Certificate of absence of coronavirus: when you need it and where to get it

Who may be required to provide a certificate of absence of coronavirus?

The categories of employees from whom employers have the right to request a certificate of absence of COVID-19 can be identified by:

  • Resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor dated March 30, 2020 No. 9 (clause 1.5);
  • Resolution of the Chief State Sanitary Doctor dated May 22, 2020 No. 15 (clause 3.1 of sanitary and epidemiological rules 3.1.3597-20);
  • Letter of Rospotrebnadzor dated May 20, 2020 No. 02/9876-2020-23 (recommendations for infection prevention).

Using these documents, you need to monitor the status of the following categories of workers:

  • those who returned from abroad with symptoms of a respiratory disease;
  • who have been in contact with citizens infected with coronavirus;
  • who have been diagnosed with community-acquired pneumonia;
  • those who have reached 65 years of age with symptoms of ARVI;
  • permanent residence organizations when symptoms of the disease occur;
  • health resort institutions and outsourced specialists working in them;
  • shift workers working in hard-to-reach areas;
  • medical institutions at risk of contracting COVID-19 (moreover, health workers are tested for coronavirus weekly, and if symptoms are present, they are checked urgently).

Where to get a medical certificate

You can undergo examinations both in budgetary medical organizations and in commercial clinics. An important condition is that the medical institution must have permission from the Ministry of Health to issue such document samples, otherwise it will be invalid.

The certificate is valid for six months. Since laboratory tests are only valid for 6 months.

90 days before the expiration of the license, you must contact the licensing and permitting department and write a statement that you wish to obtain a new license. It will take about a month to renew your license to carry a weapon. During that time, specialists from the Ministry of Internal Affairs will check whether there were any offenses on your part. If there are two or more administrative offenses, you will be refused to renew the certificate.

Mandatory certificate of absence of COVID-19

The question of the right to demand such a certificate from an employee is very controversial.

On the one hand, the document is not required, since:

  • the procedure for conducting mandatory medical examinations amid the pandemic has not changed, i.e. the employer does not have the right to remove an employee from work on this basis (Article 76 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation);
  • Moreover, information about the employee’s health status is personal data, which management has no right to request , because they do not determine the employee’s ability to perform labor functions (Article 88 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation).

On the other hand, the difficult epidemiological situation in the country requires a special approach:

  • The issue of preserving the health of citizens, especially in the field of contact services, becomes more important;
  • additional powers arise for Rospotrebnadzor, the Chief State Sanitary Doctor and regional authorities.

Rospotrebnadzor itself develops only recommendations. But given that, on the basis of these recommendations, Rospotrebnadzor departments in the constituent entities establish regulations, in fact, what is recommended becomes mandatory for execution.

Art. 6.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation introduces sanctions for violation of the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population. In cases where it is a question of preventing such a violation, requiring a certificate of absence of COVID-19 is legal.

If an employee’s work functions are not associated with the risk of spreading coronavirus, it is not permitted to require such a certificate from him.

Certificate for weapons in form 002

A certificate for weapons in form 002 is issued at a medical institution in compliance with a number of requirements established by law. If they are not taken into account when filling out, the document is considered invalid.

Conditions for correct drafting include:

  • readability of written information;
  • clarity of seal impressions;
  • presence of a mark of fitness for health reasons to carry weapons;
  • filling in all fields where necessary;
  • Each doctor has a personal seal confirming his qualifications, so he places it opposite the diagnosis or o;
  • At the registry, a stamp is placed on the form for documents of the medical organization.

Important! The received certificate is not a basis for purchasing a weapon; it confirms the fact that there are no health-related contraindications to its use.

After completing the document, the commission issuing the license will have to decide whether it is advisable for the applicant to obtain permission.

When a person goes to a medical institution to obtain a permit to carry a weapon, he is required to have with him the documents necessary for a medical examination. These include:

  • passport (required);
  • a certificate confirming the fact of registration at the place of residence (may be required if necessary);

This information is sufficient to fill out form 002 оу.

Paragraph 26 of the order of the Ministry of Health, No. 441n, determines the validity period of a certificate indicating the absence of contraindications for the purchase of weapons due to a person’s state of health. According to it, it is 1 year from the date of issue of the document. The validity period of form 002 and the permit during which a citizen has the right to apply for receiving and carrying a weapon are different. In fact, a person, within 12 months from the date of issue of the certificate, has the right to obtain a permit, which is valid for 5 years. After this time has expired, the candidate will need to re-visit the medical center or government medical institution to undergo a medical examination, take tests, pay fees and receive new documents. The document, medical certificate form 002 is valid for 12 months!

The use of weapons by a citizen presupposes that he does not have mental disorders or a tendency to use drugs or alcohol. If contraindications are identified, the doctor does not have the right to write “fit” on the medical commission form.

Government Resolution No. 143, in force since February 19, 2015, approved a list of diseases that prevent the issuance of a certificate. These include:

  1. Disorders of a chronic and protracted nature with manifestations that aggravate the general state of health.

a) organic and mental;

b) schizophrenia and delusional disorders;

c) mood disorders due to psychiatry;

d) neuroses associated with stress and depression;

e) personality disorders, as well as behavioral disorders in adulthood;

e) mental retardation.

  1. Mental disorders associated with the use of psychoactive substances.
  2. Eye diseases (visual acuity is reduced by at least 0.5 in one, and 0.2 in the other; the field of vision is narrowed by 20 degrees or more in each eye).
  3. Absence of three or more fingers on one of the hands or the thumb and index finger.

Diseases related to point 2 of this classification are not a contraindication if a person has had stable remission for more than 3 years. To confirm it, you need to visit a narcologist every month to be examined for the absence of prohibited drugs in your blood and urine. After 5 years of active work on one’s own health condition, the doctor has the right to remove the patient from the register.

How to get a certificate of absence of COVID-19

The place where you apply for the document depends on the employee’s well-being:

There are symptoms of ARVI There are no symptoms of ARVI
Rospotrebnadzor has prohibited private laboratories from conducting tests, so they are carried out only by state medical institutions in the following areas:
  • issued by a family therapist or ambulance worker;
  • received when calling the hotline
Allowed to go to a private clinic
Testing is free Testing is paid, it is possible that the employer will compensate the employee’s expenses

In any case, the applicant will be asked to present a passport, a swab will be taken from the oral cavity and nasopharynx and sent for PCR analysis, the result of which will be reflected in the certificate.

What does a certificate of absence of coronavirus look like?

The form does not have a unified form, but it must be protected from forgery and include the basic details:

  • full name and date of birth of the test taker;
  • name of the laboratory;
  • date of collection of material for analysis;
  • the presence of symptoms of the disease at the time of the test;
  • information about the presence and quantity of RNA virus;
  • mark for re-testing.

A certificate of absence of a new coronavirus infection may look like this:

If the test result is negative, the employee is allowed to work. Otherwise, he is sent for self-isolation and treatment.

In addition to such a certificate, the employer may request another one - about the absence of contacts with infected citizens. This document is issued by the local physician.

Help 046-1

Weapons in the hands of an amateur or a person with any mental disorders pose a huge threat to others. Therefore, it is completely understandable why the state controls the process of issuing licenses to carry, use and store weapons. Certificate 046-1 is required for everyone who receives such permission. A sample medical document is approved by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

How to get this medical document?

A medical certificate 046-1 is issued in Moscow only after the doctors of the medical institution come to a general agreement on your satisfactory state of health. For this purpose, a medical commission is created. You will need to be examined by:

  • narcologist;
  • psychologist;
  • ophthalmologist;
  • therapist.

If at least one of the listed doctors has questions regarding your mental or physical condition, a medical certificate will not be issued.

If you have any concerns about your health or do not have enough time, certificate 046 can be purchased. It is not recommended to seek help from companies with a dubious reputation. You risk falling into the hands of scammers. The cost of such an action may be too high. You risk getting:

  • wrong sample form;
  • false seals of a non-existent medical institution;
  • incur criminal liability for falsifying a certificate.

The most correct decision would be to leave a request to purchase certificate 046-1 in Moscow on our website. We guarantee fast and high-quality processing of such medical forms within an hour. Our specialists will control all the nuances of filling out Form 046 and affixing the necessary stamps. If necessary, medical documentation will be delivered to the address you provide.

Who needs a medical certificate form 046-1?

Anyone who uses or plans to purchase a firearm or traumatic weapon needs a special license that allows a citizen to legally purchase and use it. It is these individuals who need to obtain certificate 046-1.

This category includes:

  • hunters;
  • security guards;
  • people purchasing weapons for self-defense;
  • to all persons for license renewal.

The validity period of certificate 046-1 is not established by law, but institutions involved in issuing licenses stipulate its validity period within six months. After the expiration date, you will have to undergo a medical examination again.

Renewal of the document should be taken care of in advance. And if time is lost, but a certificate of form 046-1 is needed, use the services of our center.

You will save time and nerves, and in the shortest possible time without additional effort you will be able to buy a medical certificate on completely legal grounds. The price of the service is discussed with the operator.

Application rules

To quickly and without unnecessary fuss get a certificate for a weapon in Moscow on our website, you need:

  • have access to the Internet;
  • contact our operator via the order form or by phone;
  • answer questions (personal data entered in the form);
  • our specialists independently send the data to the doctor and control the registration process;
  • after meeting all the requirements and receiving the certificate, we notify you of its readiness;
  • You pay for our services immediately or upon receipt of the goods.

Within an hour, your application will be processed and completed in full. You can pick up the certificate yourself at our office or order courier delivery. For those customers whose order amount exceeds 3,000 rubles, we provide delivery completely free of charge within the Moscow Ring Road.

Advantages of cooperation with us

Each of our clients can count on complete confidentiality of their personal data, prompt execution and delivery of a document that will be issued in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Any verification will confirm its authenticity. You can easily buy from us sick leave, test results and other certificates, a sample of which is approved at the legislative level of the Russian Federation.

The medical certificate is filled out by doctors currently practicing. All stamps are affixed in real medical institutions. Our wealth of experience and professional team know their job and perform it at the highest level. The price of our services will pleasantly surprise you.

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