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Natalya Grace is a wonderful specialist in the field of psychology, a successful lecturer, TV show host, and author of various personal growth trainings. Her seminars address important issues: how to achieve financial well-being, what the law of genetic poverty is and how it arises in the human mind. Her methods for attracting money into their lives are incredibly popular with the audience: more and more people are thinking about the causes of poverty and want to become rich, wealthy, and successful.

One cannot but agree that it is financial independence that gives complete freedom. However, in a person’s mind, sometimes from childhood the idea is firmly established that he is not worthy of money, that money is obtained through hard labor. As Natalia Grace’s practice shows, such beliefs are nothing more than prejudices that prevent you from realizing your bold dreams. The author identifies four causes of genetic poverty that prevent self-realization in the full sense of the word. They are based on the individual’s thinking, attitude towards oneself and the way of perceiving the surrounding reality. In this article we will also look at other factors that influence human consciousness.

What is the law of genetic poverty?

According to the universal mechanism, we are designed in such a way that we absorb information from the environment in which we find ourselves for a long time. A bad beginning affects us in the same way as a good one, leaving its indelible marks for the rest of our lives.

Let's imagine a situation: a child is growing up in a family. He has an individual character, traits inherent to him alone. But at the same time, he is very susceptible to influence from the outside: parents, school, and the social environment put their ideas and beliefs into the little person. And if the family is poor for some reason, there is a high probability that the child will grow up inclined towards poverty - he has absorbed these beliefs, they have become his ideas.

Natalia Grace identifies 4 causes of genetic poverty. They, she believes, contain basic patterns that do not allow a person to get rich, even if he works tirelessly for quite a long time.


I was born on July 4, 1974 in the Murmansk region, beyond the Arctic Circle, in the small town of Kandalaksha.
I spent my childhood going with my family to pick mushrooms, blueberries and other berries, cloudberries being my favorite forever. Almost every day I ran across the river to the spring and, before filling the can, I greedily scooped the cold water of the spring with my palms and drank it in tiny sips... My father worked at the Kandalaksha aluminum plant in the fluoride workshop, and my mother was a local doctor. She often took me with her on duty, and we drove a dark green UAZ to the homes of patients. several years ago I moved my parents to St. Petersburg so that they could be near me. My grandmother on my father’s side, Grandma Anya, fought in an anti-aircraft battery, shot down planes, and lost her hearing in the war. My maternal grandfather, Vasily, reached Berlin, was wounded, suffered the horror of a concentration camp, was liberated by the French, and had many awards. Grandmother Natasha remained in the rear, gave birth to five children, and was the kindest person in the world. Grandfather Sergei, on my father’s side, worked at a factory in the rear. Dad is currently retired. Mom continues to actively work, despite her retirement age, as a cardiologist at the district clinic on Kamyshovaya Street. She continues to actively study in advanced training courses for doctors and sees several dozen people a day. Post-war children... All of us young people need to learn how to harden them.

Family situation

There are families in whose apartment there is a downright miserable atmosphere. This fact has a negative impact on the minds of the younger generation. The child’s consciousness is structured in such a way that he, like a sponge, absorbs the worldview of his parents: how they act in certain situations, what they think about life and what they talk about.

If the father and mother do not take care that the room where the baby lives is clean and orderly, then there is no need to expect the child to grow up neat. Dirty dishes left in the sink all day, peeled wallpaper, dust covering the furniture - all this does not have the best effect on the child’s worldview and value system. He gets used to it, and then he won’t even think that everything could be different. It has long been noted that dirt is a constant companion to poverty. Note that you don’t even want to bring anything new to an uncleaned apartment full of trash and dust.

It's a shame to spend money on yourself

This belief is most often born in the heads of those young people who were limited by adults in every possible way in childhood. For example, when her daughter asked her to buy a doll, her mother systematically answered: “We don’t have money.” Gradually the child gets used to this situation, and even stops asking for what he wants. What's the point of this?

Then it becomes even sadder: as such people grow up, they do not become happier. They live with endless expectations, but in reality they do not get closer to what they want. Buying a beautiful fur coat is expensive, that’s why we’ve been wearing the same down jacket for five years, trying to save as much as possible. This is what genetic poverty is.

Why aren't you destined to get rich? If you are thinking about this question, then it’s time to analyze your childhood. Destructive beliefs are already contained in your cells, bones, blood.


The girl chose the chemistry department of St. Petersburg State University. After studying for three years in Peterhof, Natalia became disillusioned with chemistry and moved to the Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg. The reason for the move was admission to the medical faculty of the First Medical University. Academician Pavlov.

In 2000, full-time training was completed. The year-long specialization took place in the residency program at the Institute of Human Brain of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Work and study took place under the guidance of Professor Stanislav Vasilyevich Mozhaev.

Natalya Grace constantly improves herself and advises her readers to do so

In addition to deepening her medical knowledge, Natalya Bulycheva-Samokhina began to actively improve her English, study public speaking, and methods for improving memory and attention. At this stage, Bulycheva-Samokhina decided not to follow in the footsteps of her medical mother.


In Soviet times, it was customary in many homes to store things “just in case.” On the balcony there were deposits of various items that had long gone out of use. The worldview of a Soviet person is that of a beggar. His vision was previously limited by endless regulations and prohibitions, many products were in short supply. Now is a completely different time. So why are we still afraid to give up the illusion of calm and stability, which has not actually made people happy?

By cursing the current time and the current state of affairs, people deprive themselves of the opportunity to accept the existing position. To be successful today, you don’t just need to work hard from morning to night, as it was before. It is necessary to act with concentration and purpose: this is the only way to achieve any desire. But people accustomed to constant savings find it difficult to believe that all aspirations will be rewarded. The law of genetic poverty does not allow the transition to financial well-being. People get used to denying themselves even what they need, and this becomes the norm in their lives.

Author of 15 books

Over the years of teaching, I have written fifteen books. The very first of them is “Grace's Laws” - the antipodes of the laws of meanness that help to survive in our difficult world. For example, the law of the magic word. This is the word "no". Learn to refuse people easily, motivatedly and politely. Life will become much easier! I put a lot of effort into the speed reading textbook. It is illustrated with children's drawings and gives clear ideas about speed reading techniques. My favorite of my original works is probably the Guide to Self-Realization “Work, Money and Love.” This is a motivating book that helps you find the strength to take action. Sometimes I am criticized for being harsh, as in the title of a book for smokers, “Smoke Until You Die!” This book helps you quit smoking as soon as you start reading. There are other books, poetry collections. Poetry for me is a hobby that helps me overcome life's adversities.

Over the years of creative activity, I have released 32 educational audio recordings and 17 educational films on topics. They are freely available on the Internet.

Subconscious programming

What makes a person poor is not the lack of money as such, but the fear of spending it on one’s whims. When parents refuse to buy a small child a new toy, what do you think the child feels? Annoyance, resentment, regret. When this experience is repeated many times, the child begins to feel that he is not worthy of expensive gifts. It has been noted that if you say the words “expensive, we can’t afford this” every day in front of a child, he will lose faith in his own capabilities. This is what Natalia Grace talks about.

The law of genetic poverty says: personality is formed in early childhood. Motivation and the desire to act determine 90 percent of our income. Accordingly, a lot in our lives depends on the efforts made. On the website “Genetic Poverty” you can find a description of examples of how we program ourselves for failure, where human self-doubt comes from.


Natasha was born in the North of Russia. Dad - Evgeny Sergeevich Bulychev-Samokhin - worked as a worker at the Kandalaksha aluminum plant. Mom - Lyubov Vasilievna - worked as the head of the cardiology department of the central district hospital.

Parents paid a lot of attention to the all-round development of the girl. The baby successfully studied at secondary school No. 10, participated in sports clubs and improved her cultural level at a music school.

Natalia Grace in childhood

In 1990, at the time of graduating from high school (with a gold medal), a girl could:

  • play the violin and guitar;
  • sledding down natural trails. The level of training allowed me to participate in international junior competitions in naturban;
  • beat most of your friends at chess as a result of studying in the chess section;
  • paint a picture (drawing lessons).

Parenting methods have borne fruit. Having mastered the available ways to improve in her hometown, Natalya left her family and went to the Northern capital to enter a higher education institution.

Who is guilty?

The human psyche is structured in such a way that in unforeseen cases that are negative in nature, it always looks for someone to whom it can shift responsibility for failures. That is, if, for example, you cannot earn more money, then the family, husband, or anyone is to blame.

In fact, this is a departure from reality, and only a few are able to truly understand sensibly what is happening to them. The thing to remember is that excuses are the words spoken by a loser. We can hide behind endless depressions and doubts, but this will not make life any easier.

Factors holding back success

Sometimes it happens that we want to achieve some goal. But there are a number of reasons why this goal cannot be achieved. The first thing worth noting is ignorance of your purpose. It happens that a person is already over 40 years old, but he has not chosen the desired goal for himself. This episode is no exception, this is how most people live, and only a small percentage reaches the truth.

The next point is fear of action. It occurs when a person seems to know what he wants to achieve in life, but does not take any steps to ensure that his desires become reality. Inability to handle money also contributes to internal stagnation. Some people mistakenly believe that certain life conditions must occur for action to take place. But it should be noted that ideal circumstances never exist! You just need to know what you want and go for it, no matter how hard it may be. Genetic poverty arises where there is self-doubt, a habit of living without planning or analyzing.

Professional and personal achievements

In 2014, I developed an educational application for smartphones, where there is free access to my original educational materials: training to improve memory and attention, lectures on financial literacy, psychology, speed reading, career guidance.

For iPhones - in Apstore the application is called “Grace's World”.

On Google Play - for Android systems - the application is called "Natasha".

Both applications are in great demand among people aged mainly 20-45 years.

Mutually motivating relationship between money and dreams

As the author rightly notes, a person believes only with an eye to the past. If a person has had many sad experiences related to money in his life, it will be difficult for him to accept certain things in the future. This is how genetic poverty is formed. Grace clearly demonstrates to her students at seminars that money is a tool for achieving a goal, but not the goal itself. Yes, the means can be an excellent soldier, but nothing more. Therefore, it is not money that makes us happy, but the opportunities that it opens. And then only if a person expresses a willingness to act in accordance with his abilities, which does not always happen. You can’t jump over your head, no matter how banal it may sound.

When there is a dream in the heart, it itself is ready to lead us. All that is needed is the permission of the individual herself and her desire to act in accordance with her goal.

New role

Since 2002, Natalia Grace’s biography began to develop in the direction of independence and working exclusively for herself. To begin with, the girl parted with her old surname, which seemed to her unsuitable for a specialist capable of teaching the lives of other people.

Bulycheva-Samokhin turned into Grace. Grace – translated from English as “grace”, “grace”, “benevolence”.

First of all, the girl began to gain popularity by giving lectures, providing consulting services and organizing public courses. The experience gained made it possible to register in March 2006 with an authorized capital of 10,000 rubles. The company existed until May 2021.

Ebullient energy and efficiency allowed development in several directions. In 2004, Natalia Grace's audience expanded thanks to several appearances on the Mayak radio station.

In 2007, the girl first expressed her view on the problems of human improvement from the TV screen of the STO channel. Cooperation with television channels developed in 2014. Grace was the author of the project on the VOT channel. Today the focus is on public speaking and organizing courses.

Natalya Grace tells her listeners how to improve the quality of their personal life and self-esteem, build relationships with people, and improve their skills and memory. The experience of the trainer-consultant is summarized in 15 books. 17 educational films and 32 educational audio tracks were created.

The girl takes an active civic position and is a member of the A Just Russia party.

Grace was nominated as a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg in the Vyborg region. Participation in the elections did not bring success, but it provided an opportunity to gain additional exposure on the Internet. Residents of the area made harsh statements about both Grace's candidacy and the form of her campaign materials.


The ability to organize your time is one of the key points towards success. If you find it difficult to simply force yourself to complete a necessary task, this is the path of failure. Self-organization is important precisely because time is the only irreplaceable resource. You can always earn money, but unfortunately, an adult does not gain more strength and energy every year.

To achieve success, we need to be clear about what we want to get as a result. For this, self-organization plays a key role; it leads to victory. Everything matters: the time of awakening, the efforts spent, helping someone, the actions performed. You need to live with specific desires and take certain actions to solve a significant problem. The only way. Ephemeral fantasies do not work and do not come true.

Social activity

At a certain difficult period in my life, I decided to work independently and left the hospital. 2002 - 2021 - I work as an independent lecturer, consultant, psychologist, and organizer of public courses. My total experience in teaching and public speaking is over 15 years. The permanent Grace training center operates on Vasilievsky Island, at the address: Uralskaya street, 1, building 2, lit. A. You can find the class schedule on the website

You can't live waiting for the future

The sages know that only the present moment has the highest value - this is our real opportunity to improve ourselves. The realization of a person's abilities and potential begins where the intention is formulated. Anyone who dreams of a bright future and does nothing is like a windmill - he fights with illusions. Genetic poverty is insidious in that a person often does not notice it. He is trying to take some actions that are actually false and incorrect. And then, in indelible bitterness, he asks himself why nothing works out.

Wealth is a state of mind

A wealthy person is not one who currently has a lot of money, but one who can increase his capital and strives for self-development and self-improvement. The best investment is an investment in yourself, in education, in creative potential. The law of genetic poverty only applies to those who are afraid to take risks, try new things, and are focused on old behavior patterns. Every person can change their life for the better. To do this, you need to clearly understand what needs to be done, what steps to take.

Thus, the causes of genetic poverty should be sought in early childhood. It is there that all the mechanisms that we put into action with our thoughts, feelings, and emotions are concentrated. How to change your life for the better? Is it possible to stop hoping, believing, striving for what you want? Yes, we need to act. But everything requires a competent approach. You need to learn to listen to yourself, your heart. When a person has highly developed intuition, it is very difficult to deceive him.

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