How to master the hypnotic gaze - description of the technique, exercises to develop the skill


One of the main tools of a suggestion specialist - his hypnotic gaze - has a powerful effect on the will and consciousness of another person. Anyone can learn it, but this requires regular skill training. Preparation includes 2 stages: performing eye exercises on your own and practicing with another person.

Functions of the hypnotic gaze

In general, hypnosis should influence the subconscious. And his watchdog, that is, consciousness, needs to be neutralized. Often it is not necessary to do this completely. The main thing is that his control weakens a little and the attitude can be assimilated by the person. That is, he understands what is happening, but cannot critically perceive the attitudes that are received. To hypnotize, you need to understand what motivates a person, what possible defensive reactions are.

The weaker the person and the more he trusts you, the easier this task will be. Monotonous speech and tactile contact may be enough. If a person has built a block of psychological defenses, then it may be necessary to create additional conditions. These are lighting, music and some other subtleties. But the hypnotic gaze works with every person without exception.

Features of application

In fact, preparatory work plays a big role. The extent to which the therapist managed to impress a professional, the person’s attention will be riveted to him. If the work is done correctly, then he can take his eyes off the hypnotist, but does not want to do this. It helps a lot in the following cases:

  • Unsuitable conditions, especially if the place is crowded and not suitable for this.
  • When the suggestion is superficial.
  • When is covert hypnosis performed?

Why develop eye hypnosis

A hypnotic gaze is a characteristic feature of a strong person. After all, inner confidence is a trigger that enhances influence on people.

It is important to know: even a talented and experienced hypnotherapist will not be able to put a person into trance who does not want it. This happens, in particular, if a person feels false, has doubts, and does not trust. However, hypnosis is an effective mechanism, and people who know how to use it can bring a lot of good to both their own and others’ lives.

To hypnotize a person, in addition to a special look, they also use: monotonous speech, monotonous movements of the pendulum, touch. For a deep trance, all these techniques are often required at the same time, but for simple manipulations it is quite enough to be able to hypnotize people with your gaze.

This approach is effective in the following situations:

  • for prompt correction of human behavior;
  • if hypnosis is carried out without the consent of the hypnotized person;
  • with superficial suggestion without induction into a trance.

Anyone can learn this method, but it is easier for people who are charismatic and attractive to master it. True, intellectually and emotionally developed individuals with ordinary appearance are capable of achieving serious success in hypnosis. The lack of attractiveness in this case often introduces an element of surprise into the process, which enhances the hypnotic effect.

Train your eyes with exercises you can do at home. In such classes, the following are important: practice, methodicality, and patience. The longer the training, the more stable the skill and the easier it is to subsequently influence people. By the way, this skill is also used in NLP and is used for personal growth and getting rid of complexes.

Professional tool

Developing a hypnotic gaze is very important for doctors who help patients cure a mental disorder. Anyone can master this technique, but you also need to know what to do next with the patient. The method of constructing a correct suggestion must be carefully and deeply studied.

The easiest way to master the magical gaze technique is for a person with charisma and attractiveness. They will automatically attract attention to themselves. But only by winning over the client, it is impossible to work effectively with him. To do this, the therapist must have knowledge, skills and abilities. Therefore, first training, then practice. And don’t forget about the need to undergo therapy yourself.


Now let's talk about how to develop a hypnotic gaze. In fact, this is just an auxiliary technique. It seems quite difficult at first, but the more you practice, the easier it is to use hypnosis in real life. Hypnotic gaze training can also be useful for people who are not directly involved in psychotherapeutic work. It is this that forms the basis of neurolinguistic programming.

Of course, this skill can also be used for selfish purposes, since it gives some power over people. Therefore, the question also arises about the ethical side of training. That is, the person who needs it to provide assistance must master the technique. On the other hand, it will require a personal investment from a person.


  1. You should not tell others about your aspirations and exercises, otherwise this will cause caution and tension in communicating with you.
  2. At the end of classes, wash your face with cool water, this will bring relief.
  3. Test your strength constantly, not only during targeted training. You can also try with animals, just avoid feelings of anger so as not to provoke aggression.
  4. This ability does not appear immediately, so you should not expect quick results, be patient, otherwise you risk only feeling irritation instead of the required calm and relaxation.
  5. Another good thing about training with a mirror is that you can control yourself. Because with a great desire to look with a hypnotic gaze, there is a temptation to deliberately squint or widen your eyelids. So pay attention to how it looks from the outside.
  6. When you learn, do not abuse your power, because remember, about the law of the boomerang, we talked to you about the fact that the evil that we cause comes back, only with a 10-fold increase, this is the law of the Universe.

Nothing will come of it without training

Moreover, this will take quite a lot of time. It is necessary not only to choose the right ones, but also to repeat the exercises many times. The hypnotic gaze is not difficult at all. You just need to repeat simple exercises day after day. At the initial stages, you need to choose only the simplest ones. They are not so much effective as they are useful.

The first step is to master general gaze training and calmness in presence. After this, you need to learn how to transmit:

  • Sparkle in the eyes.
  • Emotional message.

It sounds simple, but in fact you will have to work hard to master them to the required extent. The required skill develops gradually. The hypnotist goes deeper into training and changes not only his view of familiar things, but also his manner of behavior. That is, his mind and physiology are gradually rebuilt.

Developing a gaze to induce trance

Learning the hypnotic gaze is a long process. Newbies to hypnosis use pendulums or similar things that repeat a single movement (monotonic rotation or oscillation). With the help of such a simple process, a person enters a half-asleep state. Long-term training helps to develop a hypnotic gaze, which is why experienced hypnotists use this technique.

It is useful to develop such an outlook for a person who wants to learn simple manipulations with the people around him. Daily practice helps to train your gaze: use one or more exercises. Additionally, such techniques help strengthen the eye muscles.

The hypnotic gaze is used for superficial hypnosis. This is the easiest hidden way to put a stranger into a trance. Street scammers use this technique (gypsy hypnosis is used).

The necessary training method for a beginner or an experienced hypnotist:

  • exercise “Glitter in the eyes”;
  • training to convey the right emotional message;
  • concentration task (with a candle).

Eye hypnosis is used independently or in combination with other techniques. It is useful for a beginner to master other techniques.

Exercise “Glitter in the eyes”

Exercises are aimed at improving your gaze. According to psychologists, eyes convey a certain emotional message. It is always difficult to take your eyes off strong personalities, but weak people find it difficult to look into the eyes of strangers.

The expressiveness of the gaze, its liveliness determines how long the hypnotized person will be concentrated on the eyes of the hypnotist. The correct emotional message is the strength that the victim of hypnosis feels. For daily practice you need a mirror and a few free minutes. The would-be hypnotist should alternately practice one of the animal gazes.

You need to imagine a predator, take on its appearance, feel its strength and superiority over other animals. The practice lasts 10–15 minutes. In the first week, the hypnotist uses one prototype (until he perfects it, the second image cannot be used).

It is useful to depict different animals: both predators, which are distinguished by their courage, and cunning, nimble inhabitants of the fauna. Every emotion is useful in hypnosis. To improve the skill, it is useful to watch animals (videos are watched before practice). It is important to learn to combine cunning, strength and softness, to learn to demonstrate them with just one glance.

Exercise on conveying emotions

Exercises on conveying emotions will be useful for people who are learning to understand human psychology. Feelings are the main signals that lead to trance. For such training you need an assistant: he will perceive every emotion and give a reaction.

Procedure for conducting the training:

  • the hypnotist and the assistant stand opposite each other;
  • eye contact is established;
  • the hypnotist sends one emotion over several minutes;
  • does not use facial expressions or gestures;
  • ends the training when the assistant clearly captures the emotion.

The transfer of emotions does not work the first time (it is a long process). Internal settings help convey emotion. To do this, the hypnotist silently repeats one thought, symbolizing the emotion. He says: “I’m angry” or “I’m very happy.” There are several training sessions per day. The more practice you have, the faster you will be able to master the technique of eye hypnosis.

Exercise on a candle

Exercises that are opposite in meaning are based on collecting energy. This practice is useful in cases where a person learns control and suggestion. To make it work faster, it is carried out every day for a month.

The technique combines elements of meditation. The hypnotist takes a comfortable position in a room without others. Music is used to relax, because in silence it is more difficult to relax, because any extraneous sound distracts from the main process.

The hypnotist places a candle in front of him (it must first be lit). During meditation, the gaze is completely concentrated on one process. He watches how the candle burns, how the shape and color of the flame changes. Extra thoughts are discarded, and the person continues to watch the fire. At the same time, he relaxes and concentrates his attention (trains his eyes).

General eye training

Do you find it difficult to look another person in the eye? If yes, then you need to start training. You will soon realize how much easier it has become not only to communicate with people, but also to get what you need from them. Moreover, this is done quite gently, without pressure. First of all, come up with an anchor for yourself. It is an object or action that reminds you of something important throughout the day. It could be a bracelet, a coin in your pocket. And every time you touch her, mentally repeat the attitude “I always look into the eyes,” “I have a piercing hypnotic gaze.” In addition, you need to do the following exercises:

  • Draw a circle with a diameter of 1 cm on paper and hang it at a distance of 2 meters at eye level. Look at it for a minute without blinking. It won't work out at first, but gradually you will get there.
  • Move the sheet to the right or left 1-2 meters and continue looking at the point.
  • Walk around the room without taking your eyes off her.
  • Take two sheets of paper with dots and quickly move your gaze from one to the other. It is important not to blink.

Every day you need to increase the time a little. Gradually it will become very easy to watch without blinking for a few minutes. This creates a deep, interested look.

Stages of hypnotizing a person

Hypnotizing a person with your gaze is the most effective way to get to his subconscious. You need to take such an action very responsibly.

You can only hypnotize a person with his consent. First, make sure you really need it. Ask yourself if you are ready to take responsibility for someone else's life and health. If you are ready, you can start.

  1. Preparation with mirror exercises. Maintaining a gaze that carries the necessary information.
  2. Learn to focus your gaze. To do this, use a pencil. Hold it in front of you, and then suddenly look to the other side of the room. Repeat the action.
  3. Development of lateral vision. Try to see as many details as possible on the sides while sitting in one position and without turning your head.
  4. Training for the first hypnosis session. Find someone who isn't afraid to get involved. Realize that you will take full responsibility for this person.
  5. Ask the person to look into your eyes without blinking or looking away. Speak the words quietly, calmly, their careful use will relax the interlocutor. You need to try to show confidence in your gaze. Repeat with authority: “your eyelids become heavy, you want to sleep, you calm down and relax, your breathing becomes calm and even, you don’t think about anything, you just fall asleep. Your body becomes heavy, leaden, you can’t hold it, it wants to lie down and drags you along with it.” Repeat phrases several times. When you see that the person is relaxed, ask permission to touch his shoulder. Tell the person that immediately after you touch them, they will be able to fall asleep.
  6. After this, tell him that everything is fine, he is under hypnosis, and his condition is normal.
  7. Tell your coachee to listen to your voice. Count from five to one and click with two fingers. The person will be in your attention. He will perceive everything you say with great significance, because he is in a helpless state. You can program this person to think positively or distract him from obsessive thoughts if the situation requires it.
  8. You can check a person’s condition by holding his hand in your palm. If it is heavy and cannot stand on its own, then hypnosis works.
  9. When the session is over, you need to warn the patient that you will now awaken him to real life. Tell him that when you count from five to one, he will wake up. After counting “one,” snap your fingers sharply. The person will immediately come to his senses. Let him know where he is and what's happening to him by continuing the casual conversation.

Your own interlocutor

To do this, take a mirror. Place it in front of you and look, without blinking, at the bridge of your nose. First one minute, then gradually increase to 5 minutes. Practice this skill on passersby or people on buses. Do not forget that it is difficult for a person to maintain his gaze at one point, so move your gaze first to the left, then to the right pupil, and then return it to the bridge of the nose. The reflection in the mirror will be an excellent training companion. A hypnotic trance also develops in this exercise, although it is very light. Don't miss the opportunity to set yourself up for good luck.

When and how did it all start?

The method of hypnosis has been known to mankind for more than three thousand years, when it was used by the priests of India, Ancient Egypt, Tibet, and a little later by doctors and healers of Ancient Greece and Rome.

At the end of the 70s of the nineteenth century in France, with the help of a hypnotic trance, Parisian doctors (Jean-Martin Charcot) treated hysteria (the so-called Paris School of Hypnosis). At the same time, in their practice they used the physical effects of light, smells, temperature, medications, metals, tactile sensations, etc. The Nancy school of hypnosis (Hippolyte Bernheim) took a more skeptical point of view, pointing out that the most important factors in immersion in a hypnotic trance are not physical, but psychological, and are based on the authority of the hypnologist and the desires and anticipation of the patient. Time awarded victory to the point of view of Nancy scientists.

It should be noted that in Russia there were scientists who practiced and studied hypnosis, and V. M. Bekhterev and K. I. Platonov made a great contribution to the development of Russian practice. The former, in 1896, acted as an expert in a Russian trial using hypnosis as a method of obtaining truthful testimony, which was conducted for the first time. Also, a prominent Russian psychiatrist, virtuoso hypnologist M.P. Kutanin built the first school of hypnosis in Russia in Saratov, becoming its founder.

In addition to these scientists, many other eminent researchers and psychotherapists used hypnosis in their practice, in particular Sigmund Freud, Dave Elman, Milton Erickson, etc. Let's now take a closer look at the essence and main stages of hypnosis

Learning to convey the sparkle in the eyes

This skill is useful not only for psychologists. If you work with people, then it is very important to show not only your attitude, but also your essence. By your eyes, the interlocutor will quickly understand whether he can trust you and whether the joint work will take place. Dull eyes reveal your personal disinterest in the process and confusion. Never forget about this when you come to an interview or conduct important negotiations.

You need to spend at least 25 minutes every day. Standing in front of a mirror, learn to convey the look of an animal. At first they can be calm herbivores, and then predators. It is very important to repeat his look, his manner. The more looks the hypnotist masters, the easier it will be to transform in front of the client. After you have worked on the animals, you can move on to the psychotypes of personality. Here you can go through everyone, from cunning manipulators to sincere children. And again, the more types you master and learn to switch between them, the easier it will be later.

The story of Sergei, faced with a hypnotic gaze

My friend Sergei is not one of those people who can be misled and sold some unnecessary product or, worse, scammed out of money. He never fell for the tricks of scammers who profit from ingratiation and petty theft.

But one day he told me a story that was hard to believe. When Sergei was having lunch in a cafe, an unfamiliar man sat down next to him and began a normal conversation. After some time, Sergei came to his senses, his mind was in a fog, and his wallet was empty. He only remembered that at the beginning of the conversation the stranger looked intently and confidently into Sergei’s eyes and told him something.

It is difficult to protect yourself from such professionals. But they can be calculated if you know the basic rules for the development of gaze hypnosis.

Emotional message

This is another important skill. The client's hypnotic state directly depends on how much he trusts his therapist. This means that the latter must be able to listen and react correctly. And what better shows his involvement than glowing, living emotions in his eyes? Therefore, we learn to reflect compassion, love, care, participation, empathy and simply the warmth of your soul in your eyes. The ability to convey emotions and charge a person with certain moods is a very important skill. Without it, it will be very difficult to put a person into a trance. But you won’t be able to master it quickly. You need to practice in front of the mirror over and over again, day after day. Every day and year it will become easier.

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