How to set up a compass on a Samsung phone. Where is the compass in Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus?

Compass online on your phone without downloading

Well, let's start with what was initially given to us on the phone using iOS and Android as an example. We already have it in standard basic applications, where there is a calculator and a calendar. And it works even without the Internet, which is important in a deep forest, for example. Take a look at your desktop and find it.

Opening it we see a standard picture of a compass. Depending on the direction of the iPhone, the direction of north, south, west or east is shown. The accuracy of readings may be affected by the magnetic field. Also at the bottom of the screen are the coordinates where you are. For more accurate orientation, hold the phone parallel to the ground. To see where you are on the map, click on the coordinates and you will be taken to the maps.

If the application does not determine your position, then you need to see if you have geolocation enabled. For this:

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > and click “Location Services”;

  2. So, in the picture above it says “On”, if you have “Off”, then turn on this function.

Compass by Fulmine Software

A popular application that also does not require an Internet connection to function properly. In addition to the standard compass functionality, there is a navigation mode without a GPS signal. There is a pleasant and clear user interface.

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Developer: Fulmine Software

Price: Free

How the compass works on your phone

Of course, the principle of operation of a magnetic compass differs significantly from the application. Although the final result of their work is approximately the same. It works on the phone based on a GPS navigator. Or using sensors, depending on the type of smartphone. This could be a basic accelerometer sensor (a device that responds to all movements). It is considered basic, since it is found in any, even the most inexpensive device.

There is also another sensor, Gyroscope. It also helps track movements, but does this by measuring its angle of inclination relative to the ground. Steve Jobs once talked about it. If you are interested, you can search for a video on Youtube, he covered in detail the principle of operation. Modern smartphones have two sensors at once.

How to improve the accuracy of the navigator on a Samsung smartphone?

geolocation service on your smartphone, you can receive more complete information from all kinds of services and applications on your phone, taking into account your location, for example: transport schedules, restaurants nearby or search results in the area.
The term "geolocation" means determining the actual geographic location of an electronic device. And in many cases, the accuracy of its determination, especially for car owners, is fundamentally important. Car navigation is a technology for calculating the optimal route for a vehicle to travel on roads and then guiding it along the route.

For car navigation, in addition to accurate location determination, parameters such as vehicle speed and orientation are also required.

Smartphones have several sensors and corresponding software that allows you to solve auto navigation issues.

To improve the accuracy of the navigator on your Samsung smartphone, you need to configure two services:

iOS app - Best Compass

Don't like the built-in app? Then download the analogue, in principle they are all the same and differ in design. Well, some have additional functions built in. For example, there is a built-in ability to search for the qibla so that you can perform a Muslim ritual and know where to go.

For example, let's show Best Compass. Many people like its beautiful and sophisticated design.

It shows not only north, south, east and west, but also azimuth and angle. There is:

  1. The Qibla feature will help you find the direction to Mecca at any time and find out the distance to it;
  2. You can create your own list of places and share them with other people;
  3. There is an air quality indicator, you will know when it is better to go outside;
  4. Practical information such as altitude, sunrise or sunset times will also help you avoid getting lost during your hike. A flashlight will help you find your way when it gets dark.
  5. The guide will tell you how to determine the direction of light without a smartphone.

Professional look, magnetic and true direction, GPS coordinates and location will make using this app a pleasure.

Standard smartphone application and third-party applications

Determining the direction of the cardinal points works under the influence of a magnetic field sensor built into the device. A magnetometer is present on all modern devices. Reliable information about its availability is provided by the Sensor utility from the Play Market. Based on the location of the phone in space, the compass provides location data. You can use the standard function built into the phone using a Google map. Once you open it, an arrow will appear on the screen, which always points in the north direction. Use the function in the same way through the built-in Yandex navigator.


Sometimes situations arise when the arrow displays information incorrectly or does not change position at all. In this case, you will need a simple setup that does not require installing additional programs. The procedure is called compass calibration. The accuracy is adjusted by changing the position of the phone in space by turning it in different directions.

How to determine the cardinal directions in an apartment with a compass?

There are various reasons why you might want to determine the cardinal direction in your room. Perhaps you are a follower of Feng Shui and believe that your sleep can depend on the position of your head while sleeping. Or a lover of indoor flowers, identify features so that excessive sun or its absence does not harm the plants.

Previously, such natural phenomena as sunrise and sunset were used for definition. And to find the direction of the world, people looked for the location of the polar star. But we will make everything even simpler, we will determine it using Google Maps. With it, you can determine at any time, having the Internet, where is north and where is south.

  1. Open Google map -;
  2. There is one peculiarity: when you open this map, the north is always at the top. Just don’t need to twist it yourself initially, as you will change the location. And knowing this fact, we place our sides;

  3. If you want to see your locality, enter its name in the search bar. Then determine where your house is on the map and understand which side is which.

If you want to know how to do this without the Internet and gadgets, watch the video below.

Compass apps for Android

Modern technologies have made it possible to install many previously unavailable sensors into smartphones and tablets, turning them into a device that James Bond would envy. One of these sensors is a magnetometer, which is essentially an electronic compass. Of course, programs have appeared that allow you to work with this sensor.


A functional compass application created by a developer from France. It contains, among other things, the calculation of both geographic and magnetic North. Additional orientation using GPS is also supported.

Thanks to GPS, this compass is able to navigate to places specified by the user, as well as show their geographical coordinates. The disadvantages of this application are that some of the functionality is available only in the paid version and the lack of Russian language.


A simple and beautiful compass application from a Russian developer. The modern interface looks very stylish, and interesting functionality in the form of interaction with GPS makes it a worthy competitor to many other compasses.

Among the notable features, we note the display of current geographic coordinates and location addresses, switching between the real and magnetic poles, and display of the strength of the magnetic field at a given point in space. In addition, the program also shows the offset relative to the initial point registered at startup. Cons: presence of advertising and a paid version with advanced display options.

Material Compass

As the name implies, the program is made in the latest Material Design. However, in addition to a modern, beautiful design, the program boasts a wide range of features.

Despite the minimalistic display, this program is a real combine: in addition to direction, Material Compass is able to show temperature, pressure, light, level and strength of the magnetic field (provided you have these sensors in your device). Of course, some may find the application’s lack of information content to be a drawback, but this can be tolerated, given the lack of advertising and versions with additional functions for money.

Compass (Fulmine Software)

An advanced terrain orientation application with a number of unique options. Firstly, it is worth noting how informative the application interface is.

Secondly, like many of the programs above, this compass is able to work in tandem with GPS, showing the latitude, longitude and address of a location. Unlike competitors, this application can display a notification in the status bar, which can be turned on at will, or work directly on the lock screen (the latest versions of Android are required). Let's add to this orientation by wind rose, customization of coordinate display formats, wide customization options, and we get one of the best solutions on the market. The downside is the presence of advertising and paid unlocking of some options.

Digital Compass

One of the oldest applications for working with a built-in magnetometer. In addition to its pleasant design, it is distinguished by increased accuracy thanks to algorithms for interaction with the magnetic field sensor and related functionality.

Among the characteristic features, we note the presence of switching between the geographical and magnetic poles, an inclination level indicator and a display of field strength. In addition, Digital Compass can be used to check the accuracy and condition of the relevant sensors. Like many other apps, this one has ads, which can be disabled by purchasing the Pro version.

Compass (Gamma Play)

Also one of the patriarchs of mobile compasses. It features an interesting approach to the user interface - the experience of use is almost no different from the experience of working with a real tourist compass. All thanks to the virtual bezel, which allows you to set the azimuth.

Otherwise, the program does not stand out anything else remarkable - it doesn’t even work with GPS. However, lovers of ascetic solutions will like this. Yes, there are ads here too, as well as the Pro version with additional functionality. But there is no Russian language, although the developer could take the trouble to translate a few lines.

Compass: Smart Compass

One of the components of the professional Smart Tools package, the most popular solution on the market for tourists and representatives of working professions, capable of replacing many tools. Like other elements, the implementation of functions is excellent: in addition to the informative appearance, the application has many additional functions.

For example, there are several display modes - cameras to improve orientation, or Google maps. In addition, Smart Compass contains such an interesting function as a metal detector (!). Of course, you won’t find treasure with it, but it’s quite possible to find a steel needle on the bed. Add here fast and precise operation, and you get the ultimate option, suitable for everyone. The impression will be spoiled only by advertising and the lack of some functionality in the free version - the purchased version is free of such shortcomings.

Modern smartphones have replaced many items that were previously almost irreplaceable. Among them was a compass, thanks to the magnetic field sensors built into even budget devices. Fortunately, the choice of software for working with this sensor is quite large.

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What NFC looks like

The module resembles a microchip, although it is different everywhere. Moreover, the technology is an extension of ISO/IEC 14443, that is, a contactless card. NFC-enabled devices can communicate with ISO/IEC 14443-compliant devices and with NFC-enabled devices. Since we've already mentioned contactless cards, it's worth briefly describing how these similarities lie.

Magnetic induction of two antenna loops located next to each other. It is based on the publicly available and unlicensed 13.56 MHz ISM radio frequency.

The technology is used, among others, in Google Pay Android, as well as in the Apple Watch and Swatch Bellamy (signed by Swatch and Visa corporations). Also, NFC-based wireless payments can complement or replace electronic tickets in the form of chip or magnetic cards.

Regarding disabling - if you use payments on your smartphone every day, you will not want to disable NFC. However, deactivation has an advantage. When the module is turned off, the fraudster will not be able to download money from the device, even in public transport. But unfortunately, this solution has a drawback. Whenever you want to pay using your phone, you will have to activate it. If you don't use phone payments or your bank doesn't support them, you can easily turn it off.

NFC and Bluetooth. Both technologies allow data to be transmitted over short distances. NFC is slower than Bluetooth, but uses less power and doesn't require phones to be paired. The maximum data transfer rate when using NFC is 424 kbps, and for Bluetooth (2.1) - 2.1 Mbps.

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