7 difficult life situations and how to cope with them

In practice and in life, I often hear the question “ Help me understand the situation ,” “ I have a situation like this in my life, ” or “ How will this situation develop?” »

We use the word “situation” very often in everyday speech:

-We need to thoroughly assess the current situation.

-The situation is not going well

-Let's think together about how to get out of this unpleasant situation.

Loss of loved ones

Death is inevitable. At some point in life, we lose someone we love and it seems impossible to cope with the pain and continue living without them. This is a huge grief, and not everyone can cope with it.

If you are trying to deal with the death of someone you love, don't be in denial. Accept this fact and realize that this is one of the stages of life. This does not mean that you should forget your loved ones who are gone forever. Keep them in mind, but make sure you move on. Your life will end one day too, so live it to the fullest.

Types of problematic (difficult) situations

There are quite a lot of causes and types of TJS. Doctor of Psychology, specialist in conflict management, A.Ya. Antsupov, proposes a division of problematic life moments in the following areas:

  • related to human activity: professional or domestic, emergency or extreme situations;
  • based on interpersonal relationships: relationship problems, pre-conflict moments, conflict incidents;
  • arising as a result of intrapersonal problems: conflicts, difficulties, crises;
  • caused by everyday (everyday) situations: danger, uncertainty, loss.

Conflict of interest - what kind of situation is it?

Experts emphasize that TLC can be characterized by the presence of a difficult situation, an imbalance between opportunities and requirements for activity, as well as the activity of personal motives.

There is a less complex division of THS into two types: first and second.

The first type is social HOAs

This includes troubles that arise in the course of life associated with everyday moments. The first type includes difficulties of a temporary nature and with the prospect of restoring the usual way of life.

By the way! The occurrence of such moments in life is influenced only by the individual himself. Personally, he creates them through his actions, experiences them himself and receives negative experiences.

The second type is extreme

The result of such life moments is considered to be a state of “mental breakdown” or “physical survival.” This type includes severe loss in the course of life.

For your information! The second type includes extreme natural, anthropogenic and man-made situations, as well as their complex consequences that manifest themselves over time.

Emergency situations caused by natural disasters accompany humanity at all stages of existence. These are forces beyond control, but people, trying to master them, on the contrary, can not eliminate, but provoke the emergence of new excesses.

Technogenic (technical) and anthropogenic (ecological) crises are the result of the action or inaction of humanity in the process of promoting technological progress and life on the planet.

An example of this is the pollution of the environment and natural lands with industrial waste: mechanical or chemical (emissions into the atmosphere, discharge into rivers and seas, and other actions).

Finding yourself in difficult situations, a person begins to experience mental tension, which prevents him from adequately assessing the situation and independently finding a way out.

Types of mental tension in TJS

Serious illness

A healthy lifestyle cannot prevent all diseases. If you are trying to navigate a long and stressful road to recovery, it is important not to lose faith. There is a reason why some people recover from serious illness while others die. It's all because of their faith and positive attitude.

You need to believe in recovery, think positively and do what makes you happy, even if you are in a hospital bed. This will help you get through a difficult life situation and learn to live with your illness if it is incurable.

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