Breaking up with a man: how to understand that he misses you and wants to come back

A person is designed in such a way that he perceives others through the prism of his worldview, which is built on the basis of knowledge about himself. We see in others what is in us - whether we recognize this very “it” or not. And we never react to objects that do not have at least a drop of “mine” in them.

The above thesis prevents us from understanding the true motives of others (after all, they have their own glasses!) This difficulty increases in scope when it comes to love relationships. If a woman can at least understand (or at least try) her own kind, then with her interaction with men everything is much more complicated.

A man differs from a woman not only in physiology, but also in psychological “parameters”. That is why intergender conflicts were, are and will always be: we look at the world from different bell towers.

To better understand each other, we need to know not only our own nature, but also the characteristics of our partner - a representative of the opposite sex. And now we will talk about what happens to men after a breakup: how they behave, when and how they begin to miss their ex, why they want to return.

Why does a man remind himself of himself: the psychology of men

According to psychologists, a former beloved man or husband sometimes imposes his own person for the following reasons.

  1. He wants to figure out whether the lady’s feelings have faded.

Wants to find out if you are yearning for lost love. That’s why he writes messages and congratulates him on the holidays. The guy does this in order to restore his shaky self-esteem, to feel that his beloved is nearby. Or the partner still has feelings, the man wants to renew the relationship.

  1. Banal sexual dissatisfaction.

Why does your ex-boyfriend remind you of himself? The psychologist's answer is simple: one of the reasons is a lack of sex. The desire to meet only sometimes is often prosaic. The gentleman simply lacks his previous sexual activity. The stronger sex quickly gets used to a certain “sexual rhythm”. If your husband or lover has had sex for several years in a row at least a couple of times a week, it’s difficult to readjust. Banal sexual hunger will make you call and invite you to a “conciliatory” date.

Why do exes remind you of themselves? Psychology says: it is very difficult to build a normal relationship with a man who “returns” simply to satisfy his libido. Be smart. When your ex-lover pesters you with calls in the evenings wanting to come over to satisfy your “basic instinct,” keep your cool. Yes, sex brings you closer, but this is a different case. Therefore, agree to meet only during your lunch break. Such a date excludes sex. This way you will quickly understand the true intentions of a man: does he just want to satisfy his sexual instinct, or does he really want to return to you.

Observe his behavior

How do men miss a woman? All representatives of the stronger sex are very different in the expression of their feelings. Some people tend to openly express their longing for their loved one, while others try to hide this feeling as much as possible.

Psychologists advise paying attention to your partner’s behavior when surrounded by people close to him. To do this, you need to take a closer look at his body language and listen to his speech.

If a man, while in the company of friends, remains a little withdrawn and agitated, then, most obviously, his feelings for his chosen one have not cooled down, and he really misses her.

Caution must be exercised. Often the feelings of an ex-young man are not always positive

Guys tend to get angry in such situations, especially if the girl hurt or offended. Therefore, the man’s behavior in this situation must be considered in the context of a breakup.

Analyze the guy's behavior from the outside. If in the company of girls and boys he continues to look in your direction, most likely he still has feelings for you. Men who are afraid of losing sight of their ex-girlfriend most likely still have feelings.

If you still have good relationships with mutual friends, then you can find out from them whether the man was interested in you during the conversation. The information received will help to lift the secret veil and find out about the feelings of the former chosen one. It is better if your friends are reliable and do not tell the man that you asked about him.

Always in touch

How long does it take for a man to start missing a woman? In different ways, a lot depends on the feelings he has for the girl. But as soon as you see an SMS on your phone or an email from him, you can be sure that he really misses you. In general, the guy will remind you of himself in any convenient way.

Always pay attention to the text of the message. If a man calls with standard phrases such as: “how are you”, “what are you doing”, “how is the weather”, or the like, then be sure that your guy is not sincerely bored. Perhaps he perceives you as a sweet companion or a girl for sexual pleasures. If he writes you a couple of messages, but they show care and concern for you, then most likely he really misses and loves you. After all, sincere feelings are, first of all, care and reverent attitude.

Never judge a person's attitude by the number of calls and written messages. Judge by the intonation and tenderness in his voice, as well as by the questions he asks you.

Remember that men do not tend to openly express their feelings, but they will always find a reason to show you their true attitude. Especially when they love and miss you.

Love them, they worry too

Men differ little from women in love. Therefore, a breakup brings pain and shock for them. If both people realize that love has passed, there is no longer a close relationship, only then do people separate mutually. In this case, they do not regret anything, a loved one can remain a friend, especially if these people have lived together for many years and have a lot in common. There is, of course, an option that the spark of love will ignite again.

In order to understand how a man experiences a breakup, you need to put yourself in his place. No matter how serious, cold and insensitive men may seem to women, they find it very difficult to tolerate separation, and the indicator that they don’t care is only the outer shell.

Therefore, you need to be careful about the feelings of your loved one and try to bring him as little emotional pain as possible. Love and be loved... May your relationship last forever.

Now you are in thought, melancholy and sadness overcome you. The parting is over, you thought that over time the pain of separation from your loved one would subside, but it is getting stronger every day. It’s especially bitter for you that your separation was so terrible, you both said so many terrible things to each other that now you not only have no idea how to make peace, but you don’t even know how you can look each other in the eye after something like this. Don't despair, neither you are the first nor you are the last. Many women go through this, and many manage to get their men back. Experts have long analyzed cases where women returned their loved ones; they identified some patterns. All these women acted almost identically.

But first, I want to warn you against mistakes that are common to many. Even if you are very guilty towards your loved one, do not try to persuade him. If you do this, a man will instinctively pull away from you. The same thing will happen when you beg, say words of love, promise that from now on everything will be different. A man simply cannot trust you anymore. Well, if he is to blame, if he himself left for someone else, insulted you, hurt you, then there is no point in persuading him at all. The only way out in any situation and under any circumstances is to let the man go. This is the last thing you want right now. But this is the main condition for a man’s successful return.

When you are proud and do not humiliate yourself, but behave with dignity, a man unconsciously begins to respect you too. He understands that you value yourself, which means that he values ​​you too. Give yourself and him time for the emotions to subside a little, but don't sit around and hypnotize the phone in the hope that he will call. It will happen, but not as quickly as you think or as you would like. If you do everything right and pause, the man will probably call or show up. But if he does not do this within several months, then in this case he will have to act cunningly. Now you have heard that we are talking about months and you are horrified. What did you think? You've been killing your relationship for years, and now you want your man back in two days. If someone promises you this, they are a liar. No, of course, there are times when a man left just to be alone with his thoughts, but he couldn’t stand it even for a couple of days without you and came back again. But if the reason for the separation is serious, you will need more time.

However, there is no need to rush things. Haste is needed wisely. It is your thoughtful actions, not emotions, that will help you in this situation. Don’t think that if a man doesn’t call for a while, then he has forgotten about you, the chance to get him back has disappeared. It's quite the opposite. If you don't bother a man, he starts to get bored and starts thinking about you more and more often. He does not see you, does not receive any information about you, by the way, this should be taken care of. Information about how you live and what you do should not leak through mutual acquaintances, at least for some time. But you shouldn’t sit idly by. Take care of yourself, your development, work, education, travel, communication with interesting people

Now is the time to pay attention to your hobbies and find new hobbies. This will be to your benefit, as will improving your appearance.

You can flirt with men and go on dates to increase your self-esteem. But under no circumstances should there be a serious relationship to spite a man. Don't do anything stupid. And yet, making your chosen one jealous is one thing. But the obvious fact of betrayal will discourage him from returning to you. Remember this and don't go overboard. After some time, your loved one should learn about your vibrant life from social networks or from mutual friends. Let him know what a beauty you have become, how interesting your life is. After that, wait for a call! I highly recommend reading the next book. Lots of positive feedback.

Other signs

What does it mean if a man misses a woman? He has sincere feelings for her.

  1. The guy openly declares that he misses him. But if there is no meeting between you in the next couple of days, then we can assume that his intentions are not serious. You shouldn’t convince yourself that the guy might have some business to deal with, so he couldn’t spend time with you. When a man is really bored, he will always find a reason to meet.

  2. If you are not in a relationship, then unanswered messages and calls can seriously upset him.
  3. When a guy is bored, he will take the first step towards you and make an appointment with you. Representatives of the stronger sex do not tend to sit and meekly wait; if they are in love, they always immediately begin to act.
  4. A man who is bored very rarely allows his chosen one to have doubts about this. Therefore, when you are “racking your brains” over whether he misses you or not, then most likely he doesn’t.
  5. Claims and grievances. An indifferent man does not have such feelings. He may not show any emotions towards you. A guy who is in love is very often offended and jealous. Even though his emotions can be negative, they demonstrate his sincere feelings.
  6. A representative of the stronger sex, who has become attached to a girl with all his soul, cannot endure separation for long. And already on the first date he begins to plan the next one.
  7. He introduces you to his friends, invites you to look at his children's photo album, and so on. In general, he does everything to bring you to the decision not to separate anymore, because he is very tired of constantly missing you.

Should you be friends with your ex?

Sometimes ex-partners choose to maintain their friendship after breaking up. Moreover, when making such an offer to each other, they often understand that this will be an impossible task. Why do so many people consider amicable behavior after a breakup to be the ideal outcome?

Here we are not considering options for breaking up after a recent acquaintance. Such couples can easily erase each other from their lives. But what should those who managed to live together for some period of time do? What if you already have children together? In such a situation, it will not be possible to forget about each other’s existence. The behavior of people who have shared so much in life is close to friendly. They will have to maintain communication, resolve common issues and even congratulate each other on the holidays.

It is obvious why friendship is needed after many years of relationship, marriage or when there is a child. However, this is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. It is necessary to recover from a breakup, and at the same time you have to continue communicating with your ex-passion. Over time, this behavior will become natural for both parties.

The case is completely different when there is no marriage or child, but the couple resumes communication. Most likely, this happens for a reason: such friendship never brings with it truly friendly impulses. Perhaps one of the parties needs confirmation that there are no more feelings here, that is, it is really impossible to continue the relationship. The girl strives for reconciliation, and the behavior of the ex-boyfriend in such a situation often boils down to sex. You shouldn't get your hopes up about such a friendship. Usually no development follows, and communication ends again.

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How do you manage to be friends after so many years of marriage, you ask? The answer lies in the fact that deciding to separate after a long life together requires a reasonable approach and a lot of time. People who have lived under a common roof for more than one year will not slam the door at every misunderstanding, but will decide to separate only when they realize that there is no longer a single opportunity to be together. The behavior of the ex-man in this case will be balanced and calm. Another danger awaits such a couple: having gone through so many events together, they are able to succumb to suddenly surging memories and decide that they can try again, although the reasons why they separated have not disappeared. In the end, nothing will work out, and you will have to go through the difficult stage of separation again.

An unambiguous decision about friendship can only be made in a situation where people no longer have feelings for each other. As you understand, a sufficient amount of time must pass for this.

There is something else much more important than friendship. This is a show of respect for your former partner, sincere forgiveness of his mistakes and acceptance of your own. If behavior towards each other is not accompanied by negative emotions, this will have a beneficial effect on you and your ex-man.

Feminine tricks

Why does a woman miss a man? A girl misses an object of the opposite sex when she is overwhelmed with feelings towards her partner. Sometimes women have to resort to tricks to get what they want. Let's look at some tips that will help you make your lover miss you.

  1. Beauty is an effective weapon for every woman. If you live together, then forget about homemade and unattractive dressing gowns. Choose beautiful dresses, sexy blouses and light shorts. It is better to replace the bun at the back of the head with beautifully styled hair or braids.
  2. Make your man jealous. The attention of other guys to a girl makes a partner think about her more often, and, accordingly, get bored. And admiring glances and compliments addressed to his partner only increase his self-esteem.
  3. Play with your chosen one. Constant everyday life negatively affects the relationship between a man and a woman. To make it interesting with you, and for a man to think about you more often, alternate between hot and cold. Even if last night you were sultry and passionate, then in the morning pretend as if it were not you. Just don’t overdo it, otherwise you risk turning your relationship into a “swing”.
  4. How long does a man miss a woman? Romantic tricks can prolong the longing for your beloved. Send a nice message saying how excited you were about last night's romantic evening. If you live together, then prepare a surprise for him, wear a sexy outfit, and also surprise him in bed. The next day he will think only about you, and will really miss his time last night.
  5. Remember that male psychology does not accept female superiority. The chosen one should be in charge, and you “play the role” of his inspirer and muse. Commanders are often left with weak-willed men or alone.
  6. Love is not a purchase. You should not treat your beloved man as a solution to your financial problems. Enjoy the little things and admire surprises. Don't be shy to talk about your dreams and desires.
  7. If you want your man to miss you as often as possible, then start a hobby or spend time with your friends as often as possible.
  8. Change your appearance periodically. You can dye your hair, change your hairstyle or clothing style. Master new hobbies, so you will become more interesting to your lover.
  9. How do men miss a woman? They don't miss annoying girls. Moreover, most men try to get rid of them at the very beginning of a relationship. Several calls and messages in the messenger, which were sent one by one, only irritate, but do not bring them closer together.

How to stop loving a guy

Think about the fact that at that moment when you sadly remember his eyes, he is having fun with his friends. Perhaps he even found himself a new passion. You don’t want to suffer while he is already happy without you?

Start a new life. Now you have every chance to make it even better. Think that you are not alone, but free. And since you have freedom, use it. Call your friends, go with them to some nice place. Don’t close yourself off; now you could use people who can improve your mood.

A very effective way to forget your ex-boyfriend is to find a new one. Think about it, but if you're not ready for a new relationship yet, then give yourself some time.

Unusual activity on a social network

If a man tells a woman that he misses her, then it really is so. Today, the veracity of the chosen one’s words can be easily verified. As you know, you need to believe not in words, but in actions and deeds.

Social networks today are a kind of litmus test for relationships between a man and a woman. When a guy is embarrassed to tell you that he misses you very much, he begins to do things that make it easy to understand. He likes your photos from a hundred years ago. Can write nice words on your page wall or send cute statuses and cards.

All these actions are designed to make you evaluate his activities. But the man himself may not write first, but will continue to hint, waiting for the first step from you. Unfortunately, some guys tend to behave this way. Although not all girls may like this.

Male psychology: why a guy reminds himself of himself after a breakup

  1. Increase your self-esteem. There is a category of men with sick pride. They constantly need recharge. It is represented by the tears of abandoned women. The more girls miss him, the better. Such a former boyfriend will try in every way to remind himself of himself, so that the wounds on the young lady’s heart will heal as slowly as possible.
  2. Renew the relationship. After a breakup, a young man may still love his former flame. He will choose to find a contact as the best way to build relationships.
  3. Lack of sexual relations. Lack of sexual activity after a breakup may prompt a man to return to his ex-girlfriend. A woman needs to be more careful with such a Romeo, because it is difficult to understand whether he really misses the lady of his heart or not. There is a high probability that after satisfying sexual hunger the guy will disappear.
  4. Remove the stone from the soul. If the breakup between lovers was painful, especially for the girl, the guy may feel guilty. Periodically contacting his ex helps him calm down and understand that she is not worried as much as before.

Secret tricks

So we figured out the topic related to whether men miss women. If you want your chosen one to always remember you, then give him a small gift in the form of a keychain with your photo. Or leave your item in his house in a visible place. Every time he looks at the item, he will remember the time he spent with you.

Olfactory perception works perfectly. Use the same scent for meetings with him. On a date, try to cuddle up to him as much as possible so that your scent lingers on his clothes. When he comes home, he will remember you when he smells the perfume.

A man who misses a woman always remembers her touch. Therefore, you need to choose one part of your chosen one’s body that you will regularly touch. This could be the hand, neck, wrist, etc. 20–30 touches are enough. Subsequently, he will develop a habit, and if someone touches the same part of his body, he will remember you.

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What should a woman do to get a man to come back?

Women are emotional, men are concrete. Scandals often arise out of nowhere: a girl can lose her temper, throw a tantrum, a gentleman can tell the truth, offend with too harsh an answer. And the lovers part. Psychologists advise: if you want to return your gentleman, do this.

  1. Avoid infantile tricks, “punishments”.

Immature, ridiculous actions will only further alienate your loved one or husband. He will understand that his wife, his beloved, reminds him of himself, wants to return. It’s wrong to casually post links to your own “beach” photos with friends. Just cause irritation. Moreover, avoid childish “punishment” of your loved one for misdeeds. It’s stupid to start dating guys and tell your ex-lover about it to make you jealous. So you can finally lose your gentleman.

  1. Give the opportunity to think things over.

For a couple of weeks, try not to annoy your lover with calls or text messages. Give the gentleman time to cool down, think everything over carefully, realize how important you are, and begin to feel sad. Bad memories fade from memory much faster than good ones. Two or three weeks will pass, the lover will simply be tormented by pleasant memories of the lost relationship.

  1. Return gradually. Avoid drama and persuasion to return.

Just invite them to have a cup of coffee and chat a little. Avoid immediately starting to tell how much you miss you. Do everything more subtly, resort to hints. No stories about “hard life”, no attempts to make people feel sorry for them. Behave with your gentleman as confidently and positively as possible. Share good news, avoid negativity.

No persuasion to return, no accusations. Don’t say: “ready to forgive.” This will immediately show that you consider the gentleman to be the culprit of the breakup. Just push it away. On the contrary, admit your own mistakes, agree: you made mistakes. Then the man will be more willing to listen and admit his own mistakes. Say: the past is the past, we must live for today, without looking back. Let's understand: we are ready to start the relationship from scratch.

  1. Change yourself, return to your old self.

During the period of separation, try to become better and correct mistakes. The young man will definitely appreciate it; the desire to return will become much stronger. Try to become the person your lover remembered when you first met. Behave more cheerfully, more casually. Let the guy remember why he fell in love. Dramatically increase nostalgia and the desire to return. After all, a break in the relationship between a man and a woman, as psychology claims, is painfully endured by both parties.

  1. Get into better physical shape.

A positive-minded person always attracts people. To have more good thoughts, fewer bad emotions, improve your physical shape. Start running in the morning and doing some light exercise. Increase the amount of endorphin, serotonin, dopamine - substances that increase vitality, make you more optimistic and cheerful.

To spite your bad mood, do more of your favorite activity that brings life satisfaction. Visit the theater, draw, listen to your favorite songs. By all means, distract yourself from dark thoughts about separation. Then it will be much easier to get your partner back.

Also inspire yourself: everything will be fine. Repeat: your loved one will definitely return and become better.

Building relationships, let alone rebuilding them, is not easy. This requires great emotional and volitional efforts. Relationships can be resumed if the man and woman still love, know how to admit their own mistakes, are ready to forgive and move on.

If he thinks about you, then...

There are several signs that your ex-husband (or the man you were dating) is also tormented by thoughts of a possible reunion. He may not say this out loud, not knock on doorsteps and not cut off the phone. But take a closer look: if he is still thinking about you, then these signs may indicate this.

  1. You didn't break up on a negative note. Without breaking dishes, destroying furniture and dividing property. You calmly discussed everything like adequate civilized people, realizing that it would be better for you to move through life separately. You might even decide to remain friends. If a man’s feelings have irreversibly extinguished, then he will not allow any more contact with you and will erase you from his life. At least that's what most people do. And the fact that your ex is not against your periodic appearance in his life may indicate that his feelings for you have not cooled down.
  2. He reminds of himself. It manifests itself in some way: he congratulates you on the holidays, periodically visits your page on the social network, being aware that you see him. In other words, he consciously flashes in your sight, not letting you forget himself. Perhaps there is some intent in this...
  3. You understand that the man is trying to establish (or restore) contact with you. Sometimes he may call and ask for advice. He may say that you forgot something with him - or he forgot it with you. He might even offer to meet for a cup of coffee or go to the cinema, since he happened to have an extra ticket. This is a clear sign that he misses you and wants to have you in his life again.
  4. Friends periodically remind me of him. “I saw him the other day, he’s doing so-and-so. He said hi to you and asked how you were.” If he asks his friends to tell you something nice or is interested in your life, this may mean that for some reason he himself is shy, and he is not indifferent to you.
  5. You suddenly remember him. Sometimes when you start thinking about a person, most likely he is thinking about you. I’m sure you’ve had situations when thoughts about a person surfaced in your mind, and after a short time he appeared in your life. It's hard to explain, but it works.
  6. You cross paths on some business or project. You are forced to see and communicate with a man, and, as a rule, over time these intersections become more numerous, and they themselves become warmer. And if a man does not avoid contact with you, does not evade in every possible way, tries to interact personally, and not through an intermediary, he is definitely thinking about you!
  7. You unexpectedly meet him. You come across it by chance, even after several years. Life sometimes brings you together in the most unusual ways. Remember the poem: “And the gods laughed all night and all evening. The phrase “Chance meeting” made them laugh. Maybe fate itself is sending you signs that you still live in the soul and heart of this person.

But sometimes you can’t trust your eyes and ears. There are other signs in the behavior of ex-men that women often mistake for boredom or remnants of love. But if your man tells you that he misses you, tries to create reasons for you to be jealous or is angry with you, “paints” the wall on social networks with provocative posts - don’t be fooled. Most likely, these are just echoes that happen after every broken relationship. And this does not mean that the man wants to return everything. This is just how he gets over the breakup. This will pass.


Sometimes when a man misses a woman, he feels awkward. Sometimes, he does not understand how to behave in such a situation. Therefore, instead of showing tender feelings, the primitive instinct of jealousy and importunity awakens in him.

He starts calling his beloved several times a day, sending her messages with stupid questions. And especially inventive men can also present several funny gifts. They shower their chosen one with flowers, sweets, invitations to the cinema or cafe. But often all these presents look awkward. The fact is that a man who is truly in love may not yet have realized the feelings that arise when separated from his chosen one. In other words, he hasn't learned to be bored. Mostly such situations concern young couples who have not yet started living together.

Tips on how to get through a difficult period

Guys have a hard time breaking up with a girl. Apathy and melancholy painfully squeeze the heart of an abandoned lover, and in order to quickly get out of a difficult state, it is necessary to take some actions:

  1. Grieve to your heart's content. Have a heart-to-heart talk with someone, cry, write down your experiences in a notebook.
  2. Take care of yourself. Analyze your behavior in past relationships in order to avoid making similar mistakes in the future.
  3. Don't isolate yourself. Communicate with people, do what you love. Attend interesting events.
  4. It is useful to sign up for a swimming pool, gym, dance or sports club. Sports activities perfectly relieve stress and improve your mood.
  5. Make new acquaintances, flirt, “go out.”

Breaking up is a difficult period, which is difficult, but possible to survive. If you can’t restore your past relationship, you should discard difficult thoughts and look to the future with confidence. Meeting new love is closer than it might seem.

Some patterns of men's behavior after a breakup

The psychology of a man after a breakup allows him to better understand his partner’s true intentions and not step on the same rake again

In order to find out the attitude of your ex-lover, you should pay attention to the following signs: Lack of interest in an ex-girlfriend does not always mean that the guy has really become indifferent to her

However, a woman should not show excessive curiosity, pester her ex-lover with calls, offers to meet, or threats. It is necessary to wait a certain period in order to sort out your feelings and provide your partner with a similar opportunity

Lack of interest in an ex-girlfriend does not always mean that the guy has truly become indifferent to her. However, a woman should not show excessive curiosity, pester her ex-lover with calls, offers to meet, or threats. It is necessary to wait a certain period in order to sort out your feelings and provide your partner with a similar opportunity.

Will a man come back if he left on his own? In the psychology of men, it is customary to distinguish several types, each of which has a special behavioral pattern and distinctive features that appear at the moment of separation:

Exemplary fathers

Men who received a traditional upbringing tend to show responsibility in the task of building a family home and raising children. If the father has feelings for the child, he can make attempts to improve the relationship in order to provide the children with the opportunity to grow up in a full-fledged family. However, a woman will have to come to terms with the fact that one should not expect manifestations of passionate love and romance from a spouse with a similar character.


Experimenters often leave their families out of boredom and a thirst for new sensations. Having tried to build a relationship with a new passion and failed, such men most often return to their previous partner. They are driven to adventure by a midlife crisis or the routine that marriage has become over time. When the freshness of the sensations from the new union fades away, the subject makes attempts to restore the broken relationship. There is, of course, no guarantee that he will not leave the family again, being fascinated by another woman.

Lonely cowboys

Men of this type can gain value by leaving their partner with their heads held high, in full confidence that other women are waiting for them at the door. When, after a long period, no new passions loom on the horizon, illusions are destroyed, and the person remains in a state of confusion. His natural impulse is to try to return to the zone of lost comfort.


Natures of this type are vulnerable and weak-willed, and therefore are not able to survive the insult once inflicted. For such individuals, breaking up a relationship represents a sophisticated revenge for past events. Psychologists warn that in most cases, forgiving the avenger will not lead to positive results. It is not recommended to plan a future together with a man who has a mean and petty character, since such steps will not lead to anything good.

Other psychotypes

There are temperamental men who create scandals with or without reason. After a stormy showdown, such individuals prefer to take refuge in a cozy refuge, where no one can disturb their peace. However, after time spent apart from their partner, they realize that they are not adapted to single life, and make attempts to restore the relationship. Connoisseurs of beauty tend to see a goddess in every woman, so deciding which one to choose is very difficult for them.

When and why do men return?

Breaking up is painful, especially for those who love. But separation does not always symbolize the end of a relationship. There are situations when a man may return to renew his love union again. It is worth considering in more detail what motives he is guided by.


After a breakup, a man first revels in the freedom that has befallen him, begins to visit clubs, meet with friends, drink alcohol, flirt with women and not worry that a scandal will arise because of all this. But soon the positive is replaced by melancholy. Fleeting dates with women do not bring happiness; they begin to seem hopeless. This is how a man comes to understand that his thoughts and heart are occupied with his ex-girlfriend.

The young man begins to face many negative emotions:

  • obsessive thoughts appear to offer your ex your shoulder;
  • terrible jealousy arises towards potential suitors;
  • a man begins to miss a woman after breaking up;
  • pangs of conscience for one's own mistakes do not allow one to concentrate.

Viewing photos together, spying on Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, and Facebook enhance these feelings. After 4-5 weeks, the young man makes active attempts to return.

Fruitless searches

For guys, finding a partner is a difficult task. In a new acquaintance, a man subconsciously tries to discern the features of his ex. Because of this, he often faces inconsistency. The best solution for an unhappy man is to return to his former abode.

Men do not always go “free swimming”. Sometimes from one relationship they enter into another - with a rival. Inspired by a fresh train of feelings and emotions, the man does not understand the transience of these sensations. A new passion may be ideal in sex, but in everyday life it may not be completely satisfactory.

The desire to recreate the old comfort with a new lover may end in failure. It will be easier for a man who cares about comfort to return to his ex than to wait for a new love to learn how to care for him in everyday life.

Crazy jealousy

Not every guy is able to calmly accept the fact that his ex-girlfriend is dating another guy. Just the thought that some boyfriend will touch his former lover can cause wild jealousy. For such men, women are things they possess. If a new lover appears in a girl’s life, the former boyfriend will try his best to regain his “property”.

Admitting mistakes

A man leaving a woman may begin to regret it after a while. Admitting that a breakup was a mistake can be difficult, especially if the breakup occurred during an argument. Resentment prevents you from reaching reconciliation right away. But when emotions begin to subside, and all negative memories are pushed into the background, insight comes. The man realizes the positive aspects of his beloved, as well as how he did not appreciate it all.

Expressions of feelings

When does a man miss a woman? We have looked at the signs, now let’s move on to considering the manifestations of this feeling.

  1. He asks you to send him your photo. This request is not related to the desire to see you naked or anything like that. He is just interested in what you are doing, what your mood is. Moreover, he is interested in seeing you at a given moment in time, as if you were nearby now.
  2. At the beginning of the week, he starts planning weekend activities for the two of you. And in general, he tries in every way to initiate as many meetings with you as possible.
  3. Tries to surprise you. When separated, a man has a lot of free time to think about coming up with a cunning plan that will help capture the maximum of your free time and attention.
  4. A guy who is bored tells his family and friends about you and his feelings. Even with the most ordinary conversation, aimed at a completely unrelated topic, he still will not miss the opportunity to mention his beloved. The thing is that thoughts are occupied with the chosen one when it is common for a person to miss her.
  5. He won't tell anything. Alas, some men do not tend to openly show their feelings. They will be sad, but they won’t show it until the last moment. Although passions may rage inside them. It is most difficult with this type of man at the beginning of a relationship, as it may seem that he is absolutely indifferent.
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