How to find common topics of conversation with a guy on a first date, how to behave

For many, a difficult task is to find a man for meetings, and even more so for something more. We agree that finding a potential husband is not so easy. Especially in the modern world, where people have almost stopped meeting people on the street. But an even more difficult task is to retain a young man. Let him know that you are the girl who will change his whole life for the better. To do this you need to know how to behave with a man. What will be discussed in this article.

What questions should you start a conversation with a guy?

There are situations when a guy is not in the mood to start a conversation or is simply embarrassed to write (call) first. Solving such problems will be simple if you show sensitivity and attentiveness to him, since perhaps he is not sure of mutual sympathy.

An approximate list of questions for dialogue:

  1. What's your mood today?
  2. I'm frozen at the moment. And you?
  3. What was your route like on the way from work to home?
  4. Do you run in the morning?
  5. How can I make you happy?
  6. Longing and sadness came over me. Can you recommend a great movie?
  7. What events have you had today?
  8. Did you go to lunch? What goodies did you try?
  9. Maybe you know what happened to...?

After sending a message, you should not expect an instant response, since he also has his own life, affairs, and work. There is no need to be too intrusive by constantly sending letters. If you are interested in him, he will definitely respond in return.

Topics in relationship development

As relationships develop, you can move on to personal topics, ask about relatives, feelings in the family, share your experiences and difficulties, for example, when communicating with parents. When contact continues for a long time, people begin to plan a future together.

They discuss plans for life, starting small:

  • Where to spend your holidays;
  • Where to go for the weekend;
  • When to go to your parents together.

Later, issues related to living together are resolved, for example, moving to one of the partners or buying an apartment together. It is better to raise such topics when the relationship lasts more than a year. The main thing in communication is not to put pressure and give the man the right to choose. If he is not ready for the next step, wait, especially if the person is dear.

Review of topics for dialogue with a young man: a collection of various questions

When the guy does respond to your letter, it is highly not recommended to intrude into his personal space with too personal, tricky questions. The conversation should begin gradually, respecting the boundaries of what is permitted.

Below is a list of a wide variety of questions, thanks to which you can gradually gain the confidence of a young man and win him over:

  1. What activities do you prefer to do in your free time?
  2. Do you have any siblings?
  3. What's your favorite movie?
  4. Where do you prefer to watch it: at home or in a cinema?
  5. You like to read books? If so, what is your favorite genre of literature?
  6. Do you consider yourself to be one of those people who travel often?
  7. Imagine yourself as the hero of the fairy tale “Goldfish”. What 3 cherished wishes would you make?
  8. What music genre do you prefer? Can you play anything?
  9. Do you like to drive a car at high speeds?
  10. If you have a favorite dish, what is it?
  11. How do you get up in the morning?
  12. Do you have a dream to become famous?
  13. Do you have close friends? What are they?
  14. What is your hobby?
  15. What are your thoughts on taking pictures of yourself? Do you like being photographed?
  16. Do you have a favorite celebration? If so, which one exactly?
  17. How do you improve your mood?
  18. When you were a child, did your peers address you by names other than yours?
  19. Do you have a pet living with you?
  20. How much time do you spend on computer games?
  21. What do your mom and dad prefer to do?
  22. Do you have a cherished dream?
  23. What is your attitude towards bad habits?
  24. Are you superstitious?
  25. What sport do you prefer?

So, the young man is involved in the conversation. You were able to interest him. He maintains a dialogue, and, in addition, asks questions himself! What else is worth asking to find out his views on important things?

What do men like to talk about?

Meeting and flirting with a man is a special magic that decides the outcome of future relationships. If communication goes well, everything will develop well, but if the dialogue “does not start,” it is unlikely that people will be able to recognize interesting traits in each other.

A competent woman will definitely prepare for the exam in advance and think through all the important topics for conversation. But you cannot know in advance what type of character you will meet, what kind of mood he will have and his desire to communicate. Therefore, it is important to prepare topics for communication in advance that will brighten up the date and bring people closer together.

The best topics are those that men love and talk about regularly: their hobbies, activities, interests. But, in addition to the fact that you need to start a topic, you need to have at least a little mastery of it. Therefore, take the time to read a couple of articles (and maybe take some notes) to really show your level of knowledge.

What men like to talk about:

  • Cars. Men are ready to “savor” this topic as much as they want and anywhere. Even those men who do not have cars certainly know their brands, features and abilities. You can discuss with men not only the year of manufacture and engine power. But also disks and wheels, spare parts that often break and other little things. We can say with confidence that there is no man in the world who would be 100% indifferent to cars. But how to make a conversation about cars interesting is a question for you.
  • Sex. Sometimes it’s difficult to say what interests a man more: sex or cars. But, if not every representative of the “stronger sex” has a car, then sex definitely happens to everyone. Your conversation should not be specifically about the process; the purpose of such conversations is to whet interest and whet the appetite by learning as much as possible about the person. Light and non-vulgar jokes, anecdotes, life stories, spicy situations, fantasies or dreams will be relevant.
  • Computers and games. Modern men all over the world cannot imagine their lives without this word - “technology”. Therefore, they are ready to brag for hours about their success in the next strategy or describe the advantages of a multi-core computer.
  • Sport. If a man does not play sports, then he at least follows it (football, basketball, tennis, and so on). You can discuss the latest matches, team compositions, competitions, sports coaches. The same topic can be carefully translated into a “healthy lifestyle” (if you have one).
  • Hobby. Every man has it, but everyone has their own. If you want to conquer him, then through friends or social networks, find out about his hobbies: fishing, hunting, gardening, designing, drawing, music, and so on.
  • Cooking. This is one of the most “delicious” topics for conversation, because any man loves to enjoy home cooking. You can discuss your impressions of modern restaurants, types of cuisine, list your “mother’s” favorite dishes, or, conversely, discuss the benefits of healthy food and share ways to lose weight.
  • Trips. This topic attracts any person who has traveled once or has never traveled at all. Almost every person dreams of visiting large capitals or unexplored places, and therefore you can discuss the “travel map” by talking about unusual countries and their inhabitants.
  • Future plans. Any adult, conscious man should build them. If a person has no plans, then perhaps you shouldn’t communicate with him at all, because he is not interested in anything in life and it is not a fact that you will interest him too.

What to talk about with a man?

List of questions for a guy about relationships with girls

This is a very important list, since from it a person opens up in a new way and shows his attitude towards the opposite sex. Girls who are interested in a serious relationship with a certain guy should pay close attention to his answers.

But before asking a young man about his attitude towards ladies, you must follow the following recommendations:

  • first win the guy over;
  • find a common thread of conversation;
  • smoothly lead the guy to the right question;
  • ask not with a stream of questions, but while being distracted by a discussion of a topic.

List of questions for the guy:

  1. What professional field should your chosen one occupy?
  2. What is your attitude towards partners' infidelity?
  3. Have you forgotten your very first love?
  4. What should a modern young lady be like: stay at home or engage in self-development and build a career?
  5. What is your attitude towards those who dared to be the first to talk about their crush?
  6. Have you dealt with unreciprocated feelings?
  7. Are you in love?
  8. Would you consider yourself to be a romantic person?
  9. What are your thoughts on online dating?
  10. What qualities are most valuable to you in women?
  11. Is there love from the first second?
  12. What mistake do you think could be fatal in a relationship?
  13. Can you have friendly relations with the opposite sex?
  14. Will your friends' opinions towards your girlfriend affect your behavior?
  15. Who do you think should be the first to compromise in a relationship?

If you managed to ask about how he feels about love and women in general, and you were satisfied with this, you can continue to take a closer look at the guy. Perhaps he is exactly the one you are looking for.

Search for an interesting topic

How to talk to a man correctly: the psychology of communicating with a guy

To find interesting topics for conversation with a man, you need to understand what he does, how he spends his free time, and what his hobbies are. When communicating, you need to smile and look into the eyes of your interlocutor. He should feel interested and liked. If a woman looks away and interrupts, the man becomes bored and stops the dialogue.

Topics for communication with a man will arise by themselves if you manage to arouse interest from the first minutes. If you can’t get your interlocutor to talk, you can turn the attention to yourself. To do this, talk about an interesting event that you were able to attend or about the exciting plot of a new film. The list of topics is endless, the main thing is that the story should be fascinating and not make the man sad.

Interesting communication

Note! There is no need to be afraid of looking stupid or funny by asking additional questions. Any awkward situation can be smoothed over with a sweet smile.

A list of questions for a young man on a variety of topics

The prospect test has been passed. What's next? A list of questions on the following topics will help diversify your communication:

  1. What would be your superpower if you had one?
  2. There is an opportunity to travel to past centuries, which ones would you prefer?
  3. Let's say we're dating. How would you choose to spend a year in your relationship?
  4. You're making a movie. What is it about?
  5. They gave you $1,000,000, what will you spend it on?
  6. You only have a day left to live, how would you spend it?
  7. You urgently have to move abroad, what are the most necessary 3 items you would take right away without thinking?
  8. You are a writer, what will your book be about?
  9. There is a possibility of change in the past, at what period would you change it?
  10. You have a chance to fulfill 3 wishes. What will they be like?
  11. You have a chance to start life from scratch. Will you take advantage of this opportunity?
  12. Are you inclined to come to a compromise or defend your own opinion to the last?
  13. What could cause a breakup with your chosen one?
  14. What kind of rest do you prefer after work?
  15. People change, what do you think?
  16. What experiments can we make to make changes in our intimacy?
  17. How do you feel about healthy lifestyle?
  18. How do you feel about erotic films?
  19. What do you prefer to do on the weekend?
  20. What do you mean by “love”?
  21. What is your main goal in life?
  22. The country that is most in your heart?
  23. What's your favorite track?
  24. What is your distinctive character trait?
  25. What everyday topics depress you the most?
  26. What people can't you accept? Are there any obvious enemies?
  27. If I offend you with my words and actions, then what exactly?
  28. What causes you extreme stress?
  29. How should you and shouldn't you be touched?
  30. What's your favorite cuisine?
  31. What are your bad and good habits?
  32. Do you have goals in your life, what are they?
  33. After 5 years, what will you be like?
  34. What's your dream date?
  35. Have you ever thought about what you will be like in old age?
  36. During your childhood, what was the most memorable thing for you?
  37. Is there anything that has ever changed you and how?
  38. What is your future family?
  39. What experiences have you gained from previous relationships?
  40. Who should be the leader: a guy or a girl, and why?
  41. Are there any idols?
  42. What is your zodiac sign and do you correspond to what they say and write about it?
  43. Are there any authoritative people in your life?
  44. What's the most memorable compliment you've ever received?
  45. When you first meet a girl, what will you focus on?
  46. What are your 3 main character flaws?
  47. What qualities do you think are present in the girl you will run away from?
  48. What will make you smile?
  49. List 3 things you hate about people?
  50. Is sexual intimacy with your chosen one important?
  51. Name 3 of your own weak points?
  52. What type of relaxation do you like: leisurely or active?
  53. What is your dream profession?
  54. Is there a famous person you dream of meeting?
  55. Who in your family is closest to you?
  56. Describe yourself with three adjectives?
  57. What's the craziest thing you've ever done?
  58. The person smells disgustingly of sweat. Will you tell him about this?
  59. Do feelings ever end?
  60. Are there things that cannot be bought?
  61. What is your opinion about the girl dating someone else besides you?

Topic Examples

Examples of topics can only be of a general nature, because each person has his own life, activities, character, circumstances. Everything is very individual and situational, but there are general thematic areas for rich and mutually useful conversations with the person you like.


It is very good if a girl manages to find out about the hobbies of a young man. Interesting topics for conversation with a guy from this area. You can ask the guy:

  1. What he is interested in, what he creates, what he works on.
  2. The achievements of science and technology that he values ​​most.
  3. Where did you travel?
  4. What collects.

Vulgar questions

It is important to understand that only people who are already quite close to each other can afford to touch on vulgar topics. Such conversations are always provocative and filled with sexual energy.

If a girl asks vulgar questions, she must be aware that the “degree” of the relationship is rising and the guy will perceive her as a sexual object, and at that very moment. This can be used if necessary.

Vulgar questions include all those that revolve around sex: about the first or last time, about positions and caresses, about erogenous zones.

Are common

General topics of conversation with a guy take up the largest part of conversations, especially during first dates.
Young people attend concerts, performances, watch films, and walk around the city. They talk about the life, behavior, emotions of the characters, musical trends and preferences, the beauty of nature, the city, and its most wonderful places. The topics of their conversations include the weather and geographical, historical, and cultural attractions.

Interesting stories about where you would like to go, what to see, what to learn, what is interesting to do and how to live. These are general topics, in the process of conversations on which people form their understanding of the interlocutor, his worldview, worldview, determine the commonality of understanding, look for points of contact, which will greatly help in the future to find a common language on all issues.


Serious topics for conversation with a guy speak of sincerity, serious intentions, and confidence in the stability of future relationships. Conversations about where to live, what to do, where to go to work, where to study, joint decisions on these vital issues are made by people who truly respect each other.

Serious topics are hardly suitable for communication between a girl and a guy: this time should be filled with ease, not problems.


Funny topics for conversation with a guy bring you closer and improve your relationship. You can often witness interesting funny situations involving birds and animals. Many funny situations arise spontaneously in the process of communication.

Humorous themes, good laughter (without mocking someone, without condemnation or humiliation) in conversations are appropriate and pleasant. Every person knows jokes, jokes, comic poems, incidents from life, the memories of which again cause laughter. If there are pauses of tense silence, it is better to completely switch the conversation to funny topics. Minutes of laughter improve communication and mood, make it more free, and relieve tension.


Unusual topics for conversation with a guy - about cooking; technical topics that women don’t really ask questions about. If a guy is pleasantly surprised, then his interest will only increase.


Provocative topics for conversation with a guy are not the right approach to business. It is better to speak openly and directly. Tricky, provocative questions are quickly unraveled, and if not unraveled, can have negative consequences both for the relationship and for other people.

Topics that provoke sex are not prohibited. If the relationship allows, you can touch on any intimate issues: what position he would like to have sex in, whether he is against public places (park, entrance, etc.).

You can show him your erotic photos or videos, and then ask him how he likes them.

List of funny questions for a guy

It is worth remembering that a serious conversation cannot be long, as it tires and strains all participants in the conversation. It is recommended to use humor in dialogue; this will help relieve unnecessary tension and cheer up your interlocutors.

The following questions will help you rise to the positive wave:

  1. What do you usually do with an alarm clock that rings in the morning?
  2. What color would you decide to repaint your refrigerator?
  3. Have you ever walked along city streets wearing just a robe?
  4. Do you have a dream of riding white clouds?
  5. What pattern do you usually use to fold your socks?
  6. Are you jumping over puddles?
  7. When taking a shower, what song do you hum most often?
  8. Do you like that young man you see in the mirror every day?
  9. Imagine that I have 2 invitations to a ship in Space. Will you agree to fly with me?


It takes time to answer difficult, tricky questions. Don't rush, let the person think about it.

  • Do you use swear words in your speech? In what cases and why?
  • Can a woman and a man be friends?
  • What could be the reason for your fear?
  • Are you a gambling person?
  • What makes you cry?
  • Do you have a cherished dream?
  • The main value in life?
  • Do you want to live forever?
  • What will you never dare to do, even for a big reward?

List of questions to help spark interest

Here is a list of topics for conversation, they can be safely discussed, but you should remember that your opinion and his may not coincide. Don't argue, but listen carefully to the opposing point of view.

So, 13 sensitive questions that will definitely not leave him indifferent:

  1. What is the greatest value in your life?
  2. Do you have a desire to be immortal?
  3. Do you believe in God?
  4. Your day is perfect. What is he like?
  5. Are you grateful for anything in your own life?
  6. What abilities or talents would you like to have?
  7. What qualities do you value most in others?
  8. Were you happy in your childhood?
  9. If you want to change your own life, then what exactly?
  10. Is there something that can make you shed a tear?
  11. What is absolutely forbidden to laugh at?
  12. What's your biggest phobia?
  13. What is your secret dream?

If you notice that a young man is actively maintaining a conversation and suggesting topics for conversation, he is interested in you.

Basic rules of communication on a dating site

Today, it is increasingly possible to meet lovers who met via the Internet. In the virtual space you can find a chosen one for every taste. If your goal is relationships, family and marriage, then you should be careful and communicate with men correctly.

Things you shouldn't do in correspondence

As mentioned earlier, it is extremely important to respect boundaries and not get carried away by too many questions. You are not under interrogation. Keep a certain distance.

Nuances that should also be taken into account:

  • without interrupting, listen to his point of view;
  • you should not categorically reject your counterpart’s questions;
  • refuse the requirement for an instant response from the interlocutor;
  • you should not ask repetitive questions;
  • use humor and jokes more often;
  • do not load the dialogue with questions, but rather discuss something more;
  • avoid what you cannot answer at the moment.

Taboo topics

  • If you cannot answer such a question yourself, then you should not ask it to your interlocutor. Otherwise, you risk finding yourself in an awkward situation. In response, you can hear not only a point of view, but also a request to express your opinion.
  • Do not ask direct “exam” questions on knowledge of a particular discipline. They give the impression of verification. For example: Are you a chemist by training? Then name the 17th element of the periodic table. Are you studying French? Then tell me what Mylene Farmer sings about in this song.
  • Don't rush to bring up topics related to his previous relationships, reasons for separation, or future children.
  • You should not touch upon monetary topics: the amount in the account, property. You may seem selfish and tactless to him. Try to contain your curiosity at least at first. If you don't have enough patience, then test the waters with indirect questions: Can you live a year without work? Would you give your dad a car/travel for his birthday?
  • You can run into pitfalls in religious, social, and political directions. By exceeding the norms of correctness, you can accidentally cause an insult and disrupt the established intimacy. If a guy is passionate or fanatical about any of these issues, it will soon show in his phrases. It will be up to you to decide whether to accept his point of view.

Be careful what you say at the very beginning of communication.
How to behave on a first date

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