Maxim Nogotkov - biography and personal life of a businessman

Today we will get acquainted with the biography of an entrepreneur who has become an idol of many Russians, including those who are not directly related to business. The fact is that Maxim Nogotkov is a rare example of a person who realized himself “from scratch”, without having “connections and acquaintances” at the level of the highest echelons of power and without having access to oil wells. He started out selling pirated software, continued his business in selling electronics, and then went into banking. Having become a significant figure in society, he began to realize himself as a leader of socially significant initiatives, as a participant in the political process. Nogotkov, importantly, is a supporter of family values. His personality is a combination of experience, success and constructive principles.

Enterprising good guy

Nogotkov Maxim Yuryevich is a Muscovite, born in 1977. His first type of income was selling copies of programs for the BK-0010 computer. At that time, the future businessman was in the ninth grade and quite successfully - with fours and fives. The proceeds from sales of the programs were small, but allowed Maxim to significantly improve his well-being compared to his peers.

In general, Nogotkov was a fan of computer technology: he programmed and attended youth computer science courses at the House of Pioneers. After graduating from school (in 1993), Nogotkov entered the Moscow State Technical University. Bauman. He completed two courses there and decided to go on academic leave without taking the last remaining exam. At first, Maxim planned to return to study in six months, but he was attracted by the prospects of opening his own business.

First steps in business

In 1995, Maxim decides to leave the university, preferring entrepreneurial activity to student life. He began selling phones with Caller ID, opening in . The company's turnover reached 10 thousand dollars a month, and Nogotkov earned his first million dollars in 1997, when he was 20 years old. The same year he goes to study at the Moscow Business School MIRBIS. In 2004, Nogotkov transformed Maxus into a group of companies under a new brand - Svyaznoy, and became its president.

Maxim associates his new business with the sale of mobile phones, since the demand for stationary devices, according to the entrepreneur, has fallen. The Svyaznoy brand was no longer new to the market by that time: Maxim Nogotkov opened the first salons with that name back in 2002. The new business was designed to compete with Euroset, which had been working in the mobile phone sales segment for several years.

Person of the Russian Federation

Russian entrepreneur, top manager, philanthropist. Founder and owner of 10% shares, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Svyaznoy Bank. In 2012, he entered the world ranking of billionaires according to Forbes magazine. Founder of the Nikola-Lenivets Art Park (2011) and the non-profit project in the field of electronic democracy and civil initiatives Yopolis (2012).

"Connections / Partners"

Sulimov Sergey Alekseevich - Former Deputy General Director for Finance and Economics of MMK. Former chairman of the board of directors of Svyaznoy, former member of the supervisory board of the Ukrainian Deltabank


“Enter”, “Svyaznoy”, “Svyaznoy Bank”


Millionaires 2011, Richest businessmen in Russia 2011


Maxim Nogotkov in an interview with RBC: “We need money”

The founder of the Svyaznoy retailer and the bank of the same name, Maxim Nogotkov, started the business as a schoolboy - selling radiotelephones, and at the age of 35 he was one of the youngest participants in the Forbes list. In 2014 Nogotkov has dropped out of the ranks of the richest businessmen - the total debts of his companies (holding Trellas Enterprises and the retailer) exceed $1 billion, and he has already made several attempts to sell part of the business. link:

The owner of Svyaznoy, Maxim Nogotkov, is trying to sell it again

The largest Russian cellular companies are participating in negotiations on its acquisition link:

Sberbank structure acquired 35% of the Russian jewelry chain Pandora

Sberbank's division CIB bought a 35% stake in the holding company that owns the Russian jewelry retailer Pandora from its owner Maxim Nogotkov, the investment bank reported.
As a representative of the investment bank clarified, the holding company owns only shares in the Russian distributor. In addition, the investment bank structure issued a loan to the retailer’s operating company, Panklub CJSC. The total amount of the transaction amounted to more than 13.6 billion rubles. Read further :
Enter pressed Delete: Maxim Nogotkov reduced staff

Retailer Enter reduced its office staff by approximately 30% in 2013. As RBC daily found out, the “staff optimization” was caused by a revision of the previous retail development strategy. It was assumed that in 2015, Enter's turnover would be in the billions of dollars, and the store network would reach 1,000 points. An assessment of the current business performance made it clear to management that such ambitious plans would not be achieved within the originally outlined time frame. link:

Kommersant: The deal to merge the assets of ONEXIM and Svyaznoy has been postponed.

02/06/2014, Moscow 05:20:01 The deal to merge Mikhail Prokhorov’s financial assets of ONEXIM with Maxim Nogotkov’s group into a holding company is postponed indefinitely, writes Kommersant. According to the newspaper, ONEXIM is not satisfied with the current state of one of the assets that was supposed to participate in the deal - Svyaznoy Bank. link;

"Messenger" with a Korean accent

The owner of Svyaznoy, Maxim Nogotkov, liked to develop mono-brand points of sale of equipment. Following the launch of the CStore network, which has been selling Apple products since February, Mr. Nogotkov reached an agreement with Apple’s main competitors. On November 30, Svyaznoy opened the first mono-brand Samsung salon on Tverskaya. According to the businessman, mono-brand equipment showrooms will not compete with their own multi-brand showrooms; their audience is completely different people. Experts believe that the format of the network’s main business has reached its development ceiling and Svyaznoy is looking for new opportunities in the market. link:

Media: ONEXIM and Svyaznoy will create a joint holding company

Maxim Nogotkov’s group and Mikhail Prokhorov’s private investment fund ONEXIM are planning to create a joint holding company. M. Nogotkov is going to transfer Svyaznoy Bank and a network of communication shops to the holding, and ONEXIM Bank will transfer Renaissance Credit and an insurance company, writes Kommersant . If the project is implemented, Renaissance Credit will receive a network of more than 3.5 thousand branches, second only to Sberbank in this indicator. Read in full:

The founder of Svyaznoy, Nogotkov, launched a social network for active citizens, Yopolis.

The founder of Svyaznoy, dollar billionaire (No. 93 on the Forbes 2012 list) Maxim Nogotkov announced the launch of his first civil project - a social network for active citizens, called Yopolis (from the English your and the Greek polis). Nogotkov has already spent about $1 million of his own money on its development and launch and plans to invest another $5 million in 2013. Read more:

CJSC Svyaznoy will have to pay the state 2.7 billion rubles.

The Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal yesterday recognized the claims of Federal Tax Service Inspectorate No. 9 against Svyaznoy CJSC for more than 2.7 billion rubles. (VAT, penalties and fines). The court recognized an additional 19 million rubles. taxes compared to the decision of the first instance, the tax officer is satisfied.

Taxes were additionally assessed to Svyaznoy based on the results of 16 desk audits carried out last year for 2004-2006. According to the inspection, payments for the goods supplied to Svyaznoy were made through a network of fly-by-night organizations, the largest volume - through Telecom Pro LLC and Trans Product LLC. Formally, the companies were independent legal entities, but essentially controlled by Svyaznoy, the inspectorate believes. This made it possible to inflate the cost of goods.

Yesterday, a representative of Svyaznoy stated in court that the inspection analyzed only part of the transactions with counterparties and, on the basis of this, tried to recognize all relations with the LLC as imaginary. “There was a formal document flow with the companies,” the representative of the inspection argued, but it is completely difficult to say where Svyaznoy actually received the goods.

After the appeal, the decision comes into force. “Whether Svyaznoy will file a cassation appeal will become clear when we receive the reasons for the court’s decision,” says company lawyer Eduard Kucherov. link:

Euroset did not pay everything

Euroset was the first to rush to mitigate the consequences of the scandal and two weeks later announced that starting in October it would import phones itself and would refuse the help of intermediaries. True, according to Tatyana Gulyaeva, press secretary of Euroset, the group has not done this yet, although it plans to become a direct importer by the end of the year. An employee of one of the companies that sells cellular handsets, who wished to remain anonymous, is surprised that in the current situation, Euroset even decided to conduct an audit: after all, “until recently, none of the cellular dealers could clearly answer the question of where they get their phones.” However, other market participants consider this position far-fetched. Last year’s reports of the Svyaznoy group of companies were checked by a Russian auditing firm and did not have any questions, Maxim Nogotkov, owner and president of Svyaznoy, told Vedomosti. And the press secretary of the Divizion group of companies, Ochir Mandzhikov, cannot imagine that Euroset, which has repeatedly announced the possibility of placing shares on the stock exchange and issued Eurobonds, would use tax optimization schemes. link: “Svyaznoy” confuses connections

CJSC Svyaznoy, previously part of the group (owns the second largest network of cellular communication stores in Russia by sales volume), declared bankruptcy. The accounts payable of the CJSC amount to 2.5 billion rubles, including 1.2 billion rubles. before the Federal Tax Service (FTS). The liquidation of the subsidiary is part of the restructuring of the network’s business, experts and lawyers are sure, and Svyaznoy will pay off all debts that it cannot challenge in court.

The fact that Svyaznoy CJSC (registered at 16-1 Teterinsky Lane, Moscow) declared bankruptcy on January 31 is reported on the website of the Moscow Arbitration Court. A statement from Svyaznoy CJSC sent to the company’s creditors (available to Kommersant) states that its accounts receivable amount to 2.5 billion rubles, and accounts payable amount to 2.75 billion rubles. According to the group’s president, Maxim Nogotkov, the CJSC “was engaged in wholesale trade as part of the group” and belonged to the Svyaznoy Group of Companies CJSC, but is no longer part of the network. CJSC Svyaznoy owns property with a book value of RUB 23.3 million, including vehicles worth RUB 2.7 million. and cash in bank accounts in the amount of RUB 5.1 million.

The main creditor of Svyaznoy CJSC, according to the company’s statement, was the Federal Tax Service of Russia N9 for the city of Moscow - taking into account penalties and fines, the tax authorities presented claims to the CJSC for 1.2 billion rubles. (due to be repaid on November 23 and December 10, 2007). A source in the Federal Tax Service clarifies that we are talking about underpaid VAT for 2004-2006. Svyaznoy is trying to dispute these claims: on the website of the Moscow Arbitration Court there is information about 23 claims of the company against the Federal Tax Service (six claims dated November 22, 2007, 16 – dated December 20, 2007, and one – dated January 28, 2008).

The group was founded in 2002. Its network of cellular communication stores is second only to Euroset in sales: in the ranking of the largest retailers compiled by Kommersant, the networks rank eighth and second with net revenue from their own retail outlets in Russia in 2006 of $1.113 billion and $3 billion, respectively. There are currently about 1,600 Svyaznoy salons. Mobile Research Group estimates that in 2007 they sold 5 million phones, their share of the Russian market was approximately 15.5%.

Consultant of the ready-made legal business department Ruslan Konorev says that, according to paragraph 1 of Art. 9 of the Federal Law “On Insolvency (Bankruptcy)”, the head of the debtor company is obliged to submit an application to the arbitration court if bankruptcy is expected. According to SPARK-Interfax, Maxim Nogotkov was the general director of Svyaznoy CJSC until February 1, 2007. The application sent to creditors was signed by A. Vozzhenikov. link: Owners of companies with revenues of more than $1 billion

Once you familiarize yourself with the list of owners of the largest companies, you will never have a question: why Oleg Deripaska is the No. 1 billionaire in Russia. He immediately controls 6 out of 108 holdings, whose sales in 2006 exceeded $1 billion. Only the Russian Federation owns a large number of companies. It is appropriate to draw a parallel here, remembering Oleg Deripaska’s latest statements that he does not separate himself from the state and is ready to give it his own assets. Perhaps this is the key to a successful businessman. Under his control are United, the energy holding Eurosibenergo, Ingosstrakh, the Glavstroy corporation and the GAZ group. And in the near future, Basic Element will become, if it has not already become, the owner of Russneft. Most of Oleg Deripaska's assets have excellent potential for increasing revenue and, accordingly, moving up the list of 500 largest companies in Russia. link: Business is a long-distance race against competitors.

Sales of mobile phones and contracts, acceptance of payments for communications in 2006 brought the Svyaznoy network, controlled by Maxim Nogotkov, revenue of $1.8 billion. The boom in the initial acquisition of handsets in Russia, apparently, has ended. But consumers periodically change phones, and Svyaznoy is expanding its trade in digital equipment. For 2007, the network forecasts revenue of $2.8 billion. link:

Maxim Nogotkov will open Pandora

The owner and head of the third largest Russian cellular retailer Svyaznoy, Maxim Nogotkov, acquired the rights to develop in Russia one of the world's largest jewelry chains, Pandora (unites over 10 thousand points of sale, including 200 department stores in 40 countries, revenue in 2009 year - $560 million). According to Mr. Nogotkov, the first Pandora stores will appear in Russia in 2010, and there will be at least a hundred of them in total. “Pandora’s business in the world, despite the crisis, is growing at a rate of 80-90% per year. I am confident that one of the world’s top three leaders in the jewelry industry will find its buyers in Russia,” said the businessman. Pandora operates in the mid-price segment, offering jewelry made from silver, alloys, gold and precious stones in the range from $30 to $2.5 thousand. Pandora representative Kasper Riis confirmed that the company plans to develop business in Russia and has high hopes for this market. Reuters link:

The group's president is only 28 years old. But the turnover of the business he created has already exceeded a billion dollars a year.

Maxim Nogotkov considers the basis of his success to be constant internal dissatisfaction, the desire to improve something in himself and around himself, and not to stop there.

– What does not develop dies. Either you go up or you slide down – there are no other options,” says Nogotkov. – I have my own internal standard, my own understanding of what I should be. It has always been this way. When I took on something, I believed that I had to do it very well. For example, until I started doing business, I was an excellent student at school. If I did something with a C, I became very dissatisfied with myself. I just can't mess around. Maybe it came from my parents - they were medal winners at one time. link: Maxim Nogotkov: “Svyaznoy” found the money

During the second quarter of 2009, the group almost doubled its bank debt, said its representative Elena Nogotkova. The average loan rate is 20% per annum. And at the beginning of 2009, the group’s debt was only $1 million, said Svyaznoy owner Maxim Nogotkov in a recent interview with the Banking Review weekly.

Due to tax claims against Svyaznoy CJSC (former subsidiary of the Group of Companies) for 2.7 billion rubles, many banks “stopped lending to the retailer,” he complained in a conversation with Vedomosti in the spring. The maximum amount of debt the Group had was at the beginning of 2008 - about $240 million, says Nogotkova. The bank debt of Euroset, Svyaznoy's main competitor, has decreased almost threefold since August 2008 - from $950 million to $343 million, said company president Alexander Malis. link:

Maxim Nogotkov topped the top ten most successful young businessmen in Russia

The owner of the Svyaznoy network of communication stores is going to emerge from the crisis as the only large cellular retailer independent of one operator. This became possible after Alexander Mamut and VimpelCom gained control over Euroset. link:

Svyaznoy founder Maxim Nogotkov is creating a Russian analogue of Amazon

As RBC daily learned, Svyaznoy founder Maxim Nogotkov and his colleague Sergei Rumyantsev are working on creating a large-scale Internet project in the field of e-commerce. Entrepreneurs intend to open the largest online trading platform in Russia - an analogue of the American Amazon. The launch of the project could take place in the summer.

Market participants told RBC daily several months ago that Messrs. Rumyantsev and Nogotkov are working on creating a “fundamentally new” project outside the cellular retail segment. Then they assumed that we were talking about a project to create a network of consumer electronics. Now Maxim Nogotkov remains the majority shareholder of Svyaznoy.

Now it has become clear what kind of project this is. Several managers in Internet companies and a source in a large cellular retailer told RBC daily that former top managers of Svyaznoy are planning to launch a project similar in format to the American Amazon portal. We are talking about an online platform that consolidates various categories of goods and services from many online stores. “In addition, Mr. Nogotkov was considering the possibility of creating his own electronic payment system. To do this, he was looking for specialists from the e-commerce segment,” says one of RBC daily’s sources. He explained that the project will be announced this summer. Read in full:

Maxim Nogotkov will sell at least a quarter of Svyaznoy in 2012

Today the group reported for 2010: it was announced that the company increased its share in the telephone market by 2 percentage points, to 23.2%, and net profit amounted to 2 billion rubles. A day after Euroset’s official announcement of its IPO, the main owner of Svyaznoy, Maxim Nogotkov, also announced plans to sell the company’s shares.

According to representatives of Euroset, Svyaznoy last year engaged in dumping in the mobile phone segment in order to increase its market share in anticipation of a possible IPO. Today the group reported for 2010: it was announced that the company increased its share of the phone market by 2 percentage points, to 23.2%. link:

Expanding horizons

In 2008, Maxim began cooperation with KIT Finance Bank. The plans included the deployment of a supermarket chain to provide financial services, but the plan was not realized due to the onset of the economic crisis. However, the businessman decided to react to the situation “asymmetrically” by personally engaging in banking activities. In 2010, the group included Promtorgbank. In 2011, Nogotkov created a new trading business - an online store of consumer electronics under the Enter brand.

It is noteworthy that the entrepreneur achieved the right to sell goods under the Apple brand without using intermediary channels. Nogotkov also has a “non-core” business – the Pandora chain of jewelry stores. Despite the large number of projects related to entrepreneurship, Maxim in various interviews repeatedly noted the low importance of the money factor for himself personally: having earned that same million by the age of 20, he had the opportunity to buy everything in accordance with an adequate level of consumption.

An excerpt characterizing Nogotkov, Maxim Yurievich

The wanderer calmed down and, brought back into conversation, talked for a long time about Father Amphilochius, who was such a saint of life that his hand smelled like palm, and about how the monks she knew on her last journey to Kiev gave her the keys to the caves, and how she, taking crackers with her, spent two days in the caves with the saints. “I’ll pray to one, read, go to another. I’ll take a pine tree, I’ll go and take a kiss again; and such silence, mother, such grace that you don’t even want to go out into the light of God.” Pierre listened to her carefully and seriously. Prince Andrei left the room. And after him, leaving God’s people to finish their tea, Princess Marya led Pierre into the living room. “You are very kind,” she told him. - Oh, I really didn’t think of offending her, I understand and highly value these feelings! Princess Marya silently looked at him and smiled tenderly. “After all, I have known you for a long time and love you like a brother,” she said. – How did you find Andrey? - she asked hastily, not giving him time to say anything in response to her kind words. - He worries me very much. His health is better in winter, but last spring the wound opened, and the doctor said that he should go for treatment. And morally I am very afraid for him. He is not the type of character we women are to suffer and cry out our grief. He carries it inside himself. Today he is cheerful and lively; but it was your arrival that had such an effect on him: he is rarely like this. If only you could persuade him to go abroad! He needs activity, and this smooth, quiet life is ruining him. Others don't notice, but I see. At 10 o'clock the waiters rushed to the porch, hearing the bells of the old prince's carriage approaching. Prince Andrei and Pierre also went out onto the porch. - Who is this? - asked the old prince, getting out of the carriage and guessing Pierre. – AI is very happy! “kiss,” he said, having learned who the unfamiliar young man was. The old prince was in good spirits and treated Pierre kindly. Before dinner, Prince Andrei, returning back to his father’s office, found the old prince in a heated argument with Pierre. Pierre argued that the time would come when there would be no more war. The old prince, teasing but not angry, challenged him. - Let the blood out of your veins, pour some water, then there will be no war. “A woman’s nonsense, a woman’s nonsense,” he said, but still affectionately patted Pierre on the shoulder and walked up to the table where Prince Andrei, apparently not wanting to engage in conversation, was sorting through the papers the prince had brought from the city. The old prince approached him and began to talk about business. - The leader, Count Rostov, did not deliver half of the people. I came to the city, decided to invite him to dinner, - I gave him such a dinner... But look at this... Well, brother, - Prince Nikolai Andreich turned to his son, clapping Pierre on the shoulder, - well done, your friend, I loved him! Fires me up. The other one speaks smart things, but I don’t want to listen, but he lies and inflames me, an old man. Well, go, go,” he said, “maybe I’ll come and sit at your dinner.” I'll argue again. “Love my fool, Princess Marya,” he shouted to Pierre from the door. Pierre only now, on his visit to Bald Mountains, appreciated all the strength and charm of his friendship with Prince Andrei. This charm was expressed not so much in his relationships with himself, but in his relationships with all his relatives and friends. Pierre, with the old, stern prince and with the meek and timid Princess Marya, despite the fact that he hardly knew them, immediately felt like an old friend. They all already loved him. Not only Princess Marya, bribed by his meek attitude towards the strangers, looked at him with the most radiant gaze; but little, one-year-old Prince Nikolai, as his grandfather called him, smiled at Pierre and went into his arms. Mikhail Ivanovich, m lle Bourienne looked at him with joyful smiles as he talked with the old prince. The old prince went out to dinner: this was obvious to Pierre. He was extremely kind to him both days of his stay in Bald Mountains, and told him to come to him. When Pierre left and all the family members came together, they began to judge him, as always happens after the departure of a new person, and, as rarely happens, everyone said one good thing about him. Returning this time from vacation, Rostov felt and learned for the first time how strong his connection was with Denisov and with the entire regiment. When Rostov drove up to the regiment, he experienced a feeling similar to the one he experienced when approaching the Cook's House. When he saw the first hussar in the unbuttoned uniform of his regiment, when he recognized the red-haired Dementyev, he saw the hitching posts of red horses, when Lavrushka joyfully shouted to his master: “The Count has arrived!” and shaggy Denisov, who was sleeping on the bed, ran out of the dugout, hugged him, and the officers came to the newcomer - Rostov experienced the same feeling as when his mother, father and sisters hugged him, and the tears of joy that came to his throat prevented him from speaking . The regiment was also a home, and the home was invariably sweet and dear, just like the parental home. Having appeared before the regimental commander, having been assigned to the previous squadron, having gone on duty and foraging, having entered into all the small interests of the regiment and feeling himself deprived of freedom and shackled into one narrow, unchanging frame, Rostov experienced the same calm, the same support and the same consciousness the fact that he was at home here, in his place, which he felt under his parents’ roof. There was not all this chaos of the free world, in which he did not find a place for himself and made mistakes in the elections; there was no Sonya with whom it was or was not necessary to explain things. There was no option to go there or not to go there; there were no 24 hours of the day that could be used in so many different ways; there was not this countless multitude of people, of whom no one was closer, no one was further; there were no these unclear and uncertain financial relations with his father, there was no reminder of the terrible loss to Dolokhov! Here in the regiment everything was clear and simple. The whole world was divided into two uneven sections. One is our Pavlograd regiment, and the other is everything else. And there was nothing else to worry about. Everything was known in the regiment: who was the lieutenant, who was the captain, who was a good person, who was a bad person, and most importantly, a comrade. The shopkeeper believes in debt, the salary is a third; there is nothing to invent or choose, just don’t do anything that is considered bad in the Pavlograd regiment; but if they send you, do what is clear and distinct, defined and ordered: and everything will be fine.

Business is not without politics

Maxim Nogotkov’s biography includes social and political activities. During the presidential elections in Russia in 2012, the businessman worked in Mikhail Prokhorov’s team as a confidant. Nogotkov also took part in public life, opening the Nikola-Lenivets art park in the village of the same name. The entrepreneur met people from there in 2007, and then visited this place many times. Subsequently, he began to support the “Archstoyanie” art festival, on the basis of which it is planned to create the “ArchPolis” site. Maxim’s personal competence includes the strategic development of this project. The businessman sees enormous potential in Russian architects, artists and designers. The entrepreneur plans to create projects related to the development of the institution of electronic democracy. In 2012, he invested $1 million in the Yopolis project (your police), a website where citizens can raise issues of concern to them regarding the development of the city, send ideas to the authorities, and propose improvements to the work of administrative structures.

Character and personal life

The wife gave birth to three sons for our hero, but at the same time retained her beauty and charm. Maria is a smart woman, and he prefers to spend all his free time in her company. They often travel as a family to different countries, discover new hobbies and interests, and enjoy communicating with each other.

Perhaps the secret of Nogotkov’s success is that he never tried to buy anything. The only thing I couldn’t resist as a child were stamps. And so he was always only interested in development and promotion. Money turned out to be a pleasant side effect. Our hero is always open to something new, he is ready to take risks and use innovative technologies.

There are no strict rules and conditions for employees, believing that the choice of place of work lies with each of us. If someone values ​​his position, he will do everything to stay there. Maxim Yuryevich is not mercantile, claiming that, having woken up one day and feeling like a millionaire, he realized that nothing had changed in his head because of this fact. I just reached my goal, so there was a need to form a new one.

At one time he was interested in boxing, even won prizes, but he realized that fierce competition was simply not his way to achieve what he wanted. He is not registered on social networks, believing that it is a waste of time that he would better spend on achievements and family.

He is a rare guest of restaurants and all kinds of parties, as he really does not like chic and manifestations of glamor. He drives absolutely calmly, both in a yellow Maserati and on public transport. He is interested in photography, tennis and likes to watch good movies in his spare time.

At the top peaks

In 2008, the entrepreneur joined the top management group of KIT Finance and took the position of chief managing director. He was in charge of control over the retail activities of the Bank. Now this structure is key in the development strategy of KIT Finance, which is due to the rapid growth of this market segment. In his current position, Maxim Nogotkov is creating a network related to the sale of financial services. Among the most important tasks are expanding the range of banking products and improving sales channels.

Priority will be given to the development of programs for interaction with partners, which will allow for a more dynamic expansion of the network. An agreement was signed between the group and KIT Finance for a project in the lending segment. A new banking product has appeared on the market, including the sale of plastic cards, issuance of consumer loans and other services. As part of this project, investments of $80 million are planned.



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Having achieved a lot

Having occupied undeniably high positions in the business and management structures of large corporations, such an active person as Maxim Nogotkov could not rest on this. The biography of the entrepreneur, in addition to the fact that at 20 he became a dollar millionaire, includes a number of other remarkable information. In 2006, he was included in the list of 33 most successful men under 33 years of age (according to the business magazine “Finance”). At the time of compiling this rating, Maxim’s fortune was estimated at $500 million. In 2010, Nogotkov won the “Entrepreneur of the Year” competition, which was organized by the largest audit corporation Ernst & Young. In 2013, the businessman’s fortune was estimated at $1.3 billion (according to the portal). A lot of media materials have been created about Maxim Nogotkov and the success of his business, including various videos.

Loss of meaning in life or a new stage of development?

The loss of a billion-dollar fortune did not break the talented entrepreneur. Maxim Nogotkov always knew that business is a series of dizzying ups and total downs. In the fall of 2015, he moved with his family to the United States, where he settled in Silicon Valley.

Marigold in the USA: “I don’t miss the country, I miss the people.” Source: Project “Political Russia”.

“The loss of my fortune had a positive impact on my character and attitude towards the world. There is an opportunity to stop, look at yourself from the outside and find the most important thing, choose the meaning of life.”

The businessman very objectively evaluates the results of his work in his address to the employees of Svyaznoy Group of Companies

The choice of place of residence is far from accidental: the founder of Svyaznoy Group of Companies believes that this is where all the innovative potential of the business and the largest venture funds that can be used are concentrated. It is known that he is currently engaged in creating innovative high-tech projects in the social sphere and will probably show the world the results of his work.

Family man

Maxim Nogotkov comes from a simple family. His father works as an engineer, his mother is a doctor. My sister works in the family business. The entrepreneur is married to Maria Hayward, who lived in England for a long time and owned a tourism-related business. Maxim Nogotkov’s wife opened the Oldich Dress&Drink store in 2012. It sells vintage clothing, home decor and other items. This type of business is very different from those owned by Maxim Nogotkov. Photos of goods unusual for Russia attract visitors from the shop windows.

The main idea of ​​this establishment is to abandon the theme of the retro style of Soviet times. Maria likes to emphasize that the store promotes the English style and, in principle, should not be similar to anything Russian. The business woman sees the target audience of her clients as expats - citizens of foreign countries who live and work in Moscow. The main language of communication with store guests, including online correspondence, is English. Maxim and Maria have three sons. The businessman dreams that his children will not emigrate outside of Russia.


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Principal rival

In the Russian business environment, there was an unspoken confrontation between the leading trading brands in the mobile device segment - Svyaznoy and Euroset. Experts note a big difference in the business philosophy of the founders of both companies - Maxim Nogotkov and Evgeny Chichvarkin. The first, for example, was a supporter of good relations with suppliers of mobile devices, the second was famous for a different approach, which is why manufacturers often refused to enter into contracts with Euroset.

A number of vendors rejoiced at the emergence of Svyaznoy as a competitor to the Chichvarkin brand. Nogotkov never violated the contract, and Euroset’s financial discipline was not of a high level. According to many market players, Maxim was noticeably more polite than Evgeniy and could speak English fluently. Chichvarkin called his competitors “accommodating,” while he preferred to determine the pricing and assortment policy himself when communicating with vendors.

Through the mouth of a hero

Nogotkov’s business philosophy is a treasure trove of useful instructions for young entrepreneurs. Maxim believes, for example, that the secret of success is to find people with the right motivation and give them work in the right places. The ability to interact, according to Nogotkov, with people is more important than any technology. There is no category of mistakes in the businessman's philosophy. He believes that there is only a problem of choice and a certain development of events. Maxim Nogotkov is confident that he has not made a single mistake in business.

At the same time, the businessman likes to emphasize that most of his projects arose by chance as a result of individual meetings and conversations. Each person, according to Nogotkov, has strengths and weaknesses. Trying to find someone who is good in all respects, the entrepreneur believes, is impossible. He selects people for his team with the expectation that two different people can compensate for each other's shortcomings.

Not to overtake competitors, but to establish sales: the birth of Svyaznoy Group of Companies

There was no point in reinventing the wheel: Euroset and Tekhnomarket had experience in selling cell phones. Maxim Nogotkov studied their work and began to take active action.

At the beginning of 2001, Maxus was already selling cell phones based on its 5 retail outlets, and also acquired 6 more stores of the Artex network. But this was not enough. Retail sales turnover was low. There was only one thing left to do - to grow to the level of competitors.

Over the next year, the businessman searches for money, buys and establishes new communication shops. The culmination was the registration of the Svyaznoy trademark on April 23, 2002.

“The brand was born in my head. 40 options were proposed, but the word “connected” caused laughter and some emotions during the discussion - I decided that this was more important ... "

At the opening of one of the salons of the Svyaznoy network in Moscow, 2001. Source:

At the time of registration, the brand united 81 communication stores in Moscow. This allowed us to earn money to open new salons. Things went uphill:

  • 2003 – the network already includes more than 120 retail outlets with an annual turnover of 140 million dollars.
  • 2004 - the group was reorganized and formed, uniting more than 400 communication shops.
  • 2007 – the Svyaznoy Club loyalty program was launched with bonus points awarded to regular network users.
  • 2012 – network turnover reaches 500 billion rubles; More than 9 billion cell phones are sold per year.

In any business, the main thing is to clearly see the goal in front of you. Source: Internet publication “New Vedomosti”.

“I believe that the highest profits come from the right appointments of people. The secret to success is the right people in the right places with the right motivation. The ability to work with people is more important than any technology.”

In 2005, a spectacular advertising campaign based on the release of product catalogs with the intriguing name “Adult Toys” did its job: Euroset was left behind.

General Director of Svyaznoy Group of Companies Maxim Nogotkov has repeatedly pointed out that he was expanding the business not in order to “crush” competitors, but only sought to achieve effective sales. As a result, the industry was successfully mastered, and it was time to move on.

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