10 tips from a psychologist when you don’t know how to live this life

“Be willing to change your goals, but never change your values.”

We are all looking for ways and opportunities to realize our goals and desires. But in essence, we are all striving for the same thing. It doesn’t matter who we are, where we were born, who our parents are, how old we are, whether we have education and what gender we are, we want to wake up one day and be sure that our life is dear to us, that we love it, what is in front of us there is no question of how to live correctly, and we are satisfied with our life. Everything we dreamed about is in our lives.

And what we strive for, what is there in this life that we put together using puzzles, but are not always satisfied with the result, what it means to live beautifully, and how to achieve this, remains a mystery to most people. What do we want from life?

The pursuit of stability or fear of change

We all want stability in life, to have a family, an apartment, a car, a job, etc. In addition to stability, there is also reliability and safety, but this is not always what you need in life. Behind stability there may be a fear of change .
It is very unpleasant to realize that you have lived for many years with an unloved person, and made such a choice yourself, being afraid of loneliness. Or a job that they were afraid to change for a long time took a lot of effort, time and health. Everyone has their own purpose in life, and most do not realize it. Often we strive to conform to someone else's idea of ​​what we should be. Think about whether you want to live like this. And then admit that somewhere you didn’t take a risk and didn’t change your life for a more interesting and better present and future. It might make sense to quit and start traveling. Or maybe, on the contrary, he will return from the peak of downshift and throw all his talent, for example, into science.

If your choice is made in favor of independent travel around our country and Asia, then we would like to offer a couple of tips:

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Behind apparent stability there is often a fear of change, which prevents you from taking important steps towards living a life of pleasure.


Of course, we all want to be healthy, and if some of us are not yet thinking about health, it is only because we have it. We know for sure that it is impossible to live beautifully if the morning begins with the fact that it is difficult for us to get out of bed.

Why do we think about health when it has already weakened, why do we not consider it necessary to take care of it from an early age? Why do we only think about the question of how to live correctly in order to preserve our health longer, when it has already made itself felt?

People and relationships with them

We all have friends and acquaintances, and we know that we can only share our deepest secrets with a few people whom we trust very much. You must learn not to hold back people who move away from you, because all those who want to communicate will remain and be close. However, it is important to realize that not all relationships are healthy.

For communication, choose people who can always listen, whom you can trust, and with whom you can be yourself. And while traveling, you will meet new acquaintances, who are sometimes better and much more interesting than a couple of old bores whom you considered friends for many years. Remember the law of the can of crabs, when those who remain below hold those who want to get free - this works even more effectively with people. Don't be afraid to run away from the crab people

Don't hold on to old connections - your loved ones shouldn't drag you down,

How to become a happy person?

Often people, especially at the beginning of life, during their youth, say: “I don’t know how to live correctly.” Life seems difficult - you need to get an education, find a job, start a family, earn an income, raise children. There are a lot of worries, but how to live happily and enjoy life, make it easier, get better results and the favor of fate?

Change your own attitude towards life, become a happy person. Let's look at the rules for a happy life based on the book “Ten Secrets of Happiness” by Adam Jackson and determine how to correctly implement them in life.

Ways to become a happy person:

Exercise No. 1 - Notice the good in life, be grateful

When you wake up in the morning, remember why you should enjoy life: “I am healthy, I have a family, I can walk and see the light, the weather is beautiful, I have friends, work, opportunities for development, wonderful children... A wonderful, wonderful day awaits me.”

A person always has bright sides of life, you need to look and understand what is good in life, relying on these thoughts as a foundation for building your own happiness, create mental streams of positive thinking that give enormous advantages in life.

There is a well-known parable about a glass: one person saw it half empty, another - half full. Who is happier in life? Of course, the second is that his thinking is tuned to the search for good. No one can make a person happy except himself. All the riches of the world will not give complete happiness, if you do not know how to enjoy life, you will constantly be missing something, remember the fairy tale about the goldfish.

How to live happily and enjoy life? It is useful to train, write down achievements, good events of the day, learn to focus on positive moments, supporting yourself in any endeavor. A happiness and success diary will help create an internal state of happiness. It is more effective to make notes in the evenings, summing up the results of the day and recording, starting with five important and joyful events in life. Gradually you will develop the skill of noticing the good in life.

Exercise No. 2 - “A healthy mind in a healthy body”

To improve general condition and raise morale, a person needs physical activity - aerobics, breathing and mobility exercises (running, swimming, gymnastics). Walking in the fresh air improves your health, the main rule is: movement is life!

You can start with small loads of five minutes and increase gradually to half an hour. To lift your mood and increase confidence, it is important to walk with good posture and stop slouching. Everything in a person is interconnected: physical and spiritual. If you start the morning with exercise, correct posture and a smile, the day will definitely be successful. And happiness will occur more often, as it comes from a person.

Nutrition is also important - it is useful to enrich the diet with fruits and vegetables, cereals are also useful - buckwheat, for example, has a beneficial effect on brain activity and helps avoid depression. Artificial substitutes and light sugar harm the functioning of the body; you should not abuse it.

An important aspect of the body’s functioning is the presence of light in the work area or place of residence. During winter periods, people often suffer from depression; it is necessary to walk for at least 1 hour during the day; special fluorescent lamps help to compensate for the need for light. We remember that children need vitamin D from the sun, but adults have similar needs.

Help your body become happy!

How to live happily and enjoy life? Provide yourself with movement, quality nutrition and light.

Exercise No. 3 - Live for today and the current moment

To achieve happiness in life, it is important to learn to concentrate on specific actions, notice the world around you, and be attentive. Life happens here and now at a specific moment in time, not yesterday and not tomorrow. People waste time worrying about past losses or predicting the future, forgetting to live today and enjoy life.

Concentrating on a specific moment in life helps you notice important life events, stay in good shape and quickly respond to life circumstances. To make plans, you also need to find time, write them down, and live today and create your own life, develop attentiveness to the world around you and people.

Try to look at life with a fresh perspective, notice the needs of your children, find out the interests of your colleagues, see new flowers outside the window or just a car driving down the road. Attention to life brings happiness and security, makes a person mobile, successful and conscious.

How to live happily and enjoy life? Remember that life is a moment, take care of it, use it for good deeds, so that in the future you don’t regret living in vain, that you didn’t have time, didn’t do, didn’t notice...

Life is today and the current moment!

Exercise No. 4 Forming your own image

Who do you imagine yourself to be? Happy and successful or tortured by life and illness? Are you worried about getting old or are you ready to discover a second youth? A person always remains who he imagines himself to be; the internal image shapes our perception of the world and behavior.

Why do we meet cheerful and happy elderly ladies and unhappy young girls? It's not a matter of age, but a state of mind. You can flit around at 60 and be tired of life and disappointed at 20. The presence of complexes and self-esteem have a great influence on life. Often, as a result of childhood failures, a misconception about one’s own personality is formed. You cannot underestimate your personal abilities or believe negative statements.

Each person is unique and can demonstrate their personality traits in the best possible way, find a calling, bring something good to people, help, engage in creative and useful activities: heal, build, teach. Any activity chosen by the heart will be useful to society, and an unloved activity will harm the person and others. It is important to learn to understand and respect your own “I”, to accept all your differences, to look for interest in life, to reveal your own potential.

Try to understand your own psychological portrait, who you imagine yourself to be, and write down your thoughts on paper. If you have negative statements, replace them with positive ones, repeat them daily, getting used to the new image of a confident and happy person, life will become easier and more enjoyable. Choose a new role in life, and let it become your second “I”; it’s never too late to change yourself, and therefore your own life!

A happy life for a woman and any person is possible if she has high self-esteem and builds an image of a confident and successful person.

Exercise No. 5 Determine the meaning and goals of your own life

A person cannot live without goals; there is a chance of getting lost on the roads of life. By determining the directions of movement and desired aspirations, you can find a way out of any situation and achieve success in any business. A happy person knows how to find meaning in his own life and ways of self-realization, defines goals and aspirations - helping family and friends, career aspirations, interaction with society, helping others.

Having an important goal in life makes a person happy, sets the direction of life, and fills him with energy. It is incredibly important to determine the vector of life, goals in various segments of life and strive for them with all your soul, feeling a surge of strength and a charge of vivacity.

A meaningless life is empty and worthless; a person does not live, but lives through life or exists.

Write down your main goals on a piece of paper, what is important in life, why do you live? Determine 5 strategic goals, later breaking them down into tactical ones that will help you move forward and achieve what you want. Everything is possible if there is a desire, an understanding and specification of a plan to achieve results. Even unrealistic dreams begin to take shape.

How to live happily and enjoy life? Determine guidelines, goals and follow your own path of life, enjoying every moment along the way.

Exercise No. 6 Look for the positive in life, simplify difficulties

The main problem of a person is his thoughts on a certain situation. Two people looking into a puddle see dirt or the reflection of stars. In any situation there are two sides to the coin; a person’s perception depends on the internal focus and mood of the psyche, thinking at a given moment in time. Often, after some time, we understand that everything was not so difficult, and we laugh at past difficulties and experiences.

Maybe we should immediately reduce the value of troubles? After all, these are the little things in life in comparison with problems on a global scale - wars, famine, deadly diseases.

To practice a new approach to life, it is useful to look at each situation from the positive side, try it. For example, a person has an accident - there are two reactions: thank God - I’m alive, and everything is so bad - I crashed the car. Do you feel the difference? It could have been worse, the man was lucky - he saved his life. It's easier to live with this approach. There are positive moments even in difficult situations.

Often people with physical disabilities or disabilities engage in social activities and strive to be on an equal footing with healthy people. An excellent example is Nick Vujicic, who has no arms or legs, but is a famous lecturer and an excellent family man, has a wife and a healthy child.

The main question: what life lesson, experience, benefit can I draw from a particular situation, what is positive about my incident? Even the loss of a job or business can be the beginning of a new life, contribute to a change in worldview and write a new chapter in life. Nothing is lost as long as there is life, the opportunity to act.

A person himself chooses: to be happy or unhappy at a particular moment in time. What choice will you make today? How to live correctly to achieve happiness? Let's try to find positivity in life and smile, despite the circumstances, life will definitely reciprocate.

Exercise No. 7 Forget grievances, do not keep anger in your soul

Living a right life means learning to get rid of negative thoughts and emotions, this is mental garbage that destroys a person. People who are envious and prone to resentment often get sick and feel unhappy, why complicate your life? It is better to let go of all past grievances and live with a light heart and good mood.

How to do it? Mentally repeat: “I forgive everyone who was unfair to me, and I forgive all my mistakes.”

The affirmation must be repeated at least twenty times daily, gradually you will be able to forget unpleasant feelings and emotions, and tune in to the positive wave of life. It is also useful to refuse to blame and condemn other people, because there are different situations in life, we may not know everything and may not understand a person completely.

Unhappy people engage in discussion and accusation, while happy people notice the good in those around them and can support them in difficult periods of life.

The task is to monitor your thoughts and statements, replace negative statements with positive attitudes, and look for the good in people. There are no perfect people - everyone has their own shortcomings, it all depends on the point of concentration.

How to live happily and enjoy life? Learn to forget grievances.

Exercise No. 8 Giving happiness to others

It is interesting that in the modern world people are often fixated on receiving benefits - expensive purchases, modern technology, constant income growth, girls - on finding a rich groom for a comfortable life. And what can a person give to others, because by giving time, help, attention, we ourselves become happier, we feel our own importance.

It is impossible to live only for yourself. This is why charity is very popular in Western society. Bill Gates, for example, founded a special foundation and constantly helps the poor and orphanages, realizing that this way he can help society and make his life happier. Such people command respect.

A beautiful, happy life is possible when it is filled with meaning, a person realizes his purpose, finds ways of self-realization, and helping other people.

Every person can learn to share happiness, it is not necessary to have large finances, you can say something good, support a person, help an old man cross the road or carry a heavy bag, give up your seat in transport. There are many opportunities around to make the world a better place, to give a person a smile. Happiness is always mutual - when we give, we get back.

How to live happily and enjoy life? The easiest way is to help other people, bring joy and happiness. The task is to try to do at least five good deeds towards other people throughout the day.

Exercise #9 Communication is the key to happiness

In the modern world there are many people suffering from loneliness, even in a crowded city. Why? It is difficult for them to build relationships with people, find friends, and open their souls. We often prefer to worry alone, to trust our thoughts to our friend the moon or a piece of paper, but without communication and loved ones it is impossible to be happy. Even big finances cannot replace friendship, family and love.

The problem of a happy life is not possible without solving the issue of building relationships. How to communicate with people correctly and make acquaintances? It's simple - you need to be open, smile, be sincerely interested in other people, strive to understand their interests, hobbies, be friendly and friendly. To maintain communication and friendship, strive to make communication mutually interesting and useful, avoid petty insults. A friend is a reliable and devoted person who knows how to come to the rescue in a difficult situation.

Communication is necessary for a person to relieve stress, because by sharing joy, it increases, and troubles decrease. Man is a social creature and needs to maintain contact with other people, so it is worth learning how to build good relationships. A happy life and family do not arise independently, but are the result of a person’s desire to build strong relationships and the ability to care for others.

The task is to think through your behavior, attitude towards other people, learn to make new acquaintances, become a good friend, life partner.

You don't need to prove anything to anyone

Always remember that you don't need to prove anything to anyone. If the people around you cannot accept your world as you created it, then it is time to move on. You live your life and build it the way you want. Many people only realize when they are on their deathbed that they should have listened to their true feelings and boldly lived by them, and not chased someone else’s opinion about themselves.

You need to learn to tell the difference, and be wary of those people who are trying to control you, who can make you feel guiltlessly guilty, or make you doubt yourself. People like vampires absorb internal forces and bring a feeling of emptiness from communicating with them. They put pressure on pity, on honor, on your promises, while manipulating you.

It is important to realize now that you owe nothing to anyone, only to yourself.

Laws of a happy life

How to live happily and enjoy life? The basic laws of a happy life will help answer the question:

Live on the bright side of life

Happy people live in a different dimension and think in different categories - they do not get upset over little things, they rejoice at achievements, but do not despair in moments of failure, they continue to act and achieve the desired results; the presence of positive thinking and perseverance can move mountains and ensure success in any field.

Explore the world and yourself

The desire to learn, reading literature or listening to audio books, trainings, obtaining new information about modern technologies helps stimulate brain activity and ensures an active life and excellent health and mind. Developing personalities are not afraid of old age and illness, they are too busy and enthusiastic, there is no time to worry.

Find time for personal interests

A person cannot live like a machine, in a state of “I must”; this approach leads to disturbances in the functioning of the nervous system, depression and physical disorders. It is important to encourage yourself with interesting activities, hobbies, to find joy in life - meeting friends, going to the cinema, theater, exhibitions, playing board games. Every person can find an interesting activity to relieve stress, the main thing is to set a goal, remember childhood hobbies and interests.

A happy life is simply a search for personal fulfillment, the opportunity to do what you love.

Don't accumulate grudges

A happy, healthy life is possible if you learn to forgive. People are not perfect, they are often inattentive, they forget to thank you, if you notice all the little things, then your mood is constantly at zero. It’s better to notice the good - give compliments, thank you for your help, open your heart to people and receive reciprocity in return. In addition, grievances greatly undermine health. Learning to forgive is necessary even to take care of your own condition. It is this commandment that is often used in religions, a wise thought that has been known for many centuries.

Love yourself and the world around you

The road to a happy life opens when there is satisfaction with oneself and external life. It is important to be able to appreciate and respect your own personality. Everyone has positive and negative sides, it is worth concentrating on the advantages and minimizing the disadvantages. Awareness of one's own characteristics, attractiveness and high self-esteem are necessary for life and achieving success in it.

In addition, it is impossible to love others without respecting yourself, the result is self-denial, self-sacrifice and a state of unhappiness, lack of satisfaction with life. You shouldn’t be too strict and self-critical, all people make mistakes - we draw conclusions and move on with our lives. Excessive anxiety is detrimental to achieving inner happiness.

Share experience, help others

Each person has his own mission in life, it is important to find it and realize it. Quite often we have special knowledge, skills, and experience that can be useful to other people. By passing on knowledge, helping people, we feel happiness and make the world more beautiful. Carnegie also wrote that the best way to reduce stress and gain happiness is to help others; it is useful to do good deeds every day for loved ones or others.

A good happy life is possible with the ability to live not only in your own interests, but by caring for others.

Always find a way out, reduce emotionality

In the life of any person there are difficult situations that become important tasks and tests. The rules for a happy life involve seeing life as an adventure, avoiding dramatization. Yes, life can be puzzling, but we can find the answer, and we will search - “let's see who is stronger.”

In such cases, it is important to use logic and avoid emotionality and worry. There is always a way out! The main thing is not to suffer, but to think and decide what to do, to find ways to change the situation for the better. A positive attitude helps you believe in the best, and high self-esteem helps you believe in yourself.

What goes around comes around

Man is primary, his thoughts and actions create the surrounding reality. For a happy life, it is important to believe in the best, build good relationships with loved ones and colleagues, and radiate light. Living a happy life is easy when you radiate happiness yourself, find and create it, without expecting miracles from others. If you take a step towards happiness and people every day, life will definitely reciprocate.

Calm, just calm

The problem of a happy life is as eternal as the world itself; happiness is possible if there is internal satisfaction with oneself, life and peace of mind. This is the most difficult thing, to remain calm in any situation, to develop self-control and immunity to the troubles of life. Of course, optimism and meditative techniques help, as well as self-control - aggression will never help in a difficult situation, only reason and understanding of cause and effect.

Create a mood for happiness

Happiness does not come by chance, it lives on a certain wave. If a person is tuned in to it, then he notices and feels the happiness of life, otherwise he looks at the world, sees the positive sides of life, good people, and breathes deeply. Every day we create a new life, write a new story from scratch, what will it be like? It all depends on the colors or the mood that we set ourselves in the morning.

The lives of happy people are shaped by the people themselves; they know how to correctly create an internal mood for happiness.

We have looked at the basic laws of happiness, everything is simple and clear, but how can you become a happy person who attracts happiness into your life and good circumstances?

Complain less

Life is filled with obstacles that we must overcome. But by constantly complaining about the difficulties we face, we will not cope with them. Instead, it distracts us from figuring out how to move beyond them, and so we never take concrete action. Instead of wasting your time and energy and complaining about the problems you are facing, try to discover the root causes of the difficulties and then try your best to remove them from your life.

Practice meditation

The mind is good as a servant, but bad as a master. When our minds are filled with thoughts, life becomes extremely difficult, leading to stress and suffering. A great way to achieve a calm state of mind and bring more freedom into your life is to practice mindfulness. Starting today, spend at least thirty minutes every day practicing the meditation technique you prefer. This will do wonders and get rid of countless chaotic thoughts that can drive you crazy.

What is a sense of life

Third Stage: accomplishments

© Syda Productions

Let's say you've tested your boundaries and identified either your limitations (inability to cook, inability to set records in sports - doesn't matter) or what you're starting to get worse at (playing video games worse, becoming less capable of learning - also doesn't matter ).

Now you must understand that discovering these boundaries is, firstly, extremely important for you; and the very fact of awareness of these moments is in no way something terrible

for you. This only means that the time has come to leave your mark on this world.

© vadimguzhva/Getty Images

The Third Stage is a period of great generalization of everything that is in your life. You need to throw out those pseudo-friends from your life who take advantage of you and pull you back. You should forget about those activities and hobbies that are a waste of time.

You need to finally get rid of those calloused dreams that definitely won’t become reality in the near future.

. And after that, you should put your maximum effort into what you do best and what is best for you personally.

What is the purpose of the Third Stage of Life?

You need to put your best effort into the most important relationships in your life. You need to make every effort to fulfill the one mission in your life that seems most important to you.

© KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images Pro

This is the mission you are good at

– whether you are a specialist in overcoming the global energy crisis, a computer graphics artist, an expert in the treatment of brain diseases, or... the parent of several wonderful children.

It doesn’t matter what you are better at than others - the Third Stage comes when you have already decided on this direction. The Third Stage of Life is about maximizing the full potential of your life. This is the stage of building your legacy. And this does not necessarily mean the accumulation of a large fortune!

© altanaka

What will remain after you when you leave this mortal world? What kind of person will people remember you as? Will this be a scientific discovery that shocks the world? Or will you create an amazing new product? Or will there be beautiful children left behind you?

The Third Stage of life is a period when it is time to live a little differently than you were used to before. The Third Stage ends when a combination of two things happens: first, when you feel that there is not much left that you could achieve; secondly, when you start to get old and tired and you are more likely to be drawn to the sofa watching TV and doing crossword puzzles.

© Yogendra Singh / Pexels

For “normal” individuals, Stage Three of life usually begins around the age of forty and lasts until retirement. People usually get stuck in Stage Three when they haven't found an outlet for their ambitions.

and constantly wanting more.

The inability and unwillingness to loosen the grip and influence that such people feel counteract the natural "soothing effect" of time. Therefore, they often remain active and hungry for action until they are 70 or 80 years old.

Stage Four: Legacy

© Elnur

People enter Stage Four after living for about half a century and investing their efforts in what they consider important and significant. They did serious things

, worked hard, earned money; perhaps they started a family, started a political career, carried out a cultural revolution; or both, and the third.

They have reached an age when their energy and living conditions no longer allow them to set themselves such global goals as was possible in the previous Stages. Of course, there are exceptions, but they only confirm this harsh rule.

What is the purpose of the Fourth Stage of Life?

The goal of Stage Four is not so much to create your legacy, but to ensure that your legacy can be maintained until your deathbed.

. And don’t confuse heritage with inheritance (although the latter would also be useful).

© Pressmaster

For many, a completely normal goal of this Stage may be such a “simple” thing as supporting their own adult children (giving advice, helping with grandchildren, and so on). This may be the transfer of experience and affairs to their successors and students.

This may be strengthening one’s own political activity, allowing one to strengthen certain values ​​in society

, which the new generation does not really want to acknowledge. In other words, we are talking about heritage in the broadest sense of the word.

The Fourth Stage is very important from a psychological point of view, since it gives each individual a chance to come to terms with the inevitable reality of approaching death. It is in human nature - an urgent need for our lives to have at least some meaning.

© Scukrov

That is why people are in constant search for what is literally our psychological defense against the incomprehensibility of this life

and the inevitability of the fact that the mortal existence of every person on this planet has an end.

The worst thing is if this meaning is lost; if he begins to inevitably slip away from someone’s life; or if a person feels as if life has simply passed him by. In this case, we come face to face with oblivion, which will willingly swallow us up.

The pursuit of external beauty and youth

There is a lot of pressure now coming from the media. For example, about the beautiful appearance of various celebrities who have undergone a large number of plastic surgeries in order to quickly smooth out wrinkles, or enlarge their breasts, or make their eyes expressive. But there are no guarantees that you will maintain your health and not lose it.

You may be interested in: propaganda on TV, don’t let yourself be deceived

Pursue beauty in a natural way, namely; exercise, watch your diet, be in balance with your inner world - isn’t this the norm? When a person has found his purpose, does what he loves and is interesting to him, and does not forget about health and travel, then such a person will simply shine from the inside. None of us will ever become so old that we stop dreaming, setting new goals for ourselves and realizing them. You just need to believe in yourself.

If you still have a few extra pounds deposited on your sides, then I recommend the following series of articles about losing weight and working using the “bodyflex” method:

  • How to quickly get in shape - at home

Look after your health, but don’t go overboard, just spend a little time on exercise and nutrition

Our misconceptions

We ask ourselves many questions, but cannot find the answers we need. But this does not mean that they do not exist. It’s just that the daily routine does not allow many to find a way out.

Work, family, wasting time waiting for transport or traffic jams, buying not always high-quality products in order to save money. You have to somehow make it to your salary.

You need to hold on to a job, even a low-paying one, because it is difficult to find another job. And we endure unfair bosses, continuing to work for someone else, but not for ourselves. We do not know how to create capital to solve the question of how to make life better, although the solution is on the surface.

The fear of taking a rash step, the fear of being judged even by strangers - all this prevents us from spreading our wings and becoming free. We do not look for solutions to problems, we stand still and amuse ourselves with stories about our failures, in the hope of compassion.

But to figure out how to live better, you don’t need to shake the air, don’t waste time on stories and useless chatter on the phone, you need to act. You need one step forward to start earning more so that your old dreams come true. What have we done to improve our lives?

Many people believe that someone owes them something, the government or the country. But no one owes anything to anyone, only ourselves. We must carry out our plans ourselves and move our lives in the direction in which we see fit.

We live by what we ourselves build. We are the only owners of our lives. We decide how to make life better. There is no point in standing in one place, we need to move forward and create life the way we want.

Useful materials for those who want to start a new life

I want to recommend you five excellent courses that will help you start your life over - find a goal, develop a plan to achieve it, motivate yourself, develop new skills and abilities, and reach new heights. And get extraordinary pleasure from life.

Goal setting

Description. You should definitely start with this course. The teacher will tell you how to understand what you really want from this life, what kind of person you want to be, what activity will give you the greatest joy.

Then, in subsequent lessons, you will learn the intricacies of planning, assessing your capabilities, gain time management skills, and master the rules of self-motivation.

Having found a new and powerful purpose in life, you will look at your entire past differently. You will take some things into account, and you will simply forget others so that you never remember them.

The course is cheap, you can start studying it right now.

Authors: developers of the Vikium project.

Cost: 990 rub.

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Brain fitness

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The neurointerface is needed so that you can better understand yourself and the peculiarities of your perception of the world. The device will analyze the work of your brain in a variety of periods: when you come home from work exhausted, when you are nervous, anxious, thinking about your past, and so on. The results of the analysis will be uploaded to the Vikium platform, and in response it will issue recommendations.

In the “Brain Fitness” course, you will get rid of all the negativity that interferes with your life, and also develop your thinking abilities: you will be able to easily focus on complex tasks, think, and remember information.

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Brain Detoxification

Description. Brain detoxification will help you quickly and easily get rid of all those thoughts that are poisoning your life. They can be very different: fear, anger and irritation, regret about the past, various depressive feelings, etc.

The course is small, there are only 10 lessons, but there are a lot of practical exercises. The teacher will also recommend specific free Vikium simulators that you will need to practice regularly.

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Effective Communication

Description. Without communication skills, it will be difficult for you. If you want to start over, build happy relationships with your loved ones, friends, work colleagues, you need to learn to communicate.

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After training, you will be able to influence others, easily solve problems that involve people around you, no matter what their age or social status. It will be much easier for you to establish contacts and move up the career ladder.

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Where to look for your love

Love is the feeling that inspires us and colors life in bright colors. It must be mutual. If you don't have this and you are constantly competing for someone's attention, you may end up getting hurt. You need to let go of this attitude, then true love will knock on your door. Pay attention to yourself, accept yourself as you are, occupy your mind with interesting things and discoveries. Find a hobby that you enjoy and will expand your circle of communication, where you can find like-minded people, acquaintances, friends and your love. For example, take a contemporary art class or join a hiking group. This will increase your chances of meeting interesting people and meeting your soul mate among them.

Love is a great driving force, but don’t chase it, it will find you as soon as you let go of the situation.

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Eliminate unnecessary costs

Many of us choose to spend our hard-earned money on buying things that we don't need and only make our lives more difficult. From now on, don't throw money away, but instead spend it on things that actually matter.

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Everyone chooses the amount of their material well-being themselves. But we all know when well-being begins. When we can buy everything we want in a store, no matter what the price of our desires is. When, over time, we do not know how much bread costs.

When we don't think about where to get money to pay utilities. When we can relax where we want, wear what we like. When we go to bed, we don’t think about money. After all, for many this is what it means to live beautifully. How to achieve financial independence?


Yes, not everyone aspires to become president, not everyone is tormented by ambition, but we treat our lives and those around us with ambition. We want our children to ask us for advice, not their neighbors. We want our parents to be proud of us, and not to envy their friends by pointing out to us the successes of their children.

The main thing is that we all dream of being successful and happy. And it is important for us that our work brings us pleasure and joy. We know that this is the only way we can live beautifully. But most of us still cannot find our cherished niche, we are tormented in the search or give up.

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