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Family is one of the main components in the life of any person. It plays an important role; for each of us this concept is individual.

For most of us, family is the people who are always there. These are mom and dad, grandparents, sister and brother. That is, close and dear people, around whom a person grows and develops. At a more mature age, a man and a woman create a new family in which children are born.

For a small child and his full development, it is important that there are loving parents nearby who gave him life, and every day open a world full of new and interesting impressions. In addition to parents, the participation of grandparents in the upbringing plays an equally important role. They are the ones who always give a lot of affection, kindness and pamper the child. You can share your most secrets and deepest dreams with your brother or sister.

In any case, family is close people whom you can rely on in difficult times, enlist their support and hear the right words. It is important to appreciate every moment spent with family, because without them a person would be lonely.

In order for the family to be strong, it is important to build healthy and comfortable relationships, respect, take care and help each other. A home is a fortress, and its strength depends on properly built relationships. For harmony and love to reign within a family, people must be happy. To do this, each spouse, despite differences in views, must respect each other’s opinions and interests, support and compromise in a given situation. This is a complex and long process. But the power of love between a man and a woman can help maintain a warm atmosphere in the house.

Children learn from their parents how to communicate and behave in society. It is parents and loved ones who teach their children lessons of morality and discipline, help them overcome various difficulties and help them survive difficult periods in their lives. The future of a child depends on the atmosphere in his home. That is why mom and dad, as well as relatives, instill important values ​​of family life.

For a full-fledged family, in which it is always simple and calm, honesty, loyalty and respect are important qualities. This is the key to a happy and strong family.

Why is family so important?

Family is the future of children.

The family is the only place where children study after school. At school, teachers teach different subjects that will help them find a good job in the future. But at home, the family teaches children habits and discipline that will not only help them find a job, but will also help them live an ideal life in the future. Therefore, family is very important for children.

When a child comes out of the mother's womb, he first sees his parents, and then spends most of his time with his family until he goes to kindergarten and then to school.

These 3 or 4 years are very important for children to learn some basic habits from their parents, sisters or brothers. In fact, during the first 3 years, your baby's brain triples in weight and makes about 1,000 trillion neural connections.

So during this period the child learns a lot from the family.

I believe that none of you are going to teach bad habits to your child. Parents should be careful what they do in front of their children because your child only learns habits and discipline from you. And this is one of the main reasons why family is an important part of our lives.

Family is with you in any situation.

This is one of the benefits of family that none of us ever realize right away. You may have many friends or relatives. They will definitely be with you in your happy times or any achievements. But, your parents or brothers or sisters are the only ones who will be with you during difficult periods of life.

Do you know that your parents are the only ones who understand you much more than any other person in the world?

Because they are your creators and the only ones traveling through life with you from the very beginning. Therefore, they understand your feelings and are always there for you, especially when you need someone's support. This is the power of family.

There are many people who can help you, but family will help you even when you are alone.

Family improves society.

An ideal family is an excellent example to the whole society. Dad, mom, children, they all must work to build an ideal family. If one of them fails, the whole family can collapse. This happens very often these days.

The good name of an entire family can be destroyed by one family member.

But if every family member works and builds an optimal family, then they will be a good example of this entire society.

Family influence is very strong in society and society has a very strong influence on the country. So the ideal country is not only the government, but also every member of the family. Therefore, every family is the main key of society.

This is why family is important in our life.

The family celebrates your happiness.

This is another good reason why family is important in our lives. Envy is the cheapest feeling that can be seen everywhere in this world. If you are richer, or more educated, or more beautiful, or get promoted, or buy an expensive car, or buy a house, people become jealous of you.

In short, if you are happy, then some people will envy you.

But family is different, and they are sincerely happy for you as you go through each stage. Plus, the family celebrates with you at every happy moment. Especially parents always look forward to your next steps. That's why family is important at every step.

What is a family for?

If you turn your attention to the cultural heritage of peoples from all over the world, you will notice that all ancestors had the value of family. It is worth noting that it was not the psychological or physiological attraction of a guy and a girl to each other that was the foundation for creating a family.

The foundation was the economic component.

Living alone, survival became extremely difficult. People needed each other to create a life, obtain food and reproduce. A large family had a more secure position among the population.

In addition, based on the universal human factor, the larger the family, the more respect it aroused among others. If a person refused to start a family, he was considered an outcast and often began to have an extremely negative attitude towards him.

Past and present

Today, the economic component has ceased to be the primary determining factor. In the 21st century, a person can live alone, just like raising a child. This position of people affects the decrease in motivation to start a family.

Due to the current situation, many “non-traditional” forms of cohabitation have emerged.

However, there are preserved values ​​- having a family. The family is necessary for the comprehensive normal upbringing of a child. People need to be together no matter what. You should not strive for loneliness in this world.

Marriage is a serious endeavor between two people.

You should always remember that in a family there are not only joys and relief in life for spouses, but there are also difficulties. It’s harder to climb a mountain alone than with two people, but in marriage you begin to bear responsibility not only for yourself, but also for your partner.

Financial support

It is no less significant. A person comes into this world completely helpless and defenseless. To feel confident in their future, many are forced to rely not only on themselves, but also on their closest relatives. The material side of life sometimes leaves a serious imprint on everyday reality. When a person has such support, he feels truly protected. He is not afraid of any instability and crises in the country. Financial assistance is never superfluous; it can really give you strength at the right time.

Reasons for creating a family: why people create it

I suggest you consider the basic premises for forming ideal family relationships:

  • The ability of a full-fledged family to give birth and raise healthy offspring.
  • Divide all household responsibilities in half.
  • Getting support from a loved one.
  • Ensuring safety and security.
  • Disinterested pointing out shortcomings for re-education.

The main components for a woman are love, happiness, children, for a man – a career, providing for the family, heirs. For a male representative to feel like a full-fledged person, capable of achieving goals and success, he needs the love of a companion and her presence nearby.

In childhood, this role was intended for the mother, but in adulthood it is performed by a loving wife.

Female needs

A woman strives to build normal family relationships for:

  • Social status. Awareness of fulfilling your destiny - to become a wife.
  • A casual conversation with friends. They don't see you as a rival because you're already busy.
  • Availability of company for visiting and other holidays.
  • The presence of a permanent assistant. The wife can get rid of the need to carry heavy bags, deal with difficult situations alone, and carry out repairs; these concerns are now placed on the shoulders of a strong husband.
  • Desire to take care of your appearance and figure, develop culinary skills. Every representative of the fair sex appreciates compliments.
  • Completion of the active search for a partner. You no longer have to waste valuable time finding the perfect companion - you already have one.
  • Prolongation of the family. For the good and full development of a child, two parents are needed - mom and dad.
  • Shows of tenderness, care and love. After all, these are the only feelings we experience for our soulmate.
  • Joint development and implementation. A common intellectual level, the same views on the world, and the desire for self-realization are ideal components of family happiness.
  • Household comfort. All expenses are divided in half.
  • Availability of support, protection and support.

Male needs

Now I will try to explain, does a man need a family? Of course, this is a circle that includes your closest and dearest people, an area where you can relax and replenish lost energy.

What does a married man get from this:

  • He receives a devoted adviser who organizes his vacation, takes care of him, and gives advice.
  • The ability to create a large family and raise children with good upbringing and character.
  • A man becomes a leader, takes responsibility for all concerns about his family, and protects his interests.
  • Creating a family budget.


A close circle has many properties:

  • The decision to marry and have children is made on a voluntary, relaxed basis.
  • The common things between spouses are: finances, housing, household, cars, valuables.
  • Joint offspring.
  • Following the law and properly observing all rights.
  • The presence of general morality, psychological component and morality.
  • What does family mean and what role does it play in the life of the whole society and one person?

A close circle of close people performs a lot of functions that help support his life.

I will give the following:

  • Primary or reproductive. Performs social or personal tasks. The first implies an increase in the number of people, the second – the fulfillment of the need for procreation.
  • Instructive. This includes educational skills and the introduction of children to society before they reach adulthood. Parents pass on to their child all the traditions, attitudes, and values.
  • Financial. Adults provide for their child by providing food, shelter, and personal belongings. Representatives of a small community accumulate financial resources over the years and subsequently pass them on to their heirs.
  • Restorative. Everyone needs a feeling of security, love and care. If these initial needs are not met, health problems may arise on a physical and psychological level.

As a consequence, depression, aggressiveness, and breakdowns appear. All these illnesses lead to divorce and poor parenting.

The key to a good relationship is caring, love, respect, and unity. All members of the family community should appreciate each other, make compromises easily, plan leisure time together, and never despair of life’s dark spots and difficulties.

If you try and don’t lose your desire for happiness, everything will return to normal faster.

Nurturing individuality

Only in the family is the personality fully revealed. Having support, warmth and respect, a person gets the opportunity to really work on his character and develop his own individuality. Children's talents and abilities would not be able to fully develop if their parents did not support them. Taking this into account, it should be borne in mind that there is great merit in truly understanding the choice of your loved one. In most cases, parents are ready to make many sacrifices for the happiness and well-being of their child.

Thus, the question of extreme importance is: what does a family give to a person? Social studies teaches how important the presence of loved ones is for effective self-realization and any endeavors.

What is Family?

Let's start with the simplest thing - definition. The importance of Family in a person’s life cannot be overestimated. But trying to define not only the word, but also the meaning - Family, I got a little confused.

The fact is that the definition itself varies greatly in our time. This is important to understand.

Let’s say for an adult, not a family person, Family is more associated with marriage, responsibilities, material satisfaction, and so on. Anyone who already has a family will answer differently and differently.

But many do not pay attention to the fact that a family is not only husband and wife, children, but also parents, grandparents, and so on.

Children see the Family differently. For them, this is the first social environment where they study, because their parents are an example for them. And it is important for parents themselves to know this. While a child lives with his parents, he learns everything from them.

And the skills that he acquired will remain with him forever and will influence his future life, his family.

If you take a state, any state, then they have their own view of the family as a society. They treat the Family differently. But this is precisely what the state itself depends on. In fact, by improving the quality of life of a family as a society, you can improve your (national) state of “health”. There are a lot of subtleties, of course, but I think you understand me.

And if we take science, then there is also a different attitude and concept of Family. Here the psychological side is considered to a greater extent. Relationships within the family and relationships in society are studied, and so on.

In fact, no matter what point of view you look at, they are all right. I would just take and combine all the views together. And even this may not be enough. Each family has its own flavor. It can be said more simply. Family is the most important thing in a person’s life. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of Family in a person’s life.

Moral support

Everything in life cannot always go smoothly. Sometimes a person is faced with difficulties that he never even suspected before. What does family give to a person? Truly close people are always able to provide support at the right time. They are often willing to sacrifice their own interests in order to help a member of their family. Such an act can be called truly noble and beautiful.

Everyone needs moral support, regardless of age. Everyone wants to feel significant and needs love, respect and acceptance. This form of communication demonstrates how strongly people can experience affection in general.

Let's talk about family values

A strong and friendly family is a small brick of a reliable foundation of a large healthy society, therefore the role of the modern family in the life of each person individually and society as a whole is very great.

Values ​​are the walls of a small cell of society, these are the rules and moral principles, foundations, traditions by which it lives, which it tries not to violate. Judging by them, one can determine what importance family has in a person’s life.

Let's consider the main ones:

  • Truthfulness. Honesty in relationships is the basis of everything. Without it, it will not be possible to create a strong and reliable rear. It is necessary to honor any manifestation of it, to take criticism sensibly, because next time you will not hear the truth addressed to you.
  • Flexibility. It is very important to show loyalty to avoid unnecessary quarrels and infighting.
  • Cohesion. Family members need to have personal space and freedom for various activities. But everyone should clearly know that they have a strong family to which they can always return.

To be one, you need to spend leisure time together and meet with relatives.

  • Forgiveness. You need to be able to forgive and not be offended over trifles. Life is too short to waste it on unnecessary quarrels that waste energy, time and effort.
  • Generosity. From childhood we need to teach children to give without demanding anything in return. This is the foundation of such valuable qualities as empathy, sensitivity, tact, compassion, humanity, and so on.

After all, if this is not given to the baby at the beginning of his life’s journey, he will not fill the emptiness of his soul later.

  • Traditions. Let's talk about what family traditions are. Each one is different. Some visit the graves of their grandfathers every year, gathering with relatives from all over the world. Others traditionally celebrate their son’s birthday outdoors with tents. Still others organize a home theater with popcorn every Friday.

It is important to instill an interest in ancestors from childhood, teach them to honor and remember them. You can create a tree of life together - you need to know your ancestors, your roots.

  • Curiosity. It is necessary to notice and satisfy the baby’s curiosity in time, to help him explore the world.
  • Communication. A very important value in every family. You should always talk about everything. Communication builds trust on which everything rests.
  • Responsibility. It appears with age, but it is necessary to instill it in a child from childhood. Starting from cleaning up toys, keeping the room tidy, caring for a pet and so on.

It will be easy for a child to go through life, possessing this invaluable quality.

Depending on existing family values, a favorable climate, established moral principles and foundations, an image of a family is formed that will become the face of a cohesive social group.

A strong rear will ensure the healthy emotional and physical development of each family member: wife, child, spouse.

Features and functions

We were able to define the concept of a modern family, now let’s talk about its features and functions:

Any social unit is determined by the presence of the following characteristics:

  • officially registered marriage;
  • maintaining a common household, living together;
  • acquisition of material assets;
  • the presence of close, intimate relationships;
  • the presence of one or more children.


  • Continuation of the family. The reproductive function is the most important, it is inherent in us by nature. And thanks to the traditions that have developed in society, the purpose of marriage is to give birth and raise children.
  • Creation and accumulation of common material assets, joint farming.
  • Upbringing. The goal is to educate and educate your children, instill in them moral values, norms of behavior in society, and also adapt them to normal life in it.
  • Preservation of traditions and values. They help strengthen and preserve connections, ensure continuity of generations and shape the history of the family. Unions that have their own family traditions are more closely connected, because different generations of people interact more with each other.

Family in people's understanding.

Three mistakes that people make today when defining for themselves what a family is.

  1. The family is the result of the development of society.
  2. Family is a temporary phenomenon (the influence of TV, marriage contracts).
  3. Anyone can create a family (two men, two women).

Family in the understanding of God and the Bible.

  • God is the Creator of the family - Genesis 1:27.
  • Marriage is an eternal institution of God - Matthew 19:6
  • Marriage can only be created by a man and a woman - Matt.19, 4 - 5.

What is family?

  • “Society is made up of families and is what the heads of families make it.”
  • “The heart of a society and a nation is the family.”
  • “The well-being of society, the success of the church and the prosperity of the nation depend on the influence of the family.”

Family is a school.

This school teaches the principles of relationships between husband and wife, parents and children, older and younger.

This is where the foundations of character are laid. In children under 6–7 years of age, a relationship model is already established for life.

This school teaches the most necessary subjects in life: forgiveness, friendship, care, compassion, tenderness, understanding, hard work. But school can also teach irritation, rudeness, stubbornness, lies, intemperance, and cruelty.

“The care and affection shown to children dependent on us removes rudeness from our nature, makes us loving, compassionate and influences the development of the noble qualities of our character.”

The family is a hospital.

Here you can be cured of various diseases. The most powerful medicine used in this hospital is love!

Spiritual healing - one fell, another can help with love.

Physical healing - even if you have the flu, you are cared for with love and you can recover faster. Children especially feel this, even very small infants. They develop faster if their parents are nearby, touching, kissing and hugging.

Moral healing - Husband and wife, praying for each other, help get rid of character flaws, patiently endure failures.

The family is a workshop.

Here, farming skills are taught from childhood. Parents have a responsibility to teach this to their children. Lazy children are the result of poor quality education in the family.

Here children are taught the ability to manage a family budget. This skill needs to be taught from the age of three, when a child can put money in envelopes intended for various purposes - for the temple, offerings, apartment bills, gasoline, food, clothing, etc.

Teaching neatness and cleanliness and various household skills: girls - cooking, washing dishes, baking, mopping floors, cleaning the house. Boys - use various tools on the farm, work in the garden, perform simple carpentry and joinery work.

Practical tips:

  • Family always comes first. It is necessary to spend time together as often as possible. These are family holidays, dinners, breakfasts, because children see and adopt the tenderness of feelings that close and dear ones show to each other.
  • Don't neglect respect. You need to start with yourself. If you do not respect your family, strangers, or your children, in the end they will treat everyone the same way, and this is scary.
  • Create family traditions together.
  • Involve your children in homework and be sure to praise them for it.
  • Show your love for them. Hug, kiss, say kind words more often.
  • Demonstrate to your sons the ideal of a family man so that he can take advantage of this model of behavior and create his own strong and reliable family in the future.

Children should be raised in healthy families, then they will be emotionally stable and stronger, more balanced, and more self-confident.

Having such baggage behind them, they will never become socially dangerous people and will benefit society, respect themselves, family, the society in which they live, and existing laws, rules and foundations.

Psychological climate

The meaning of family in a person’s life is defined differently for everyone. Some honor and respect, express gratitude to their relatives, while others do not find value in this. It all depends on the environment in which and how a person was raised.

There are favorable and unfavorable climates.

The climate in a family can be determined by the following characteristics: emotional state, mutual understanding, cohesion, and so on. It is influenced by the relationship between the spouses, their attitude towards other people, towards the rest of the family. In a prosperous family, the psychological climate is determined by goodwill, care, a sense of duty and responsibility, and is characterized by the common interests of the wife and husband. Now it is more clear what importance family has in a person’s life - it is of paramount importance.

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