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Optimal implementation of set goals is called success. This concept is relevant for those who make a career, play sports, start a family, and raise children. It is applicable to many areas of activity. Achieving excellent results means being successful.

Everyone wants to be successful

People's understanding of success

Before you begin to understand what kind of people become successful, you must first understand what success is and how people understand it.

At its core, success is an objective and purely individual concept. For some it’s career growth and a high salary, for others it’s their own business and a huge bank account, and for others it’s simply enough to marry the one you love and give birth to a bunch of children. Everyone determines for themselves the criteria and parameters of success; only one thing remains unchanged:

Becoming successful without doing anything is like deciding to reap a harvest where you did not sow it.

Even becoming a good wife and mother without making any effort is sometimes simply impossible.

In general and in simple words we can say that:

Success is not an accident, but hard work and learning, sacrifice and perseverance, a special mindset, and a lot of love for what you do.

I'm a successful person

I agree with my colleagues that success is most often an external, evaluative criterion. Success is always determined through someone's eyes and someone's opinions. Through certain social attributes that are considered significant in a given social group. A person is more often declared successful by others than by himself. He himself would rather speak about his comfort, about happiness, as has already been noted, about interest in life and satisfaction, but not about success.

In my opinion, the words “success” and “success” have fundamentally different connotations. Success is the correspondence of the result and the initially set goal. If the goal corresponded to a person’s needs, his deepest desires, his abilities and was generally harmonious for his personality, then success is only a natural consequence of a correctly set goal and wisely applied efforts.

Success is a certain label, compliance of a person’s life with certain external criteria, a certain “facade” behind which anything can be hidden, including internal dissatisfaction.

Behind the mask of success are often those who are not very confident within themselves about their own importance, about the legitimacy of their own desires, doubt their abilities, and feel a lack of love and approval. And for such a person to become successful means finally receiving a positive assessment of himself, receiving love, approval, and maybe envy - the important thing is that the person will be recognized as significant by someone. And, accordingly, will gain more self-confidence. Meanwhile, in this vein, true needs are often not realized, and sometimes all this leads to the fact that an external, socially recognized halo of success is achieved, while dissatisfaction accumulates internally, because true needs are not taken into account and are not realized. Because of this, a person often enters into a race. Thinking that the more approval and recognition he receives (and the more successful he is in the eyes of others), the more comfortable he will be in himself. But often it turns out to be exactly the opposite - the more effort is spent on the race for success, the stronger the tension grows and the more acute the dissatisfaction with oneself.

I don't think it's worth relying on external criteria for success. What suits one may not suit another at all. Everyone's material needs are different. Abilities too. And the qualities and tasks of a person in life are very individual.

Therefore, it makes sense to look for your true needs and realize them. Build adequate self-esteem. And a happy and fulfilled person who knows how to value himself will not attach too much importance to the opinion of the “wide audience.” Meanwhile, it is to such people that real success often comes. And it deepens life satisfaction even more. And there are always those who support and approve of such a person.

Success can be learned. It is enough to start imitating those whom you consider successful. Use their methods. To correspond to the image, which, in fact, is painted in detail by social conventions. But this does not always guarantee happiness.

Success can also be learned. Only for this you need to look in the opposite direction, not outside, but inside yourself. Find YOUR purpose. OWN talents and “highlights”. Use your own qualities wisely, and not artificially cultivate someone else’s. And to be similar only to yourself, that is, any information, any training or information that could be useful, pass through the filter “how well is this right for me?” On this path there are much more chances not only to achieve success (socially too), but also to become happy.

What kind of people achieve success in life?

So what kind of person can be called successful? If you look at the question through the eyes of other people and conduct a sociological survey, you can understand that, according to the majority, a successful person is a person who:

  • sets goals and definitely achieves them;
  • self-confident, own strengths and abilities;
  • constantly develops and improves itself, never stops there;
  • he occupies not the last place in society, he is respected, he is always in demand both as an individual and as a professional;
  • a leader by nature and is always ready to lead other people;
  • has a well-paid job or owns his own successful business.

All of these statements are considered true in their essence, but the last one can be argued. It is true, but only half. Half of this is because you can get a high-paying job through connections, and a successful business can also be inherited.

But if a person himself, relying on his personal qualities, certain character traits, abilities and skills, gradually, step by step, builds his career or business, ultimately getting a prestigious, highly paid job or a successful business. In this case, we can say that this person really achieved success on his own.

The algorithm of actions of a successful person looks something like this:

I thought - I came up with it - I did it - it didn’t work out - I was sad - I changed it - it worked out - I didn’t like it or got bored - I came up with something else.

Something like that.

Successful people become so mainly due to their belief in themselves, their own strengths, perseverance and the ability to turn their mistakes, mistakes and defeats into the main teachers on the path to their success.


Successful is the one who is accompanied by success. Success is achieving the desired goal by obtaining the intended result. Most people consider successful people to be those who have only the outward appearance of success, but expensive clothes, a brand new iPhone, a car, etc. All these benefits could be given to him, and a successful person is someone who has achieved everything through his own efforts. Few people know, but it is wrong to evaluate success only by the car; success is achieving a goal, and the goal can be anything. It is clear that he owes only himself the achievement of his goals.

Let us now return to desire and faith.

In my opinion, these components are worth a lot. They are formed in the subconscious, so it is very important to establish contact with it and write your desire into it. This, in turn, will encourage him to materialize the goal. But the subconscious is not an “audience” that is easy to approach.

You need to learn to speak his language - otherwise you will not be heard. It is a well-known fact that the language of the subconscious is the language of feelings. Basic positive feelings: joy, desire, faith, love, calmness, inspiration, interest. Find something in your goals that will help you experience them.

It is in this way that the subconscious mind will willingly help you in realizing any truly your goal.

Success in daily activities

For some reason, we believe that people achieve serious results when they are famous or in a leadership position. In reality this is not the case.

Any person is capable of making a feasible contribution to personal development and the evolution of society in small ways. Green thinking allows us to do good things on a regular basis. To do this, it is enough to perform your activities efficiently, be careful in everyday life and be friendly with family, friends, colleagues and strangers.

You shouldn't force this lifestyle on others. Clearly not everyone is ready for it. It’s more convenient to show by personal example how to improve yourself and the space around you.

You can take courses at work and improve your professional level.

Another option. Find a useful hobby and become a highly qualified specialist in your chosen field. Thus, giving yourself a chance to further develop. In crisis years, there will be a choice between the main and additional professions.

Do you consider yourself a successful person?

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And I would like to say about one more important point that many people miss.

All our attempts, every step we take to achieve success is our life! Enjoy the process itself, and then success will be brighter and life more rich and full.

“Don’t think that you will begin to truly live when you achieve success. You are living right now!

It’s no secret that the biggest obstacle we create for ourselves in achieving success is our own disorganization, illiteracy, fears, complexes and uncertainty. And each of these negative aspects is quite easy to overcome.

Temporary lesions are normal. A successful person sometimes experiences such moments, but they do not make him less successful. Because after several unsuccessful attempts, he will make a successful one and achieve success.

A little about doubt.

Frankly, it is normal to have doubts. This is inherent in any sane person. Doubt is dangerous only in one case - if you sit on the sofa, doubt and don’t move anywhere. But if you weigh the pros and cons, make decisions and act, then you can and even need to doubt. Sometimes.

A little trick: In order not to weaken your determination, try not to discuss what you are doing with those people who can shake your confidence in success. In general, it is better to avoid whiners and pessimists who have not achieved anything in their lives. You should surround yourself with like-minded and more successful people.

Here we come to an important stage - setting your goal.

In order to easily and correctly determine a goal, you need to know its criteria.

I really like SMART goal setting.

Namely, the goal should be: specific, achievable, measurable, result-oriented, time-bound.

I use this approach both in my trainings and in personal consultations. Experience shows that our emotions have a huge impact on us. This is why I implement SMART, strengthening it with an emotional component. In this way, we can teach our subconscious to find the shortest path to the goal.

I love finding simple and shortcuts to success!

You can act independently. Or seek the help of a specialist to simplify and speed up the achievement of your goal. One way or another, the criteria for goal and success remain unchanged.

Secrets of success for women

Although the world strives to equalize the rights and opportunities of the sexes, if for a woman to become successful does not mean to have a successful marriage, she will have a harder time than men. Women by nature have a softer character; their work and the weight of words are still assessed rather poorly. But this does not mean that a woman cannot become successful.

Here are some tips:

  • appearance . No, this is discrimination. Oddly enough, many more doors open for beautiful girls. Those who are unlucky with genetics will have to make efforts to meet modern beauty standards;
  • fearlessness . It is impossible to become successful without strong-willed decisions. Scroll through mantras in your head, work through situations with a psychologist, go to personal growth trainings, you will have to do anything just not to show yourself as a weak little girl in the predatory world of business;
  • self-education . A male employer will never be able to admit that his subordinate may be smarter than him. But when the intellectual abyss is terrifying, any prudent person will take into account a specialist, no matter what gender he is.

As Sophia Loren said, if a woman spent as much time on development as on her makeup bag, it would not be difficult for her to become successful. It has indeed been observed that an intellectually developed, well-groomed girl automatically evokes respect and a desire to cooperate.

Success is impossible without rest

Give yourself a weekend away from gadgets completely or partially. Spend time in nature or play sports, do what you like and bring positive emotions. Everyone needs rest - without a break, a running engine will one day burn out.

If you have read this article to the end, then you are most likely striving to become a successful person or are already one. The team consists of just such people. Maybe you lack like-minded people to achieve your goals? Here you can find more information on how to become part of the team of the federal real estate agency Etazhi.

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