How to correctly ask the Universe for your wishes to come true

The power of thought plays a huge role, and it is a very effective way to accomplish what a person really wants. However, such a process must be understood: desires are based on information about processed energy that turns into matter. Before you begin to fulfill your own desires, you should know the 5 key conditions of the Universe. Then everything will come true.

What is the Universe

In wish fulfillment techniques, the Universe is usually understood as a rational world in which there are all the constellations and galaxies. And it is often called the Universal Mind or God. But all these concepts are distorted by various religions and philosophies.

After all, even God for the vast majority of people is something external. And God is somewhere there, in some form, and I am here.

The Creator or Creator created everything that we see and do not see, and at the same time He Himself is present in everything. There are particles of it in people, animals and plants. And our soul is also a piece of God.

When, in the techniques of wish fulfillment, people turn to the Universe for the materialization of thoughts to occur, at the level of consciousness they send their desire outside, without realizing that they are a part of the whole and are not separated from it.

Maybe this is the reason for the failures in many of the techniques that we practice? In part, yes, but in most cases the reasons are different.

Don't tell others!

Everyone knows the saying “Silence is golden.” Yes this is true! When you talk to other people about your desires, destructive energy arises, which is not at all suitable for desires.

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When the energy of the Universe is spent talking to other people about your desires, it ultimately leads to the destruction of the energy aimed at fulfilling your dreams, and, most likely, your own desires will never come true.

A generally accepted technique for fulfilling wishes

Is it possible to change your destiny at will and how do other people do it? Most people, in order to fulfill their desires with the help of the Universe, write a letter to the Universe according to sophisticated rules, or do some practice for the pleasure of the mind, and after that the desire is released. In such cases, it is usually not possible to change fate.

Each technique has its own subtleties and its own images, which generally come down to one thing - to awaken bright, high-frequency feelings in a person and in these feelings to create an image of what is desired. In this case, it is necessary to take into account spiritual laws.

The higher the frequency and vibration of a person, the greater the likelihood of a desire being fulfilled with the help of the Universe. To create a higher frequency, pleasant, joyful feelings are created. Creating the right image in these feelings is the key to success. This is the 1st key factor of technology.

When the desire is released into the Universe, the attachment is broken. After all, it is the attachment to the desire that prevents it from coming true. This is the 2nd key factor of technology .

All this works, but there is one “but”, which in most cases creates problems.

But …

There are desires that are for the benefit of a person and his development, and there are desires that create problems for development or interfere with the processing of problems from the past. Managing life is not possible without this understanding.

The soul comes into this world to develop, gain experience and sensations. She only has a physical body for this. Periodically, the soul changes physical bodies, but most people do not feel the soul, but live from the mind. And their desires come from the mind, not from the soul. At the same time, they lose life energy.


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Such desires, as a rule, are not fulfilled, but the desires of the soul are always fulfilled through the same techniques. At the very least, conditions are always created for their implementation, but whether a person takes advantage of this or not is another matter. Your dream will always come true if it comes from the heart and not from the mind. This is the 3rd key factor.

There are techniques for fulfilling the desires of the mind, but as a rule, they connect a person to destructive alien connections, and this is the path to the destruction of the soul. And most of the techniques on the Internet are just like that. The Creator made it so that a person can choose which path to follow, light or dark, and does not interfere in this process.

However, the world He created is such that if a person chooses to follow a dark path, then he gets problems. People call it karma. It is not God who punishes man, but man himself who punishes himself by leading an incorrect lifestyle. Before you can learn to make your wishes come true with the help of the Universe, you need to find yourself.

So, in order for desires to come true, so that there is an opportunity to change life, it is necessary that desires come from the soul, and not from the mind. To do this, you need to learn to feel with your soul. There is a concept of true and false desire, and this concept refers to the desire of the soul and mind.

When you plunge into the world of the soul, you feel well that most of your desires are false and they are needed only for the mind.

Another reason for failure to fulfill desires is psychological blocks and mental trauma.

For example, you want to change your apartment to a house. You feel that this is favorable for you, but no matter how hard you try, life does not allow you to get a home for you.

This is just an example of psychological blocks or mental trauma that could have existed both in childhood and in a past life.

If, for example, as a child you lived with your parents in your home and received stress there associated with this home, you may develop a blockage that will prevent you from getting your own home in the future. You may not even remember this.

Information about mental trauma comes from past lives. If in a past life there were problems with the object of your desire, then it is very difficult to fulfill such a desire. It is not the Universe that will block the fulfillment of your desires, but you yourself at the subconscious level will do it.

Money rituals from Simoron

Charging the wallet

You can charge your wallet on the waxing moon. Put all the money you have in the house in it, especially paper money. Take your phone charger. Plug it in and plug the wire into the depths of your wallet. Leave it to charge overnight.

Absurd? And the reviews are the most enthusiastic. When you are sure that the ritual is working, buy a new charger and charge your wallet, especially on payday.

How to raise your salary?

When you pump up your muscles by lifting dumbbells, use your imagination. By throwing up the dumbbells, increase your salary by 10 rubles. By raising 50 times, your salary will increase by 500 rubles.

Collecting salaries

This is how you can increase your salary. Cut a sheet of paper into small pieces. Then write the word “salary” on each one. Then scatter them all over the floor. Start collecting them slowly.

Just collect by bending down to pick up each leaf individually. Perform rituals regularly, then the result will come.

Wonderful Life

Another magical ritual to make wishes come true. The “wonderful life” ritual will help you pay off debts, get rid of lack of money, solve problems, etc.

  • Take a bright ribbon and use it to tie knots.
  • Write on it with a felt-tip pen what you want to part with, that is, “quit,” for example, smoking.
  • Then tie knots along the entire length of the ribbon.
  • After a day you can throw it away.

Get rid of problems

A very simple Simoron ritual. Go to the toilet, then write on toilet paper what is bothering you and flush it down the toilet! That's it, you've solved your problem!

What to do in such a situation?

If you have a desire in your soul and it is not fulfilled, you must:

  1. Learn to feel your soul and learn to live the way of the soul, not the mind. For many people this is difficult and they do not achieve this as quickly as they would like. Here you need patience and aspiration and then your life will reward you to the fullest.
  2. Learn to find and remove psychological blocks, get rid of mental pain. The easiest way to do this is with a mentor or specialist in this field, but you can learn on your own. To do this, you need to be able to relax and enter a state of altered consciousness. In this state, a question is asked and, as a rule, the answer comes immediately. But sometimes answers may come in the next few days. At the same time, you will see or hear something and clearly understand that this is the answer to your question .

The desires of the mind must be abandoned. This is a dead end path leading to problems and misfortunes. Fulfilling the desires of the mind leads to further troubles in fate. The whole point is that we use the mind for other purposes. You can’t calculate fate with your mind, but you can understand it with intuition.

Clear Intent

In order for a wish to come true correctly, you need to note all the details in it. If you don’t discuss these details, your wish may come true “crookedly” - the way you wanted. Therefore, think over the wording and indicate all the points in it. For example:

  • I want to get a well-paid job;
  • it should be close to home;
  • I don’t have to work overtime if I don’t want to;
  • and other items at your discretion.

The universe is not humorous, but sometimes it looks that way. For example, the desire to ride a car can be fulfilled in the form of a taxi ride. You didn’t specify that the car should belong to you personally and you should be driving? Your wish came true, but not in the way you needed. You only have yourself to blame, not the Universe.

Technique for making wishes come true with the help of the Universe

Often, the soul's desire is fulfilled without any techniques, but the mind tries to prevent it. The path of the soul for the mind is absurd and incomprehensible, and when a situation arises to fulfill the desire of the soul, the mind can simply ignore the possibility. To see these opportunities, you need to live with your heart, not your mind.

The technique itself to make your wish come true is simple. Dive your attention from your mind into your soul, feel your darling. Visualize your desire according to the rules and with maximum accuracy. Visualizing your soul's desire will fill you with a feeling of joy and happiness.

But if you don’t have this state of happiness, then the desire is most likely from the mind. Even if there is at least some slight discomfort or tension, it is better for you to refuse the desire. If everything is in order, we continue.

Hold the image of your desire with a feeling of joy and happiness for as long as you can and as long as you feel comfortable. Then let go of the desire and forget about it. I won’t tell you anything new here, but you need to understand that you are a part of the entire Universe. You are in the Universe, and the Universe is in you. Any wish that is harmonious for you and the world around you will be fulfilled. All you need is intention and bright feelings.

Your wish will come true at the most favorable and appropriate time for you. If the desire is not yet fulfilled, it means that the right time has not yet come and this must be accepted.

Some people find it difficult to believe in themselves. To do this, I recommend reading the material “How to believe in yourself - the most effective practices.”

I wish you the fulfillment of your pure and bright desires!

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Charm phrases

To accurately fulfill the requests transferred into the letter, you need to secure them with a prayer or a talisman phrase. A believer can pray to God that all requests will be fulfilled. Atheists can call on amulets to help. For example: after composing a letter with a request, write the following phrase: let my desire to have a decent, well-paid job come true, but also something more.

The phrase “something more” will not limit the Universe's efforts to help you. Perhaps she will give you not only what you ask for, but more.

You can also end with a phrase, like a seal - So be it!

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