Self-sufficiency - what is it, signs of self-sufficiency

A person spends most of his life in society, creates his own circle of close people from family members and friends, most often sharing responsibilities and social functions among themselves. Within families, mutual dependence on each other develops. A person who is able to provide for his life, regardless of anyone, becomes self-sufficient.

Family relationships

The meaning of the word self-sufficiency

When you think about the concept of self-sufficiency, you can imagine a self-confident, strong and attractive person . However, it is worth distinguishing between moments when she does not need support or avoids it at all costs. After all, accepting help does not mean being weak.

The semantic concept of self-sufficiency is quite simple. Self-sufficiency is when people are enough of themselves so much that their interaction with society takes place in everyday life without serious influence from the outside.

Autarky is a Wikipedia term for self-sufficiency, which translated from Greek means “the development of a country's economy by focusing on itself.” This means that no matter the situation, she will not rely on anyone. This term applies to people, society or a system.

What influences the level of self-sufficiency?

Self-sufficiency is not an innate characteristic.

Its level changes throughout life. A person’s views and beliefs may change, and new skills may appear. All this, along with the environment, influences the level of self-sufficiency.

The level of self-sufficiency can be significantly reduced when a person goes through acute stressful situations. The personality rolls back. Moreover, the more serious the shock, the lower the bar becomes.

Even some positive changes in life can reduce the level of independence:

  • love;
  • motherhood;
  • fulfillment of a cherished dream.

A mature personality endures a crisis of independence, bringing out new experiences from it. Stabilization of personality to its previous state occurs gradually and does not require outside help.

Distinctive features of a self-sufficient personality

A self-sufficient person knows exactly what he wants and how he will achieve it. She does not need help or advice on how to act in a given situation. She acts independently and evaluates her actions. Although she listens to other people's advice, since they are valuable, she reserves the last choice for herself.

Another characteristic is self-esteem. A person respects himself, knows his own worth, and demands the same attitude from others. Self-sufficient people are not snobs and cynics, and do not suffer from high self-esteem.

A self-sufficient person feels comfortable alone . She enjoys it. She is never bored or lonely. She will always find something interesting to do. Even if he doesn’t find it, he will enjoy the peace and quiet. It is often said that such people live quietly alone all their lives. Although they have many acquaintances and friends with whom he is constantly in touch.

At any age, single or unmarried self-sufficient people will feel comfortable. They don’t want to be like everyone else, they don’t want to live by standards.

Distinguishes a self-sufficient personality and attitude to criticism . When self-sufficient people express dissatisfaction with something, they react adequately. They will listen, think about what is said, and take note. However, they will not enter into conflict disputes.

Self-sufficient people never envy . They are satisfied with what they themselves were able to achieve. People are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and are conscious of mistakes and imperfections. They take them for granted, so they won’t redo anything.

Only if psychological comfort will they take any action to change something. People are not lazy, but simply do not consider it necessary to do something, since they do not need it.

Self-sufficiency is considered a positive character trait. It helps you feel and find your place in life, love and respect your loved ones, and be responsible in any situation. Self-sufficient people are full-fledged individuals.

The physical side of self-sufficiency

Those who decide to become self-sufficient must first learn to be independent in everyday matters. And this means that you need to live without anyone's help. You need to earn a living . Modern people need food, housing, and household goods. In addition to minimal things, individuals have more serious needs that require financial investments.

For this you will need material self-sufficiency. It is this that is important when some people depend on others.

Internal self-sufficiency

Despite the fact that the material side is of great importance in people's lives, it is difficult for them to live without constant communication . If a person cannot live even a day alone, then there can be no talk of any self-sufficiency.

If you have a hobby , you won’t be bored - this is how self-sufficient people approach life. They can easily be alone with themselves and at the same time not avoid communicating with other people.

My recommendations

A sense of self-sufficiency today is equated with social maturity. It’s difficult to argue with this, because every adult should be able to earn a living, take care of himself, and have his own opinion on this or that issue.

But in my opinion, any personality trait looks organic in the general psychological construct only if it does not dominate the others. A person’s acquisition of a certain level of self-sufficiency is a natural result of growing up and psychological maturity.

Everything needs balance. Nature intended it so that the masculine and feminine principles find balance only by uniting into one whole - into a family. A woman’s economic self-sufficiency oppresses a man. He does not see the possibility of using his abilities and physical strength. At the same time, a man’s independence in everyday life replaces his need for care and affection from a woman. So, in my opinion, self-sufficiency in the everyday life of one of the partners will sooner or later lead to the destruction of the union between a man and a woman.

In addition, excessive self-sufficiency can lead to social isolation of the individual, which will create conditions for the development of addictive behavior.

The Pros of Self-Sufficiency

Self-sufficiency brings many benefits to each of us. This is the beginning of the development of a harmonious and happy life. In addition, self-sufficient people tend to:

  1. Provide yourself with everything you need;
  2. Make decisions independently;
  3. Look at the world with your own eyes, and not with the eyes of others;
  4. Show erudition and perseverance;
  5. Don't rely on others;
  6. Have material wealth;
  7. Develop and become better.

not accepted in society . After all, they are difficult to manage, since they are not susceptible to the influence of standard social levers of pressure. Therefore, dependent individuals feel discomfort.

The concept of personal integrity

Integrity is when a person is in contact with all parts of his personality. He hears himself. He understands his feelings, gives them space, does not repress or reject any of his qualities.

What does integrity look like?

Such a person is characterized by:

  • don't be conflicted
  • have inner peace and confidence
  • see the whole picture, look at things realistically, draw your own conclusions and boldly declare them despite external pressure
  • defend your boundaries

Why do we lose integrity?

Ridicule, criticism and scolding of parents, rejection of achievements in childhood force the child to hide his feelings, personality traits, and hide. As a child, there was no opportunity or support to defend myself in front of screaming parents and mocking classmates. But now you can change everything, you are an adult, you can regain yourself.

The child follows the scripts that the parents live by. He is subject to stereotypes established by society. If it was not accepted in the family and was not allowed to express one’s opinion, then he did not learn to do so. He will take “live like everyone else” into his adult life. And then he does not understand “Who am I? What am I?”

To regain integrity, it is important to see the limitations, the reason for blocking sensitivity. Learn to understand your feelings, distinguish yours from others. Accept all your qualities within yourself.

We all have feelings and emotions. And we cannot deny anger, irritation, envy, sadness, sadness. How we cope and show it in society is our responsibility.

There is a lot of energy in anger, a lot of depth in sadness, greed protects us from empty, thoughtless purchases. We need everything that is in us for something. And when we establish contact with each part of ourselves, with each of our feelings, we understand why we need them at the moment, we stop repressing and pretending that this is not in us - then we will gather ourselves into one whole. Then we will understand ourselves.

How does a self-sufficient person develop?

When deciding to become self-sufficient, you need to be aware of several integral components of this process. This personality:

  • Strives for excellence;
  • Gains new knowledge;
  • Sharpens old skills;
  • Improves your life.

People who have reached certain heights and become self-sufficient decide to rest to enjoy what they have achieved. At this point, health problems may arise and they will become bored. No striving for perfection - a pitiful, dependent state .

The path to self-sufficiency is not easy. However, you need to follow specific steps. For this purpose, goals and guidelines for the near future are determined. The main thing is not to set global and impossible goals, otherwise you may be disappointed. This will help you follow the entire process step by step, while solving simple but very useful problems.

You need to be prepared for the fact that it will be difficult to get rid of old habits and attachments. Change is hard, and feeling the need for change is even harder. It will be difficult for people who decide to become self-sufficient, but the results will exceed all expectations .

History is the path to integrity

Art coach Eva

Everyone has their own path in life, as well as the path to internal integrity. But I know for sure that it is very difficult to cope without help. The realization that you need to work with your “inner self” came intuitively. Practices, people, events - everything came together and active work began.

Events began to happen in life that threw me off balance. At first I couldn’t understand where this was leading. I even saw prophetic dreams. A few posts ago I told you about a dream. It came true!

Suddenly I found myself in that very place: I screamed, cried, felt that someone was infiltrating my space. Then I got emotional and I attacked my husband with aggression. I decided to sort out this situation with a psychologist.

And do you know what it turned out to be? This was the release of my inner child, who was traumatized at age 5. And only after carrying out the correct techniques, awareness of the problem came and peace of mind was restored. I learned to give myself what my parents didn’t give me, and reconnected with that little girl. It’s as if she took on the roles of mom and dad. And finally, harmony reigned in me.

As a result, a holistic personality was formed: strong, self-sufficient, loving, open, conscious, abundant, energetic, happy.

The other side of the coin

Confident people don't care what others think about them. They are already self-sufficient. However, everyone measures this characteristic differently. For example, a teacher who has the best class in the school, respect from colleagues and a high salary is professionally self-sufficient . Anyone who breeds and sells flowers also has this quality.

In addition, there is personal self-sufficiency . This could be a handsome young man who is financially independent and has achieved everything on his own. He has many fans, he constantly changes girls. Another option is a simple guy who is in love, happy and confident in his choice. Or a good family man who makes great money and loves his wife and children. Each of them has personal self-sufficiency.


Self-sufficiency is a comprehensive concept that implies the presence of everyday, psychological, and social forms. Household care reflects an individual’s ability to care for himself independently – to dress, eat, and perform hygiene procedures. Psychological form is the ability to do without communicating with other people without experiencing a feeling of discomfort.

It is understood that a person with a rich, versatile, inner world does not have an urgent need for contacts with others, because he knows what to do with himself. The social form presupposes the success of the individual, satisfaction with his social status, position in society. A person who has a favorite job, family, hobby, and prospects for spiritual growth has confidence in his abilities and tomorrow.

Do you need to become a self-sufficient person?

  1. A self-sufficient person is completely independent both externally and internally.
  2. Such people can live alone, but they like to be alone with themselves.
  3. They enjoy life, regardless of the influence of external factors.
  4. They know how to maintain control over their mental well-being.
  5. They live in harmony with the internal and external world.

These characteristic features are characteristic only of truly self-sufficient people. However, you should not learn this from those who are trying to show themselves as experts. We must remember that each person is unique and inimitable, so you should not imitate someone. Everyone has their own way of understanding themselves. Love and money will not help until people understand how much they need to be happy.

Be a self-sufficient person

Self-sufficient people are the worst - is this true?

Self-sufficient people are terrible people.
A self-sufficient person is a terrible person. Some people really think so. Yes, they are independent and live by their own rules. If you remove them from society, they will live just fine without it.

You may be very dear to such a person, but he does not intend to become unhappy because of you. He will simply leave because people with the universe inside will not lose anything.

Yes, it may seem that self-sufficiency is bad, but in fact, such people are only independent. In fact, this is both a gift and a curse at the same time, because it is quite possible that a person will remain lonely.

How does self-sufficiency manifest itself in men?

What does the phrase “self-sufficient man” mean? It means strong and confident.

Self-sufficiency is expressed in the following:

  • respect for one’s interests and the ability to defend one’s views;
  • respect for personal boundaries and worldviews of other people;
  • independence from public opinion;
  • adequate perception of constructive criticism and the ability to ignore destructive comments;
  • self-love and total self-acceptance, knowledge of one’s strengths and weaknesses;
  • the ability to admit your mistakes and learn from them;
  • independence;
  • having purpose and meaning in life, following them;
  • understanding your emotions, needs and desires;
  • the ability to help and accept help, but not to abuse either one or the other;
  • lack of fear, especially fear of loneliness.

Important! The main thing is not to confuse self-sufficiency with selfishness and pride. A self-sufficient man always acts as he sees fit, and does what he wants, and not what supposedly needs to be done. He can care about others, but to do this you need to earn his respect.

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