What is the epileptoid personality type?

Everyone wants to know more about the people with whom they communicate a lot. Knowing the characters helps to establish relationships and find the right approach to any person. Among human characters, despite their diversity, several typical ones can be distinguished. In such cases, they talk about character accentuation, and epileptoid is one of the options.

Understanding the character of others is important in order to build the right relationships with them.

Main features

Epileptoid accentuation is a sum of clearly defined character traits that are within normal limits, but give a person a certain vulnerability to specific mental stress. Character accentuation should not be perceived as a disease.

Excitable or explosive psychopathy is a distortion of character, which in the case of an epileptoid manifests itself in outbreaks of unmotivated sudden aggression; angry melancholy and the need to incite a conflict with someone can weigh heavily on the individual. Such manifestations cannot be classified as a disease. However, such tendencies greatly impair some social aspects.

Epileptoid psychological accentuation of character is a complex system of definitions and characteristics of the personality of an epileptoid. Let's consider the main positions:

  • Love for nourishing and tasty food;
  • Sound sleep and difficulty waking up;
  • Expressed sexuality against the background of a complete absence of shyness;
  • People are extremely pedantic and careful.

The epileptoid nature of human psychology leaves an imprint on his appearance. As a rule, such people have a squat figure. The head is rounded, seems slightly pressed into the shoulders. The torso is quite massive, complemented by strong but short limbs.

Epileptoid psychopathy and epilepsy are characterized by common features. With a thorough study of each specific case, it is sometimes possible to identify the presence of harmful factors affecting the psyche during pregnancy or at an early age. There is an opinion that psychopathy of the explosive type is a compensatory reaction to shallow lesions of the brain tissue of an organic nature.


The reasons for the development of certain character traits are still unknown, but the development of epileptoid psychopathy, as well as other personality and behavioral disorders, can be triggered by various factors. In most cases, psychopathologies are formed in childhood, and epileptoid psychopathy can be recognized even in a preschooler. Less commonly, such disorders occur in adults or older people.

  • Infectious diseases, head injuries, intoxication - any conditions accompanied by intoxication and damage to the nervous system can be dangerous to the brain.
  • Heredity - any mental illness in close relatives increases the risk of developing psychopathologies.
  • Social and living conditions - unfavorable conditions in which a child lives can also provoke the development of psychopathy.

Personality Features

The epileptoid character is often compared to hysterical personalities and narcissists. A common feature is the desire to attract attention from other people. If narcissists try in every possible way to assert themselves and make sure that they are irresistible, then hysterics prefer to be the center of increased attention, regardless of what others think about them.

The epileptoid personality type is in search of indirect attention to its own personality. Such people do not need to come into direct contact with someone; it is enough to know that they are remembered and thought about.

Methods of attracting attention are not particularly moral, often hidden and specific. The pedantry inherent in all epileptoids also plays an important role. They are especially scrupulous in looking for ways to attract the attention of this or that person.

Personality type and gender

Epileptoid personality type is common. There is an opinion that it is individuals with such a specific set of qualities that contribute to the development of society. Thanks to them, society develops and improves.

The eliptoid is the personification of a real man. He is strong and tough, extremely resilient, demanding of himself and those around him. However, against the backdrop of such undeniable advantages, there are a number of tangible disadvantages:

  • Pettiness;
  • Corrosiveness;
  • Demandingness (the epileptoid wants to be obeyed unquestioningly);
  • Excessive vindictiveness;
  • Grudge.

Conflict character traits

Any character is a combination of harmonious and conflicting traits. Let's consider disharmonious personality characteristics.

Psychotype traitDescription
Suspiciousness and rancorThey remember grievances for a long time. Even after a long time, they can take revenge on the offender, experiencing incredible pleasure from this
Obsessiveness, obsessivenessThe epileptoid character forces a person to be overly persistent and intrusive. Individuals can become fixated on one feeling, emotion or idea and direct all their energies to one point for a long time. From a pathological perspective, this phenomenon is called rigidity of thoughts or actions.
GreedPeople are extremely greedy. If possible, they will always snatch their piece and never share their property
EnvyEpileptoid and schizoid personality types are extremely envious. They tend to solve any problem in court and flood various authorities with letters of complaints.
Inability to control your emotionsNot only is the epileptoid prone to negativism in its various manifestations, he is dissatisfied with everyone around him. With excessive mannerisms, a person is not able to control his emotions, which can take over him at any moment.
HypochondriacityEpileptoid character traits are also enhanced by pronounced hypochondriasis. Due to their pronounced pedantry, individuals often become fixated on their health, considering themselves extremely sick and unhappy

Symptoms during childhood

Parents should pay attention to the following behavior patterns. At first, the child is too diligent in tidying up the room, putting all the toys in their places. Then he shows excessive nervousness, outbursts of anger, which may seem like ordinary resentment. The manifestation of cruelty towards animals and domestic plants deserves special attention.

The child is capable of defending his own position too fiercely, actively arguing with adults. This should not be confused with the completely natural “I myself” crisis, which blossoms at the age of three. Remember that competent correction of a child’s behavior will help him in adulthood.

Harmonious character traits

Despite the listed shortcomings, many accentuated individuals can fit very harmoniously into the framework of modern society, provided that these people find worthy use of their positive qualities. Let's take a closer look at harmonious character traits.

Psychotype traitsDescription
CunningSuch people can find a way out of any situation, even the most difficult one.
PedantryPedantry combined with cunning allows individuals to achieve their goals
PragmatismA person reasons clearly, competently, and is understandable to others
DeterminationThe epileptoid is decisive in his thoughts and actions, which in some situations creates harmony in his personality
UnsuggestibilityIt is almost impossible to influence the psyche of a psychotype. He is difficult to suggest, which in some situations can be perceived as an advantage, and in others as a disadvantage.
Loyalty in friendshipAs a rule, all epileptoids highly value friendship. They may be unfaithful in a marital relationship, but they will never betray a friend


There are character traits that define epileptoids, and in men and women with epileptoid psychopathy, these same traits seem to be excessively expressed, so that their behavior seems abnormal, out of the generally accepted framework.

  • Affective outbursts are one of the most characteristic signs. Attacks of anger appear, as it seems to others, out of the blue, but, in fact, epileptoids “save up” their emotions for a very long time and “explode” at a certain moment. Since most of the time such a person is in a state of dysphoria, it is almost impossible to guess when and what will trigger the next outbreak. In a fit of anger, people have poor control over their emotions, can behave aggressively and are not always able to stop in time.
  • Dysphoria – decreased mood, melancholy, anger, increased sensitivity to minor irritations. Most of the time the epileptoid is in this state. He seems to be looking for (and finding) reasons to be offended, angry or upset.
  • Viscosity of thinking and behavior - it is very difficult for an epileptoid to quickly change his behavior or way of thinking. They love order, tend to “put everything in order” and cannot quickly switch to another object or action.
  • Cyclicality – changes in mood, periods of dysphoria and aggression constantly replace each other. With pathology, even a certain “regime” is possible, for example, in the morning the mood is normal, by lunchtime it worsens, and in the evening an explosion occurs.
  • Touchiness, suspiciousness - such people take everything personally and notice every little thing if it has anything to do with them. Another side of such self-centeredness is the almost complete lack of empathy and lack of desire to pay attention to the feelings of others.
  • Pedantry – a penchant for order and the desire to put everything in its place can turn into pedantry.

Explosive psychopathy disorder, or intermittent temper disorder, refers to behavioral disorders that are characterized by explosive outbursts of anger, often to the point of boiling point, that are disproportionate to the situation, such as impulsive screaming caused by relatively unimportant events. Impulsive aggression is unintentional and is characterized by a disproportionate reaction to any provocation, real or perceived. Some people show affective changes before the attack, such as tensional mood changes, energy redistributions, and so on.

The disorder is currently classified in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) as “disruptive, impulsive self-control disorder, and conduct disorder.” The disorder itself is characterized quite complexly and often exhibits comorbidity with other mood disorders, in particular bipolar disorder.

Patients diagnosed with explosive psychopathy show attacks that are brief (lasting less than an hour), characterized by various bodily symptoms - sweating, stuttering, chest tightness, twitching, palpitations. Aggressive actions are often accompanied by a feeling of relief, and in some cases pleasure, and ultimately by late repentance.

Psychopaths - epileptoids love to eat delicious food, their sleep is healthy and sound, but awakening is difficult. Epiliptoid psychopaths cannot be called shy; in relation to the opposite sex, they constantly awaken a constant sexual desire. This psychotype does not like to dream; his credo is to live in today’s conditions and think about solving pressing issues.

Many epileptoids cannot live in disorder, and order is considered to be the level that he has determined for himself. They always have a made bed, washed dishes, a basin and a bucket in the place chosen for this. It is quite difficult to tell something complex to an epileptoid; due to his viscous thinking, he will not be able to understand the details, which will lead him to another attack of rabies.

The state of dysphoria (sad, sometimes angry behavior combined with a difficult perception of fast events) is present in the life of a psychopath for quite a long time, sometimes up to a week; it happens that it is possible to get rid of such a mood by taking out anger on an object that comes to hand.

Affective aggressive outbursts are initially invisible, but the cause for an explosion can be an event that is invisible to an ordinary person. Sometimes aggression is provoked by drinking alcohol, which catalyzes all hidden resentments and anger. Epileptoids tend to enjoy life and satisfy their needs, so among this contingent there are many alcoholics, drug addicts, and gamblers who do not consider their vices something terrible and are not going to stop them.

Envious epileptoids hide this character trait. It is very difficult for their family members to exist next to them; epileptoids hold the palm of dominance in the relationship. If something gets out of their control, then another attack of rage with the use of physical force puts everything in its place. The characteristic features of an explosion of uncontrolled behavior are those that are noted when a person experiences an epileptic seizure.

The jealousy of epileptoid psychopaths poisons the life of his soul mate. The individual tries to find the reasons for the betrayal, but even if he doesn’t find it, he makes scandals based on those that he himself came up with. An attempt to leave such a person will cause blackmail, the direction of which will be seen as a method of suicide, only the epileptoid will not harm himself and will never interrupt his life path.

In the sphere of work and business relationships, psychopaths do not stay in one place for long. This is explained by the fact that if it is difficult to get rid of such an inadequate epileptoid in the family, then in the field of work the employer or partner simply breaks off relations with him, not wanting to deal with an antisocial personality.

About compatibility with other characters

Hysteroid and epileptoid are not entirely compatible. Their union is possible only if the partners learn to give in to each other and inspire trust. The optimal option is a woman with a hysterical type of character and an epileptoid man. In this case, the “roles” in the union will be distributed extremely correctly. The woman will do her usual things, enjoying how the man defends her interests and protects her in any situation.

An epileptoid can develop good business relationships with a paranoid personality type, and in some situations even a strong friendship. One partner loves to lead and demonstrate the position of an unconditional leader, the other partner is inclined to faithfully and devotedly serve his boss and leader. A similar tandem can often be found in modern government agencies.

Ideal partners for creating an ideal family are psychasthenics and emotives. These are traditional unions where the man will always be the head of the family, and the woman will be subordinate to him. The only problem is that an epileptoid, abusing his status, can put significant pressure on his wife, sometimes suppressing her personal aspects.

Relationships with hyperthym are doomed to collapse. These two individuals have too different attitudes to life, values, they are driven by completely different priorities, and their philosophy of life is radically different. The situation is similar in the union of two epileptoids. However, these people can get along together, provided that they can learn to give in to each other.

Epileptoid psychopathy

Epileptoid psychopathy (in the literature you can also find the term “explosive”, “excitable” psychopathy or psychosis) is one of the types of personality development disorders. This is not an independent disease, but a personality disorder.

This disorder manifests itself in excessive excitement, turning into frantic aggressiveness and irritability.

Explosion literally means an explosive eruption of a volcano, accompanied by the release of large amounts of gases. Explosive psychopathy is called that because outbursts of aggression in a person occur unexpectedly, but very violently.

Explosiveness is a tendency to uncontrollable affective reactions with aggression and self-aggression. “Epileptic” - because in character such psychopaths are somewhat reminiscent of epileptics.

It is a pathology of human development, one of its manifestations. This is not even a disease, but a mental disorder. Often, regardless of gender, an individual experiences great agitation, the striking features of which are aggressive behavior and an irritable attitude towards the surrounding reality.

These 3 words may seem similar, derived from the same root, but have completely different meanings.

Thus, epilepsy is a disease in which, due to pathological foci of excitation in the brain, a person experiences seizures. Due to a lack of oxygen, disturbances in the functioning of the brain, as well as a certain character, can occur.

Epileptoids are healthy people whose character is dominated by suspiciousness, a tendency to be vindictive, pedantic, dysphoric and outbursts of aggressiveness. But at the same time, they are persistent, careful, patient and have a lot of other positive traits. The emphasis on character does not at all prevent these people from socializing, communicating with others, or realizing themselves. And he needs knowledge of a person’s psychological type in order to better understand himself, and for those around him to build harmonious relationships with him.

Epileptoid psychopathy is a personality disorder in which a person cannot restrain his emotional experiences, showing aggression towards others. In addition, they may be distinguished by egocentrism, obsession, pedantry, irritability and constant dysphoria.

This condition, as well as character accentuation, got its name from the word “epilepsy”, since the character traits of an epileptoid are similar to those conditions that develop in patients with epilepsy.

There are various factors due to which the epileptoid psychotype is formed. This is about:

  • Unfavorable living conditions.
  • Incomplete family.
  • Divorce of parents at a young age of the child.
  • Psychological trauma.
  • Tendencies to drink alcohol, take drugs, and so on.

The foundations for the formation of an epileptoid personality type are laid in childhood and, in comparison with other accentuations that disappear over time, remain for a long time and have a strong influence on future character traits. To diagnose the epileptoid type, psychologists use special tests.

When a child first exhibits epileptoid symptoms, parents may even be touched. They are truly pleased when they see how actively the child cleans his room, neatly puts away every toy, constantly washes the dishes and does not allow even the slightest dirt. A child’s anger and nervousness is justified by resentment, and in adolescence by puberty.

When a person grows up, his non-standard behavior often leads to big problems. If in maturity he did not develop authoritative values, then his favorite priorities become the basis of his worldview. As a result, an area of ​​personal comfort is created, and close people must obey such a system, otherwise conflicts may arise.

It is interesting that the love of order makes the epileptoid strive for marriage in order to feel more confident. Two epileptoids get along quite well with each other with mutual sexual attraction or having a common cause. Under other conditions - irreconcilable family quarrels.

Marital relations develop harmoniously between an epileptoid man and a woman of a syntonic (sanguine) character who is able to respect his features. Such women like the character of a warrior in an epileptoid, that is, a real man. The wife manages to soften the tension of her husband, and he is grateful to his wife for keeping him from negative situations.

Epileptoid accentuation, just like any other, has its advantages and disadvantages. An epileptoid's shortcomings are his characteristics, but if he works on himself, many of his shortcomings can easily turn into advantages. The advantages of epileptoids few people notice against the background of their difficult nature are:

  • The desire to implement plans when others no longer believe in the idea;
  • Achieving goals through perseverance and patience. They say about them: “A drop breaks a stone not by force, but by the frequency of its fall”;
  • The epileptoid often achieves career growth. The main thing is to choose the “right” profession (accountant, analyst, military);
  • Systematicity and order in his actions, so he can handle even the most hopeless work.

The epileptoid has advantages over other types in the pursuit of an idea, the ability to achieve a goal

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