How to use your subconscious mind to become happy, successful and rich

From this article you will learn:

  • What is the subconscious, what are the principles of its work?
  • How the subconscious mind allows you to change your life
  • How to work with the subconscious to achieve what you want
  • What affirmations help you use your subconscious and achieve any goal?

There is an opinion that one’s own subconscious is an uncontrollable part of the psyche. This is not true. The subconscious mind can be controlled to achieve your goals. How to use the subconscious mind to achieve success? If you know the ways, nothing is easier.

How the subconscious is formed

To work with the subconscious, you need to know where to start. Throughout our lives, our brain forms a large number of programs that determine the order of our actions in each specific situation.

They are laid in several ways:

  • In childhood and adolescence - by parents, teachers, educators. These behavior algorithms are literally cemented in the subconscious, and it is extremely difficult to change them. Complexes, clamps and attitudes acquired in childhood are that part of the unconscious that only a competent specialist can influence.
  • Mass media. Every day, through television, radio, the Internet and printed magazines and newspapers, we receive a large flow of information in the form of visual images, texts, music. Modern media channels are a powerful tool for influencing the subconscious, forming the necessary attitudes and reactions unnoticed by the consumer. The ability to filter information coming from the media will allow you to avoid such manipulations.
  • A close circle of friends, relatives, and colleagues also has a great influence on a person’s subconscious. For example, many people acquire bad habits during adolescence, when such behavior is considered normal in their social circle. Having matured, these people continue to smoke, drink alcohol, and break the law subconsciously, thinking that this is what they really want.
  • Reinforced skills and habits. If you repeat an action many times, a program is formed in the subconscious and becomes a skill brought to the point of automatism. For example, when you learn to skate, in the first stages of training falls and hitches are inevitable; you have to think through every movement in order to place your foot correctly, gain speed, and brake. With the passage of time and regular practice, automaticity comes: the process of skating occurs by itself, without conscious effort on your part. The unconscious turns on.
  • External influences. There are many professional techniques that influence the unconscious of another person and force him to act in the interests of the manipulator. These include “breaking the pattern”, “mirroring”, provoking emotions - playing on fears and complexes.

Rules for managing your subconscious

Proper management of the subconscious will help to open the veil of secrets about yourself, about your desires, talents, abilities that are hidden somewhere deep inside. These rules will help you learn to work with the subconscious.

Give up negative thoughts. Negative emotions inhibit the launch of subconscious processes. Only positive attitudes shape reality. Learn to control your thoughts. During the day, track your thoughts and direct them in the direction where you need to deal with the situation or make the right decision. Try to get rid of stereotypes

The subconscious is needed for non-standard solutions. It is important to pay more attention to the small details and signs that surround you. Don’t be upset if the subconscious is in no hurry to give you a hint. Sometimes it takes longer than you would like. Don’t bring yourself to the point of emotional exhaustion. You can’t dwell on one problem for a long time.

Give yourself rest and don't skimp on sleep. The decision from the subconscious comes only when you are calm. Meditate or go alone to reflect. Fresh air enriches the brain with oxygen and has a beneficial effect on subconscious thought processes.

Use your subconscious and you will learn to manage your life!

How to use the subconscious

In modern psychology, it is generally accepted that the behavior of an individual depends on those programs that are embedded in his subconscious. They are formed by the person himself throughout his life, parental upbringing, public opinion, the authority of significant people, etc. The subconscious does not sort information into bad or good, but retains everything that can be useful for the survival of the individual.

It controls the instinctive behavior of a person, so you should learn to work with it. To do this, you need to be able to recognize stereotypes and automatic patterns, stop them in time and replace them with more useful settings. How to use the subconscious to fulfill desires?

Before starting work, you must:

  • identify negative attitudes and fears;
  • identify obsessive thoughts that are constantly present in the thought process;
  • formulate conscious desires;
  • in the process of work, exclude reactions of resistance to innovations.

How to control the subconscious?

In the process of evolution, the main task was to preserve man as a biological species, achieve harmony and perfect self-regulation. For your unconscious, any innovation will look undesirable, even if you yourself consider it very useful and necessary. That is why the subconscious will in every possible way interfere with everything that affects already existing patterns and attitudes. That is why any attempts to change cause psychological discomfort and stress, which force you to abandon adjustments and return to your usual lifestyle.

The subconscious can be controlled. Techniques such as visualization and meditation help here.

  • Visualization is the mental representation of visual images desired by a person, their repeated scrolling. If you do this regularly, such pictures become commonplace, and the subconscious ceases to resist them and gets used to the new.
  • Meditation is a technique that helps you achieve harmony within yourself. It is useful both during changes, when the whole body resists the new, and before formulating goals. It is important to realize which dreams are your true ones, bringing happiness, and which ones are imposed, alien, social.

Such understanding is necessary in order not to waste time on fulfilling other people's desires. In this case, the subconscious always resists, since it knows better what a person needs for happiness (even if we are talking about something bad, for example, alcoholism).

A word also has enormous influence if it evokes strong feelings. Whatever receives your positive or negative emotional response is stored in your subconscious mind.

What is known about the subconscious

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The functioning of brain activity is studied by several sciences, and at the moment the subject of research is not fully understood. However, classical science does not undertake to judge the subconscious, because it studies only matter.

Psychologists and neurophysiologists consider consciousness and subconsciousness to be parts of a single whole—the human mind. There is a conscious mind and a subconscious mind.

Consciousness is the ability for mental activity, awareness of oneself at the present moment in time. With the help of consciousness, we evaluate our actions and feelings, we are aware of our thoughts and actions.

Consciousness is always associated with attention: we are aware only of what our attention is directed to at a given moment in time.

The subconscious is also the activity of our mind, but without awareness and attention. When we sleep, the subconscious controls the processes in our body. It coordinates the work of the heart and all systems and organs of our body. If the consciousness turns off during our sleep, then the subconscious mind works without breaks for lunch and days off.

Consciousness can control our conscious actions: we close our eyes during sleep, stretch out our hand to take the desired object. But we unconsciously close our eyes in bright light: this process is controlled by the subconscious. Before the man even had time to think about closing his eyes, they had already closed themselves.

On a note! The subconscious mind closely interacts with all energy-informational structures of the universe.

This is what science knows. It is also known that all information about a person and his actions is stored in the subconscious. This property of the subconscious was discovered during hypnotic sessions. When consciousness was turned off and a person could not control his words and thoughts, the subconscious gave clear answers to questions.

When consciousness is turned off: the human body breathes, digests food, dreams. In the same way, the circumstances of our lives that are usually attributed to fate are, for the most part, the result of our subconscious processes.

Functions of the subconscious:

  • data collection and processing;
  • inspiration, intuition;
  • modeling behavior in repeated situations;
  • copying the behavior patterns of loved ones.

Absolutely all information that a person has seen/heard is stored in the subconscious. This is a data bank comparable to a library. Most of the information is erased from memory, but remains in the storage of the subconscious. At the right moment, this information will emerge in memory.

Intuition, insight, inspiration - all this is connected with our subconscious. It is impossible to evoke inspiration or strengthen intuition with the help of mental activity and volitional efforts. But you can learn to control the subconscious, which controls these processes.

What is behavior modeling? For example, if a person has ever been burned by boiling water, he will blow on a drink or a hot dish. If you get burned by fire at least once, a person will automatically withdraw his hand from the flame. Moreover, this action will precede thought.

Copying adult behavior patterns is ubiquitous. For example, if a mother raised her daughter without a father, the daughter will also become a single mother. This mental attitude is quickly transferred between close people. The daughter's database will record loneliness as a norm of life.

Affirmations as an option for using the subconscious

Affirmations are positive statements (from the Latin affirmatio - “confirmation”), persuasive statements that contain a verbal formula that, when repeated many times, reinforces in a person’s subconscious an attitude towards positive changes in his life. This is positive auto-training aimed at feeling successful, healthy, free, etc. The concept of affirmation is widespread in positive psychology and self-improvement psychology.

Scientific research in recent years has shown that word-induced impulses of the second signaling system come from the cerebral cortex into the internal environment of the body and affect the vital functions of the tissues of internal organs.

If you analyze your speech: what remarks you use often, what you usually call yourself, how you evaluate your life, then it may turn out that you write negatively colored phrases into your subconscious, for example, “My life is a complete nightmare!”, “What a nightmare!” I’m a fool!”, “Everything I do is in vain.” In this case, the subconscious mind programs your behavior and state in accordance with the given settings. Therefore, using positive phrases helps to change a minus to a plus and set a formula for success and good luck.

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The basic affirmation is: “Every day I feel better and better in every way.” It was invented by Emile Coue. Similar expressions:

  • I deserve the best in life.
  • I am a confident person.
  • My life is calm and safe.
  • People around me respect and love me.

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You can create your own affirmations based on simple rules:

  1. They should be short. The affirmation should consist of one or two sentences, composed of clear and pleasant words, for example: “I am talented” or “My income is constantly growing.” Short positive statements will quickly reach your subconscious and begin to come true.
  2. The affirmation should, in its meaning, mean the complete opposite of the negative program that you want to change.
  3. It must be written in the present tense and imply an accomplished fact. For example, instead of “I will soon be successful,” you should say “I am a successful person.”
  4. You should pronounce positive statements in the first person, using the pronouns “I”, “me”, “me”, etc. General impersonal phrases - “This world is beautiful, and it gives people everything they want” - will not help the decision specifically your problem. Affirmations only benefit the person himself. Trying to use them to change the lives of other people can lead to the opposite effect.
  5. A positive statement should not contain negatives, as it reflects what you want, not what you don’t want. Studies have shown that our subconscious does not perceive the particle “not,” so the phrase “I’m not sick” is understood by it as “I’m sick,” and when repeated many times, the brain codes the body for weakness.
  6. The affirmation must have a personal positive meaning. Its repetition should give you positive associations. Thoughtlessly pronouncing even the most correct, but incomprehensible or unpleasant phrase to you, may not give any effect.
  7. In order for affirmations to achieve their goal, you need to say them in a good mood. Only positive emotions during the training process will provide you with the desired result.
  8. Affirmations can be recited out loud, said silently, recorded on a player and then played back, rewritten by hand a large number of times, or sung. If you do them for 10 minutes every day, then gradually new positive attitudes will be able to replace unwanted stereotypes that have been created over time.

At the initial stage, doubts are inevitable, because the affirmation being pronounced will not correspond to reality. What is important here is regular repetition, which will mechanically instill in the subconscious an attitude towards health and success. There may be a feeling of internal resistance - the repressed negative programs of consciousness accumulated over the years will worsen.

When the resistance of consciousness when reading affirmations falls, you can reduce the volume of their pronunciation. Then there will come a moment when the attitudes merge with thoughts, and there will be a transition to repeating positive statements with an inner voice. At the same time, it will seem that positive thoughts have settled in your head.

Additional recommendations:

  • For maximum effect, affirmations must be recited expressively, with immersion in what is being said.
  • There are several ways to enhance the effectiveness of statements: the special environment in which they are pronounced, gestures, the strength of the voice and other techniques.
  • It is better to say affirmations in front of a mirror, looking deeply into your own eyes or examining your face.
  • It is advisable not only to pronounce convincing statements about forgiveness of others and yourself, but also to write them down on paper or on a computer.
  • To enhance the effect, you can surround yourself with posters with positive statements. In this case, it is better to place them in accordance with the Chinese teachings of Feng Shui. The southeastern part of the room is suitable for calling on blessings and abundance, the western part is suitable for ideas about creative ideas and creating a family. Affirmations on the topic of love, family and marriage, composed by a woman, are placed in the northwest, and those written by a man - in the southwest. In the southern part of the room, in the glory zone, they hang posters to increase their self-esteem.

Affirmations free our thinking from negative attitudes and prepare us for wonderful changes in the near future. Once you manage to change your thinking style, life will respond with corresponding changes.

Exercises to tune the subconscious

In daily life, we have our own idea of ​​how to organize our life and activities. It is formed subconsciously, and the conscious part fulfills the requirements of the subconscious and provides a zone of comfortable stay.

Some desires and dreams of a person do not fit into this idea, which is why inconvenience and internal fear appear. Therefore, to fulfill them, you need to come to harmony between hidden attitudes and external manifestations, expand your personal comfort zone, and convince your mind of the safety of your goals.

There are special techniques for this. Here are some of them:

1. Collage of wishes.

This technique creates visual involvement in a state where your dream or goal has already come true.

Actions are performed in stages:

  • first the desire is formulated in the form of an accomplished fact;
  • then a board is fixed to the wall, it should be in front of your eyes at all times;
  • choose your own photo in which you like yourself, look satisfied with life and happy, and place it in the center of the future collage;
  • around the photo you need to place pictures that reflect your idea of ​​​​life after your wish has come true;
  • your goal is to fill the board completely.

When you look for images for a wish collage, you will be in a state of positive attitude, and your dream will gradually move into your personal comfort zone, which will allow you to fulfill your plans.

2. Yang touch technique.

Allows you to physically touch that life when your wish has already come true.

Having set a goal, you need to behave from the position of the owner, gradually forcing the brain to get used to the new image.

For example, if a person wants to increase his well-being, then he can imagine himself rich by visiting expensive stores, restaurants, and car dealerships.

The task is to get rid of the fear of possessing the benefits that the realized goal brings and move the desire to the comfort zone.

3. Love yourself.

This is a technique for involving emotional mechanisms in everyday life.

You should devote one hour every day to fulfilling your own desires. This could be drawing, fitness, dancing, a hobby - anything that brings pleasure, gives a feeling of joy and happiness.

It is also advisable to please yourself every day by giving yourself gifts, directing your energy to increasing the amount of endorphins in the body. A positive attitude and self-love will help release the internal energy necessary to realize your desires.

The subconscious allows you to achieve a goal when complete harmony is established between conscious thinking and internal attitudes. Therefore, your personal comfort zone expands when your idea of ​​the norm changes, opening the way to opportunities to realize your dreams.

Basic principles of the subconscious mind

Every idea, thought (word) produces a physical reaction

Thought creates reality. You shouldn’t go far in thinking: “How much can my thought change my Life?” Everything is simpler and closer to biology and psychology. Thoughts evoke emotions and feelings that can either inspire you to a heroic deed or even put you into a depressive state.

The subconscious triggers such reactions. For example, when hearing the word “milk,” someone will begin to produce gastric juice, and someone will experience an aversion to lactose. And such reactions to all thoughts and words.

What is expected is usually what happens

By expecting good or bad, we thereby give a goal to the subconscious. And it will strive to achieve it.

If we expect good things, we will get good things, and unfortunately, the opposite is also true: expecting bad things justifies itself.

Reactive reaction. Or any force causes an anti force

The harder you try to achieve a goal, the harder it becomes.

At the same time, as soon as you relax and get distracted by something else, the early goal falls into your hand.

There is no difference between virtual experience and imaginary experience

Before a pilot boards a real plane, he spends dozens of hours in a cockpit simulating a flight. And miraculously, after time he turns into a real pilot of a real plane.

Athletes have long been armed with mental techniques: before performing sports feats in competitions, they perform them in their minds.

For the subconscious, what I see for real or what I see in my head (on TV, in a game, in an imitation of reality) makes no difference.

(For clarity. They were rude to you - you were offended. They were rude to your favorite movie character in the series, you were also offended. In one case it’s life, in the other it’s a movie, but feelings and emotions for you are real and real).

Emotions - a marker, a label

Emotions are a marker, a mark for the subconscious

The more emotional the thought, the more your subconscious mind will pay attention to it, the more resources it will allocate to corresponding actions.

For example, the simple idea of ​​traveling around the world is just a fleeting desire that is soon forgotten. But if these thoughts are accompanied by strong emotions (well, I really want to), then consciousness will often (as if by chance) stumble upon corresponding stories.

(The eyes “themselves” will freeze on the sign of the next travel agency, the hand “themselves” will press the button to the Discovery Channel, the ears “themselves” will pay more attention to stories about how someone went somewhere to the seas, oceans) .

Increasing the power of thought with the help of the subconscious

The power of thought is a way to direct the forces of the Universe to realize your goals, influencing reality and shaping its image as needed at the moment.

In order to increase the power of thought, you need to rationally distribute the energy resources of your body, which give thoughts creative power.

In everyday life, they are spent not only on maintaining your body in a comfortable state. A considerable part of energy resources is spent on negative emotions: anxiety, fears, worries, stress. Many of them appear in our lives unconsciously, being a consequence of habitual patterns of behavior and hiding the true reasons for such actions.

It is necessary to use irrationally used energy resources, redirecting them in the right direction.

The “Turbo-Gopher” technique will help free the subconscious from the negativity embedded in the internal memory.

Its essence is as follows:

  • a negative attitude is selected that requires elimination;
  • special instructions for the subconscious are read;
  • after this, at the mental level, without the conscious participation of a person, all events and emotions associated with this issue are removed from memory.

Thus, the subconscious frees the internal space from unpleasant moments of the past, going through all the problems one by one. As a result, the energy necessary to achieve your goal appears.

The results of regular use of this technique become noticeable very quickly: it takes less time to make decisions, tasks are completed with the least amount of resources. But the long-term effect of the technique will be achieved only if new, positive habits are acquired, since the released energy must be consciously directed towards achieving the set goals. If this is not done, a return to past negative scenarios may occur.

Thus, the subconscious is a rich source of opportunities for fulfilling your desires in real life. Evidence of this is provided by both quantum physics and psychologists. Organizing your mental activity in such a way as to create harmony between the conscious and subconscious gives you the opportunity to manage your life and successfully achieve your goals.

What is the cause of the problems?

It would seem that all the stories are so different, but they have one thing in common. Every person has true desires that come from within. And there is a certain need for other actions that comes into conflict with the desires of the heart.

In other words, there is a conflict between two forces – “I want” and “I need”. And until this conflict is resolved, the situation will not change.

If now in your life something is not going the way you would like, and your efforts are leading nowhere, this means only one thing, there is some kind of internal conflict that is preventing you from getting what you want.

Sometimes this conflict is very difficult to see for yourself. We usually do not understand its causes; they are hidden either in the subconscious (the force that controls our survival instincts) or in the superconscious (the force that controls our experiences and values). What happens in our lives is only the result of this conflict.

What can you do yourself?

The 3 ways that you will find below will help you get hints to your questions, find the right solutions, and realize what is hidden in the depths of your personality.

How to use the subconscious: 12 rules

Our unconscious makes it possible to discover secrets previously unknown to people. If you learn to use it, you will discover new talents in yourself, become smarter and more receptive to the world around you. To do this, you must adhere to the following rules:

  1. Get rid of negative emotions. Resentment, anger, dissatisfaction, irritation and other negative feelings interfere with making logical decisions necessary in working with the subconscious.
  2. To use your subconscious mind correctly, guide your brain in the right direction by monitoring and adjusting your thoughts every day.
  3. Get rid of stereotypes. You should not follow all the advice of other people, because each person's life experience is unique and may not be suitable for you specifically. If it is important for you to learn how to use the subconscious, remember: self-development requires spiritual transformation, and not submission to established concepts.
  4. Do not hurry. Managing the subconscious takes time and hard work on oneself. An immediate reaction is a very rare occurrence in the initial stages.
  5. Get enough sleep. Sleep is a source of vitality and energy necessary to accomplish great things. Fatigue accumulated during the day slows down the body's functionality.
  6. How to use the subconscious in decision making? Take breaks to rest. You cannot work for a long time without a break. The optimal number of rest breaks is three to four times a day for 10–20 minutes. This is enough to organize your thoughts. A cozy atmosphere and pleasant music (classical compositions, sounds of nature, songs of your favorite bands) will help you relax.
  7. Do things that bring you joy. Your subconscious will be grateful for pleasant emotions. The more pleasure the body gets from what it does, the easier it will be to connect the outside world with the inside.
  8. Treat your subconscious mind like a business partner who needs to be paid for services. Don't forget to count on yourself. Payment may be a trivial word of praise or a small gift. If you pamper yourself, your subconscious mind is satisfied.
  9. Treat yourself early, not at the last minute. A good mood is a great motivator. You need to encourage yourself not only after completing work, but also before doing something planned.
  10. Don't bother fulfilling other people's wishes. You need to achieve your own goals. If you keep a small diary and write down your dreams there, it will help you navigate faster. Refer to the list when you are about to perform a task to make sure it is necessary.
  11. Practice trance (a process during which the state of consciousness changes). Complete relaxation is recommended not only during periods of physical or mental stress, but also on vacation. We must remember that the brain is always working. Regular trances contribute to better concentration on the sensations and emotions experienced at one time or another.
  12. Evaluate your life. For this, it is convenient to use a 10- or 100-point scale. If you are completely satisfied with your life, feel free to give it the maximum rating. If the scores seem too low, there is reason to think about which area is working in the wrong direction and how to improve the situation.


1. Connecting with the subconscious through automatic writing.

2. Communication with the subconscious through sleep.

3. Communication with the subconscious through ASC.

Any psychological work to solve a problem, any coaching process for achieving a goal is, first of all, internal changes. It is impossible to change the external situation without changing your attitude towards it. This is talked about in all transformational films, books and programs.

But if only everything were so simple!

Svetlana's story...

“I have been caring for my husband for 4 years. He suffered a stroke and became disabled. My whole life is subordinate to him. I can’t leave - the feeling of guilt will crush me. But I can’t live like this anymore either, I want relationships, attention, care. I just want to live..."

Igor's story...

“I haven’t been able to find a normal job for 3 years now. I tried different areas, but something always happens and I have to look for a new job. Now I’m doing part-time work, and there’s no stable income at all. I like to do drawing and sculpting, but what can I earn from this?..."

Michael's story...

“I was divorced 5 times. Nowadays new relationships arise from time to time, but they all end in the same way - the girls leave me. I’m very jealous, and I can’t cope with it, in the end they can’t stand it..."

List of books that will help you use your subconscious mind correctly

Currently, many books have been written about how to find an approach to your subconscious. Each author has effective methods that can be used in the process of self-development.

  • John Kehoe. “The subconscious can do anything.”

This book is a guide to your inner world. The author tells how to use the subconscious, how consciousness can change external reality, and also reveals the secrets of the successful lives of celebrities of the 20th century. The book provides a list of tips that you can put into practice.

This is also true in ordinary communication.

And all the same things can be used in your everyday life !

After all, how often do people ask questions without listening to the answers? Or they don’t let you finish a sentence, or sometimes even start it. If you fill the communication space only with your monologues or control, comment, evaluate every word of your interlocutor, he will fall silent very quickly. And he is unlikely to have a desire to share something secret.

But if you shut up and look carefully into a person’s eyes, showing that you are ready to hear him , to accept what he would like to share, a miracle happens - the soul, the whole boundless inner world of the one who is nearby, will open before you. And you will be surprised how many treasures are hidden there!

And then you will be covered with a wave of gratitude from a person who was listened to, accepted and allowed to show something that is rarely possible to show to anyone. This is a very beautiful, subtle and priceless moment!

But beware! If you do this often, you will be known as an amazing conversationalist and many will involuntarily pour out their souls to you, sharing their secrets. Here you will have to establish a system of personal boundaries.

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