How to properly praise your husband or boyfriend: recommendations and a list of the best compliments to a man

Often women do not know whether they should compliment a man. My answer: it is necessary. It’s worth praising a man even for little things, such as calling a taxi or giving flowers, and for his abilities and skills. This will motivate him to do more. If you want to understand why and how to compliment him correctly, read the article.

Read on, watch the video and you will find out:

  • Do men like compliments?
  • How to praise a man correctly?
  • Mistakes a woman makes when trying to compliment a man
  • What to do if your man doesn't like compliments?
  • What words are nice for a man to hear?
  • Which men are contraindicated from giving compliments?
  • What kind of compliments have a destructive effect on a man?

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Tips to get the desired result

  1. Give compliments correctly , otherwise a man may decide that you are cajoling him, and this will have a completely different effect.
  2. Praise spoken from the heart is best received. This means that the young lady speaks sincerely, without choosing the necessary words.
  3. Poems should be used in extreme cases when you need to thank, assuage guilt, or inspire. Poems can be sent via SMS when correspondence is carried out by colleagues, spouses, friends or relatives.
  4. Humorous, funny compliments are best used in cases where a man has a sense of humor, otherwise he will not appreciate the praise and may even be offended.
  5. You need to praise for: action, appearance, professional and personal qualities, a nice gift, tenderness, an unforgettable night.

Colleague/business partner.

  1. Did you really complete this part of the project (the entire project, task) in such a short time? Amazing!
  2. You have excellent organizational/public speaking/leadership skills. Would you mind sharing a couple of secrets?
  3. I am truly honored to work with such an experienced/successful/great partner.
  4. You are excellent at finding common ground with clients/colleagues. How do you do this?
  5. You are quickly moving up the career ladder. It seems that your superiors appreciated your services.
  6. Now I understand why other employees speak of you with such respect and even admiration.
  7. Your working method seems very effective. Thanks to you, the whole process has finally gotten off the ground.
  8. Thank you, you helped me a lot. I was lucky to work with such a competent and efficient employee.
  9. You are excellent with calculations/analysis/auditing/equipment. You must have spent a lot of time practicing diligently.
  10. Nowadays there is a great shortage of such specialists. You are truly worth your weight in gold in our company/firm/team/office.

Sometimes it takes a long time for a man to get compliments. And although this is a normal situation, you still don’t want to leave the guy without a portion of “verbal sweets”. In such cases, this list will help out and tell you how to please a friend, colleague or loved one. The main thing is to fill your words with sincerity and goodwill.

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A man and a compliment: made for each other

The position that a man always owes has already set their teeth on edge. Be a protector, a provider, a conqueror. And at the same time you cannot be afraid, cry and ask for help. You need to do even more just to comply. It’s just unclear what and why. And it's very hard work. And any work, as we know, must be rewarded. Otherwise it will simply be exploited. From this we can conclude that it is not only possible to compliment your man, but also necessary. Even the most primitive ones will do:

    To be more specific, there are 10 reasons for this:
  • “You look awesome in this shirt”;
  • “You have a stylish haircut”;
  • "You're so clever!".

The exception is “cute-cute” compliments, however, this point is individual. Some people are ready to take a star out of the sky for the sake of the Bunny. A compliment is a wonderful way to thank, encourage, and guide. In addition, thanks to a correctly said compliment, you can achieve what you want. For example: “I am not forcing you to resolve this situation. But I am sure that you will do it better than anyone. After all, you are so smart! There are countless reasons to use words of praise in everyday life, and there is absolutely no reason to ignore them. By choosing the right words, you can even tie a guy to you.

His achievements.

  1. Wow! Are these all your medals/certificates/diplomas/cups? You really worked your ass off.
  2. Did you get a promotion? Did your boss praise you? Finally, they rightfully appreciated you. Congratulations! I am so proud of you.
  3. Your gym sessions are not in vain. These muscles are just steel.
  4. Have you decided to enroll in new courses? Smart girl, you are so purposeful and determined.
  5. I'm glad you stopped smoking/eating fast food/going to bed at dawn. It was difficult, but you put in a lot of effort and did it. I'm proud of you.
  6. Thank you for working with me on our relationship. It’s difficult for me now too, but looking at your efforts, I understand that we can handle it.
  7. Have you made peace with your friend/mother/colleague? You are so young that you took the first step, even though it was difficult and awkward.
  8. Did you assemble the closet/rearrange the furniture/fix the equipment yourself? There is nothing that your golden hands cannot handle.
  9. Do you play guitar/burn wood/skydive? Your hobby is so interesting. I like that you have something other than work that you can get better at.
  10. Do you have a lot of friends? No wonder you are an amazing storyteller and comedian. You won't get bored.

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How to speak words of praise to a man correctly: 5 rules

You should not lose sight of the fact that men are very cautious people. They melt like the Snow Maiden from compliments, but quickly come to their senses. Especially if the praise is false and outright flattery. The right compliment is natural, understandable, honest and without subtext.

Rule No. 1 - naturalness It is unlikely that you will be able to please your gentleman with such words as: “How majestic is your step” or “Your powerful hands are like anvils.” Although, as an experiment, you can try such compliments. Most likely, there will be an awkward pause in the conversation and he will become suspicious. Naturalness is the best thing that can be. You need to speak in accessible language and only what you really think.

Rule No. 2 - truthfulness Admiring biceps if your loved one has only visited the gym once is, to put it mildly, stupid. The male sex, of course, can swallow any praise, but they are far from fools. Try to think about what skill your boyfriend is really proud of. Or praise for those features that catch your eye. There is no need to exaggerate his achievements, do not overestimate ordinary actions. There is no need to praise virtues that do not actually exist.

Rule No. 3 - positivity A compliment must carry a positive assessment. Sarcasm, irony, reproach, ambiguity are unacceptable. “Wow, you made the tea yourself and didn’t douse yourself with boiling water!” - not praise. “You fried eggs and didn’t break a single plate, you’re just a hero!” - not a compliment. “Mmm, you nailed the nail and didn’t hit yourself on the finger” - these words will not please your lover.

Rule #4 - Specificity Details matter. Your words must be accompanied by explanations. Guys, unlike girls, do not think abstractly, but concretely, and they perceive direct facts much better than hints. “You are so sociable - you can find a topic for conversation with anyone!”

Rule No5 - moderation There is no need to over-praise, otherwise it can harm his psyche and a disease called “delusions of grandeur” will begin. But if you say pleasant words rarely, but sincerely, he will strive for you to admire him again.


  1. Young man, here next to you, the sensor that determines the best man on earth has gone off. And he’s not wrong with me.
  2. Do you have a license? Finally, I met at least one good driver. I can walk calmly. Even at night. With my eyes closed. Along the road and diagonally.
  3. As soon as you kiss me, I immediately want to run to cook borscht, buy all the underwear in sex shops and glow like a New Year's garland.
  4. Oh, aren’t your lips always sugary? No? Exactly? Well, let me try. Well, but you say that they are not sugar.
  5. Is it your perfume that is so alluring or your own pheromones?
  6. You're like champagne. Sparkling, it makes you dizzy, it makes you blush and it also makes you feel so hot inside.
  7. Man, I see that you are a jack of all trades. And I’m a lonely girl, my shelves are not nailed down, the taps are leaking, the doors are creaking...
  8. Do you happen to know how to put out fires? Now you will learn from me. And then he started a fire here.
  9. I haven’t drank yet, but you already seem like the man of my dreams.
  10. I don’t remember when I placed an order for delivery at the “Best Boyfriend/Husband” store.

What compliment to give a guy

    In your compliments to a guy you can:
  • evaluate his actions and achievements : “you are so great!”, “you are my hero!”, “you can handle everything!”;
  • as confirmation of his passion and temperament : “that was wonderful”, “you are so courageous”;
  • characteristics of what you feel when you are with him : “I am happy next to you.”

Even the simplest word spoken from the heart is much better than thoughtful silence.

Don't forget about submission

So, the task is quite clear: to know how to correctly give unusual compliments to a man. Whether they are funny or pleasant, it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that the praise hooks him, in some places even awakens passion, and becomes part of your relationship. Try to put yourself in his place, that is, imagine yourself as a guy. Yes, the situation is complex and unclear. But only in this way can you practice intonation, gestures, facial expressions, touches at the moment when you say pleasant words to your beloved. This is one side of the coin. And the other one is that the beloved will not appreciate the praise for his new shoes, he is not a girl. Therefore, it is worth dismissing the praise of the wardrobe. What to do? It is necessary to study the rules that will help you pronounce enthusiastic words and convince your gentleman of the depth of your feelings. Guys prefer unobtrusive compliments, laconic, with deep meaning.

    For a compliment to be exactly like this, you need to:
  1. Remember that in men the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for the manifestation of emotions and feelings. Therefore, kind words must be spoken into the left ear, but requests - into the right. The chosen one will quickly forget about his kindness and sexuality if you say this in his right ear. But the left one is ideal for this. All that remains is to approach quietly from behind, gently hug and say the cherished words, lightly touching your ear.
  2. In your words, highlight truly masculine traits, such as courage, willpower, eroticism, etc. This can include those character traits that you like so much about him. If you fell in love with him for some of his features, tell him about it as often as possible. This is especially important if relationships are built far from each other. You can even say this in poetic form.
  3. Do not focus on appearance: for a man, appearance comes in the background. But highlighting those parts of the body that you especially like is ideal. It could be beautiful eyes, manly hands or even rounded buttocks.
  4. No need to lisp - men don't like it. Speak in a sexy half-whisper, praise your lover with your whole body: smile, eyes, hands, lightly touching. A little flirting won't hurt here.
  5. Avoid humor and sarcasm , which often creep into relationships with your spouse.

Complimenting a man is actually not difficult. It is important to pronounce praise with love and tenderness and never forget that even a cat enjoys a kind word!

Why are young ladies afraid to encourage their knights?

Our mothers and grandmothers, full of traumatic experiences, our fathers and grandfathers were rarely praised. Sometimes they’ll say: “Only I’m a smart guy.” All! The target for the next five years has been met. The daughters absorbed: men cannot be pampered, everything they do is a matter of course.

Meanwhile, men in such families often stop showing any initiative. For what? All the same, they won’t say a kind word, or even yell at you prophylactically if something isn’t perfect. It's better to lie on the sofa.

Those who were braver ran away altogether. To whom? To the aunties who, despite their age, knew how to roll their eyes and rejoice at everything: a nail that was nailed, scrambled eggs for breakfast, a modest paycheck. Everyone appreciates it when their efforts are appreciated.

Men often work and achieve heights not for their own ambitions, but to please the woman they love. Most people don’t need millions, or nails, or a clean apartment. But seeing how his beloved is delighted, ordinary Ivan Ivanovich changes irreversibly. Now he is ready to vacuum, earn money and bring coffee to bed every morning, if only his wife would purr: “You are so good! How lucky I am to have you!”

Okay, we've sorted out the theory. You need to praise. But how is this done? How often can you express gratitude? How to formulate all this and put it into words?

How many kind words is a man entitled to per day?

We are used to doing everything strictly according to the rules. It is unclear who set the standards. But since British scientists said: 8 hugs a day, that means no more, no less. Try listening to yourself. Tired and off your feet? There is no need to squeeze out the “dance of a happy woman” and three hours of oral sex, because “that’s what the psychologist advised.” A few sincere, warm words will be enough.

Is he steadfastly chopping salads while you are looking for that very dress to greet guests? Or maybe he took the kids out for a walk so you could get some sleep for the first time in a week? Then whatever you have enough energy and imagination for, in any quantity, is appropriate.

Don't be afraid to over-praise a man. If you really notice that he behaves somehow strangely because of praise, this is a prompt to think: “Isn’t my Innokenty an asshole?” Praise won't spoil a normal guy. At least praise him every day: if you are sincere, an overdose will not happen.

It is not necessary to lick it every time it moves. “Oh, you took the child to the garden! Oh, you know how to put shoes in place! Oh, you washed your plate!” - this is also overkill. Just notice the good and be sincere. Most likely, he accidentally bought cornflowers of this particular shade. But if you tell them that these are the flowers of your childhood dreams, you will begin to find them on the table more often.

How to compliment the man you love

As already mentioned, men love compliments no less than young ladies. In modern society, it is not customary to say words of praise to a loved one. There is an opinion that they should admire women. However, men need praise like air, so that they can hear statements of their actions and positive traits. But young ladies try not to give compliments, believing that in this way they can spoil their chosen one. Guys are often left without proper attention during adolescence. And during this period they really need support. In marriage, spouses rarely praise their husbands, and increasingly show dissatisfaction. Even if your life partner wanted to help, he will definitely do something wrong. Every man appreciates words of admiration and approval. They make him more confident and inspired.

Answers on questions

What to do if a man does not react to compliments?

Most often, those men for whom it has become commonplace and familiar do not respond to compliments. To return the former delight, you need to pause and even more than that, make him do some crazy things to impress.

Is it worth complimenting a complete stranger to win him over?

It is important to understand that every man is an individual to whom you need to find the key. If this is a respectable and rich man whom everyone admires, then your words will only amuse his self-esteem and completely destroy his interest in you. But for a modest and private chosen one, such a gesture will become an incentive for new achievements.

How often should you give compliments?

It all depends on how exactly the relationship develops. The main thing is that there is a golden mean in everything. If you see that he has relaxed and is already confident that he has conquered you, then a compliment will only aggravate the situation, but for a man who doubts his decision, a couple of pleasant phrases will be a good incentive and support.

Talk only about existing advantages

Don't praise for something that really doesn't exist. It will look ridiculous. Like, for example, what do you call a beer belly pumped up? Praise for specific external data, achievements, sense of humor, skills. That is, the most striking features of the beloved. Otherwise, the guy will understand that you are not sincere. When complimenting, tell only the truth.

From the movies.

  1. Strong, confident, purposeful. Darling, you are my tough nut to crack.
  2. Economical, smart, strong, caring. Honey, you’re just a transformer - all in one.
  3. Your name, of course, is not Bruce, but you are also Almighty.
  4. Can I call you Thor when you're angry? Otherwise, lightning, sparks and waves of sexuality roll out from you in different directions at such moments.
  5. You are as brave as Aragorn, charming as Legolas, and funny as Gimli. If you propose, we will be the brotherhood of the ring.
  6. In my opinion, even the Joker doesn't have the charisma you have.
  7. Forrest Gump doesn't run like I do to meet you. I am always happy when I know that I can see you.
  8. When you leave for work, my “Hachiko” mode turns on.
  9. Let's retire to the secret room, light a goblet of fire and play around until we see the philosopher's stones.
  10. How about "dirty dancing"? I really like the way you move.

Praise should have one meaning

Choose words that will not sound ambiguous. The gentleman must immediately, rightly, evaluate the praise. For example: “You’ve lost so much weight lately.” In these words he can see the implication that he doesn’t look good. Even if a man has really changed a lot, it is better to say that he is in great shape. Otherwise, the best solution is silence.

The best compliments for a man

Words of praise for men are no different from the words that men say to ladies. If you want to make a person really nice, then psychologists recommend following simple recommendations :

  1. Words must be selected depending on the situation and who the person being praised is.
  2. A wife or relative can afford personal compliments.
  3. A stranger should be given general compliments.
  4. You need to praise your boss extremely carefully. Talk only about his professional qualities.

Listen and determine what he is proud of

Just listen to him carefully. Every man directly or indirectly brags about his achievements. Perhaps he drives a car recklessly or has an interesting Instagram profile. Admire this and don’t skimp on your emotions. Shout with delight and clap your hands. Imitate the squirrel from Ice Age: “Acorn?!” What an incredible acorn!!! Yes, it is the size of a coconut! I’m going crazy now, what a beautiful giant acorn this is!”


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For the beloved

Experts identify several options for compliments that can be said to a spouse or gentleman:

    For a compliment to be exactly like this, you need to:
  1. the reason for a compliment may be an action committed earlier. The young lady herself can remind her lover about him: “The flowers are simply magnificent,” “Yesterday evening will forever remain in my memory”;
  2. praise in a question forces a person to answer and maintain a conversation : “Why did you fascinate me so much?”, “Where did they teach you this?”;
  3. in the presence of strangers, enthusiastic words have a much stronger effect, as they increase his importance in the eyes of others. This is an effective technique used in psychology when it is necessary to increase self-esteem: “You can only dream of such a husband!”;
  4. when making a request to your lover, you can unobtrusively praise him , and then you definitely won’t hear a refusal: “Your hands are so strong, help me nail the shelf,” “I can’t cope without you, advise me how to do better”;
  5. associative compliments are some of the most popular in relationships : “You are like a lion in bed!”, “My affectionate kitten”;
  6. The best option is considered to be phrases about love : “Every minute I love you more and more,” “I can’t imagine life without you.”

As a rule, loving compliments to their boyfriends are given to girls in the form of SMS messages at the stage of the candy-bouquet period.

Legitimate wives are less likely to pamper their spouses, but there is no need to deprive them of praise - because they will appreciate it.


  1. When you hug me like that, I get butterflies in my stomach and my heart beats faster.
  2. You are so close that I forget to breathe and my head is spinning from your breath on my skin.
  3. If it weren’t for work and these chores, I would spend all day and night in bed with you.
  4. Please stroke my back. Mmm, I just melt from your touch. Do not stop.
  5. Your presence makes my thoughts confused. I want you.
  6. I have never felt such a desire before. You are the first who was able to awaken sensuality and sexuality in me.
  7. I want to cuddle up to you all the time, feel the warmth of your body, run my hand over the prominent muscles.
  8. It turns me on when you look/talk/do that way. You excite me.
  9. Even the slightest touch of your hand makes me tremble. I want this feeling to last forever.
  10. You know all my sensitive points so well and know how to gently influence them. My wizard.

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