Why you have no luck in life - who is to blame for failures and how to deal with them

Causes of failure are the root of all troubles

When this disgusting word “failure” appears in our lives, each of us is ready to blame anything and anyone, but not ourselves. Magnetic storms, a bad horoscope, even a human one are to blame. Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity - a person simply prepared properly for the presentation, as a result - failure awaited him, and all he can say to justify himself is “The stars were not aligned that way.” Let us then once and for all find out the reasons why we are haunted by a series of failures, in order to deal with them once and for all and also be considered Fortune’s darling.

One of the most common reasons for failures is an acute lack of necessary information, as well as the inability to assess the current situation. You can be an excellent student at school or in college (this is far from the main indicator), but the realities of life are such that you will not always be protected from the hardships of everyday life by your mom and dad, get new ones, and what can I say, apply the knowledge you already have, oh what a difficult task. The problem with most people is that we quickly relax. We got a good job and that’s it, life was good. No, such a scenario can only exist in American pop movies, but not in real life. A person should always be open to new information. He must keep abreast of the latest events, expand his vocabulary - in other words, keep his nose to the wind.

Laziness - yes, she is dear. Agree, a lazy person can hardly judge soberly about successes and failures - just because he has never even had the first. Remember how many times throughout your life have you looked for reasons not to do this or that work in your life? Imaginary arguments that all this would be unsuccessful and ineffective were presented so quickly that one could simply be horrified. If anyone is to blame for our own failures, then it will definitely be our lazy nature, which not every person can overcome.

Work in draft for a perfect finish. It would seem that all this should have been left in elementary school, but no - many of us still live as if we have another life left. A life that will be like a clean copy: without a single blot or blot. Unfortunately, or fortunately, no.

A person only lives once, precisely for this reason, you need to pull yourself together and start working on yourself, so that later you don’t talk about “Why are you unlucky in life?” Stop treating her childishly and frivolously and you will see that everything will work out.

Also take note that you can’t get anything just for beautiful eyes. Remember the saying - free cheese is only in a mousetrap. So, if you are tempted to achieve success without putting any effort into it, rest assured that failure in life is now just a matter of time. So, roll up your sleeves and work - this is the only way to real success.

Complexes - if there is a person who does not have any complexes, then he is clearly a fictional character. Even the most, at first glance, hardened cynic, darling of fortune, has a whole bunch of complexes behind his soul - he just knows how to carefully hide them. On the one hand, this is not bad, but on the other hand, this is akin to a canned projectile. Sooner or later it will explode, and the consequences of the blast wave will affect many. It is impossible to get rid of all complexes, but you need to fight them - either yourself or in a psychologist’s office, but in no case, do not leave everything to chance.

The last, most common reason for regular failures. This is a banal lack of intuition as such. This is not a mystical component of a person, no - it is experience that has been accumulated over time, the ability to quickly assess a situation, and also make fateful decisions.

The totality of all this is intuition. If a person is at odds with it in his life, then you can forget about luck forever. Lack of intuitive sense has never benefited anyone. Solving such a problem is difficult, but possible. Develop, work on yourself, your thinking. Try to calculate the possible outcomes of events - in this case, the result will not be long in coming.

As you can see, there are not many global reasons why people are unlucky - only five. The main thing is to recognize them in time, correct them correctly, and then life’s failures will leave you forever.

How to become the master of your own life. Six laws of working with the subconscious

Before moving on to John Kehoe’s techniques for overcoming the black streak, it is necessary to understand the laws of the work of our subconscious, without knowledge of which it is impossible to move on.

Law No. 1. Thought has energy and material force

Every thought you think does not pass without leaving a trace. Thoughts are actually the forces that control your life.

This is the first thing that needs to be realized and accepted during a life crisis.

Law No. 2. The mind is capable of receiving and transmitting information to the Universe

Sending and receiving information from outside occurs continuously. Your thoughts all the time fall into the energetic web of general reality, thereby influencing the picture of the material world.

Law No. 3. A thought charged with emotion changes

Thoughts, equipped with the energy of emotion, have the ability to attract to you what you are thinking about. That is, when you are angry or depressed, it changes your thinking... And your thoughts begin to attract to you those things that cause you to experience these emotions.

Strong desire, faith, unshakable conviction and confidence in success endow your thoughts with the powerful power of materialization.

Law No. 4. You can control your thoughts

You are not your brain. You are his boss, and he is his subordinate. You can decide for yourself whether to enjoy your thoughts, put them aside, or use them for your own purposes.

Understand that if some unpleasant thought overcomes your mind, then you yourself allow it to do so.

Law No. 5. "The Law of Investment"

We can put any thought we want into our mind. The thought of success, wealth, love, health, friendship... Why not?

Law No. 6. The inner and outer worlds are inseparable

The inner world is thoughts, the outer world is circumstances in reality. These worlds are closely connected. And reality is a combination of external and internal, a reflection of what is inside you.

It turns out that the black stripe is a projection of the activity of the mind! In other words, by taking control of our own thinking, we can get rid of problems, overcome the dark streak and begin to attract positive changes into our lives.

Before we move on to Kehoe’s techniques, I suggest you download a mini-book that helps you make your wishes come true. More than 7,000 people have already used these tips >>>

How to resist bad luck?

We’ve sorted out the reasons – it’s time to look for ways to solve them. Psychologists recommend a set of the most effective methods. The complex of action data is very simple, but there is no doubt about its effectiveness. But before you begin to implement these recommendations, you first need to understand for yourself, do you want this? Do you also realize that this is not an elixir of good luck, but simply a series of tips for improving the quality of your own life. It is unlikely, of course, that they will help you hit the jackpot at the casino, but they will protect yourself from problems at work, and they will also help you in everyday life.

So, in order to get an answer to the question of why you have no luck in life, you need to do the following:

  1. Relax, and then remember your most striking failures. You shouldn’t go too deep in your search; all this should take no more than half an hour.
  2. Take a piece of paper, and then write down in a separate column those examples of failures that had a strong impact on your life. Against this “shame column,” write the reasons (necessarily objective) why, in your opinion, the event occurred. Try to explain the reason in one or two words. Important! Be honest with yourself, don't hide your mistakes.
  3. Under no circumstances should you blame other people for your failure. Only you are responsible for your failures in life, no one else. As they say, from a sore head to a sound one...
  4. After completion, process all the facts, then display some statistics. It will all look something like this: failure due to laziness – 2 cases, failure due to lack of information – 3, etc. This way, you have the opportunity to see what exactly is the root of your problem.
  5. Pay maximum attention to those problems that arise most often - build an algorithm for dealing with them based on your own motivation.

As you can see, in this way everyone can not only easily find the root of their problem, but also begin to eliminate it. The main thing here is effort, as well as the desire to end bad luck.

Of course, you shouldn’t hope for instant results, but very soon the fruits of hard work will become noticeable.

Another good piece of advice on this matter was given by the famous Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki: “Get excited about an idea. Let it swallow you whole, from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.

Dedicate all your time, all your strength, all of yourself to it, and then you simply won’t have time to think about failures.” Good advice, but I would like to add that it is very important - do what you feel like doing. Regardless of whether it is a popular hobby or just solving crossword puzzles. A person must be fired up by an idea, flare up like a match, and most importantly not burn out, maintaining interest for a long time.

Is it possible to fight bad luck?

Fear of the dark - what is this phobia called, why does fear arise and how to fight it

It is not only possible to fight bad luck, but also necessary. This does not require any magical rituals or expensive amulets and amulets. It is enough to simply analyze your worldview, behavior and attitude towards yourself and towards the people around you. Then turn off the “Cinderella syndrome” and stop waiting for a good wizard or a fairy-tale prince, who will immediately solve the problem of bad luck.

There are only 10 steps to take on the path to luck:

  1. They begin to love themselves as they are.
  2. They take responsibility for their lives.
  3. Overcome their fears.
  4. They set specific goals and think through ways to achieve them.
  5. They actively move towards the goal according to the planned plan.
  6. Intermediate results are monitored.
  7. They believe in themselves and in the results.
  8. Adjust actions aimed at achieving the goal, depending on the circumstances.
  9. Establish business and personal relationships with people.
  10. Encourage yourself.

Horseshoe for good luck

Important! Psychologists say that there are no chronic losers. There are people who simply do not try to become the architects of their own happiness.

Failures in your personal life - as a separate category

But if solutions have been found for the problems of luck in the categories of work and society, then the question of why failures persist on the personal front remains open. Unfortunately, a panacea for all ills has not yet been invented and the lack of Fortune’s patronage in such sensitive aspects is felt very acutely. However, do not give up; there are several tips that will be useful to you in this field.

  1. Choose your type. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, your type should suit you. For example, if a man is modest and not too ambitious, he will be very uncomfortable, even if he says the opposite. Yes, at first there will be a feeling of euphoria and adrenaline. True, soon all this will begin to tire a little. You want simple home comfort, with leisurely conversations. Of course, there are always exceptions - however, choose the person with whom you will be comfortable, regardless of the time passed and the situation.
  2. The friend zone is something that everyone is afraid of, both self-confident guys and timid girls. It's simple - no matter how cool you are, it's always unpleasant to realize that for the person you love, you are nothing more than a friend. There are other examples - when a guy and a girl begin to be friends, and then one of them begins to experience something more than just friendly sympathy for the other half of their tandem. In such situations, you should not lament why you are unlucky in life, because initially both parties were happy with everything. If you are a girl and are acting as an adviser to your friend on conquering the opposite sex, it would be foolish to hope that it will suddenly dawn on him. No, there won't be a magical boom! and then a happy happy ending, because in his head you are firmly entrenched as a synonym for help, a kind of “call to a friend.” So there is only one piece of advice - immediately think about what kind of attitude you want in the future.
  3. Dating place. It's corny, but still. It is unlikely that at a party with a huge amount of alcohol, it will be easy to find an ideal life partner, without bad habits, who will appreciate you as a person. Yes, it may sound cruel, but it’s still better than rose-colored glasses. This is about the same thing as looking for a casual connection in the Puritan community. You can only wish good luck, and then just wait for failure, which will not keep you waiting.

To finally start living without the expectation of failure, start improving your communication skills. Become an interesting conversationalist, a multifaceted personality that you will want to get to know again and again. If you can achieve this result, then you won't need luck.

Who draws black stripes on the zebra crossing of our reality?

To understand how to get rid of a bad streak in life, you first need to determine where exactly in your reality a gap formed through which all these terrible problems burst in.

Bioenergy scientists identify various causes of crises, including:

  • a random coincidence of circumstances when a person becomes hostage to external factors and cannot influence them in any way;
  • a sign from the Universe that a person is going the wrong way and should rethink his choice and change the route;
  • fears and negative thinking, when a person literally attracts to himself everything that he is afraid of.

Fear is like a gun hanging on the wall in the first act of a play - it must fire in the finale.

Have you noticed that sometimes, even when everything is great in your life, destructive thoughts still flash through your head?

  • “It can’t be that the money came so easily, there’s definitely some kind of catch in this!”
  • “Surely I will have to pay dearly for such luck...”
  • “If everything is so wonderful in a relationship now, then tomorrow there will be trouble...”

The mind carefully nurtures and multiplies these thoughts. You start scrolling through them more and more often, and, voila, one day what you were so afraid of becomes reality!

On the subject: The Mystery of Consciousness: Who Creates Reality?

Every day on the way to work you worry: “Oh, at least I don’t want to lose my piece of bread.” After some time, the staff is laid off, salaries are cut, and you are asked to “go on vacation at your own expense.”

And you think: “I knew it!”

In the same way, the rest of your fears will materialize - one after another. This is exactly how, step by step, our thoughts and fears create the material world.

How to survive defeat?

In order to cope with the ailment of why you are unlucky in life, you can try another very effective practice. Don’t think that the only person in this world who is doomed to regular failure is you. There are over 5.5 billion people in the world, it would be absurd to even admit the thought that you are alone. The problem is that a person tends to see only the success of other people, and occasionally their failures. Their subconscious produces the following equation: a successful person = the absence of failures of any kind. Many of all these people are simply better at hiding it, but all failures are universal anyway, regardless of the person's age or gender. Before you start beating yourself up for a mistake, try to look at the world with your eyes wide open, and you will see that everyone has failures, some may have things worse than you.

Answer one question: which famous and successful people would you like to emulate in the relevant field? Analyze the ups and downs they faced. Study in detail their biographies, memoirs, diaries, and if possible, listen to speeches about these people.

All great, successful people talk about their own failures in life as often as they talk about success, so understanding that these are two sides of the same coin is very important, because without the first, the second will not exist, and how important it is to accept them. Everyone has made mistakes, the greats are no exception. The main thing is to rise from the bottom, and not remain motionless. Believing in yourself and your strengths is the main secret of success for each of us.

What is a black streak in a person’s life?

Who among us has not found ourselves in a situation where “everything is bad”: you are helplessly rushing from one problem to another, trying to save your usual life, but in vain. And it seems that the more you try, the more trouble you get bombarded with.

The so-called black streak is a period of crisis and total bad luck in all areas of life, when one problem leads to another.

For example, you were unexpectedly fired from your job, and this trouble started a chain reaction: debts appeared and constant quarrels with your spouse began, and then the car broke down, the neighbors flooded, money was mistakenly written off from the bank, the phone was stolen...

But it is important to understand that the degree of “blackness” of this strip depends only on how you perceive it. After all, there are no clear criteria for describing a crisis, and each person perceives a series of troubles in his own way.

For some, a bad streak is a reprimand from the boss, minor quarrels with a loved one and a couple of extra pounds on the scale. And some people don’t even consider divorce and job loss a life crisis. In a word, it all depends on your attitude to the problem.

But what to do if the black streak does begin? We'll talk about this further!

Prayer for those who are haunted by failures

Perhaps it is enough for you to turn to God to believe in yourself. Try it, it won't get any worse:

  • «Lord, our merciful provider and protector. Teach (name) how to remove the calamitous slander from yourself. Dashing troubles drag on every day, it seems that there is no end to them. Deliver me from them, show me the bright path, the right road, a happy occasion. I will remember your grace and protection and will praise you with prayers every day. Amen
  • Or turn to your guardian angel: “ I am turning to you, my guardian angel.
    You have been in charge of my affairs since birth, you have never abandoned me. Forgive me for any disobedience and protect me from the devil’s bad luck. May failures pass me by and not return. I hope for your favor and great strength, since I have no one else to count on .”

Don’t be lazy, go to church, stand in the temple, there is a special atmosphere there. Say your prayers there, maybe they will give you vitality.

Advice from John Kehoe: the key to quickly getting out of a bad period is praise

What to do if in dark times it is very difficult to find light and energy within yourself to work with thinking? In this case, John Kehoe advises us to remember our achievements more often:

Remember all your previous achievements! Reward yourself for your current and past victories, even small ones! Consciously seek out moments that make you feel strong, lucky, and proud of yourself. Rejoice even in small achievements, feel your success every day! Recognize all the skills and abilities you have acquired recently.

Praise yourself for past victories. This will become your source of fuel to move forward!

To get out of depression, you can also use these five practices, which mutually reinforce each other.

This set is an “eraser” that will help you erase a dark streak in your life.

And finally, remember: no matter how dark your dark streak may be, try to discern opportunities for growth and development in this period. After all, all problems are temporary, and a white streak will definitely come after them.

Problems and difficulties can be used as a springboard to deepen insight... There are no problems, only opportunities. THERE IS NO SUCH CONCEPT AS A PROBLEM, THERE ARE ONLY OPPORTUNITIES!

Scenario for trouble

If you turn to professional psychologists, they will definitely answer that the person himself has set such a vector for himself.

. When he takes on any business, he is subconsciously set up for failure.

Perhaps this is uncertainty, which is the result of improper upbringing, or pathological suspiciousness, when any trouble is fixed in the mind for a long time and destroys any attempts to restore internal balance.

One way or another, this is the scenario by which a person lives. Usually, such people are labeled as losers from childhood. They carry it all their lives, beginning to believe that they were born with it. Everyone knows that self-hypnosis is a great force, against which sometimes the best specialists are powerless and only a drowning person can save himself.

Reason #2 - incorrect settings, like dead ballast

Why is it difficult to build relationships? Have you paid attention to who is asking this question? As a rule, these are people over 30, who certainly live with their parents. Or people who have achieved much greater heights than perhaps they themselves planned. These people have one thing in common - in addition to problems in their personal lives - these are their attitudes.

“You should only communicate with people in your circle!” “It’s not appropriate for people in our society to communicate with people like that...” “People like him are no match for you!” “Don’t you dare even think about...” Sounds familiar? And try “disobey”!

The law of opposites attracting rarely fails. It was “thanks to him” that kings fell in love with beggar women, intellectuals with representatives of the middle class, there are a lot of similar examples.

Wrong attitudes imposed by our parents, environment, and sometimes we impose them on ourselves, are one of the reasons why we have no luck in our personal lives with men.

Conspiracies for bad luck

Or try turning to white magic, create a conspiracy:

  1. Buy some little thing or toy in the store. This item will serve as a kind of sponge for absorbing negative energy. Bring him home, put him in bed and sleep with him for 3 nights. On Sunday, when you wake up, go to the river or lake and burn this thing, bury it in the ground, saying 7 times: “I am ridding myself of bad luck, I conjure bad luck on you.”
    Let it burn, turn into ash and not return to me ”;
  2. Or do this on a full moon: take as many coins as you are old and wrap them in cloth. Go outside, find a deserted place and say in one breath: “ I collected money for farming, tied everything I found in a knot.
    Good luck will now be with me, I will pay richly for it .” Bury the bag at a crossroads, take it out after 3 days and store it in the bedroom;
  3. Take a knitting needle, bend it in half and say: “As I break a knitting needle, I attract good luck, and I conjure adversity to the lapel.” Bury the knitting needle near the church.

Maybe by performing one of the rituals you will return your luck, believing that the troubles were burned or buried in the ground.

“I have now become more stingy in my desires”

Sometimes our dreams deceive us, and sometimes we deceive ourselves. When we want something that is not what we really want. Let's say our parents instilled in us that we should go far, and we work through this program with all our might, trying to climb the career ladder. Nothing works. But not because the goal is unattainable, but because we actually don’t want any career, but dream of the fate of a kindergarten teacher or an artist.

It also happens that people themselves confuse their true and imaginary needs. For example, a woman thinks that she needs to get a rich husband, and she is ready to go crazy in order to find and marry one, but in reality she just needs spiritual intimacy with a person. Or a man passionately dreams of buying an expensive car and devotes all his energy and time to making money, takes out loans, sacrifices rest and entertainment. But in fact, he doesn’t need this expensive toy at all, but is simply tormented by envy of a former classmate who has the same car. A thorough study of the problem by a psychologist would be a much less expensive solution to the matter.

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