Books that will change your worldview forever

Books that change the reader's worldview

Probably every person who reads has a book, or even more than one, that has become his “guiding star”: it has helped him determine the meaning of life, goals, and ways to achieve them. Such a book is also called a reference book, because it lies, if not on the desktop, then somewhere in a visible place. People don’t forget about such a book and re-read it from time to time, because it serves as a kind of vector that doesn’t allow one to stray from the right path.

Adam J. Jackson "10 Secrets of Love"

Englishman Adam Jackson is a lawyer by training, but he had to leave the practice of law due to health problems. He became interested in the natural medical sciences, developed a cure for his psoriasis, became a motivational speaker, and wrote several books. In addition to the one mentioned above, these are “10 secrets of health”, “10 secrets of happiness”, “10 secrets of wealth” and “10 secrets of success”.

The book “10 Secrets of Love” is called a modern parable about love and wisdom, changing the life of everyone who reads it. People want to love and be loved. In their youth, they believe that they will definitely meet their love. Some rely on chance - “we met by chance, my most important person.” Others do not want to wait and are looking for their one or only one. And finally here it is - love for life! But, as our contemporary Frenchman Frederic Beigbeder assures, “love lasts three years” - approximately the same amount of time it takes for a strong emotional attachment to another person to pass, which contributes to the production of the hormone of joy and happiness - dopamine. And then - disappointment and conclusion: “Apparently, it’s not fate, apparently, there’s no love.”

Whether it is dopamine that is to blame for the fact that two people, who recently found it difficult to part with each other even for five minutes, become bored together, or the people themselves, who were unable to maintain the relationship, is not important. The main thing is that having been burned once, they are afraid to enter into a new relationship and often prefer to remain single, just so as not to experience the pain of separation again. Of course, in most cases they meet new love, but at the same time many no, no, and even remember their previous relationships with regret, saying to themselves: “Old love does not rust.” In addition, in new relationships they often make old mistakes, and this leads them to think that “all men (women) are the same.”

“Love, unlike physical attraction and infatuation, does not come by itself. It is created, and everyone can do it,” Adam Jackson.

The book begins with the fact that a young man, invited to a wedding, watches the happy groom and thinks why he himself does not have long-term relationships with girls, because he would so much like to meet the only one and live with her all his life. He blames the stars for destining him to be lonely.

One of the guests, an elderly Chinese man with whom he struck up a conversation, remarked that the only thing that matters in our lives is love. And the golden rule of love: “If you want to be loved, love yourself.” Everyone can meet their love, but first they must find it in themselves, because we receive from others what we give to them ourselves. Whether we are lonely or not, happy or unhappy, is up to us to choose. And the old man initiated the young man into the secrets of true love. Which? This is what the book talks about.

Dream interpretation

Sigmund Freud, 1900

Perhaps the only book on the list that is really interesting to read.
Do you think that if you dream about zucchini, that the dream is actually about zucchini? Haha. In The Interpretation of Dreams, Freud introduces the concept of dream interpretation, and explains how dreams formulate our secret desires. Freud undoubtedly formulated interesting and revolutionary ideas in psychology. Illusions attract us because they relieve pain and bring pleasure as a substitute. For this we must accept without complaint when, coming into conflict with a part of reality, illusions are shattered.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Richard Branson “To hell with everything. Take it and do it!”

One of the richest people in the UK and the world, the founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson, began his huge business by founding a small music store. Branson is not only a businessman and the author of many creative ideas, he is brave and loves to take risks: he has repeatedly managed to break the world record by crossing the Atlantic in a hot air balloon and the English Channel in an amphibious vehicle. He has acted in television series and reality shows and is also the author of several books.

The most famous of them are “Naked Business”, “Losing My Virginity”, “To hell with everything. Take it and do it! In the latter, he talks about how he sets goals and achieves them, as well as the rules of his life. “I don’t dream the impossible,” he says.

Branson writes that every person has a choice about how to manage their life. If work has become hateful, then you need to look around and think about what else you can do so as not to “drive back and forth along a tired rut.” He says that he owes the best traits of his character to his mother, who, through her example, developed perseverance and perseverance in achieving goals in her children. “If you want milk, don’t sit in the middle of the pasture waiting for the cow to give you her udder,” she said.

His grandmother lived to be 99 years old, and she was not at all the kind of grandmother one might imagine. At 89, she learned to dance advanced Latin American dances, played golf, driving the ball into the hole with one hit, at 95, she read “A Brief History of Time” by S. Hawking and went on a trip around the world. She lived by the principle: a chance called Life should be used to the maximum. And Richard Branson himself lives by the same principle.

"The Speed ​​Reader" by Tony Buzan

Once you learn how to structure information, speed up your reading speed.

This book is perhaps the best in this area. Read it, and your reading speed will increase by at least 2-3 times, i.e. books that you read for 10 hours, you can read in 3-5 hours.

John Parkin "Send everything to... The paradoxical path to success and prosperity."

Readers' opinions about this book were divided. Some believe that it is designed for immature teenagers who say “Fuck It” to all problems. Others, on the contrary, declare that teenagers should not read it categorically, because, following the principle “screw it,” they may never mature spiritually - they will become older, but not wiser, and will grow up to be infantile, indifferent people.

But the book is not as simple as it seems. By “send everything to...” the author means - listen to yourself, live as your own heart tells you, and not those around you. Life is too short to fill it with fears, stress, complexes, the desire to appear better than we are, the desire to dominate or, conversely, to be squeezed and constrained. People live in accordance with a value system that develops in the process of education and training. But it often happens that, under the influence of some events, they revise this system and what seemed super important loses its meaning. To become charismatic, creative, a leader, a millionaire, to make a dizzying career, to pump up muscles, to lose weight to the point of a hanger - do we want this ourselves or do we strive to correspond to something in order to be considered accomplished?

“Give yourself permission to do what you want, eat cheesecake, send your lazy partner away,” says John Parkin. “Live freely, letting yourself be carried away by the natural flow of life itself!” The magic words “Fuck It” are the keys to liberation from the captivity of stereotypes.

The author is interested in Buddhism, and his “Fuck It” philosophy is called Western-style Buddhism. He himself calls it the “Ideal Spiritual Path.” The book is written with great humor and is easy to read. Currently, John Parkin and his family have moved from London to Italy, where he and his wife Gaia opened The Hill That Breaths' center in Tuscany and teaches breathing courses.

Robin Sharma "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari"

Canadian Robin Sharma left his legal practice, which brought him a good income but little satisfaction in life, and became a business coach and motivational speaker.

He wrote several books about personal development, including a book about the energetic and assertive lawyer Julian Mantle, whose main things in his life were prestige, fame and money. By the age of 50, the lawyer looked 70, he was overtaken by physical and spiritual devastation, and then a heart attack. After recovering from a heart attack, Mantle radically changed his life: he abandoned the practice of law, sold what he had acquired through “backbreaking labor,” including the Ferrari, and, without saying goodbye to anyone, went to India.

He returned three years later: his assistant saw in front of him a youthful, smiling man, slender and muscular, whose eyes radiated inner vitality, and did not recognize him as the old Julian Mantle - a cynical grumbler with a lifeless look. Such a dramatic change shocked the assistant, who suspected that there was a miracle drug involved.

But the secret was not in the drug, but in the choice that Mantle made: he could continue to live at a frantic pace, devoting himself entirely to legal practice, and soon die or abandon the case, which ceased to bring satisfaction. Mantle said it was as if "some inner voice told him ... to ignite that spark that I had once lost." He decided to figure out, before it was too late, what life was and who he was in it.

He was helped by Indian sages, and especially by Yogi Krishnan, whom he met at the foot of the Himalayas, “a man who found his soul.” Krishnan told Julian about the Great Sages of Sivana - an oasis of insight, living at the top of the Himalayas, holders of the golden key to self-realization, health and happiness. Mantle found them: “...I experienced such a shock, such powers of the universe were revealed to my soul that I feel: others should also know what I now know.”

“Orwell. Biography"

The name of George Orwell is known even to those who have not read his cult novel “1984”, and it was this work that not only made him famous, but also became prophetic in many ways.
The fact that Big Brother is watching us was proven by Edward Snowden in 2013, but we will talk about him later. Recently, the novel “1984,” written in 1948, tops all sales charts. Authors of the graphic novel “Orwell. Biography" Pierre Christin and Sebastian Verdier tried to reveal the multifaceted personality of the great writer, his diverse interests and love of freedom.

Brian Tracy “Change your thinking and you will change your life.”

Canadian Brian Tracy is the head of Brian Tracy International, a company specializing in coaching, a motivator and a business trainer. He is the author of almost 50 books, translated into many languages ​​of the world and becoming reference books for people who want to be guided by the invaluable advice and rules offered by Tracy.

The main idea of ​​the book “Change your thinking and you will change your life” is that a person can overcome difficulties and achieve any difficult goals thanks to himself, the potential of his own psyche. Thoughts are material - they can make a person feel powerful or pitiful, sad or happy, feel like a winner or a loser.

“What you believe becomes your reality,” says Brian Tracy.

Each person is unique and each person has many talents and abilities, you just need to be able to discover them and program yourself for success. After all, all people by birth have the right to be happy, healthy and successful. There are many opportunities open to everyone, but people themselves limit their future because they do not believe in them. Their own limited thinking prevents them from having what they want and living a wonderfully fulfilling life.

Tracy's ideas about optimism and opportunity in the book are simple, so most people are skeptical at first - until they understand them, learn to live by them, and change their lives for the better.

John Kehoe "The subconscious mind can do anything"

John Kehoe is a Canadian writer and coach, success trainer. One can say about him that he “made himself from scratch.” In the mid-70s of the last century, he left civilization in order to see from his own experience how great human abilities and possibilities are. John Kehoe settled in the forest, where for three years he ate only the gifts of nature. Here, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, he meditated and worked on a self-development program that allowed him to use his brain's potential as fully as possible.

Based on his observations and conclusions, he wrote the book “The Subconscious Mind Can Do Anything.” It is small in volume - it has only 155 pages. There is no “water” and unnecessary ranting with abstruse terms that are incomprehensible to the general reader. All information is presented clearly, accessible and interesting.

The value of the book is that it motivates, and you want to read and re-read it. She can be compared to a good friend who will be there in difficult times and help with advice.

Many people are not satisfied with their life, but they do not know how to change it so as not to experience a constant feeling of dissatisfaction with themselves and others. They find it incredibly difficult. John Kehoe shows the path they should follow and says that everything depends on themselves - on how their subconscious works.

Usually no one thinks about this, but it is the subconscious that influences our behavior, actions and determines our lives. And it can do anything - make us self-sufficient and happy or notorious losers. How to work with the subconscious in order to rid your life of negativity and recharge with bright positive energy is described in this book.

It's filled with practical advice. For example, it contains the following chapters: “What to do when you need to make a quick decision”, “How to program your brain to sleep”, “How to reflect”, etc. The title of some chapters already contains conclusions in itself: “How do you what you think about yourself is what you will become”, “There is no such thing as a problem, there are only opportunities”, “Laughter and joy can heal”, etc. This book definitely deserves to become a reference book.


Books that will help you communicate with people, achieve goals, be smarter, more productive and happier.


1. “THIS YEAR I...”, M.J. RYAN

How often do we promise to change our lives, but after a while we make other promises or completely forget about them? This book will help you realize yourself and achieve your goals. In it, the famous business coach and psychology lecturer M.J. Ryan says that most of success begins at the goal-setting stage, and shares practical advice on how to set and solve problems.


In this book, social psychology expert Heidi Grant Halvorson helps readers set the right goals, gives tips for strengthening willpower, and reveals how to avoid the mindset that leads to failure. “Psychology of Achievement” will help you achieve goals yourself and teach you how to motivate others, so it is perfect for managers or parents.


The path to success lies through developing the right habits. In The Power of Habit, New York Times journalist Charles Duhigg explains how daily rituals are formed and how you can change them to set yourself up for success. “The Power of Habit” will help both people with big goals and ambitions, and those who simply want to change their lives for the better.


This book is a real guide to developing willpower. In it, Ph.D., professor and psychologist at Stanford, Kelly McGonigal, tells what and how to do in order to learn to keep the promises you make to yourself. Igor Mann said that “Willpower” should be given to every student upon admission along with a grade-book, and the first test should be based on this book.


Sometimes the road to a goal requires radical changes from us. “Never” will help you give up your usual way of life and not give up halfway. The book is divided into six parts, which cover all the stages of giving up life on autopilot. After reading, the categorical rejection of former stability seems logical, natural and not at all so scary.



Mark Goulston is a psychiatrist who trains police and FBI negotiators. In his book, he talks about how to communicate with people in order to gain their trust and achieve what you want. You shouldn’t see only mercantile calculation in his methods: Goulston’s recommendations will help you get along with people without selfish interest.


And this book tells you how to seduce a person, make him like you and make him do what you want. This is not a manual on hypocrisy. The author simply tells how to help some people do something nice for others. Sometimes for your own benefit.


This book will help you overcome self-doubt when communicating with people. Entrepreneur and business coach Mark Rhodes shares how to overcome mental barriers, start conversations, and overcome unreasonable fears of rejection.


Unfortunately, life brings us together not only with wonderful people, but also with absolutely unbearable ones, whom we would happily avoid. Psychiatrist Mark Goulston, known for his book “I Hear Right Through You,” tells how to communicate with those with whom it is impossible to build a constructive dialogue, with minimal damage and maximum benefit.


Connections are no less important to success than luck, talent and perseverance. So says Keith Ferrazzi, a networker whose notebook contains numbers of presidents, rock stars and famous entrepreneurs. The author gained useful contacts thanks to the communication strategies that he describes in this book.



In this book, psychiatrist Amy Banks talks about four things that will help you connect with other people: calm, acceptance, resonance and energy. Practical tools from the book, based on the achievements of modern neurobiology, will help “tune” the brain to strong relationships. The acquired skills can be used not only in romantic relationships, but also in communicating with colleagues or family members.


Opposites attract, but maintaining such a relationship can be difficult. The authors tell you how to avoid conflicts if you are very different from your partner, and how these differences help create a happy family. The book is based on the methodology of Isaac Adizes, which provides four roles that business leaders should take on. Masters in liberal arts studies Yehezkel and Ruth Madanes took this technique to the realm of romantic relationships and found that this behavior helps avoid domestic quarrels.

13. “FEAR OF PROXIMITY”, Ilse Sand

While some are trying to strengthen relationships, others are unable to find them. Often the reason for this is an internal fear of appearing vulnerable. Danish psychotherapist Ilse Sand explains, using examples from life, how different types of psychological defense do not help, but only prevent us from living life to the fullest, and how to get rid of them.


Renowned family therapist Sue Johnson talks about what love is, why it fades and why we need it so much. The author shares seven ideas for dialogues that will help you gain mutual understanding with your partner, understand relationships, and put people at ease in moments of crisis. Even the happiest couples have problems. “Hold me tight” will help you survive them and regain intimacy.


Personal development consultant Olga Lukina tells six stories of people who turned to her for help. These people are used to being strong and solving problems on their own. What was their condition if they ended up seeing a psychotherapist? Finding balance between your personal life and career is not a new problem. Fortunately, the author of the book knows how to solve it.



Creativity is another skill that can be developed. Igor Mann’s favorite book “Rice Storm” will help with this, which outlines techniques and exercises for effective idea generation. In this book, you'll find challenges, games, and puzzles that challenge lateral thinking and learn about the creative breakthroughs that changed the world.


Many humanists believe that the precision and logic of mathematical thinking are beyond their reach. Auckland University professor Barbara Oakley refutes this postulate and volunteers to teach everyone the techniques used by specialists in the exact sciences. The author tells how basic knowledge in the field of mathematics helps to absorb information in any field, be it biology, finance or psychology.


US Memory Championship winner Joshua Foer explains how he trained his memory for a year. Also in the book “Einstein Walks on the Moon” you can find effective memorization techniques, conclusions of scientific research on the topic and an excursion into the past on the function of memory over thousands of years.


The Simpsons writing team includes holders of advanced degrees in mathematics. It’s no wonder that episodes of animated series are filled with Easter eggs that are not noticeable and understandable to everyone. Simon Singh's book will tell you what you probably haven't noticed, teach you how to look for hidden messages in cultural objects, give you some mathematical knowledge and tell you about fun facts


We constantly receive new information, but not all of it is true. Michael Shermer, in his book The Skeptic, tells how to use a rational approach to discover the truth and gives vivid examples of misconceptions from life. The book will be especially useful for those who want to understand science.



In his book, productivity expert Maxim Dorofeev introduces the term “mental fuel” - these are available mental resources that affect our productivity. It is the amount of mental fuel that the author explains that sometimes in a couple of hours we complete a volume of work that at other times we would devote a whole day to. Discovering the phenomenon is half the battle. It's much more important to learn how to use this to your advantage. Maxim Dorofeev tells how to do this and shares techniques for preserving thought fuel.


Determination, perseverance and years of trying increase the chances of success in a certain field, but do not guarantee it. How many people in the world are desperately trying to comprehend the exact sciences or learn to write? Cal Newport gives hope to the hopeless and encourages them to become great at what they do. Perhaps a would-be programmer will find fulfillment in advertising, and a failed writer will find happiness as an economist. The author encourages you not to give up on your dreams, but only to be realistic when drawing up a life plan. Such a look can cause irritation, or it can make you think and, as a result, save several years of your life.


A practical guide from the publisher Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, which is designed to help the reader become the best in his field. “Number 1” is a very small book. It contains only the most important things: an action plan, a list of recommended literature, and a practical part that motivates you to become better right now.


“Get out of your comfort zone” is 21 methods for increasing personal effectiveness, some of which are probably familiar to every Lifehacker reader. The author talks about the importance of planning and filtering the endless daily responsibilities and gives valuable recommendations that you should resort to immediately.


Multitasking is the main enemy of careful work and efficiency. Psychology teacher Devorah Zack provides evidence that you can't get more done by doing several things at once. “Single-tasking” will help you get rid of information noise and effectively cope with tasks, completing them one after another.



“It won’t be easy” is a huge set of information that will be useful to any business owner, and especially to those who are starting their own business for the first time. The tips from this book will help you find solutions in difficult situations, and the ironic and moderately humorous presentation will make “It Won’t Be Easy” not only useful, but also entertaining reading.


“From Zero to One” was included in his must-read list by Elon Musk himself, who was once a competitor of Peter Thiel, the creator of PayPal and the author of this book. When it comes to running your own business, it is best to turn to someone who has achieved success in this. Entrepreneur and billionaire Peter Thiel talks about how to choose a strategy at the beginning of your business journey and shares some simple but working business secrets.


“Your Own MBA” is a practical guide and a powerful motivator for those who want to open their own business without having a serious business education behind them. The author of the book, Josh Kaufman, himself went through the self-taught path and realized that crusts are, of course, good, but a significant part of the information about how a business works can be obtained on your own.


The 7 Habits are seven key principles that every business owner or team member should learn. Each chapter covers a key skill, such as proactivity or synergy. Although the book was first published in 1989, the information contained in it is still relevant.


Many entrepreneurs believe that success in business is the result of an endless desire to do good and help people. One of the popularizers of this idea is the founder of Toms Shoes, Blake Mycoskie. Toms Shoes is a shoe manufacturer famous not only for its espadrilles, but also for the fact that when you buy one pair, the second one is sent to poor children with foot diseases. In his autobiographical book, Make Your Mark, Blake Mycoskie talks about how to start a profitable business that makes a difference.



Neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki shares unique brain training techniques and her own method of physical exercise, which affects not only the body, but also the way of thinking. Using knowledge of neurobiology, the author was able to reprogram her brain and change, and now she is ready to help readers do the same. If you woke up one day and realized that you don’t like yourself, this book is for you.


Denmark regularly occupies a leading position in rankings of countries around the world in terms of happiness. It's all about hygge - the Danish philosophy of life, which is based on a few simple rules. The Hygge worldview is not based on anything material, but on atmosphere and feelings, so the people of Denmark know how to find pleasure in ordinary everyday things. Mike Viking's book outlines the rules of hygge and dozens of tips on how to get closer to the mindset of happy Danes.


While some people try to juggle as many things as possible at once and master the art of time management, neuroscientist Andrew Smart exalts laziness as one of the true human destiny. The author denounces the modern obsession with busyness and argues that the true path to self-knowledge lies through idleness. This book will help you stop being ashamed of laziness, teach you how to use it to your advantage, and also justify every minute of your idleness.

34. “FLOW”, MIHALY Csikszentmihalyi

In researching creative individuals, the author discovered that they are happy because they experience a state of flow during the process of insight. Being in it is not so easy: it requires attention and effort, and happiness itself is not something that just happens to us, but an art that must be comprehended.


This book will help you determine what you really want, gain self-confidence, and learn to say no to people when necessary. Petra Kunze argues that the ability to say “no” does not make you a less responsive person, but only helps you listen to your own needs and defend your interests. “Saying No” is interactive and looks like a special notebook with empty fields. The author hints that all the answers are actually already known, you just need to not be afraid to voice them. 35 books that will change your life for the better

David Schwartz "The Art of Thinking Big"

American David Schwartz is a former rural teacher. He is now a professor at a university in Atlanta and the head of a leadership development consulting firm.

The Art of Thinking Big was his first book, which became a bestseller. In the preface, the author explains what prompted him to write this book, while many motivating books have already been written in the world. He talks about a man whose earnings in a year were 5 times higher than the earnings of other company representatives, and finds the reason why this happened. It turned out not that this employee is smarter than others - tests showed that his intellectual abilities are the same as the average for the department. Maybe he spent days and nights at work? No, he took time off more often than others. It’s simple: this employee thought 5 times bigger and broader than others. And that was all the magic. Thus, all the scales of our life - both earnings and life satisfaction - depend on the breadth of our thinking. Practical ideas and techniques, along with specific real-life examples and suggestions on how to apply them in a real situation, are told by David Schwartz in this book.

“G.F. Lovecraft. Writer in the Night"

Another cult writer who opened a portal to other dimensions for us is Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Fans of his talent are probably wondering: how did the “recluse from Providence” come up with all these frightening images, unknown creatures and nightmares? Was he a guide to other worlds or just a brilliant inventor? It is impossible to answer such questions with certainty, but this is precisely the charm of Lovecraft’s works - everything here is in the haze of a dream. The graphic novel G.F. Lovecraft. Writer in the Night" will help you touch the life of the great mystifier.

Leil Lowndes "How to make anyone fall in love with you"

Leil Lowndes is a business and interpersonal communication expert. Her services are used by The Walt Disney, Eastman Kodak, Folgers Coffee, etc. She has written several books on the psychology of interpersonal relationships: “How to talk to anyone and about anything”, “S. S.S. Hidden sexual signals”, “Goodbye shyness! 85 ways to overcome shyness and gain self-confidence.

In the book “How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You,” Lace Lowndes gives 85 detailed tips and instructions on where to look for your ideal, how to meet him and impress him, how not to scare someone away and show your best side, how to maintain love and not break up after a short time. time, etc.

There are many attractive men and women in the world, smart and sensual, who dream of long-term love relationships, but for some reason cannot meet their ideal. Lace Lowndes is not an amateur in the field of interpersonal relationships - in her conclusions she relies on the results of research by famous psychologists (including John Gray, author of the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”), surveys of several thousand people on the topic of how they see their ideal. Her research involved volunteers sharing their stories and dreams about love and what would make them fall in love.

Perhaps those who are accustomed to letting things happen will find these tips not worth paying attention to, and they will be skeptical about them. And yet, it is not for nothing that those who have read this book say that it contains a formula for love and compare it to a love potion.

Gavin Kennedy “Anything can be agreed upon!”

Gavin Kennedy is the world's leading negotiator. The author rightly notes that we all begin to negotiate in childhood, and even when we have not really learned to speak. Moreover, some already know how to negotiate and achieve everything they need, while others, instead of what they want, receive punishment in the form of a reprimand or spanking. “The strength of child negotiators,” Kennedy writes, “lies in the asymmetry of values—theirs and yours. They quickly notice what is most important to you - and by threatening to take it away from you, they get what they need." Based on their ability to negotiate, Gavin Kennedy divides people into Donkeys, Sheep, Foxes and Owls. Donkeys don’t even realize that there is such a possibility as to reach an agreement. Sheep are happy to receive exactly as much as they are given. Foxes are aware of what is happening and are convinced that they deserve to get what they sought. And only wise Owls are able to see the prospects for negotiations and agreements. Which category of people we belong to can be determined using the tests contained in the book.

It teaches the basics of the negotiation process and makes our thinking more flexible, which is important if we want to win. For example, the author writes that the worst thing we can do during negotiations is “to accept the first offer. It undermines faith both in ourselves and in the completed transaction.”

Sapiens, Yuval Noah Harari

“This book opened my eyes. And this is the best work I have read - in any field,” writes the author of the note. The book describes the history of mankind. Harari writes that at least six subspecies of humans existed on Earth in the past, but all but Homo Sapiens eventually became extinct. It reveals the reasons why Homo Sapiens were able to gain dominance on the planet and how man evolved.

“Regardless of skin color, ethnicity and history, we have more in common than we have in common. But unfortunately, we remain predictable primates,” the author concludes.

Excerpt from the book:

Capitalist and consumer ethics are two sides of the same coin, two complementary commandments. The first commandment of a rich man: “Invest.” The first commandment for everyone else: “Buy!”

Most previous ethical systems presented people with difficult choices. A person could count on eternal bliss, but for this he needed tolerance and compassion, he had to free himself from greed and anger, and renounce selfish interests. For most, this was an impossible task. The history of ethics is a sad tale of beautiful ideals that no one lives up to. Most Christians do not imitate Christ, most Buddhists do not find the strength to follow Buddha, and Confucius would have had a stroke at the sight of most Confucians.

Today, most people happily follow the capitalist-consumerist ideal. The new ethic promises paradise provided that the rich remain greedy and try to earn more money, and the masses give free rein to their desires and buy and buy without measure. The first religion in history whose followers do exactly what they are called to do. But how do we know that we will be rewarded by receiving heaven? Oh yes, we were told on TV.

Elizabeth Gilbert "Eat, Pray, Love"

This autobiographical novel by an American writer immediately became a bestseller, on which the film “Eat, Pray, Love” was made. And although the main character of the novel is a woman, the book will certainly be interesting to men as well. After all, it tells how a person, who, after a divorce, lost his footing and plunged into severe depression, gradually returns to the joys of life and rethinks its values. In search of herself, the main character, Liz, travels first to Italy, and then to India and Indonesia. “God never slams a door in your face without opening a box of chocolates,” she remembers the proverb and begins to learn Italian, agrees to an invitation to come from a guru from India and a wise old Indonesian from Bali. The book contains many detailed descriptions of the heroine’s experiences and thoughts, so it may not appeal to fans of edgy plots.

“I organized my own salvation,” says the main character. This means that she herself took responsibility for her life, “pulled herself together” and ultimately found her happiness. This book is called a textbook on psychology and a cure for depression.

“Children of Irena. The dramatic story of the woman who saved 2,500 children from the Warsaw ghetto"

This is the story of Irena Sendler, a fragile woman who was not afraid to resist Hitler’s deadly machine. Her name is on a par with Oskar Schindler, who contributed to saving people from ghettos and concentration camps.

When World War II began, Irena Sendler was 29 years old. She became an activist in the Resistance movement and an employee of the Warsaw Health Department. Thanks to this, she often visited the Warsaw Ghetto, and under this cover, she and her comrades took 2,500 children out of the ghetto. Irena kept a list of all the rescued children and hid it in her friend’s garden in order to find relatives after the war. In 1943, after denunciation and torture, she was sentenced to execution and saved by her comrades in the Resistance movement. Her achievements were recognized at the highest level, and she was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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