Underbarrel flashlight for hunting. How to choose and which is better?

The underbarrel flashlight for hunting is now gaining great popularity, which hunters actively use during hunting in the dark. There are many examples where you can hear many different reviews about a given item in equipment, but not all of them help you make a choice for yourself.

Often, owners of such flashlights recommend others to buy what worked for them, and this may not suit absolutely everyone. Each has its own weapon model, which requires special mounts. In addition, there are also personal preferences for appearance and functionality.

The market is filled with a huge number of similar tactical flashlights, among which you can get confused. Certain knowledge is required to confidently navigate this diversity.

Each under-barrel flashlight for hunting has a certain number of features and characteristics that must be of a decent level so as not to create difficulties during hunting.

Today we will analyze not only specific models, but also consider in detail all the features of an ideal flashlight. You will learn about its structure and varieties. We will pay special attention to the luminous flux, which is one of the most important characteristics.

The knowledge gained will help you choose the right model. No longer will anyone be able to fool you at the store counter to convince you to buy a useless lighting device for hunting.

How to choose?

First of all, pay attention to flashlights that are specifically designed for specific models of guns. For example, there are several proposals for IZH-27 and MP-153. Try to look for an option specifically for your gun.

If you can’t find it this way, then take a look at the universal samples that can be used for smooth-bore and rifled weapons. Then, among this diversity, selection must be made according to special criteria.

These include weight, length, diameter, light power, switching and power system, material of manufacture, price, mounting system and equipment. Of course, you can select a few more criteria, but they will not be as important as these.



  • Waterproof level: IPX-6;
  • Lens Shape: Convex Lens;
  • Lighting time: 10-20 hours;
  • Emitting color: white.

Impact-resistant, inexpensive (price on Aliexpress 1,547 rubles) flashlight with unsurpassed parameters and additional options. XHP90 works up to 20 hours. However, what sets it apart from its competitors is its illumination range of up to 1000 meters. The XHP90 is suitable for lovers of night hikes and for those who often visit unlit streets. We do not recommend it for hunters, as it is better to pay attention to the proven ones, “Pathfinder” or “Fenix”).

Buy XHP90

Signs of a good flashlight

  • The length should be around 145-150 mm. This can be called the most optimal option for any hunting rifle. It’s better not to attach everything else to the barrel.
  • It is recommended to choose a diameter of 1 inch. This lamp tube fits perfectly for this purpose. It will not look too bulky on the trunk and will not interfere when moving around the hunting grounds.
  • The flashlight head will need a small one. Its diameter is usually about 42-45 mm. There is no need to take any more as it will be difficult to install on the barrel.
  • You should not choose a weight greater than 300 g, as this will greatly upset the balance of the gun.
  • The strength must be at a high level so that if it falls from a height of 1.5-2 meters it will not be damaged. Give preference to those models that are made of aircraft-grade aluminum. This material has wide application.
  • An important characteristic is the presence of water resistance. It is better when the lighting device is able to withstand immersion to a depth of 1.5-2 meters, but less immersion is allowed. The main thing here is that it should be waterproof.
  • The light should be turned on using the direct switch button, when you just need to press it and not wait for a click. Here a light touch is required for light to appear instantly.
  • It is necessary to have a remote button on the wire when it is attached to the forend or other place on the gun where you can quickly press it.
  • Adjustable light mode is a plus for this type of flashlight. You can reduce or increase the illumination. It is imperative that the adjustment button be located separately from the one that simply turns the light on and off.
  • It’s good when the kit includes light filters that can be changed if necessary. There is an opinion that animals react better to red or green light than to white light.
  • It’s great when the power of the device is around 1000 lumens. This will be enough to see the target at a distance of about 250-300 meters. Some hunters prefer lower power because they won't shoot beyond 100 meters.
  • The flashlight can consume energy from a battery or batteries. Most people lean towards the battery. Ideally, you can use one and the other option.
  • Price is always a significant consideration, so for a good tactical flashlight it won't be less than $100.
  • An LED lamp is the only valid option. No xenon or halogen lamps. Pay close attention to this.

Which flashlight should I take for hunting?

As with other outdoor activities, you should definitely take a flashlight with you when hunting. However, the models that are suitable for this have their own characteristics. Moreover, there are several options for flashlights that will be useful to hunters, each in its own case.

Hunting flashlights are one of the most extensive classes, as it includes models from several directions. These are under-barrel, headlamp and ordinary hand-held flashlights. Each of them is responsible for its own set of tasks, and hunters can either buy a full set of flashlights or select only a few of them, based on which of the functions are most necessary for them. To better understand the tasks of each hunting flashlight, let's look at these categories in more detail.

Underbarrel lights

Flashlights that can be mounted on a gun are called under-barrel flashlights. They are the most specialized of all hunting models. These flashlights are used for aiming in the dark. To withstand the recoil of a shot, they are made especially durable. For example, all Fenix ​​flashlights have an aluminum body. In addition, these models are very bright. The range of their beam, in most cases, is measured in hundreds of meters and is comparable to the range of the hunting weapon itself. Of course, in addition to the brightest lighting mode, several more are available to make the flashlight convenient to use in different situations.

The control of the under-barrel lights is implemented in a special way. All necessary functions are divided between two or more buttons. The one responsible for turning it on is located at the end of the housing. Therefore, the flashlight can be equipped with an external tactical button by screwing it instead of the standard one. This button will help you turn on the flashlight while aiming, without changing the usual position of your hands on the barrel of the gun. In addition, there is an additional button on the body of the under-barrel flashlights for switching between all available brightness modes. Often, it is placed closer to the head of the device.

Under-barrel lights are secured to the gun using special fasteners. There are several types of them (Picatinny rail, Weaver rail, figure eight) and each hunter chooses a mount at his own discretion, depending on the features of his gun and personal preferences. Examples of high-quality under-barrel flashlights include the Fenix ​​TK15UE model. With a small size, its brightness reaches 1000 lumens, and its range is 325 meters. The flashlight works with two types of batteries and is perfect for mounting on various types of hunting weapons. In addition, the Fenix ​​TK16 and Fenix ​​TK09 2021 models are popular, which successfully combine high performance with economical operation and a high level of endurance when working in different conditions.

Hand flashlights

It should immediately be noted that any under-barrel flashlight can also be used as a hand-held flashlight. To do this, it is enough to disconnect it from the fastenings holding the gun barrel. If you need to save money on buying several flashlights, this is exactly what hunters do. However, if convenience is a priority, you can purchase a handheld flashlight separately to use while stopping or resting at night. In this case, the strength requirements are much lower. However, Fenix ​​handheld flashlights are also made with an aluminum body and will withstand an accidental impact on rocks when dropped.

As for brightness, models with 200-800 lumens are suitable. This range is quite wide, but any model must still work in several modes, including very dim ones for illuminating a tourist map or night lighting in a tent.


This category largely replaces manual ones and is also used during stops or for normal movement through the forest after sunset. A headlamp allows you more freedom of action due to the fact that it leaves your hands free. Therefore, it is much more convenient to use it while driving or while preparing dinner, for example.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the head models are slightly less durable. Their body is most often made of plastic or a combination of plastic and metal. However, there are also metal models, such as the Fenix ​​HL50.

General recommendations

Regardless of which flashlight you choose for hunting, it should be a model with a high level of moisture protection. Only in this case can the flashlight be used in any weather, including fog and rain. The highest level of security is provided by models that have passed IPX-8 or IP-68 standardization.

Also, choose a flashlight that has additional color LEDs or can be used with removable color filters. This will allow you to use the flashlight for tactical purposes. After all, some animals and birds are not afraid of blue or green light, while they immediately notice the inclusion of a flashlight with a white beam.

So, although choosing a good flashlight for hunting is not an easy task, purchasing one will not be difficult when you know what features to look for first.

Types of LEDs in a flashlight

  1. The first type is called CREE XP-G2 R5, which allows you to give white light with a chill. There is also CREE XP-G2 R4. This one allows you to shine with yellow and warm light.
  2. The second type, CREE XM-L2 U2 and CREE XM-L2 T6, by analogy with the first, gives the same light.

If you plan to use the device on rifled weapons, then it is better to choose the CREE XP-G2 LED, but for smooth-bore guns we recommend CREE XM-L2.

Cold light will be brighter than warm light, so it is more suitable for illuminating distant objects. As for warm light, it cuts through fog perfectly.

Types of fastening

There are several options for mounting on the barrel of a hunting rifle. Each of them has its own specifics, so this may be suitable for one weapon, but not at all an option for another.

  1. Figure eight fastening . This type can be successfully used not only for smooth-bore weapons, but also on a rifled barrel. If you put it on a gun with horizontal barrels, the flashlight will be on the side.
  2. Weaver bar mount . The wind is already blowing here from the military area, since this is where this method of attaching weapons is often used, but it is also used for hunting.
  3. Optical sight mount . As a rule, this option is more suitable for rifled weapons, from which you plan to shoot at long distances.

Specific Models

There are many different models, not only domestically produced, but also imported options that are of brilliant quality and a decent price.


This sample is domestically produced, but is of good quality. It uses an LED lamp. The light comes out green, which means you don’t need to carry additional filters with you when hunting.

The design has a brightness control, which is a big plus. The kit includes a remote button and a barrel mount. In a row with this lantern you can put others, which are called “Boar”.

UltraFire WF-501B

This model cannot be called an expensive model, but its characteristics allow you to successfully hunt at night at a distance of up to 100 meters.

The power source is a battery that lasts up to three hours. Good strength and water resistance, small size, remote button and convenient fastening make it attractive to the buyer.

It is well suited for IZH-27, MR-153 and MTs-22. If you need a budget option with good quality, then this is the flashlight.

To get acquainted with a wider range of tactical flashlights, you can contact the well-known brands Nitecore and Armytek, which produce such accessories for hunting.

Underbarrel flashlight "Zenit 2M"

Another popular domestically produced under-barrel flashlight from Zenit is the “2M” model. It is also considered a budget option for tactical equipment and comes in minimal configuration. It has only three main operating modes:

  1. To briefly illuminate the area, you need to hold down the remote button. The flashlight will work as long as it is clamped. In this mode, the luminous flux will be 120 lux.
  2. Long-term use of tactical under-barrel lighting. To activate it, you need to make three short presses. This mode also uses the device's maximum brightness.
  3. Economical use of the flashlight. Allows you to reduce the luminous flux power to 40 lux, which significantly increases battery life. To activate, you need to make three short presses of the tactical remote button, and on the fourth time hold it for 5 seconds.

At maximum luminous flux, the Zenit 2M model will be able to provide good lighting for 3 hours. In economy mode, the battery life of the device increases significantly and amounts to at least 5 hours of continuous operation. This tactical device is well suited for use on firearms such as IZH 27 and MP 153. The dimensions of the KR-8 mount used for Zenit 2M are 25.4mm, 30mm, 32mm and are suitable for most hunting carbines. Main characteristics:

  • maximum reachable light range - 120 m;
  • when fully illuminated, the Zenit 2M flashlight can operate for up to 3 hours;
  • several operating modes, two light intensity modes: 120 and 40 lux;
  • Powered by 2 standard CR123 batteries.

The Zenit 2M tactical flashlight model is one of the most reliable solutions in terms of price-quality ratio among domestically produced analogues for weapons of the IZH 27, MP 153 and MP 155 models.


Not many hunters hunt in the dark, but their number began to grow with the advent of under-barrel hunting lights, which make the work of hunting animals easier.

Choosing the right flashlight for a particular gun is not so easy, but it can be done quickly if you know the basic features that a good flashlight model should have.

Typically, it should be durable, waterproof, have a long charge life, have a remote button, easy to mount, light weight, less than one inch in diameter, and have a light output of about 1,000 lumens.

Underbarrel flashlight for hunting - what is it?

Underbarrel flashlights are good helpers for every hunter who prefers to track prey at night. The light they emit allows one to illuminate the area and blind the animal, which makes forays out of the hole after sunset.

An under-barrel flashlight, which is intended for hunting, can be purchased at a specialized store.

The most popular products are those with 100 lumen lighting. It is this light that provides sufficient visibility for a person to hunt. Professionals prefer to choose a flashlight that fits a specific gun. This is an important point, since many devices are made with mounts that are intended for specific models.

It is quite difficult to choose an under-barrel flashlight for hunting, since at the moment you can find a huge number of such products on sale. Many of them have minimal differences, which makes the buyer’s task even more difficult.

The main similarities between the flashlights are their size and weight. Experts recommend giving preference to devices with a diameter of 2.5 cm. This parameter is most optimal if you plan to attach the device to a weapon.

The main advantage of under-barrel flashlights is the variety of colors of their beam. They are equipped with special light filters, which are useful when hunting certain birds or animals. For example, when fishing for wild boar, it is recommended to use a red filter. Thanks to this, the animal will not see the glow of the lantern, which means that it will not be possible to accidentally scare it away with the light.

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