What to talk about with a guy: TOP-150 interesting topics for conversation

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Do you want to talk to a guy or girl, but are you afraid that the conversation won't go well? This happens to many.

Imagine that you are communicating with some person. Suddenly there comes an awkward pause and you realize that you don’t need to be silent, but no thoughts come to your mind at all, as if your brain stops working. Only stupid ideas come to mind that you are ashamed to voice out loud.

The silence between you continues as you begin to panic, your head goes blank and you can barely remember your own name.

Naturally, you will want to prevent this situation. Well, we have good news for you. In this article you will find as many as 50 conversation topics that will help restart the conversation.

This list will come in handy before your first date or before going to a party.

Some topics may seem simple to you, but they are the ones that help when you find yourself in a stressful situation. There is no need to talk about aliens and philosophy to continue the conversation.

By correspondence on VKontakte

What to talk about with a guy by correspondence? VKontakte is the most popular social network in Russia. Almost everyone on this site has an account, and some have more than one. Most online dating happens here, and not through special services where lonely hearts gather. Do you like a man's profile, but don't know what to write to him?

Corresponding on the Internet is much easier than communicating in person. Messaging is a great platform for testing communication if you are too shy to meet men, and the best option for maintaining a long-distance relationship.

You can write about anything online. When a person does not see the face of the interlocutor, it is easier for him to open up. If a girl is not used to answering quickly, then the Internet gives her time to think about her answer, since messaging is a time-consuming process.

Here is a list of twenty questions that you can ask both guys you know and those with whom you are corresponding for the first time. They are suitable not only for communication via social networks, but also for regular conversation via SMS.

  1. What he does or what he plans to become.
  2. What are his favorite hobbies and interests?
  3. What films does he prefer to watch?
  4. What genre of music does he like and what bands does he like?
  5. Does he like to cook? If yes, what are your favorite dishes?
  6. What cities or countries did he visit? Where did he like it the most and why?
  7. How does he imagine himself in ten years?
  8. What is he dreaming about now?
  9. What is his most vivid memory from childhood?
  10. How does he feel about pets and did he have any favorite pets as a child?
  11. What does he prefer: dancing in a noisy club or hiking, river rafting, picnic in nature.
  12. Does he like books? If so, which ones?
  13. Does he have friends? What do they like to do together?
  14. Does he have a sister or brother? What kind of relationship do they have?
  15. Has he served in the army or is he just planning to?
  16. How does he feel about sports?
  17. Does he like trips out of town?
  18. What is most important to him in life.
  19. If he could go to any corner of the world, where would he go?
  20. Have there been any serious relationships in his life and does he communicate with his exes?

It is best to ask questions in the order in which they appear. Gradually, the person will open up in the conversation, so each question becomes a little more frank.

What topics are best avoided?

With all the variety of topics and hobbies, there are still a few prohibitions, adherence to which will help you maintain relationships, respect and love.

    The following topics are taboo:
  • material well-being : you should not be interested in the amount of earnings, the availability of real estate and transport, bank accounts, etc.;
  • religion : this topic cannot be discussed in any way - you can only accept or not accept a man of a certain religion next to you. It is also impossible to condemn religious views, discuss dogmas and canons by which a loved one lives;
  • politics : this is a dangerous topic that can cause serious disagreements, conflicts and quarrels. Let politicians deal with politics better, and you take care of warmth and comfort in relationships without political overtones;
  • past relationships : the worst idea is to delve into the past of your chosen one. Why do you need to know how and why they broke up, and even more so, to project that situation onto your current relationship. You shouldn’t once again remind your loved one about your former passion - who knows, maybe with their eternal nagging and questioning, such comparisons will play a cruel joke on you, making the guy regret the lost past. And besides, would you really like to pick apart your past affection piece by piece, answering questions that are unpleasant to you and returning mentally to a topic that is already closed to you.
    At the beginning of a relationship, you should also beware of other slippery topics:
  • be frank about your problems . Yes, it may be that you met at a bad time in your life, and you are in dire need of sympathy and support. But dumping the whole heap of your failures on the head of your new acquaintance is also fraught with consequences. A guy may quite reasonably be scared, perceiving such revelations as a guide to action - now solving your problems will become his responsibility. Not everyone may be ready for this, so try to perceive acquaintance as a chance to change your life for the better, and not just an opportunity to talk out and cry about painful things. The results will be comparable to the goals;
  • reduce the conversation to demands . Hints about buying a gift, a mandatory second date, meeting on someone’s territory are strictly prohibited during the first meetings. A man may not be ready for such pressure and persistence - first get to know each other better, and then try to promote your interests./li>

At this stage, the main thing is to attract attention, and not to scare away the interest and sympathy of the chosen one. Following these simple tips will help you avoid sticky topics and get to know each other better when communicating in other matters.

By phone

Talking on the phone is the second stage of dating, which can be called training before real live communication. Building a dialogue with a stranger is always difficult. What can you talk to him about if you barely know each other? To avoid awkward pauses, we recommend that you try texting first. Only when messages can no longer satisfy your desire to communicate should you move on to telephone conversations.

After a banal “hello”, you can ask a couple of universal questions from the list:

  1. How was his day today?
  2. Has he heard about the recent event. If so, how does he feel about it?
  3. What does he plan to do this weekend?
  4. Which celebrity does he like best and why?
  5. How he would act in a given situation.
  6. Does his family have any interesting customs or traditions?
  7. Does he plan to go on vacation this year?
  8. What subjects at school did he like best?
  9. Does he have childhood friends? Do they still maintain a relationship?
  10. How does it relieve accumulated stress?
  11. What goals has he set for himself for the next few years?
  12. Does he have any idols? Why does he want to look up to these people?
  13. What is his favorite time of year?
  14. How does he feel about loneliness?
  15. There were serious relationships in his life and how he experienced breakups.
  16. What he dreamed about when he was a boy.
  17. What kind of relationship does he have with his friends?
  18. If he had more free time, what would he spend it on?
  19. Can he swim? If yes, how did you learn it?
  20. How often does his whole family get together for the holidays?

Childhood, adolescence, youth4

Memories of the past, especially childhood years, always evoke positive emotions. This is interesting, funny, and sad. Memories can last the whole evening. Perhaps this direction of conversation is the most win-win option to open a person from a different side. After all, if you structure a conversation correctly and ask certain questions, you can easily lead a person to reveal the secrets of his character. Often people remember their childhood with references to today, for example, what they would do now, what they would say to themselves if they could go back in time.

On a walk

Starting a conversation while walking is both easier and more difficult than communicating on the phone or through social networks. A girl may simply feel shy when she is next to a guy.

The advantages of such communication are that you can see how the interlocutor reacts to a particular question. This will allow you to quickly adapt to him and choose the right direction for the conversation.

While you are walking, you have a unique opportunity to show that you are a smart interlocutor who knows how to listen. In a short walk you can learn a lot about a guy’s past and find out his plans for the future. Don't miss this chance.

Topics to talk to a guy while walking around the city:

  1. Does he like his chosen profession?
  2. Where would he like to go?
  3. Can he call himself a romantic?
  4. What he was like as a child.
  5. The family's negative attitude toward his choice of girlfriend may influence his opinion.
  6. He knows how to give in in an argument.
  7. He forgives misdeeds and quarrels or never compromises.
  8. How he feels about women who take the initiative.
  9. How he copes with difficulties.
  10. I wish he could fix something in his life.
  11. He often gets involved in conflicts.
  12. Were there any real enemies or rivals in his life?
  13. He believes that the ends justify the means.
  14. What attracts him to people?
  15. What dreams does he plan to turn into reality in the near future?
  16. What did he spend the first money he earned on?
  17. What does he dream of doing?
  18. What does he mean by the word love?
  19. Does he believe in love at first sight?
  20. I could live with one person my whole life.

Time for interesting stories11

Well, in conclusion... In order for the conversation to take the right direction, it is necessary to create a certain atmosphere. Sometimes you even use a trick and try your acting skills a little. Agree that you shouldn’t start an intimate conversation while standing at the stove. Otherwise it's just everyday chatter. The best time for a leisurely intimate conversation is the evening. A slightly tired person will open up more willingly than someone whose head is full of work processes, for example.

Therefore, a bottle of light wine or a cup of hot tea with cookies will quickly put a person at ease and put him in a good mood.

On the first date

A first date is an exciting event, because it is during a live dialogue that a person decides whether to continue communication. Relationships can end before they even begin. A first date is like walking through a minefield. Any careless phrase, vulgarity or joke can ruin the atmosphere and create awkwardness in the conversation.

It is better to start a conversation from afar, and it is better to move on to more personal topics gradually. No one will bare their soul to a stranger, so do not try to extract information from him using pincers.

Topics for conversation with a guy:

  1. What is his relationship with his family?
  2. What attracts him to you?
  3. What qualities does he value in girls, and what character traits does he not like?
  4. He often gives advice to others.
  5. Where does he like to go on weekends?
  6. Where was he born and how did he spend his childhood?
  7. I would like to become a celebrity.
  8. What brings him happiness.
  9. Does he believe in astrology?
  10. What does he think about love?
  11. What talents does he have?
  12. He had significant achievements in school.
  13. Does he like sports?
  14. What would he do if he found himself in a woman's body?
  15. Where would he go if he became invisible?
  16. Does he justify white lies?
  17. How do you feel about people who don’t know how to lose?
  18. Where does he dream to go on vacation?
  19. Which country does he love most and why?
  20. If he were offered to take up any activity he liked, what would he choose?

The last minutes before parting will tell you whether the date went well or not. If a guy without vulgarities expresses a desire to kiss you, it means he is interested in you. All that remains is to prepare topics for conversation on the second date.


Conversations about such a concept as “friendship” drag on many people. This is especially true not for vague theses, but for specific directions. Female or male friendship. Friendship between a man and a woman. This topic, by the way, is very exciting. But it requires utmost honesty. You can’t say that “oh, yes, I don’t see anything wrong with cross-gender friendship,” and then throw up scenes of jealousy over an old girlfriend or friend. It is interesting to develop a conversation on the topic of friendship between former partners, whether it is possible or not. There are many directions, we can talk endlessly.

Universal topics for conversation with a guy

If you really want to talk to the guy you like, but don’t know where to start, we offer a large list of universal topics that your interlocutor will definitely not get bored with:

  1. What he loves to do in his free time.
  2. When was the last time he was in the cinema?
  3. What films, TV series and programs he prefers and what actors he likes.
  4. Does he watch any podcasts?
  5. What social networks do you prefer to communicate on?
  6. How he gets girls interested.
  7. He will choose a relaxing or active holiday.
  8. Which makes him sad.
  9. How he relaxes after severe stress.
  10. Does he like to sing?
  11. How often does he go to dances?
  12. Who is his favorite author?
  13. Which bands did he attend?
  14. Where was his first date?
  15. Who was his first love?
  16. What kind of relationships did he have with his classmates?
  17. What childhood memory would he call his worst?
  18. What does he fear most?
  19. If life after death is in his opinion.
  20. Whom will he choose: a cat, a dog or his own version (ferret, hamster, dwarf dog).
  21. Is it possible for men to cry?
  22. Has he ever fallen in love with a friend's girlfriend?
  23. He visited museums or art galleries.
  24. Which historical figure would he like to talk to?
  25. Has he ever been to karaoke?
  26. What was the most curious situation that happened in his life?
  27. How often does he get into adventures?
  28. What action in his life does he consider the craziest?
  29. How he treats children.
  30. What would he do if he found himself on a desert island?
  31. He would choose exact sciences or humanities.
  32. He considers himself an owl or early bird.
  33. What place on earth would he call paradise?
  34. Does he have innate talent?
  35. Does he have a terrible secret?
  36. How often does he replay the most embarrassing moments of his life?
  37. When was the last time he rested in nature?
  38. Does he like games? If so, which ones?
  39. How often does he return to the past?
  40. Where does he see himself in the future?
  41. What goals are on his agenda?
  42. Has he ever flown on an airplane? If yes, what sensations did you experience during the process?
  43. Does he have any bad habits? How he fights them.
  44. Whom could he call an authority for himself?
  45. He keeps some things from his childhood.
  46. Where he had his first kiss.
  47. How does he feel about betrayal?
  48. If there was a time machine, what time would he go to?
  49. What are his food preferences?
  50. Which book/film/game universe would he go to if the opportunity arose?
  51. Which superpower would he choose?
  52. What actions make him proud?
  53. What summer of his life was the happiest and why.
  54. Which planet would he go to in search of extraterrestrial life?
  55. What was the longest relationship in his life?
  56. What brings him joy.
  57. Does he consider himself a happy person? If not, what is he missing?
  58. Does he believe in mysticism?
  59. What genre of films does he like best?
  60. When was the last time he walked in the park?
  61. Which place does his warmest memories associate with?
  62. What does he want to achieve in this life?
  63. Does he like his job?
  64. When he first realized that he had become an adult.
  65. Do difficulties scare him?
  66. What does he think about blind dates?
  67. Has he ever woken up in a completely unfamiliar place?
  68. Does he believe in psychic abilities?
  69. Where would he like to spend his old age?
  70. He would want to live forever if such a possibility existed.

What you can't talk about

During a conversation, you should try to avoid sensitive topics. When a person does not want to talk about something, there is no need to force him, although sometimes the temptation to find out some secret pushes a girl to take wrong actions. The guy will open up as you get closer. You also can’t put pressure on your interlocutor.

Try to avoid discussing political and religious views, financial issues. If your opinions differ, this may lead to an argument or conflict. You won't want to talk anymore.

Try to avoid direct questions. If a guy says he knows English, don't force him to immediately translate your favorite band's latest hit.

There are “magic” questions

If you can ask them correctly, the conversation will “ride between you like a wave of mutual understanding.”

There are two types of such questions:

  • Clarifying

The guy tells something, you carefully read and re-read, ask questions, “clinging” to every word from the guy’s story. One story (even the smallest in volume) can “give birth” to more than a hundred questions!

  • Counter

He asks you a question - when answering it, you ask a similar one and wait for an answer. Then you can compare the answers and draw conclusions about how similar you are.

Psychologist's advice

When communication is just starting, follow the simple advice of psychologists:

  • Try to talk freely, because feeling constrained interferes with open dialogue.
  • Let's talk to the guy, but don't forget to talk about yourself.
  • Lighten the mood with jokes.
  • Don't get distracted while talking.
  • Try to understand your interlocutor.
  • Be attentive to his words.
  • During your interlocutor's monologues, gently interrupt him with insignificant phrases so that he understands that he is being listened to.
  • Don't try to give advice unless asked.
  • Learn to put an end to the conversation. Endless conversations are exhausting. Such communication does not bring pleasure.

Now you have 150 topics in stock that you can talk about with a guy by correspondence, by phone or live. It is not necessary to use all the points. Select only those that you think will be most interesting to your interlocutor. Don't forget about yourself. When a girl always takes the initiative and goes out of her way to liven up communication, but does not feel any return, it is better not to waste your time on this guy. The situation here is the same as with a serious relationship - both must give their all.


The topic is not just sensitive. It shows the essence of a person and can play a major role in the development of relationships. Agree that if you dream of children, then you won’t be able to live child-free.

Children show the degree of human responsibility. You can talk about a large family, but such a desire is either a lie, or a desire to please, or headlessness and irresponsibility. The line “God gave a bunny, he will give a lawn!” is especially killing. Children are an expensive commodity these days. And it’s not about everyday spending, many people cope with it successfully, but about further events: education, for example.

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