An unusual way to get out of a dead-end life situation

Being in hopeless situations for a long time, we experience stress and constantly exhaust ourselves. And we usually get out of such situations when we finally agree to accept reality as it is. At such moments, we let go of certain illusions about ourselves and the world that prevented us from seeing the door open to us.

Our ego blinds us to the opportunities that lie right in front of our feet. What are opportunities? We need to understand that opportunities are circumstances, following which we can easily and naturally bring some benefit to the world! Not to benefit, but to benefit! This is a mega important difference from the generally accepted selfish understanding of opportunity.

And while we are absorbed in finding ways to realize our selfish desires aimed at personal gain, we will again and again reach dead ends. We will mark time, suffer, clinging to our desires and false ideas about the world and ourselves, and after a while, we will still throw out delusions and continue our path.

It will be much better if we realize our blindness caused by selfish desires and begin to consciously get rid of this slavery. What do you need to do to realize your delusions and obscurations?

It is worth deciding what a delusion is. A misconception is a kind of false idea about the cause-and-effect relationship of the objects and phenomena of this world that interest us. At the same time, misconceptions feed the false idea that we live separately from the world and that we have the power to achieve anything, change reality and impose our will on the world. Sounds very abstract

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