How to live correctly or 100 tips on how to make your life better

How to live correctly or 100 ways to make your life better. Read!

We must live a meaningful life so that in our last moments on earth we have no regrets. This means that everything we do must have a purpose. Every decision we make leads to a certain result.

Wealth, fame and position do not guarantee a fulfilling life. Living our purpose and helping others is truly rewarding.

Here are 100 tips to help make your life better. Read and think about which of them can be applied specifically to you.

Psychological attitude

To simplify your life, you must first change your thinking, and only then your habits and lifestyle. Let's start by working on the right attitude.

Set global goals

The more specific and desirable your goals in life are, the more effective and efficient your actions will be. Goals in life are the engine of progress and the source of motivation.

When your goals are desired and understood, and you make efforts to achieve them, then you stop thinking about what to do with yourself and how to spend the evening. Life is much easier without these tiresome thoughts. If you haven't set goals in life yet, you need to work on it.

Don't worry about failures

Failure is always a valuable experience, a chance to correct mistakes and try again. And there is no point in worrying about them. If you fail, it means you are moving forward and not standing still. Remember - only those who do nothing make no mistakes.

Many famous people suffered many failures before achieving unprecedented success. Walt Disney was turned down by hundreds of studios before he was able to bring his ideas to life. He did not lose heart and did not give up. He understood that failure is not the end, and there is still a chance. You too understand.

Get rid of stress

Stress is the result of being in situations in which you feel uncomfortable. Every time you find yourself in a similar situation, ask yourself: “how can I avoid this in the future?” And take action. Gradually you will get rid of most stressful situations.

Of course, you won't be able to get rid of stress completely. But try to minimize it. And remember that difficulties are tests that strengthen you. Start treating difficulties as valuable lessons, and you will begin to experience less stress.

Don't try to please everyone

One of the biggest mistakes is trying to please everyone and please everyone. Don't strive for this. Make sure your friends and family love you, and stop paying attention to others.

Admit your shortcomings

Absolutely everyone has shortcomings. You can, of course, poison your life by asking the question: “Why do I need this?” Or you can finally understand that people don’t really care about your shortcomings, they are focused on their own. Try to approach your shortcomings with humor. Remember that the one who truly loves you will not notice them.

In addition, each has both disadvantages and advantages. Focus on your strengths, develop them and make your strengths even stronger.

How to live in peace with yourself?

So what can you do to make life better?

1. Find your purpose in life.

You are not an accident. Your existence has a purpose, and to find it, you need to turn to your purpose. Look for him.

2. Set short and long term goals.

Finishing a book this month is an example of a short-term goal. Starting your own business or maintaining a healthy body are long-term goals.

3. Distribute your goals over time.

Your goals should be limited in time. This is how willpower and self-discipline are developed.

4. Find good books to better understand yourself.

There are many self-help books that can help you change your life for the better.

5. Take one step at a time.

Don't try to do everything at once. One day is one thing. This way, you can achieve your goals without unnecessary stress.

6. Live every day as if it were your last.

Think that today could be your last day on earth. Show your best side, enjoy the moments with your loved ones and stop wasting time on unnecessary things.

7. Always weigh your decisions.

To avoid or at least minimize mistakes, carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

8. Keep a diary.

A diary will help you track your progress and remember joyful and remarkable moments in life. Over time, you will be grateful that you can return to these memories.

9. Turn your experiences into notes.

Use the lessons you learn from your experiences to inspire others. Blogging is one of the fastest ways to spread information these days.

10. Take time to slow down and enjoy life.

No matter how busy you are, remember the beauty around you and cherish the time you spend with your loved ones.

11. Take criticism as a challenge to improve.

How to live correctly? Don't let other people's harsh comments get you down. Use them as a source of inspiration.

12. Summarize the day before going to bed.

Take time at the end of the day to evaluate the actions you have taken. Identify the positive and negative points. This is actionable advice to make your life better.

13. Develop your talents.

Unused talents will disappear over time, so develop your abilities and use them for good.

14. Create a list of what you want to do.

List the goals that you dream of achieving in life. Every small victory will be a measure of your success.

15. Take risks.

Don't let the fear of failure stop you from doing great things. If you don't take risks, you won't be able to move forward.

16. Don't regret mistakes.

Mistakes are part of growing up. They help shape you into who you are, so don't regret making mistakes.

17. Learn to forgive.

Whenever someone hurts you, be willing to forgive so you don't harbor any grudges. This is a must-have to learn how to live correctly.

18. Challenge yourself, try more.

Don't settle for average success. Aim for higher goals so you can expand your capabilities.

19. Dedicate your life to God.

How to live correctly and act according to your conscience? If you believe that God is your creator, then there is nothing more meaningful than dedicating yourself to Him.

20. Spend time with God daily.

Quiet time with God will help you get to know Him more and understand His will better.

How to Make Life Easier by Changing Your Habits

Our behavior is largely determined by habitual actions. However, familiar does not always mean effective. We will touch on those habits that will help put things in order and simplify your life.

Set up a daily routine

Once you get used to going to bed and getting up at the same time, you will soon begin to fall asleep quickly and get up easier in the morning. This means you will feel better and work more efficiently.

This habit is not created in one day. It may take you weeks for your daily routine to improve, for you to fall asleep quickly and wake up easily in the morning. But believe me, it's worth it. Morning happens every day, and it’s better when it’s not painful for you.

Stop watching TV

TV is not only a waste of time, but also negative emotions from watching the news. The best way to stop watching it is to get rid of it, at a minimum so that it is not in your room. If you cannot imagine your life without TV, then at first it will be difficult for you. However, when you notice how much more time you have and your thoughts have become clearer, you will no longer want to go back to watching TV.

Start waking up the first time

Morning is one of the hardest moments of the day. And if you manage to learn to get up in the morning with ease, your life will become noticeably easier. The best way is not to torment yourself in the morning by setting your alarm clock, but to gather your willpower and get up the first time.

This is greatly hampered by the desire to “sleep” an extra few minutes. But this will not only not help you get enough sleep, but will also add unnecessary stress to your body and take away your strength. This can and must be fought.

Keep a diary

A diary is a great way to relieve yourself of the need to keep everything in your head. There is no need to make grandiose plans for each day - plan only the important events that you need to remember, and also make a short plan for the day, which will include the most important things.

Watch your health

The best way to be healthy is to regularly check your body and take timely measures to prevent diseases. Get in the habit of doing a full body exam every year.

In addition, start drinking clean water more often - this is a source of health and excellent well-being. A glass of water in the morning, with the addition of a slice of lemon, is especially useful. Pure water speeds up metabolism and improves well-being. And feeling great is an important step in making life easier.

How can you live correctly in a family?

21. Put family, not career, and friends first.

Your job and friends are important, but family is more important. She will probably stay with you until the end.

22. Eat meals with your family as often as possible.

Sometimes the only time we can all get together is during meals. Give this time your maximum attention.

23. Visit your grandparents.

Most elderly people are lonely because their family members are busy with their jobs. Take time to visit your loved ones and listen to their stories.

24. Read bedtime stories to your children.

Reading bedtime stories is a good way to bond with your children. In addition, books help develop their imagination.

25. Visit your brothers and sisters from time to time.

You may be adults with separate lives, but you and your siblings should maintain a close bond. Make time to meet or at least give them a call.

26. Pray with your family.

“A family that prays together stays together.” It takes faith to be one when you face challenges.

27. Initiate family devotion.

Don't just pray together, but get into the habit of meeting daily as a family and discussing the scriptures.

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28. Meet with your parents.

No matter how busy you are, make time for your parents. Invite them to dinner from time to time.

29. Don't lose touch with your brothers and sisters.

Plan a holiday trip with them, or a trip to the movies. Make a surprise for your parents together.

30. Serve your family.

You can't spend all your time with your family. Once you have it, cook their favorite food or make them coffee.

31. Help your family with cleaning.

If your family members are busy, take the weekend to deep clean your home.

32. Motivate your family to live a healthy lifestyle.

Explain to your family the importance of eating fresh, healthy foods and avoiding unhealthy foods. Start exercising regularly.

33. Go on a family vacation.

Set a goal to travel with your family to the places you have dreamed of. Traveling together makes us very close.

34. Take time to get to know your distant relatives.

You can find your distant relatives on social networks, establish communication, and then visit them if you want.

35. Organize a family reunion.

Help your parents get together with their siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. This is a good way to meet your other relatives.

36. Give practical gifts.

When you give birthday or New Year gifts to your family members, choose ones that will be useful to them.

37. Make the most of your time with your family.

Cherish the moments when you are with your family members. Show them your love and create good memories while you are together.

38. Have dates with your spouse.

Meet occasionally as a young unmarried couple, at least once a month. This will help save your marriage.

39. Spend at least 20 minutes a day with each of your children.

No matter how busy you are, make sure you spend time with your children every day. You can help them do their homework, watch TV together, or go with them to their favorite cafe.

40. Be a role model for your children.

Teach children to help those who need this help. The best way to do this is to lead by example.

Interaction with people

Communication is an integral part of our life. And if you are surrounded by positive and pleasant people, then life will be easier. What if it's the other way around? However, the environment is always our choice, and we can and should work on the environment. Let's begin.

Get rid of sources of negativity

The greatest source of negativity in our lives, as a rule, are the people around us. For unknown reasons, they continue to be part of our social circle. However, if a person brings you more negativity, consider ending your relationship with him.

Of course, this is not so simple, especially if you have been communicating for a long time. But you can start with a small step - showing less initiative in communication. If this led to the end of the relationship, then you certainly did not lose anything - your connection was one-sided and was maintained only thanks to your efforts.

Learn to say no

The ability to refuse is the most valuable quality for a modern person, which eliminates unnecessary regrets and worries. We often promise things we don't want or shouldn't do. Perhaps we are afraid of offending, we consider ourselves obligated, or out of the goodness of our hearts we simply do not know how to say “no”.

But you need to do this if the request makes you uncomfortable. Remember: those who appreciate you will always understand and accept your refusal, and those who do not understand are not at all worth being afraid of disappointing them. How will this help make life easier? You will save yourself from many obligations that others would like to impose on you against your will. You will also find out which of those around you are reliable and who is ready to turn away after your first refusal.

Stop proving

I don’t know where people get this quality, but the desire to impose one’s own opinion or argue is common to many. However, this habit not only makes no sense, but also spoils relationships with people and undermines emotional peace.

Give up the habit of constantly proving your opinion to others. Especially those who are not dear to you. Let you have your opinion, and let them have theirs. The only exceptions are those close to you - it is necessary to convey your point of view to them, but not impose it on them.

Learn to tell the bitter truth

One of the most important decisions in my life is the decision to be open and not hide the truth from people. Yes, sometimes it can be unpleasant. But once you start telling the truth, you will become freer and will soon realize that this is much better than hiding something and lying about trifles.


Remembering the birthdays of all your friends, acquaintances and colleagues is not an easy task. So don’t bother yourself: make yourself a convenient birthday calendar, and add to it as new acquaintances appear. Check at the beginning of each month, and you certainly won’t forget about anyone. In addition, you will have the opportunity to buy gifts in advance, which is definitely a good step towards making your life easier.

Don't take everything personally

Most people tend to spend a lot of time thinking about every little thing. Sometimes it feels like life is unfair to us when something bad happens. If, for example, a loved one leaves us, then we only blame ourselves. However, it should be realized that such things should not be perceived solely in this way. After all, it may not be your fault that another person encountered certain problems that led to such a decision. Of course, we all make mistakes. But it is very important to learn from them and move forward again. After all, this is the only way to achieve success.

How to simplify your financial life

Money will not make us happier, but it is a tool for achieving goals. Of course, life is easier when they are. And for them to exist, you need to make efforts and study financial literacy.

Financial control

Make it a rule to keep track of your income and expenses. This will help you solve several problems at once. Firstly, you will always know where your money is going. Remember that feeling at the end of the month: “Where did the money go?” This issue will disappear once and for all. And secondly, by recording your expenses, you will see every ruble you spend, and this will motivate you to spend less.

Extra expenses

Once you start analyzing your expenses, within a month you will be able to see where your money is going, down to the ruble. Perhaps some item of expense will seem unnecessarily expensive to you - this is a reason to try to reduce costs. Perhaps you consider it necessary to exclude some expenses. Do it.

Put it off

The point is to start saving a small amount from each salary and other income. The most optimal is 10% of the amount received. This is approximately the figure that will be painless to save, but at the same time you will have capital quite quickly. How will this help make life easier? You may have sudden expenses at any time, and you should be prepared for them, without the need to take out a loan.

Optimize your purchases

Make a plan for your purchases in advance, buy everything you need for a week in advance and don’t go shopping every day. Yes, for this you will have to think through everything carefully, but how much time can be freed up! It is convenient to buy vegetables and fruits at the market once a week. A trip to the hypermarket with a list of groceries for the week ahead is not only a saving of time, but also money.

Pay without leaving home

Almost all banks offer their customers a mobile application that allows them to make financial transactions - “Mobile Bank”. To make financial management as easy as possible, install this application on your phone. Transfers between accounts, replenishing your balance, paying utilities - all this can be done without leaving your home

Stop worrying about the future

People tend to worry about the future, afraid that something bad might happen. We try to predict the future, prepare for it and plan for it as best we can. However, in the end everything happens as it is destined to be. And the only thing we can do is enjoy and accept the situation as a given. Life is full of surprises. And that's just wonderful. But if you constantly prepare for the worst, you will only complicate everything. Stop trying to control and predict, and enjoy what is happening.

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Throw away unnecessary things

The habit of storing things that we no longer wear and do not intend to wear is understandable - sometimes we don’t want to part with things. But believe me, if you get rid of everything you don’t wear, you will have a lot of free space and you will spend less time on the question: “what to wear today?”

Permanent places

Things in the house like to get lost - this is normal. But sometimes a lost item is needed urgently, but cannot be found. Solve this problem once and for all - think of a place for every important thing. And return it to this place every time.

Get organized

The longer you don’t put things in order, the less you want to do it. Therefore, the habit of tidying up should become regular - at least once a week.

Wash dishes immediately after eating

It is much easier to wash mugs and plates immediately after eating. This habit is useful not only from the point of view of order, but also from the point of view of economy. After all, immediately after eating, dishes are washed faster, which means less water is wasted.

Strive for minimalism

Don't create a museum in your home. Keep your things to a minimum. Only the most important ones. Strive to live in accordance with the principle: “happy is not the one who has a lot, but the one who needs less.”

Choose less over more

If you can make this a habit, you will see your life become simpler, freer and happier. Get rid of most of the non-essential things, talk less (this will allow you to hear more), eat less, dress simpler. Eliminate from your life everything that burdens you, all the negativity, because you don’t need all this. Reduce your to-do list to only the essential things, because other tasks only make you a busier person.

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How to make your workday easier

We spend about a quarter of our lives at work. And the overall level of your comfort will depend on how easy and pleasant it is for you to work.

Take short breaks

Scientists have proven that a person will work more efficiently if he rests at least 5 minutes every hour. At this time, it is best to break away from your workplace - go outside to breathe, or do eye exercises while standing by the window.

Working notebook

Work is not a place where you need to keep everything in your head. It is better to record work tasks in a convenient place where you will control them - a notepad or diary, so you will definitely not forget anything.

Order in the workplace

Maintaining order in the workplace is not at all difficult, but there are a lot of advantages. You will stop searching for documents for a long time and will work in comfort.

Leave early

Many people get so used to being late that they no longer imagine what it’s like to go out somewhere with time to spare. But this is an important element of emotional balance - to know that you are always on time. Make it a habit to always leave early.


Get rid of the habit of checking email all the time. Set aside special time for this, otherwise you will not be able to fully concentrate on completing any tasks.

Become a self-sufficient person

In reality, we don't need anyone to feel good and enjoy life. So stop waiting for “that one person.” Of course, there may be emptiness inside you. However, another person cannot fill it. First of all, you should correct your relationship with yourself. Until you start loving, appreciating and respecting yourself, you won't be able to share your life with someone special and show them that you are worthy.

How to make your life easier with technology

Technology plays an increasingly significant role in our lives every day. However, it is important that they benefit you and not complicate your life. Let's figure out how to achieve this.

Remove unnecessary apps

We never use most of the applications installed on our smartphones. Find them and remove them. This will not only free up memory, but also eliminate the need to constantly update an unnecessary application.

Optimize your photos regularly

If you like to take photographs, then your smartphone probably stores several thousand photos in its memory. This volume takes up a lot of memory, and you may not have room for an important photo. Make it a habit to transfer photos to your computer and free up memory, at least once a week.

Create a backup storage

Usually the entire archive of photographs is stored in a single copy in a laptop. But this is not the most reliable place for such important data. It's better to buy an external hard drive and back up all your photos and important files there. They don't break down as often as laptops, and your data will be safe and sound.

Stay “out of reach”

Sometimes you need to turn off your phone and be unavailable for a while. This is especially important when you spend time with loved ones. How will this help make life easier? You will be able to abstract yourself from the bustle of everyday life and work, immerse yourself in an atmosphere of relaxation and forget about your problems. And no one can call you to remind you of them, destroying your idyll.

Control the charge

Today, the mobile phone plays a rather large role in life, and when it runs out of battery, we find ourselves in an awkward situation. Prevent this situation once and for all, and buy a “pover bank” - a portable battery that can charge the battery of your smartphone anywhere. Don't forget to periodically recharge the battery.

You've learned 35 tips on how to make life easier. But just reading them is not enough – you need to put them into practice. Start applying them, and very soon you will realize that life is changing for the better!

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How to live in society correctly?

61. Be an example for others, especially children, when crossing the street at a pedestrian crossing.

Even when no one is looking or you are in a hurry, always use the pedestrian lane. Your example can save someone's life.

62. Teach children to throw trash in the trash can.

When you see a child or teen throwing trash away from the designated area, gently ask them to pick it up and throw it in the trash can. Be an example for others in this too.

63. Participate in various environmental activities.

Take part in at least one eco-project, for example, planting trees.

64. Take care of animals and teach others to do so.

Be an active advocate for animal rights and talk to other people about it.

65. Help schools teach about depression and stress.

Your help in organizing a lecture on depression awareness, especially among teenagers, may help prevent suicide.

66. Help carry out activities to provide free training to the unemployed.

You can contact a local organization that provides free training for the unemployed.

67. Be part of a prison ministry.

Even if a person is incarcerated, he deserves a second chance at life. Participate in prison activities to provide counseling, education, and gift giving to prisoners.

68. Give gifts to children in need.

You can collect toys, books, clothes, school supplies with your friends and donate them to the orphanage.

69. Take part in a charity project for disaster victims.

Donate old clothes, blankets, pillows, canned goods and other items needed by people facing floods, earthquakes, fires and other disasters.

70. Be a supporter of a healthy lifestyle.

Invite your family and friends to work out together at the gym. Explain to them the importance of eating healthy foods if they don't. This is the basis to live correctly and happily.

71. Make a video about problems in the region that you think need government attention.

If you're filming, talk about specific social issues that concern you. This will help raise awareness among the authorities and stimulate them to action.

72. Don't neglect your seat belt.

Always wear your seat belt when you are in a car, especially if you have family or other people traveling with you. Remind them of the importance of such safety measures.

73. Vote wisely during elections.

Use your voice to make changes in society. Select candidates who are known for their actions, not just their words.

74. Be an election observer.

Help strengthen oversight of elections and prevent voter fraud.

75. Participate in campaigns against vote buying.

Join campaigns to educate voters about the terrible results of bribery. Encourage them to be vigilant.

76. Use social media to spread awareness about social issues.

Instead of posting about yourself, post useful posts about pressing issues in society.

77. Help organize a job fair.

You can participate in a job fair to help unemployed people find employment.

78. Help organize personal development courses.

Some people find it difficult to get a job because they lack self-confidence. You can help organize training and improve the chances of many unemployed people finding employment.

79. Join medical volunteering.

If you are a health professional, you can participate in health events organized by the government or non-governmental organizations.

80. Join a non-governmental organization with similar beliefs to you.

There are many NGOs out there, look for one that shares your interests so you can happily serve others.

Choose Kindness

Be kind to every person with whom life brings you. And do this regardless of how people treat you. After all, you can always smile, be polite and offer help. People's situations are different, so this kind of attitude on your part can make their life a little better. And what could be more pleasant than becoming a real ray of light for another person? After all, it can change your life, filling it with meaning.

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