How to understand that a man misses you, what does his words “I miss you” mean?

Why do you want to know if your ex-boyfriend misses you? Perhaps you feel these subtle signals in the form of signs of attention or non-trivial phrases that do not allow you to fall asleep peacefully. Perhaps you broke up a long time ago, but you still have hope for a reunion. Time makes it possible to realize that a mistake was made. You probably just miss him, and the wounds from the breakup are still too fresh. Secretly you hope he feels the same. Here are several signs that indicate that your ex-boyfriend is not against your couple's reunion.

He calls you drunk

Drunk calls can spark a discussion about why he's calling and whether he really misses you. You should feel it. After all, drinking often makes people not only stupid, but also very brave. The simple fact is that you were in his head and he called you. Luckily, a call like this can help you find out for sure whether your boyfriend misses you.

If he calls you the next morning, he is definitely in love with you. If not, it was just one of his drunken calls. Remember that if you do give in to a drunk call, you need to be careful and ready to have fun without any strings attached. You won't know until the next day what the true meaning of a drunk call is.

He asks mutual friends about you

If a man completely breaks off the connection, he is unlikely to care who you spend the long winter evenings with. He will move forward, live life to the fullest and will not try to pretend to be a private detective. But if your ex-boyfriend is still monitoring the situation, this indicates that he cares about you. He is still assessing his chances and sees himself as a contender for your heart. Ask your friends what the man’s reaction was in response to the requested information. If, having learned that your heart is not occupied by anyone, he began to smile mysteriously or got rid of anxiety, he expected to hear something like that. And, on the contrary, the information that you have a new boyfriend should discourage him. One way or another, if your ex-lover is interested in your personal life, this suggests that he is still not indifferent to you.

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His friends know about it

Even if he doesn't talk to you, he still talks to his friends. It happens that after breaking up you don’t hear anything from him. However, his friends may tell you when they meet you that he misses you or that he wants to see you again. The guy may just be too shy or awkward to tell you this himself.

Or he might just be giving you space. If you hear from his friends, he definitely misses you. He wouldn't open his heart to them without a reason.

You often find yourself in the same place

If you work or study together, there are many situations in which your paths will cross. Usually, when ex-lovers don’t need anything from each other, they try to cut off all contacts and do everything to avoid being in the same place at the same time. But your ex-man is acting strange. He looks for every opportunity to be in the same work group with you, watches you during your lunch break and knows down to the second when you leave your workplace. So don't be surprised if you see him at one of your friends' parties. This person continues to keep his finger on the pulse of events and prefers to stay close to you. Perhaps, in this way, he wants to eliminate all possible competitors.

He's jealous

Sure, jealousy can mean that a guy misses you, but what kind of jealousy is it? Is he jealous because he misses you or because you are “his”?

If he wants everyone to know that you are his girlfriend and you are busy, it can be very annoying. But this is usually harmless and means he misses you. However, there are people with real problems.

If a guy is too controlling and considers you his property, he simply won't trust you. He will be jealous of you for everything, always and everywhere. Think about whether you need such a person. Watch for such signals and, if you detect them, leave as quickly as possible.

He remembers your love with warmth

Memories of past happiness are a sign of longing for a former relationship. Most often, partners who part with scandals remember the time spent together in a negative way. They hurl insults at the family of their former chosen one, call that relationship a big mistake and prefer to forget everything, like a bad dream. But if a partner sees positive aspects in previous relationships, then his bright nostalgia is a sign of melancholy. He can write you a phrase that begins with the words “Do you remember...?” He may accidentally touch your hand or smile when you meet. There is no doubt that your ex-boyfriend can't stop thinking about you.

He wants a photo

If a guy wants a photo, he definitely misses you. But you must understand exactly how he misses you.

He may like the way you look and want to satisfy his needs. But he might also just want to see your face. The sight of him can make a guy happy and he wants to look at you all the time. He might even set your photo as the background on his phone.

Just be very careful about what photos you send. You can pretty much determine what he needs by what he asks to see.

Male psychology to women

The stronger sex by nature is a breadwinner. He seeks the attention of the girl he is interested in in different ways.

The melancholy of a man in love is always accompanied by calls and messages. There will be no salvation on social networks either - the fan will “like” all the publications and photos. He definitely needs to be in touch to remind him of himself. Having called, he will ask about everything under the sun, from what the woman ate for breakfast to the weather.

A yearning man will definitely look for a meeting. He will invite you to all interesting and uninteresting theater performances, cafes, and cinemas. Maybe just organize a picnic. In general, the gentleman will try to be active in his beloved’s leisure time.

When a young man is bored, the object of his desire is never enough for him. He will look at the woman, carefully examining every centimeter of her face, body, and items of clothing. He will be interested in facial expressions and smiles.

He says it publicly

The guy calls you. The two of you have a conversation, which he ends. He acts like he is important and you are not. He doesn't want to hide calls from others. This could mean he has a hidden agenda.

He wants others to hear what he says on the phone. He acts condescending because he has something to hide - his own insecurities. Proceed carefully. This could be his way of showing off.

At the same time, by calling and saying that he misses you, a guy can simply demonstrate that he has a girlfriend. He doesn't show that he loves you. You may feel like he is showing off to others. You don't need that kind of "love". It won't last long. And what is this “love”?

Testing for sincerity

How a man who truly loves behaves - the psychology of falling in love

In psychology there is a concept of “congruence”, which means the correspondence of non-verbal words to words. The body language of such a man will say the same thing as his words. By his facial expressions, gestures, and intonation, you can easily determine whether a man is really bored.

The man lies that he is bored

True, if he has well-developed acting abilities, not a single psychologist will be able to distinguish truth from lies.

He sends you messages

If a guy texts you, it means he wants to talk. He may feel lonely or just want to be close to you. It is important to understand why he writes. Try this: Don't respond to the message for a few hours and see if you receive any follow-up messages. If he just needs something, you are unlikely to wait for it.

However, if he really misses you, he will most likely continue to text you. This means he was bothered by the lack of response. He wants reciprocity of feelings. He may start a conversation about anything just to talk to you because of how much he really misses you.

Bored man showing concern

He buys his favorite treats, calls a taxi, and is ready to go get some medicine. He tries in every possible way to help. Some even make sure that there are always fresh flowers in the vase on the table of their loved one.

The feelings of a longing man in love must come out of him somewhere. And he begins to make claims. For example, if a woman forgot to call back or did not respond to a message on time. Or he may even begin to find fault with everything that may irritate him. Men are like children. As children, boys would pull the pigtails of girls they liked when they didn’t pay attention to them. In adulthood, the situation has changed little. If a man has already tried all possible methods of courtship, he begins to behave like a child. It can ruin your mood in the morning, make you rude, make you angry. The main thing is to understand that a man does this to attract attention to his person. After all, he was tired of indifference on the part of his beloved.

A bored gentleman will definitely introduce his passion to his family and friends. He will show children's photographs and tell all the interesting stories from childhood. He will plan date after date; the very thought of separation is unbearable for him.

How long should it take?

When do men start getting bored after a breakup? The deeper the relationship, the stronger and faster the reaction to the absence of the one who is capable of lighting a fire in a man’s chest, illuminating his path in life and giving birth to the desire to create, conquer, and accomplish feats.

That is, if she is dear to him, then immediately after breaking up he quickly begins to experience discomfort.

And over time, it will only grow if a man does not take measures to quickly eradicate from his chest the image of the one he wants to forget.

When there is no place for romance in a relationship for a long time, the picture is somewhat different. If a woman flies away from her family, then the average man begins to experience an attack of longing for his beloved soul:

Advice from psychologists

What can experienced psychologists advise those girls and women who do not know how to respond to intimate male confessions? First of all, you need to listen to yourself and take into account your personal plans for your future life.

If you want to continue your relationship with a man or young man who has opened up, maintain contact and communication. If not, politely make it clear that you don't see yourself with him in the future.

Don't try to soften the pill by continuing to date only to call it quits later when you think the man is ready for the bad news. This will definitely not lead to any good.

Show foresight, be a little detective to find out about recent events in the guy’s life, and then draw conclusions.

And act accordingly, answer them. In general, use your discretion.

His statements may be dictated by:

  1. With the ensuing enlightenment: the person realized that your relationship is still valuable and dear to him.
  2. It’s a bummer on the fronts with other girls, but in your circles being without a partner is bad manners.
  3. Ordinary boredom: there’s nothing special to do, so at least spend time with someone. Moreover, the candy-bouquet phase has already passed and your favor can be obtained at less cost.
  4. Some kind of benefit. Maybe he wants to get something from you or he forgot something at your house.

It is your loved one who has gone on a business trip who needs to quickly respond that you are also bored. The rest - depending on the circumstances. Even the most good-natured man is a bit of a hunter at heart.

Therefore, if you intend to continue your relationship with this guy in the future, do not throw yourself on his neck figuratively and literally after such news, if there was a break between you quite recently.

Tease him, flirt with him a little to get him more excited and interested in a future relationship.

Not entirely polite, of course, but perhaps the person will understand that you do not want to be with him.

Although it is still worth answering once: so that the subscriber does not think that his notifications are not being seen by you.

However, if the guy is inappropriate, this can only encourage him to continue attacking you with his confessions. Therefore, sometimes it is worth implementing the practice of temporarily logging out of all networks and instant messengers - for a couple of days.

Again, take into account your plans for him, the young man’s sense of humor and current circumstances.

What can we say in theory?

Men are also able to sincerely miss their chosen ones.

But the latter are not always sure of the veracity of the feelings voiced by someone and therefore go to all sorts of tricks for the sake of grains of truth.

Sometimes this saves you from unreliable relationships, sometimes it leads to funny stories, and sometimes sad stories. But how yours ends depends entirely on you.

Does a man miss a woman? Psychology of relationships:

There is a huge difference between how men show their feelings and how women do it. From childhood, girls are taught to show your emotions. This behavior is strictly prohibited for boys. From a young age they are taught that they should not show your attitude to this or that situation. When they grow up, they begin to do exactly the same thing. At the same time, the girls quite calmly show a whole kaleidoscope of different emotions.

And men, even if a volcano of passions rages inside their souls, externally they put on a mask of cold indifference. When a man experiences a breakup with a woman, even if it happened very recently and the separation will soon end, he may begin to open up a little. In fact, representatives of the stronger sex experience separation from their beloved woman very hard. Even if it lasts for several days. Their soul is eaten away by an incomprehensible melancholy.

Signs that a guy misses you if you had a fight

Writes to you on social networks even if you broke up

Photo: Noxi./flickr

If you quarrel, then guys often resort to a similar practice to find out how you are doing through lonely messages on VKontakte. If he writes, then know that he misses you a lot. Not everyone has the courage to make conciliatory contact personally. Therefore, after a quarrel (even if he left you), do not add him to the blacklist. After all, you will have a great chance to stroke your ego when the guy who has been pining for you suddenly shows up.

Strange calls

Of course, if a guy calls you in a completely inappropriate state, then something needs to be decided radically. But if he dialed you and talks some kind of incoherent nonsense in a quiet voice, then this is a sign that he regrets your disagreement and misses you very much.

He finally found a way to buy you a bouquet of hundreds of roses

Photo: Rafael Romero/Unsplash

If one fine morning you were woken up by the doorbell and you saw a huge armful of roses, then you know that your boyfriend is terribly worried about your relationship. Not only does he miss you, but he is willing to do anything to get your relationship back on track. Perhaps he will not come to you to repent, but will order flowers for delivery, but still this is an act worthy of attention. Provided, of course, that your boyfriend is not one of the rich Pinocchios. After all, such a bouquet is the same to him as buying a pack of pasta.

He still has your photos on social networks

Our social media profiles are the litmus test of our relationships. Even if the guy is the most callous cracker, he will still post at least one photo of you together. As long as you see your photos on his pages, then everything is fine. Sooner or later he will show up.

Unusual activity on a social network

If a man tells a woman that he misses her, then it really is so. Today, the veracity of the chosen one’s words can be easily verified. As you know, you need to believe not in words, but in actions and deeds.

Social networks today are a kind of litmus test for relationships between a man and a woman. When a guy is embarrassed to tell you that he misses you very much, he begins to do things that make it easy to understand. He likes your photos from a hundred years ago. Can write nice words on your page wall or send cute statuses and cards.

Some patterns of men's behavior after a breakup

The psychology of a man after a breakup allows him to better understand his partner’s true intentions and not step on the same rake again

In order to find out the attitude of your ex-lover, you should pay attention to the following signs: Lack of interest in an ex-girlfriend does not always mean that the guy has really become indifferent to her

However, a woman should not show excessive curiosity, pester her ex-lover with calls, offers to meet, or threats. It is necessary to wait a certain period in order to sort out your feelings and provide your partner with a similar opportunity

Lack of interest in an ex-girlfriend does not always mean that the guy has truly become indifferent to her. However, a woman should not show excessive curiosity, pester her ex-lover with calls, offers to meet, or threats. It is necessary to wait a certain period in order to sort out your feelings and provide your partner with a similar opportunity.

Will a man come back if he left on his own? In the psychology of men, it is customary to distinguish several types, each of which has a special behavioral pattern and distinctive features that appear at the moment of separation:

Exemplary fathers

Men who received a traditional upbringing tend to show responsibility in the task of building a family home and raising children. If the father has feelings for the child, he can make attempts to improve the relationship in order to provide the children with the opportunity to grow up in a full-fledged family. However, a woman will have to come to terms with the fact that one should not expect manifestations of passionate love and romance from a spouse with a similar character.


Experimenters often leave their families out of boredom and a thirst for new sensations. Having tried to build a relationship with a new passion and failed, such men most often return to their previous partner. They are driven to adventure by a midlife crisis or the routine that marriage has become over time. When the freshness of the sensations from the new union fades away, the subject makes attempts to restore the broken relationship. There is, of course, no guarantee that he will not leave the family again, being fascinated by another woman.

Lonely cowboys

Men of this type can gain value by leaving their partner with their heads held high, in full confidence that other women are waiting for them at the door. When, after a long period, no new passions loom on the horizon, illusions are destroyed, and the person remains in a state of confusion. His natural impulse is to try to return to the zone of lost comfort.


Natures of this type are vulnerable and weak-willed, and therefore are not able to survive the insult once inflicted. For such individuals, breaking up a relationship represents a sophisticated revenge for past events. Psychologists warn that in most cases, forgiving the avenger will not lead to positive results. It is not recommended to plan a future together with a man who has a mean and petty character, since such steps will not lead to anything good.

Other psychotypes

There are temperamental men who create scandals with or without reason. After a stormy showdown, such individuals prefer to take refuge in a cozy refuge, where no one can disturb their peace. However, after time spent apart from their partner, they realize that they are not adapted to single life, and make attempts to restore the relationship. Connoisseurs of beauty tend to see a goddess in every woman, so deciding which one to choose is very difficult for them.

The girl's behavior and reaction depending on the situation

A girl doesn’t always think about how long it takes for her ex-boyfriend to want to come back. It all depends on whether she herself wants to continue the relationship or is glad that the man decided to leave her.

Wants to reconnect

If all these days after the breakup you were waiting for your loved one, dreaming of hugging and kissing again, then you are ready to take him back. In this case, your family will face a long stage of developing trust. At this step, you need to correct mistakes, understand the reasons for the separation and hear each other so that the situation does not happen again. Returning, the guy wants a new relationship, but with an already proven and dear person. You and he need to change, and in addition, change the nature of your relationship.


It is not so important when he crawls on his knees to ask for forgiveness if she is offended and, out of pride, does not want to resume the relationship. If this is your case, then expect more decisive action than just words. Let the guy look after you, give flowers, beg for forgiveness. Only if you see that he has realized his mistakes and is ready to correct himself, give him a chance.

Found someone else

If a new boyfriend has appeared in your life and has sincerely attracted your attention, then your ex needs to be told about it. There is no need to give false hopes, pit men against each other, see who is the best, without saying yes or no. Select one and decide who you need: an ex, so close and dear, or a new one, sweet and interesting. Tell the second one a clear “no” so that he does not have false hopes.


How to Break Up with a Guy: The Ultimate Breakup Strategy

Do you want revenge

In this case, it is important to understand that revenge is not the best desire. It won’t make you feel any better, and you will feel guilty, especially if there is a third person involved who is the target. In this case, it is better to ask for advice from a more experienced person and deal with your desire for revenge. Roughly speaking, you need not to come up with insidious plans, but to solve the problem with your attitude.

What does this mean?

If a man says he misses him, what does that mean? It all depends on the characteristics of your relationship.

A person in love or someone who loves in this way openly declares that he is uncomfortable without you, the sugar, figuratively speaking, is not sweet enough, the coffee is bitter, and the water is somehow dry. And there is a hole in the heart, darkness in the soul, everything in life is gray and empty.

If a person is accustomed to the fact that you served as a source of everyday or even intimate comfort for him, then with the same beautiful words he simply masks his secret desire to return everything to normal, when in his life everything he needed was within walking distance thanks to your efficiency, homeliness and tractability.

Because the man opened up to you without fear of seeming sentimental.

If they just want to continue to use you, then it depends only on you whether the man gets what he wants.

How bored are men?

It all depends on the gentleman’s psychotype, temperament, upbringing and employment. For example, a melancholic and introvert will sit with his eyes fixed on one point at every opportunity, going over in his memory the happy moments of being together with his currently absent friend.

But he won’t tell anyone about the reason for his more than usually depressed mood. Even the object that caused the world to turn dark.

This is the case if she went away for only a couple of days to a neighboring city. If the chosen one of the heart already has the status of an ex, then the bored guy will systematically silently observe the activity in the lady’s feed in all the networks where he can.

That is, where she will not be removed from her list of subscribers. And in the evenings, if the day is busy with study and work, he will begin to quench his melancholy with alcohol, all sorts of stupid actions and actively pursuing every lonely skirt that appears within sight and shows interest in the opposite sex.

A man overburdened with work does not have much time for sad thoughts.

Therefore, mature gentlemen, confidently standing on their feet in life, but experiencing a temporary separation from their beloved or having broken up with their passion forever, tend to throw themselves into business headlong.

In order to suffer less from a heart wound, not to reflect on the topic, but how everything would be if the lady were here now.

Boys of any age, who have received a good education and are distinguished by a fine mental constitution, if they begin to miss a woman, go headlong into creativity.

From what humanity and vanity the muses benefit, and the creators of great and immortal masterpieces themselves - is relative.

Because self-expression and self-realization are good. But at least sometimes I still want to lean my heated forehead against a gentle woman’s shoulder. And to see sincere admiration in the eyes of your beloved - too.

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