Once, I met a girl and from the first meeting I was hooked on her, but it turned out that we had to go our separate ways. Alas!

She stuck like a nail in my heart.

I urgently began to kick her out. I started communicating with all the girls, I brought up old connections, I got acquainted again, I dreamed of finding a girl who would replace her, but I involuntarily compared and could not be distracted.

As a result, I met a cool girl who took my mind off that girl.

Draw a conclusion from this.

If he begins to actively communicate and meet with others, then this may be a sign that he is beginning to knock out a wedge with a wedge.

Unreasonable jealousy. Which he can hide cunningly and skillfully.

An idiot in love wants to make you an idiot in love. And for this you don’t have to be in love with someone else.

The girl is almost always in love with someone.

She simply cannot be, live and exist without loving. And men subconsciously know this.

And if you are not in love with me, then there is someone for whom you are pining, like a flower in a harsh desert.

And that's why I have jealousy towards a man, towards men or even towards something abstract. I can hide it, I can show it. But all men are jealous at the stage of falling in love.

Later, when you give birth to 6 children, he will know that you will not get away from him and will not be jealous.

But at the stage of falling in love, everyone is jealous!

Another thing is that it is difficult to check this, since a man learns to hide his emotions from childhood, so you may not read his emotions on his face, and he may not take any actions.

BUT! His mood deteriorates. He suddenly gets tired. He'll be offended by you. He will shut down and say that he didn’t get enough sleep. He will change his behavior when you make him jealous! Maybe not immediately, maybe in an hour or 5 hours!

If you flirt with others in front of him, but he doesn’t show jealousy, then look at his MOOD! Suddenly it starts to deteriorate? This is a good sign!

Blowing harsh male pink snot. You broke it!

Classic and banal.

If he begins to melt in front of you, becomes soft, fluffy, says pleasant words, does not restrain himself, is ready to fulfill your every whim. Then congratulations! You broke it!

Test: does a guy remember you from a distance

Another effective method on how to find out and understand a man’s true attitude towards you is to conduct a small test.

1. Does he often send you messages or interesting posts?

  1. All the time.
  2. Rarely. Sometimes it even disappears for a certain period for no apparent reason.

2. What would be the reaction if you didn’t answer his call?

  1. He continues to call, gets angry, and always finds out the reason for ignoring.
  2. He may inquire casually and sluggishly, or may not remember at all.

3. What can you say about his comrades?

  1. They know everything about you - what you like, where you vacationed, where you study or work.
  2. They don't know about your existence.

4. Before making a responsible decision, a man...

  1. He will definitely consult with you.
  2. Ask the opinion of relatives and friends.

5. Is he the first to write, call, or do you interrupt the silence?

  1. Yes, of course, every morning he wishes you a good day, in the evening - good night, and is constantly inquiring about business.
  2. Not always. More often than not I end up first.

Now check the result. If most of your answers are “A”, the young man is really in love. A “B” result means that you are not very significant to your other half. If you don’t trust the survey, try asking a specialist for help. If you are having difficulty understanding your relationship with your partner, sign up for my consultation and I will help you figure out what you mean in your partner’s life and how far your relationship will go.

The difference between love and infatuation

How to increase self-esteem and self-confidence for a woman - psychology

At first, it is not at all easy to distinguish love from infatuation. With age comes experience, this will be much easier to do.

The main difference between love is that it is a strong, long-lasting feeling that does not burn out and can warm both of them for many years.

Love does not always flare up suddenly (rather, it is falling in love). It gradually matures, takes shape, and two people understand that they want to be together all their lives.

Openness and sincerity

If a woman is interested in signs that a man is in love, she needs to pay attention to his openness. When he easily lets a girl into his comfort zone and strives to touch her, it means that everything is going well. People who don't feel sympathy will feel uncomfortable at such a distance.

When a young man invites his beloved into his home and consults with her on issues such as what wallpaper to hang or where their bed will be, you can count on a serious relationship. But you should still be careful; perhaps it’s just convenient for a man to live with a woman.

Meeting the groom's family and friends can be considered a rather important step. After all, young people prefer to meet on neutral territory, without introducing their friends to their mother. If a man has committed such an act, it means that he is ready to take on certain obligations.

The importance of emotional connection with a woman

Emotional connection plays a special role in sex. The basis of relationships is trust. Without loyalty it is impossible to create a prosperous unit of society.

Intimacy with a person with whom you managed to go through thick and thin is fascinating. It makes you look at things from a different angle.

The people's subconscious mind works simply. Pleasure shared with another brings more joy. In addition, partners get used to each other. Spontaneous one-time sex will never be ideal. Fans of “hookup” for one night will never experience a powerful orgasm.

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