How to love and begin to respect yourself: 16 exercises to live in harmony with yourself and feel happy

Hi all! Do you want to be happy? What is included in this concept, how is it to live harmoniously? A person has basic needs, without which he will experience emotional emptiness. The need for love and recognition is the third basic need that is important for a person. When a person accepts himself, others take him into account. But what if a person has low self-esteem and cannot position himself on an equal footing with those around him? In this article we will find secrets on how to love yourself and begin to respect yourself, and we will also see practical recommendations on how to live in harmony with yourself.

Let's start with the wish list

Any goal is achieved only if you clearly understand why and where you are striving. Psychologists recommend starting with making a personal wish list. What is necessary in order to find harmony with yourself? First, you need to start by improving your relationships with your close circle, with those people with whom you come into contact most often in everyday life. Secondly, you need to start analyzing your own mood and come to the point that not a single person, not a single external situation affects your state. Thirdly, we feel complete satisfaction when we achieve our goals. You will also have to work hard on this. Fourthly, in order to feel that same peace of mind, you will have to start enjoying every day and from the very morning set yourself up only for the positive, even when it is gray outside, problems are overwhelming and it seems that there is no reason to smile.

How to restore peace of mind

After severe stress, a person’s moral and physical health is undermined. It is necessary to restore mental balance.

Usually a person feels completely empty. To recover, you should fill yourself with positive emotions.

First you just need to relax and get some sleep. If possible, take a vacation and go on vacation. It is best to go to the sea or river shore. Because water has a calming effect. If you can’t leave, swimming in the pool is an excellent substitute. One person needs complete solitude to be left alone with his thoughts, while another needs live communication with friends and relatives.

Breathing practices help very well. If everything is done correctly, the uncontrolled racing of thoughts is turned off. And the person calms down.

Psychologists recommend saying positive statements to yourself or out loud. Thus, a person is subconsciously programmed for positive changes in his life. It is necessary to write down statements on paper and place them in all places where you often visit. Pieces of paper will constantly catch your eye, and your self-confidence will grow every day.

If nothing helps and the person feels exhausted, then you should contact an experienced specialist.

What does psychology say?

It's sad, but virtually every day every person, willy-nilly, is faced with the harmful influence of negative emotions, harmful substances and toxic people. All this together causes a serious blow to our quality of life. Harmony is a fragile state that not everyone is able to achieve, especially when it comes to not only one’s own inner world, but also the environment. You will have to seriously work on changing your habits, setting your priorities correctly, getting rid of things and people that negatively affect not only your emotional, but also your physical state. And how to achieve harmony with yourself?

We are what we eat

We have all heard this phrase since school days, but did we listen? Psychologists advise including more natural ingredients in your diet. First of all, we are talking about products that are grown and prepared without the use of chemicals and food additives. Your nutrition is your health. There is no other option. It has long been proven that the more organic products in your diet, the better not only your physical, but also your emotional state. Conduct an experiment, give up delicious pizza or flavored cola this evening - and the next morning it will not only be easier for you to wake up, but you will also feel light and free. This is where a person’s harmony with himself begins.

Big things start with little things

And we are talking about forever forgetting about the toxic products that almost everyone uses during the most ordinary cleaning of the house. The same goes for cosmetics. In these two areas, the situation is not the most favorable for the human body. Most cleaning products contain harmful substances that can seriously harm your health. When it comes to cosmetics, the situation is even more serious. The fact is that many cosmetic products contain elements that at first glance do not cause any concern, but have a cumulative effect. And their use over a long period of time can seriously affect the quality of health.

Fresh air is everything

Yes, car enthusiasts will have a hard time, but introducing the habit of walking into your life is strictly necessary if you are on the path to achieving the cherished harmony with yourself and the world around you. Psychologists have long proven that walking is not only good physical activity, but also one of the most effective methods of combating laziness. Many rich and famous people often say that during walks there is time to think about everything that worries them and even find the most optimal way to solve these problems. For good health and good sleep, we simply need clean air. So don’t even think about giving up trips to nature with your family or friends.

The environment is us

All the rules described are very important for internal harmony, but you won’t be able to achieve this feeling if there are those around you who cause only negativity. Such characters are usually called energy vampires who feed on your emotions and vitality. Minimize communication with those who cause you increased irritability, put you in a state of stress, which leads to headaches and problems not only with your mood, but also with your health. Let those who evoke only joyful emotions, inspire, and motivate you to self-development and to do good deeds remain nearby. If it is not possible to get rid of unpleasant people, you will have to learn to remain calm and not take negative attacks to heart. It is also recommended to compensate for communication with energy vampires by communicating with people you like.

Signs of a harmonious person

Does not regret the past, is not afraid of the future, lives here and now

No one can change their past. Therefore, a harmonious person draws conclusions from his mistakes and tries to prevent them from happening in the future. There is no point in worrying about the future, since it has not yet arrived. We need to enjoy the present day. After all, in worrying about the past and future, you can miss the joyful moments of the present.

Always thinks positively

Thoughts are material. This is a proven fact. Positive thoughts attract positive events, this should always be remembered. A positive thinker can take risks and get the desired result. After all, he has no fear of the future. A person who thinks negatively is deprived of this chance.

Don't let negativity into your life

There is a lot of negativity shown on TV and in various media. If you constantly watch and listen to this, you can get depressed. In this case, you will have to forget about harmony.

Avoids conflicts

After all, quarrels, scandals and conflicts take a lot of vital energy. After them, the person is devastated and completely deprived of strength.

Accepts people with their flaws without judgment

A reasonable person understands perfectly well that there are no people without shortcomings. There are no perfect people. Therefore, judging people or trying to change them is pointless.

Doesn't judge himself and believes in himself

A person who condemns himself is initially close to failure. To achieve success, you need to believe in your own strength, move forward, and everything will work out.

Be happy!

What does harmony with oneself mean? In fact, everything is simple, learn one rule: happiness is not acquired, it is the eternal right of absolutely every person from the very first days of life. No environment can make a person happy just because the main source of real happiness is not in others, but in ourselves. The whole difficulty lies in the fact that a person is able to achieve absolutely any state, including harmony with himself, only if he understands that everything depends only on his own choice. It’s not for nothing that they say, if you want to be happy, be it! Happiness is our choice, not the result of some action or process.

Harmonization of space

Happiness lies in the little things. If you can create a peaceful and cozy atmosphere around you, your chances of finding harmony will increase significantly. The task of your home is to restore energy and mental strength, give protection and warmth. How to harmonize it? It all depends on your individual preferences. You can decorate the rooms with flowers, Vedic attributes or images of water space.

Adequate self-esteem is the basis of internal harmony

In order to overcome life’s difficulties with minimal losses, you just need to adequately evaluate yourself. Only thanks to this does a person find the strength to fight the fear of emerging problems and find solutions. Yes, we are not a million dollars to please everyone. There will always be those who will condemn us and not understand us. How to achieve harmony with yourself? Just admit the fact that it is simply impossible to be a highly qualified specialist in all areas of life, but only by strongly desiring something we are able to achieve any goals, despite the obstacles that arise along the way. Yes, we are not perfect and mistakes in life cannot be avoided. Accept this and move along the intended path without being scattered for nothing.

It all starts with self-love

The best assistant in achieving inner harmony with yourself is meditation. Repeat the following words out loud at any free moment: I love myself, I accept myself with all my emotions and sensations. Just try it and you will immediately notice how your own perception of yourself will change. And you will no longer have to think about how to achieve harmony with yourself, because you will be closer to this state than ever before.

Get creative

Creativity is a small model of life. The more multifaceted, complex and interesting it is, the closer it is to the original, the higher the artistic value. You can approach everything creatively; life itself can be perceived as the daily creation of a work of art with attention to detail. With such a philosophy, you will soon understand that nothing is unimportant in the world, everything is equally valuable, every action and every thought matters. This will help you find harmony in your soul and learn to enjoy life.

Harmony is living in the present

The main rule of life is simple - do not forget that the most important moment in life happens right here and now! Only when you throw away thoughts of what you don't have will you feel the joy of the present moment. The burden of the past often causes only negative emotions, so learn to analyze your condition. Psychologists recommend that at the end of each day you think about who and what causes even the slightest change in your mood for the worse. Be aware of those thoughts in which you criticize, ridicule, and do not accept yourself. Learn to carefully observe yourself from the outside.


Let's say you realized that something is wrong with your self-esteem. What to do next?

In psychology, there are many methods that allow you to determine the level of self-esteem and self-acceptance. These are scientific, experimentally proven, and popular science methods for determining the basic inclinations of a person.

  • “How much do I love myself” - by answering 36 questions, you will see your attitude towards yourself;
  • “Self-love: what is your level of self-esteem” - shows how much you value yourself;
  • “Self-love” is an indicative test for determining your attitude towards yourself;
  • The “Do I Love Myself” test is an informative popular scientific method for displaying self-acceptance;
  • “How do you rate yourself?” – a professional test showing the depths of your subconscious;
  • The Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale is a professional technique that shows how a person feels and imagines himself.

After passing one or more tests, you have identified your problem. But tests do not provide an opportunity to improve and increase self-esteem. They are like an indicator that allows you to observe yourself from the outside, to pay attention to your behavior or character traits.

What's the result?

So, how to achieve harmony with yourself? First of all, we must learn to get rid of stress. An excellent assistant in this difficult task is regular walks, favorite music in headphones, fresh air. Find time for yourself, even a couple of hours a week is enough. Only this time should be spent in absolute solitude, alone with yourself. Clean regularly and get rid of everything unnecessary that clutters not only your life, but also your brain. And most importantly, put every effort into learning to accept yourself, with all the shortcomings and cockroaches in your head. This step is the most important component of happiness. Try to start with the simplest exercise: stand in front of the mirror and out loud, clearly say everything that has ever embarrassed you about yourself, don’t forget to praise yourself. It doesn’t matter what, figure or character. And then just agree with everything said. Just be sure to speak out loud and loud. And never forget that happiness is in ourselves, and not in the world around us.


Start studying yourself

Man is a social creature; in this case, a wild animal would be said to be a “herd animal.” This means that the opinions, actions, preferences and behavior patterns of the surrounding majority have a huge impact on us, even if we are not aware of it. As soon as the question “how” arises, a person looks around: “How should I dress? Ok Google, what are they wearing this season? You seem to ask the majority, “what should I wear to be trendy with you,” and then you are surprised that you are not trendy with yourself.

Individuality is, first of all, work, the ability to answer your own questions and do it well. To be individual, you need to develop and study yourself regardless of social trends.

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