11 books that will help every woman understand herself

Updated: 04/01/2019 18:19:02
*Review of the best according to the editors of expertology.ru. About the selection criteria. This material is subjective in nature, does not constitute advertising and does not serve as a purchase guide. Before purchasing, consultation with a specialist is required.

Bookstore shelves are filled with all sorts of psychology textbooks. Some books promise to make your life happy and successful, others help you understand the behavior of others, and others promise to gain self-confidence and find a life partner. Unfortunately, not all print media are effective. Among the works of genius there are books that will be a waste of time.

When choosing the best works on psychology for women, we encountered certain difficulties, and now we decided to give some important tips on how to distinguish a worthwhile work:

  1. Don't get hung up on the book cover. It is important to pay attention to the author’s photograph and biography, and in particular to the writer’s personal life.
  2. It is worth opening the book to any page and reading 1-2 paragraphs. If the text is not captivating and seems boring, it is better not to waste money.
  3. It is important to choose good books on psychology that are aimed at improving life, finding yourself, and not at destroying other people's happiness.
  4. It is worth getting acquainted with reader reviews on the Internet about a particular book.

When choosing between Russian and foreign authors, it is difficult to say which writer is better. Therefore, we decided to divide the ranking of the best books into two categories. In it we reflected the most popular works on psychology, which received many positive reviews from women.

The purpose of psychological literature

If the reader has not read books on psychology before, then even the basic concepts will be new to him. Such literature lays the basic foundations for the functioning of the human mind and subconscious.

Thanks to psychological works, it becomes possible to streamline the flow of thoughts and come to a clear understanding of grace. After reading such books, a person tries to become aware of himself, analyze his actions, and find out the root causes of behavior.

In the absence of knowledge in the field of psychology, in an unusual situation, a person will act at random. And a prepared reader will act more rationally - solve the problem in the best way.

Three Comrades Erich Maria Remarque

Three friends - Robbie, the desperate race car driver Kester and the "last romantic" Lenz - went through the First World War. Returning to civilian life, they founded a small auto repair shop. And although the ghosts of the past haunt them, they do not lose heart - after all, what could be better than friendship, strong and faithful, for which one can give their all? Probably only love that knows no boundaries and limits. Beautiful and sad Pat, Robbie's tender lover, dispels the darkness of the meaninglessness of his existence. However, the newfound happiness is threatened by echoes of the same war - existing not only in the memory and consciousness of the heroes, but harshly embodied in reality...

Literature on female psychology

For women, such literature is relevant, since they are more susceptible to emotions than the male half.

The best books on female psychology are given below:

  1. “Running with the Wolves” by K. Estes. The author describes the life of strong independent women in modern conditions. The point is that every woman has the strength and energy for a fulfilling life.
  2. “9 Rooms of Happiness” by L. Denziger. The book talks about achieving happiness here and now.
  3. “I’m alone at home...” E. Mikhailova. A worthwhile work that teaches female representatives to value and love themselves regardless of circumstances.
  4. “Holy prostitute...” N. Corbett. The depth of the spiritual world of a woman who is trying to find a balance between sexual attraction and romantic love is described.

When you need to be freer

We are limited by fears, anxiety, self-doubt and other people's influence - all this can be overcome. Below are three books that tell you how.

More about the book

Scott Stossel

The Age of Anxiety

"Fears, hopes, neuroses and the search for peace of mind"

Chronic stress is a hallmark of our era, and anxiety has become something of a cultural phenomenon of our time. Every sixth person in the world suffers from neurotic disorders, and at this pace of life, this is not surprising. Scott Stossel has been looking for ways to overcome phobias and fears since he was ten years old, and he has a lot to teach you.

More about the book

Irina Khakamada


"How to Live Many Lives"

What to do if everything around you has lost its meaning, is annoying or just boring? How to start over when there is no strength, inspiration and it seems that everything has gone wrong? Irina Khakamada offers her knowledge and experience. She talks about losses and gains, about motivation and energy, about how to turn on the “reset” button and not be afraid to start from scratch.

More about the book

Alexander Solovyov

Cockroaches under control

“How to make your inhibitions work for you”

The author of the book, practicing psychophysiologist Alexander Solovyov, believes that complexes are not just human weaknesses, psychological “blocks” or bad habits, but autonomous entities living in the human psyche. Actively feeding on the energy of consciousness, complexes often lead to nervous exhaustion and become the cause of the development of psychosomatic diseases. How can we learn to control them, turning them from parasites into helpers?

More about the book

Mark Manson

The subtle art of not giving a damn

"A paradoxical way to live happily"

Manson's philosophy of life is simple - you need to learn the art of not giving a damn. Having determined what you really care about, you need to be able to give a damn about everything that is not important, forget about difficulties, say to hell with other people's opinions and be ready to face failures and show them the middle finger.

More about the book

Nikita Nepryakhin

I'm manipulating you

“Methods of counteracting hidden influence”

A comprehensive practical guide that should become a reference book for everyone who does not want to become a victim of someone else's influence. The author describes in detail the scenarios of the 13 most dangerous manipulations and 30 most common tricks, constantly used not only by the media, advertisers and politicians, but also, perhaps, by people close to you. No more tears and aggression due to external pressure.

Recommended reading for women

Among the main books on psychology, specifically in the field of women, several of the most heartfelt can be distinguished. They help to rethink the current situation and look at the situation from a different angle. Psychological books for women are:

  1. "Pride and Prejudice" by D. Austen is a classic novel that tells the story of a poor woman with a rich spiritual world and dignity. The book is imbued with the spirit of feminism and female power.
  2. "Twilight" by S. Mayer is a saga about vampires living in the modern world. The author describes the multifaceted world of half-humans who are capable of love and sacrifice.
  3. “The Secret World of a Shopaholic” by S. Kinsella reveals the problems of modernity and dependence on other people’s opinions.
  4. “The Obstinate Target” by T. Polyakov describes the story of a girl who got into trouble and is trying to solve it.
  5. “Burning Hearts” by D. Lindsay. The book takes the reader back to the days of slavery. A situation is described in which one slave tries to make a noble lord fall in love with her.

The science of our psyche

The only thing more exciting than self-examination is the study of scientific experiments and psychological phenomena. The selection includes unique works on logotherapy, secrets of the Stanford prison experiment and notes from a neuroscientist who changed her life by hacking the brain.

More about the book

Sandy Mann

Hacking Psychology

“All psychological theories in one book”

Learn about the history of psychology, the theories that shaped society, and the experiments that changed the world—with biographies of the most influential psychologists of our time, and take a look at fascinating psychological phenomena such as Freud's slip and false memory. Plus how you can use psychology to feel happier, deal with anger, tell when someone is lying, encourage someone to quit smoking, improve your memory, and much more.

More about the book

Wendy Suzuki

The strange girl who fell in love with the brain

“How knowledge of neurobiology helps you become more attractive, happier and better”

World-famous neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki woke up one morning and realized that, by and large, she was a failure. Having enormous merits in the scientific field, she achieved nothing in her personal life! There is no husband, no children, no friends, and my physical form leaves much to be desired. Based on her deep knowledge of the brain, Wendy has developed an original method of physical exercise that can change your way of thinking and your entire life.

More about the book

Philip Zimbardo

Lucifer effect

"Why good people turn into villains"

Philip Zimbardo is the author of the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment. The book is about this experiment: about the idea, preparation, selection process and construction of the student prison, as well as about the horrors due to which the experiment had to be completed much ahead of schedule. The book answers the global question: how could completely identical and mentally healthy people turn into cold-blooded villains and depressed victims?

More about the book

Victor Frankl

Logotherapy and existential analysis

"Articles and lectures"

Viktor Frankl is a psychiatrist, psychologist, neurologist, philosopher and founder of the Third Vienna School of Psychotherapy. This book is based on 13 articles and lectures on logotherapy written over 60 years of work. This book is an event for logotherapists, psychotherapists, psychologists, teachers, and everyone who thinks about the meaning of life and ways to find it.

Other books by Viktor Frankl

The best works about the relationship between a man and a woman

The most popular works about relationships are:

  1. “Men Acquisition” N. Rybitskaya teaches women lessons on how to win the man they want. There are also tips on how to keep it under various life circumstances.
  2. “Basic Instinct” I. Vagin. The book describes the author's sexual experience, which reveals the secrets of relationships. The reader plunges into his desires and secret thoughts.
  3. “You Know Nothing About Men” by S. Harvey. The work provides specific recommendations on how to improve relationships with your loved one. Everything is described in detail and accessible.
  4. “Three main questions. Family happiness" A. Kurpatov. The writer talks about improving relations between spouses who have been married for quite a long time. In the book, the reader can find answers to many questions, including intimate ones.
  5. “Traumatology of Love” by V. Levi. The author advises women not to focus on bad experiences and mental trauma, but to try to move forward towards a bright future.
  6. “The Psychology of a Modern Woman” by A. Libin is an interesting training that teaches women to love and value themselves, and to find internal reserves for building new relationships.

“Education with the heart. No rules or conditions, Alfie Kohn

A book that will be useful to anyone interested in issues of child education. Its author is Alfie Kohn, a psychologist and independent researcher in the field of education and human behavior. He believes that the world's most popular approach to raising children is fundamentally wrong. Modern works and methods teach adults to defend their power and force the younger generation to meet all expectations. But, according to the author, all this is more like training animals.

In his book, he suggests approaching understanding children (and every person!) differently and answering the question: what does a child need and how can we help him get it?
Alfie Kohn makes you understand that one of the most important needs of a child is to always be loved! Even when he is wrong and makes mistakes (5 phrases that need to be said to a preschooler every day, look here). You cannot build education on rewards and punishments - with this approach, anyone will get the feeling that they are treated well only at moments when they behave correctly. In this book you will find practical tips and strategies that will help not only in raising children, but also clarify many aspects of life. Text: Anya Sherstneva

Books to increase self-esteem

Among the many literary works, several publications that are valuable specifically for women stand out, helping to increase self-esteem and create a new view of the world. These bestsellers are in great demand. After reading such a book, the reader will receive unforgettable impressions and emotions:

  1. “Forest Gump” by W. Groom, on which the famous film of the same name was based. Describes that even a stupid person can achieve a lot if he has a kind soul and loves the world around him.
  2. “The Seagull Called Jonathan Livingston” by R. Bach. Thanks to the work, the reader will believe in his strengths and capabilities. The unusual format of the book helps to rethink the meaning of life: it describes the life of a bird that wanted to be different from others.
  3. S. King "The Shawshank Redemption" is the best publication for those who have lost hope and lost faith. The main thing is to be yourself and not contradict your beliefs.

Books of this kind also include “Fear and Trembling” by A. Nothomb, “The Alchemist” by P. Coelho.

“Childhood test. On the way to yourself", Natalya Inina

Today everyone understands the important role childhood and youth play in a person’s destiny. After all, it is during this period that all knowledge and feelings are laid down, which will become the main guides along the entire path of life. And if something in your history does not turn out the way you would like, and fears and anxieties appear more and more often, then the reasons for their occurrence should also be sought in childhood memories.

Psychologist and psychotherapist Natalya Inina is sure that any complexes, grievances against parents and other toxic memories are negative ballast of the past, which prevents one from being happy in the present and in the future. With the help of her book, she proposes to defuse these “time bombs” - based on practice, the author clearly shows and explains the role of childhood in adulthood. It will help you understand all the issues that interfere with your life, as well as get rid of old and new complexes, and therefore from feelings of guilt and fear.

What to read for self-development

A woman's wisdom has always been highly valued by society. Such personalities attract males and are usually the center of attention. Therefore, self-development is an important part of human development. By reading books on self-development, a woman improves her personal qualities.

Well-known publications on women's self-development:

  1. “How to Make Anyone Fall in Love with You” by L. Lowndes is an easy and short work with advice on achieving a happy life.
  2. “The School of Geisha in Ten Simple Lessons” by E. Takana teaches lessons on seducing a man using the methods of geishas.
  3. “The Bitch Handbook” by S. Kronn is an unusual work based on the fact that men are attracted to spectacular and bitchy women.

Also notable works are: “The Duel with Betrayal” by N. Tolstaya, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” by S. Covey, “Work, Money, Love” by N. Grace.

Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth. Stereotypes against women"

Naomi Wolf is a feminist and sociologist. She dedicated her book to the pressure that modern culture puts on women. In the 21st century, women not only have to work on an equal basis with men, but also look according to certain canons.

Naomi Wolf believes that a woman’s task is to free herself from this pressure and abandon crippling “beauty practices”, not compare herself with some ephemeral “beauty ideals” and release her true femininity. This book can change your views about yourself, which is sometimes very painful. However, if you strive for independence and want to learn how to be yourself in the full sense of the word, you should definitely read it!

Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë

Charlotte Brontë's second novel, Jane Eyre, published in 1847, brought the writer instant fame. This is a book about true feelings and devotion to ideals, about disappointed hopes and generosity, about a noble, strong-willed, passionate girl who remained faithful to her love, despite the blows of fate. A poignant story with a happy ending - a timeless classic of English literature.

Slaughterhouse-Five Kurt Vonnegut

A volunteer in the ranks of the American army during World War II, captured by the Germans, and witness to the almost complete destruction of Dresden, Vonnegut transferred this experience to the pages of his most famous novel, Slaughterhouse-Five, or the Children's Crusade, in which the lines between present and past, peace and war, reality and fantasy, madness and sobriety.

Carrie Stephen King

A small provincial town in New England overnight becomes a “dead town.” Corpses lie in the streets, deadly flames rage above the houses. And this whole nightmare of the fiery Apocalypse is the work of one person, the girl Carrie, the pathetic, frightened daughter of an eccentric widow. For many years, Carrie's talent for telekinesis lay dormant, only to wake up one day. And then death came to the town...

Night train to Innsbruck Denise Woods

Former lovers Richard and Francis meet by chance on the Rome-Innsbruck night train. Frances is one of those unkempt wanderers with a backpack on her shoulders, for whom the whole world is an endless holiday, and they are welcome guests on it. Richard is a successful London architect. They were united by a common passion - passion for travel. Four years ago they were traveling by train through the lifeless desert of Sudan, but during one of the stops Richard disappeared in the most mysterious way... All these years they dreamed of meeting, but no matter how ardent these dreams were, now none of them were ready for a date . Each of them told their part of the story. At first they often interrupted each other, but then for the most part they listened in silence. Everyone was shocked by the sounds of a once-loved voice in the darkness of the compartment, and by the story that this voice was telling. And everyone suspected that the interlocutor was lying.

Great Expectations Charles Dickens

“Great Expectations,” one of Dickens’s last works and the crown jewel of his work, tells the story of the life of young Philip Pirrip, nicknamed Pip in his childhood. Pip's dreams of a career, love and prosperity in the “world of gentlemen” are shattered in an instant, as soon as he learns the terrible secret of his unknown patron, who is being pursued by the police. Money, stained with blood and marked with the seal of crime, as Pip is convinced, cannot bring happiness. And what is it, this happiness? And where will his dreams and great hopes lead the hero? In 2012, the novel was once again superbly filmed by the creator of the films “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire”, “Mona Lisa Smile”, “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” and “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, directed by Michael Newell with the participation of Helena Bonham Carter and Ralph Fiennes."

American Tragedy" Theodore Dreiser

The novel “An American Tragedy” is the pinnacle of the work of the outstanding American writer Theodore Dreiser. He said: “No one creates tragedies - life creates them. Writers only portray them.” Dreiser managed to portray the tragedy of Clyde Griffiths so talentedly that his story does not leave the modern reader indifferent. A young man who has tasted all the charm of the life of the rich is so eager to establish himself in their society that he commits a crime for this.

A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess

“A Clockwork Orange” is a literary paradox of the twentieth century. Continuing the futuristic traditions in literature, experimenting with the language spoken by the frontier generation of malltshipalltshikov and kisok “oversatiated” people, Anthony Burgess creates a novel recognized as a classic of modern literature. The smart, cruel, charismatic anti-hero Alex, the leader of a street gang, preaching violence as a high art of life, as a form of pleasure, falls into the iron grip of the latest government program for the re-education of criminals and himself becomes a victim of violence. Is it possible to save the world from evil by depriving a person of the will to commit actions and turning him into a “clockwork orange”? This question is as relevant today as it was yesterday, and this is the question the author asks the reader.

Wren - songbird Reshad Nuri Guntekin

After the death of her parents, young Feride is raised in her aunt's house with her son Kamran. Having matured, Feride falls in love with his cousin, but carefully hides his feelings. Pretty soon it turns out that Kamran is also not indifferent to the girl. The newlyweds set a wedding date. But suddenly Feride finds out that Kamran has someone else. In despair, the girl runs away from home, never to return there. She still has no idea what shocks await her ahead and what intrigues will play out behind her back.

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