Top 50 books that will change your Thinking and Life!

Olga Karcher, practicing psychologist, healthy thinking coach

Who, if not a psychologist, would know what to read in order to reboot and look at yourself and your life from a different perspective? That is why we turned to Olya for a list of recommended literature that can inspire, increase motivation and open your eyes to important, but until now, insignificant things for you. Olya’s top list includes books that changed life and consciousness, thanks to which she gained self-confidence, learned to interpret her own and others’ emotions, feelings and actions, started life with a clean slate and achieved success in her profession.

Over many years of practice and endless search, Olya has collected these best books on self-development, which she boldly recommends to each of us. We hope that they will answer all your questions, bring something new into your life and open up new opportunities for you.

The Messenger, a true love story, Joel Klaus

I read this book 10 years ago. She found me herself. Once a guy got a job with me as a salesman and a couple of days later he brought me a book with the words “You definitely need to read it, it changes your mind.” After that, within a few days, he told me that he wanted to start a new life and work with his project. He left. And he left the book for me. Today, remembering how everything happened, I think it was fate. This book opened my eyes to such a simple and valuable feeling as Love. In addition, reading the story that the author describes, I felt a sense of acceptance. Such a big and warm feeling inside, in the chest area. When the author talked about dolphins and their life, why they came to this world and what they bring to the world... It was wonderful. It was the first time I felt this! In other words, I realized how important it is for us to accept other people and the circumstances that happen to us. I can say with confidence that this book was the beginning of my new life.

Gavin Kennedy “Anything can be agreed upon!”

Gavin Kennedy is the world's leading negotiator. The author rightly notes that we all begin to negotiate in childhood, and even when we have not really learned to speak. Moreover, some already know how to negotiate and achieve everything they need, while others, instead of what they want, receive punishment in the form of a reprimand or spanking. “The strength of child negotiators,” Kennedy writes, “lies in the asymmetry of values—theirs and yours. They quickly notice what is most important to you - and by threatening to take it away from you, they get what they need." Based on their ability to negotiate, Gavin Kennedy divides people into Donkeys, Sheep, Foxes and Owls. Donkeys don’t even realize that there is such a possibility as to reach an agreement. Sheep are happy to receive exactly as much as they are given. Foxes are aware of what is happening and are convinced that they deserve to get what they sought. And only wise Owls are able to see the prospects for negotiations and agreements. Which category of people we belong to can be determined using the tests contained in the book.

It teaches the basics of the negotiation process and makes our thinking more flexible, which is important if we want to win. For example, the author writes that the worst thing we can do during negotiations is “to accept the first offer. It undermines faith both in ourselves and in the completed transaction.”

Reality Transurfing Stage 1, Vadim Zeland

The series of these books was first published back in 2006. In the first stage you will learn how the world works through the eyes of the author. When I read this first stage, at that time I was already studying NLP and this book helped me to better understand many truths in training. What is the point of this book? I will write just one phrase: “Reality exists independently of us, as long as we agree with it.” In other words, everything that happens in our lives is our responsibility. If you are ready to admit this, then this book will become the foundation for you. Why did I indicate the year of publication of this book? While reading it, I also simultaneously became acquainted with such a science as Quantum Physics. And you know what was surprising? For 203 years (since 1803), scientists have gradually proven what the author describes in the first stage of transurfing. Amazing book.

Robin Sharma "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari"

Canadian Robin Sharma left his legal practice, which brought him a good income but little satisfaction in life, and became a business coach and motivational speaker.

He wrote several books about personal development, including a book about the energetic and assertive lawyer Julian Mantle, whose main things in his life were prestige, fame and money. By the age of 50, the lawyer looked 70, he was overtaken by physical and spiritual devastation, and then a heart attack. After recovering from a heart attack, Mantle radically changed his life: he abandoned the practice of law, sold what he had acquired through “backbreaking labor,” including the Ferrari, and, without saying goodbye to anyone, went to India.

He returned three years later: his assistant saw in front of him a youthful, smiling man, slender and muscular, whose eyes radiated inner vitality, and did not recognize him as the old Julian Mantle - a cynical grumbler with a lifeless look. Such a dramatic change shocked the assistant, who suspected that there was a miracle drug involved.

But the secret was not in the drug, but in the choice that Mantle made: he could continue to live at a frantic pace, devoting himself entirely to legal practice, and soon die or abandon the case, which ceased to bring satisfaction. Mantle said it was as if "some inner voice told him ... to ignite that spark that I had once lost." He decided to figure out, before it was too late, what life was and who he was in it.

He was helped by Indian sages, and especially by Yogi Krishnan, whom he met at the foot of the Himalayas, “a man who found his soul.” Krishnan told Julian about the Great Sages of Sivana - an oasis of insight, living at the top of the Himalayas, holders of the golden key to self-realization, health and happiness. Mantle found them: “...I experienced such a shock, such powers of the universe were revealed to my soul that I feel: others should also know what I now know.”

The subconscious can do anything, John Kehoe

Another book that changes your mind. It describes in very simple and understandable language, with examples, the basic principles of the work of our subconscious. The first step in changing your life is to audit your thoughts. Just? It's over. Do many people do it? Do people even know about this? More likely no than yes. If you want a good and happy life, this book will help you organize your thoughts in this direction.

The first one she forgot

Author of the work: Cyril Massaroto.

A literary masterpiece about love that cannot depend on circumstances and fade away over the years.

Young writer Tom's mother is ill, and every day the incurable disease known as Alzheimer's attacks her brain, piece by piece, gradually erasing the memories of those she held dearest above all others. That is, about children.

A poignant and surprisingly touching book that makes you appreciate even the most ordinary phenomena and events in your life. Subtle psychology, amazing accuracy in conveying the state of the characters, a powerful emotional message and 100% hitting the heart of every reader!

The Psychology of Habits, Harold Little

This is an interesting book that describes very simple rules for working with your habits. And there is even such a section as what needs to be done so that love does not become a habit. How to create relationships so that they are always a joy and bring a sea of ​​feelings and emotions. And also, for those who want to understand the origin of their habits, for example, excessive consumption of food, the desire to eat sweets and much more. There will also be exercises on replacing habits that are not resourceful for you, with those that will help you in life.

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Spacesuit and butterfly

Author of the work: Jean Dominique Bauby.

These memoirs of the famous French editor from Elle magazine did not leave any reader indifferent.

The autobiographical book (later filmed in 2007) was written by the completely paralyzed J. D. Bobi in the hospital department where he was admitted after a stroke. After the tragedy, Jean’s only “tool” for communicating with people became his eyes: winking in alphabetical order, he “read” to his doctor a story about a butterfly tightly locked inside his own body...

The Wizard's Path, Deepak Chopra

I started reading this book relatively recently, back in the winter. And imagine my surprise when in February, in Singapore, at Tony Robbins’ training, I heard him say from the stage that it was this author and this book that helped him realize many truths of life! The book opened a flow of strength in him. She helped him get to know himself better and thereby taught him to share his knowledge and experience with others. When I started reading it, it seemed a little strange to me at first. Since the main characters of this book are the wizard Merlin and, then still young, King Arthur. Their dialogues contain a whole universe of wisdom. The most important thing that I discovered for myself and what pushed me to read it further was just one phrase: “Magic does not create change, it helps and guides towards this change. It’s the same with psychology: a psychology specialist does not change a person or his life, he is a guide to the changes that the client needs.” I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in psychology and working on themselves. She's magical.

The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman

At one time it seemed to me that everyone was talking about this book. There wasn't a day that I didn't hear about her! It was 2021. Before reading this book, I had already studied psychology for several years. As I read it, I was pleased to realize that this wonderful writer was able to convey a deep truth to people in simple words. He simply described all the basic forms of showing love to others, and the forms that we want to be shown to us. This often happens when the same person perceives manifestations of love differently, that is, he himself shows love in the form of caring for his chosen one, and when he shows similar forms of love in him, he does not accept and does not see love in them. I often test this theory in practice in my consultations. When girls come with the request “He doesn’t love me,” this book helps us solve the situation very simply and quickly. If you also have this conviction, read this book, it will put everything in its place.

Self-Power, Tony Robbins

This book is a set of specific actions that you need to do in order to live the way you want, to get what you want and dream about. A book about how to create your own personal formula for success. This is a real workshop. I turn the knowledge in this book into real action and practice with my clients. Everything works perfectly. A book that helps you find yourself. Having deep respect for Tony, I understand that he went through more than 700 books to create the product that he now is in his own right. If you really intend to take action, but are waiting for instructions, then take this book first. She will help you a lot.

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In conclusion, I want to say, despite the fact that all these consciousness-changing books were written by different people, from different continents and at different times, they all talk and teach one thing - conscious thinking and working on yourself. If you are reading this, then perhaps it is time to change yourself and improve your life. First of all, you need this in order to make your life different, better, bigger!

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Adam J. Jackson "10 Secrets of Love"

Englishman Adam Jackson is a lawyer by training, but he had to leave the practice of law due to health problems. He became interested in the natural medical sciences, developed a cure for his psoriasis, became a motivational speaker, and wrote several books. In addition to the one mentioned above, these are “10 secrets of health”, “10 secrets of happiness”, “10 secrets of wealth” and “10 secrets of success”.

The book “10 Secrets of Love” is called a modern parable about love and wisdom, changing the life of everyone who reads it. People want to love and be loved. In their youth, they believe that they will definitely meet their love. Some rely on chance - “we met by chance, my most important person.” Others do not want to wait and are looking for their one or only one. And finally here it is - love for life! But, as our contemporary Frenchman Frederic Beigbeder assures, “love lasts three years” - approximately the same amount of time it takes for a strong emotional attachment to another person to pass, which contributes to the production of the hormone of joy and happiness - dopamine. And then - disappointment and conclusion: “Apparently, it’s not fate, apparently, there’s no love.”

Whether it is dopamine that is to blame for the fact that two people, who recently found it difficult to part with each other even for five minutes, become bored together, or the people themselves, who were unable to maintain the relationship, is not important. The main thing is that having been burned once, they are afraid to enter into a new relationship and often prefer to remain single, just so as not to experience the pain of separation again. Of course, in most cases they meet new love, but at the same time many no, no, and even remember their previous relationships with regret, saying to themselves: “Old love does not rust.” In addition, in new relationships they often make old mistakes, and this leads them to think that “all men (women) are the same.”

“Love, unlike physical attraction and infatuation, does not come by itself. It is created, and everyone can do it,” Adam Jackson.

The book begins with the fact that a young man, invited to a wedding, watches the happy groom and thinks why he himself does not have long-term relationships with girls, because he would so much like to meet the only one and live with her all his life. He blames the stars for destining him to be lonely.

One of the guests, an elderly Chinese man with whom he struck up a conversation, remarked that the only thing that matters in our lives is love. And the golden rule of love: “If you want to be loved, love yourself.” Everyone can meet their love, but first they must find it in themselves, because we receive from others what we give to them ourselves. Whether we are lonely or not, happy or unhappy, is up to us to choose. And the old man initiated the young man into the secrets of true love. Which? This is what the book talks about.

Life on borrowed time

Author of the work: Erich Maria Remarque.

When there is nothing to lose, the feeling of “nothing is sorry” opens the door to a new world. Where deadlines, boundaries and conventions that constrain us are erased. Where death is real, love is like an avalanche, and there is no point in thinking about the future.

But that makes life more beautiful, because it still has a continuation.

A state-of-the-art book without the author's moralizing: is it worth leaving everything as it is, or is it time to reevaluate your attitude towards life?

Ice and fire

Author of the work: Ray Bradbury.

Due to catastrophic changes in natural conditions on our land, we began to instantly grow up and grow old. And now we have only 8 days to have time to unlearn, choose a life partner and leave offspring.

And even in this situation, people continue to live as if there are decades ahead - with envy, jealousy, deceit and wars.

The choice is yours: not have time to do anything in your whole long life, or live this whole life every day and appreciate every moment of it?

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